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29 Jul 2022 by Felix Pantaleon


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02 Nov 2020 by Felix Pantaleon

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Yanks Watch Verlander, Castillo Available, Ray Gets QO @SimonettiSource


what is going on everybody pete simonetti here for ny news guys starting pitching has not been a major topic of conversation really among a lot of yankee fans um there's a lot of yankee fans out there who want them to add but there are some who are kind of in that mold right now that last year we pitched well so you know maybe we invest elsewhere guys i have always been very very big on adding to your rotation look it's cute some guys did well last year right you don't know if that's gonna happen again you want arms arms arms that's what this video is about today talking about some of the news and the rumors of what is going on out there the first one being we'll jump right into it justin verlander is working out um at creasy's spot who eric creasy as he knows with the new york yankees one of the main reasons why the yankees got kluber they kind of got the quick heads up on it and all signs point that verlander looked absolutely terrific in his showcase throwing mid 90s still uh he's going to be 39 years old so i mean where we are right now i don't know how i personally feel about verlander i think he gets more than just a one-year deal i think he gets a two or three-year deal to be honest um or a year in an option but i think maybe a year in an option maybe it but i expect him to get a two-year deal and is that best for the yankees i know you know the tigers are involved there's going to be teams involved there with a lot of teams there to watch verlander pitch so for me you know i wouldn't be against it against it now if you guys remember when the astros got verlander the yankees got sunny grey back in the day i always give my boy felix credit cause felix told me pete whoever gets justin verlander is winning the world series and he told me he says sunny gray's not gonna be good here i was all for sonny gray i thought it was a terrific deal we know how that went i even think felix himself is not as comfortable with verlander right now than he even was back then i mean we were talking about multiple years ago but as a back end guy and that's kind of maybe what you get him for and kind of depend and see where he's at if you have that luxury if you go all pitching maybe and then you make some trades for the offense maybe that's something you do maybe that's something you do but um for me as of right now i'd be okay with it but i wouldn't be jumping up and down to go get this guy he wouldn't be my primary target he's something more on the back end the numbers look right you go for it but for now let's move on to the next guy luis castillo this is one that the yankees have been connected to before a rumor got so out of hand that the gm i think was was it last year the year before had to come out and be like yeah he's not being traded like calm down everybody this is a fake rumor but um it got so like crazy out of hand that this could happen and he just came out like yeah shut up drop drop the mic it's over this is not this is not happening um but luis castillo's another very very good talent got off to a rough start pitched really really well i think he pitched under a three era for like the remainder of the second half maybe even a little before the second half uh started so he has been terrific we know who this guy is it's gonna take a pretty decent haul to get a guy like luis castillo i believe he's a free agent after 2023 so you got two full seasons with him this is the type of move that you know a team like the yankees look to make they want to make moves like this you got some control he's not too expensive yet and you go from there he could be a legitimate ace he could be a one two three wherever you want him in there yankees have a chance now i personally believe to have a top three that is terrific and i'll tell you what i think it's gonna be what i hope it's gonna be and we'll go from there but that rumor came out because cincinnati is looking to shed salary and they've basically opened up the field and say look we'll deal any of these guys including luis castillo will move this guy if it's a deal if the deal is right for us and it looks good we will not be concerned to make this move so again luis castillo's on the table you're probably looking at multiple top prospects in this deal if that deal were to happen and the yankees take that route rumor is there's already teams you know reaching out seeing what it's going to look like what that deal could take the yankees have the prospects there's no doubt about that they got the players of the major league roster to that you know cincinnati may have some interest in they do trade with each other so that's a familiar thing if you guys watch the conversation with kevin kernan the one thing about brian cashman if you see him make trades a lot of times is with the same teams and general managers that he's comfortable with so he has worked with cincinnati before so maybe there's something there you never know um i would be all for i would love this deal um i would deal um you know again i tell you guys all the time i'm not a big fan of of trade scenarios and what that might look like and using a trade calculator and blah blah blah kind of just let it roll but i would be very very interested in going after luis castillo no doubt about it i would be 100 on them next guy as you guys know information i put out today i was told that al cy young i'm going to say it right now the a.l cy young winner robbie ray is looking for 20 plus million a season so a lot of predictions out there have them at four or five years guys i tell you what if you guys have been regular followers of this channel there's two pictures that i'm interested in that only cost money that i have been speaking about probably for four five years now on youtube and the guys who have been with me from way back in the day you could confirm this the yankees have tried to trade for robbie ray multiple times i was actually leading on those fronts two different times when they did try to trade for robbie right he held him back because of clint frazier and a few others so they've tried to trade for robbie ray brian cashman really likes him the other guy that i will talk about after this the yankees have also tried to trade for in the past and they do like him so it's potentially you know something could happen there but robbie ray guys i'm all over um the potential was always there i see people comparing andrew heaty heen dog which i hope i'll never have to say anymore because he's with the dodgers he's on an eight million dollar deal with the dodgers god bless you andrew heaney for getting that after what you did with the yankees god bless you god is good let me tell you um andrew heaney yeah he he's away so he's not an option for the yankees thank you lord that's our blessing his blessing is the 8 million our blessing is that he has no shot pitching for the yankees next year uh never rule out the future um but andrew heaney is gone but there's a lot of comparisons maybe that he's the next robbie ray and this and that guys i understand he's a lefty he strikes batters out and that's kind of it that's kind of the end of the comparison personality wise that nowhere near the same if you guys remember when heaney got here i told you guys i got a message from a friend he sent me the message and he said this is from a 20-year scout with the angels i said it right there i said it live flat out he doesn't have the stomach to pitch in new york he's not going to be able to handle it it's not going to be good it's not just by knowing him it's not gonna be good and it turned out not to be good i don't know if it was nerves i don't know if it was just bad pitching i don't know what it was but that was the early word i put that i put that information out there and his performance wasn't good we know that but to compare him to robbie ran like hold the horses a little bit i mean the comparisons really stop at that you know what i mean they're lefty they strike guys out and they're they were a little wild in their career that's that's it that's that's really it personality-wise they're different guys robby ray is a bulldog robbie ray is in the mulders roger clemens pedro martinez type this guy is a bull dog more so maybe than garrett cole robbie ray will throw at you robby ray is not scared he's not backing down so a couple of disclaimers though why i want robbie reagan to yankees one he's a bulldog as i already just said because i really think the yankees need more of that edge on this team they're too soft they're too soft i'ma just keep it real they're too soft they got the softest manager in the league you know what i mean he got them eating unicornios daily they're soft these guys throw up rainbows at the end of the day that's soft so when you look at the yankees adding a guy like robbie ray now you have two horses up top are bulldog types they're two horses up top that are workhorse they go out there and they give you some minute that strike you to hell out if the yankees and robbie ray they got a top two that could strike out 500 guys in a season that's a possibility they could potentially have one of the greatest strikeout rotations of all time bringing robbie wright also he's pitching the a at least also take him away from the very quickly rising toronto blue jays three he's pitching all the ballparks into the division we know that he's pitched in big games you know what i mean the negative to robbie ray let me just say this real quickly for the yankee fans and any fan out there who's gonna you know expect the same season as last year it's very possible but if he pitches to a mid-three era i still want him i still want the reason i say that is he's always gonna give up home runs it's the same reason why i got like guys like cole give them homers guys that work off of fastball excuse me guys that work off of fastball they give up homers because again they work off a fastball pretty straight hard but pretty straight guys hit it but robbie ray really really changed he really developed so much and a lot of that a lot of that really goes to the work and the dedication put in by the toronto blue jays so you got to give the blue jays a lot of credit the one thing that pete walker did who is the pitching coach for the toronto blue jays he figured something out with robbie or robbie ray if he's wild he's effectively wild and he's not walking to ballpark as he did in arizona he's effectively wild enough where he could just dominate through lineups because that's all robbie ray ever needed was to bring those walk totals down just a little bit the guy has the best k-9 ratio in major league baseball history get this man i cannot say it enough the personality the attitude it is worth the risk there's people out there that'll probably say pete don't you expect them to be worse yeah maybe maybe but that is a risk i am willing to take on a guy like robbie ray because if robbie ray i have no concerns on pitching new york by the way none whatsoever guys ice in his veins i have no concern about robbie ray pitching in new york he's not scared he's not going to back down if robbie ray could pitch to a mid 3 era 3.65 3.7 it's still a really good deal but i think he's even better than that i think robbie wright could even be better than what he was last year i don't think it's a fluke season do i expect his numbers to get much better no can i see him averaging out around that maybe low three high two that would be tremendous but this is the potential this kid has so you kid this is the potential this guy has so at the end of the day if you're the yankees you're gonna put money just cash towards something if there's a starter robby ray's your guy for me robbie ray's your guy a lot of people are throwing other names out there they're talking about hey p what about clayton kershaw um all these other names of guys that are available one of the other free agents that i know for a fact the yankees have interest in and they've had interest in is colorado rocky's pitcher john gray the yankees have an interest in him in the past i've reported on all that of the yankees being involved in john gray he turned down a deal i think it was three or four years for about 11 to 12 million a season with the rockies i still expect the same i think honestly at this point john greg was like just get me the hell out of colorado i i feel like that was the big thing for john gray he's probably like at this point just get me out of colorado enough was enough they have done such a bad job for really their fan base in the organization overall they have just done a terrible terrible job of of really working out guys leaving this organization they never traded trevor story as you guys are they didn't trade john great they thought they could resign them and as of right now it looks like that's not gonna happen they've just done a really poor job um of what they what they're doing with this team now a lot of people are gonna see john gray and they're gonna look immediately at his erase and say pete hold on buddy i can hear it you know 2016 461 2017 3.67 2018 fi uh 5.12 3.84 nineteen six i only only pitched eight games in 2020 the cove of the year six point six ninety array and then last year uh four point five nine era 29 games started and they're gonna immediately just sit there and say pete what are you thinking why can't do this no no no no no we can't do it well there's a lot of good signs um from robbie i'm not robbie rex from john gray last year first of all his feeling independent pitching throughout his career is way better than his era so his career era is 4.59 his career fielding independent pitching is 3.91 i don't know how much that has to do um with who robbie i like robbie ray i can't help it who john gray is but pitching in colorado isn't cute it's not the best thing in the world that you want to do as a starting pitcher and he's done a fairly decent job but a couple of good things last year's hits per nine were right about his best of his career so wasn't allowing as many hits home runs still around the same he didn't you know jump up with that walks were a little bit up walks were a little bit up but his strikeouts were really good 9.5 per nine it's another strikeout guy throughout his career there's been some injuries nothing too much you're looking at a guy's likely gonna give 150 plus year after year and he's pitched if not more than that there's only really the covert year we won't even count so there's only one full year that he didn't go over 150 innings that's going back to 2017 through 110 but then 172 150 last year 149 i count that as 150. who cares what's the difference so for me guys i i said it already i'm pretty sure you guys have probably heard me talk about this i am all for i am all for the new york yankees adding two starting pitchers you guys have seen me make my infield a lot of it is based off of trade and i go that route i believe this offense could be filled via trade i am not against signing a shortstop i would be all for it i'd be all for it but but i oh i really feel like pitching is so important then you get a guy like jacob stallings behind that plate that could really work with these guys sit back and enjoy sit back and enjoy so for me i look at a guy like robbie right no doubt about it you have a top two top three right there let's just say for the hell of it of garrett cole robbie ray and potentially a full and healthy louis severina that is nasty you could even take sevy out that picture right and you could just say we got cole and rey back to back two finalists for the cy young rey is gonna win it in my opinion i can't see how he doesn't but that's nasty it's about as nasty as it gets and i'm seeing what it takes to get a guy like john gray because again look you got james and ty on who's gonna miss some time jordan montgomery has shown himself to be a legitimate starting pitcher have him in the back end but let's have another veteran back there too let's not depend on the young horses let's not depend on the young guys imagine a nice rotation to start the year of coal rey sevi gray and monty or monty gray flip it however you want and then guess what you have when taion comes back a little thing i love to talk about team competition you want a pitch okay gotta do better somebody struggling the rotation no problem i'll take you out a couple of starts i love team competition i feel the yankees don't do that enough but give these guys whoever they get give them a good catcher you guys saw what jacob stalin's done pretty sure he saw my tweets guy has no past balls he doesn't allow he doesn't allow it this is what the yankees need so you guys are gonna do me a favor in the comment section below you are gonna let me know what you think the yankee rotation could be would you go after justin verlander would you go after louise castillo what would that trade look like would you go after robbie ray would you go after john gray is there another name out there did some of you want andrew heen doghini dog might as well get out of my system i'm not gonna be doing it thank the lord again i will not be doing that a lot so guys again for ny news one second i forgot we are closing in on 5 500 subscribers guys get your friends family members whoever you know that is a new york yankee fan to subscribe to the channel this is where everything is going to go down in january right here do not miss it so guys again get your friends to sign up we have a goal here that by january 1st we are trying to hit 6 000 subscribers we are about 509 subscribers away so not far away at all and you guys are gonna be the ones that will make it happen so again greatly appreciate you guys comments below make sure you tell us who would you want what would you offer how much what trade you will make what would your rotation look like again pizza manetti for ny news i will talk to you guys again next time i really really really wanna

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