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29 Jul 2022 by Felix Pantaleon


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02 Nov 2020 by Felix Pantaleon

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Yankees Are Cooked - Cashman Assembled Teams That Couldn't Even Beat The Red Sox, Yet Alone Astros

The New York Yankees or cooked. You see, Brian Cashman has assembled teams. That can't even Beats the Red Sox yet alone. Be the Astros. See, let's go back to 2017. Giancarlo Stanton becomes a Yankee. The only reason why You made a trade is because you couldn't be the astros.

Now let's fast-forward Boston. Red Sox your historical rival. You haven't been able to beat them either in the postseason, Fast forward to 2022. The same old nonsense. You went out there and got Gary Cole, Gary Cole, gives up a two-run Homer to the knife hitter lows up the bases.

Torino comes in or Trevino. So many Trivinos on his team. I'm getting confused. He doesn't attack the hitters with his sinker. The reason why he was brought in today game and the first place, after the bases were cleared after the Astros went up five. He attacked hitters with a sinker got the ground balls.

Wow. I would have been nice if that would have happened before. Obviously bone took out coal his ace when he loaded the bases. I guess he was staring into the future seeing Gary Cole's pitch, count. I think he's that delusional thinking that the Yankees are going to come back at this point and you're gonna save Gary Cole, but you're not supposed to take him out, he's your ace.

He's the guy making the most money on the field So that made absolutely no sense but I could see why it would make sense if Trevino got those ground balls which he did. But after the fact, the Astros put up what? Three more on the board. So, there's nothing to say here.

These players are dead weight. They can't hit other teams. Figure out the recipe on how to beat the Astros. See, the actuals have only one one world series since 2017 and all these other teams figured them out. Except the Yankees. The recipe is quite simple yet so hard for these Yankees offensively.

Bring it. Great. Starting pitching break defense in a great bullpen. They had almost everything going for them in game one in game two. Except yet, again, they're offense. Which was completely cold. Yet again, If the Yankees got eliminated which is looking like they are, I had hope for them going to repeat how I just mentioned that.

Other teams can figure out the Astros and beat them. You would think that hitting wouldn't be so hard for the Yankees. If the Yankees get eliminated you have to clean house. I don't want to see John call the Stanton being a Yankee anymore. I don't want to see Donaldson being the Yankee anymore.

I don't want to see IKF being the Yankee anymore, I don't want to see numerous players be Yankees anymore because you specifically brought in, don't call those stance. It's a perform in high leverage situations and specifically to be the Astros. Yes, I'm sounding like a Cameron but if you're not gonna hit, if you're gonna get paid all this money.

If you're supposedly this elite slugger, you're going to have to put in your part. Let's not forget about judge, judge carried the Yankees all the way to the playoffs. So I'm gonna give him a little bit of a past guys like don't call those dancing guys. Like Josh Donaldson.

There's no excuse. It just makes Cashman. Look even more ridiculous. Again, the title of this video Yankees are cooked Cashman. Assemble teams that couldn't even beat the Red Sox yet alone. The Astros, This is five seasons in This is laughable. This is quite sad that we have a GM that for one ignores, everything common sense.

Misses out on Harper. Misses out on Machado Mrs. Out on all these players. Misses our own Correa. This is our own everybody. Supposedly to save a penny but he went out there and got Josh. Donaldson. I went out there and made a few videos saying, what are you doing?

This makes absolutely no sense. He makes it's like, wow, do you really want to give up the Yankees? Chances in winning the World Series time and time again with your boneheaded moves. Bone. Thus, where is he at? After all his words yet. Carino. Whatever these moves happen over and over again.

Look at the Astros with Peña started. A rookie. Oh yeah, we're gonna get a stop gap in IKF which the fan base. Absolutely the spices and we're just gonna ignore common sense. And, you know, we're gonna be delusion on say we're in it to win the World Series. Well, guess what?

You can't hit the US offensively gone cold. You have a manager in boom that I guess the Yankees are playing the way they're playing, because that's just the way the Yankees are ran on their boom, no energy, no hype, no urgency, no common sense. Just delusional and this group of Yankees.

Can't hit struck out 30 times in the first two games. Almost got no hit again and getting three. These are sad bunch. They can't beat the Red Sox when they're good when they're in contention and they absolutely can't be dash strokes when they're in contention every season, because they obviously had better management, they obviously have better players.

He obviously have the will to win. So let me finish out by saying this, this is the hardcore facts, Yankees Cashman, the Astros aren't cheating anymore and they still own you. So, what excuse are you going to make now? Hmm, The Guardians are few seasons away from really owning the Yankees as well.

The Yankees have gone backwards. Excuse after excuse. I don't know about you guys. Do you have patience to wait another season? To retry to win the World Series knowing that Boone is your manager. Knowing that cash man. Is your GM because I don't have the patience anymore unless they change their tone unless they go out there and get the players that they're supposed to get trade away, the players that they're supposed to trade away.

Maybe I'll have some confidence. What? As of now is just a reoccurring thing, it's annoying. It's quite sad. It's depressing. And look at that. Yankees are down three games to none. Maybe the one game today or tomorrow or whatever, but this series is over. I had some hope because other teams beat the Astros.

They're not invincible. Other teams have figured out how to beat them. You've had all this time to figure them out, all these seasons. But then again, it just proves that the way the Yankees are being ran, nothing is going to change, unless we make changes. Unless how Steinberger makes changes the front office.

That's just how things are going to change. So, Yankees fans, leave your opinions a comment section below. This has been Felix from NYYNews.com. I will be appearing on nyynews TV. Designated spitters today. Sure. Like a subscribe and I will check you on next time.


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