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37 HR
75 RBI
.273 AVG
163 HITS
2.63 ERA
x101 - 61
99 -63
89 - 73
82 - 80
78 - 84

29 Jul 2022 by Felix Pantaleon


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02 Nov 2020 by Felix Pantaleon

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Yankees Lose Opener in Boston Series; Time for a change in Approach ✍️ @CruzYankeeFan

Yankees struggles continue in series opener versus the last place rivals the Boston RedSox. Yankees have lost their 25 games of their last 47 games and their 8th game in their last 9.

Yankees Offense continues to keep over relying on DJ and Judge to carry them. The Yankees have really missed the 2021 version of Giancarlo Stanton and the recently injured Matt Carpenter.

While my opinion may not be a fact but as long as I've seen the Yankees fail in capturing their 28th Championship it seems the Yankees fail to learn their lesson. Their offensive approach continues to rely on the homerun way too often and have completely disregarded batting average.

In 2009 and across the late 90's Dynasty teams not only were we tops in On base Percentage, we were tops in batting average. This Yankees front office has become very driven by analytics but it seems they don't know how to balance their reliance on stats. As Luke Voit spoke on in a previous interview a few years ago.

He said in other words that batting average doesn't really matter, but they have not realized that batting average does have a huge implication to how consistent can you start rallies. Yes it is not the most important stat, but it is a stat that should still value heavily. Aaron Judge has been a monster this year.

The man has 46 homeruns already in the teams 113th game but what people don't realize is his batting average is sitting at an amazing. 305 and that has allowed to be the most reliable source of offense. Yankees continues to ruin their players by over emphasizing power rather than a balanced out approach.

Rizzo has become a clutch version of Gallo but we need him to be Anthony Rizzo the clutch complete hitter he was in Chicago. A guy who hit with men on base and was able to hit when no one was on. Rizzo has a great walk rate but when your average dips. Your walks become less valuable because your on base percentage needs a healthy mix of both hits and walks. Rizzo needs to do better than hitting.

198 with no men on base and better than his "ok" .258 average with runner on base. The rest of the middle lineup has continued to regress into mainly right handed versions of Joey Gallo all hitting under .200 with runners on base/in scoring position. 

So while Gallo is now turning the page in LA. It is time to realize Rizzo, Stanton, Torres, Donaldson and Hicks need to value consistency and get away from cancerous Gallo approach that continues to eat this offense alive. A lineup of Gallos can have big games, but become very easy to pitch against.

Now, a lineup who can consistently hit with a healthy mix of walks will always be in the mix to win. Yankees need to change their approach and take a page from their best player in Aaron Judge. Being an all or nothing hitter will not succeed in the postseason. Yankees as we speak seem to be on pace to fail again in capturing the elusive 28th Championship if they don't wise up their approach. 

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Posted on 13 Aug 2022