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29 Jul 2022 by Felix Pantaleon


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02 Nov 2020 by Felix Pantaleon

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Will Yankees Really Stick with Gary at Catcher? @SimonettiSource


hey everybody what is going on pizza minetty here for ny news guys this is not going to be and joseph peta sleeping like cash nah baby i'm wide awake we don't even know that man is alive right now um this is gonna be more of a of a recap video that i that i um wanted to make a little earlier and i figure um now let me just go ahead and and make that now and then we're gonna talk about a few different things and whatnot and go from there um so really if you guys don't mind again as i always like to ask you guys please go ahead and share this out i greatly appreciate it so go do that for me if you don't mind and yeah we will go from there so i'll give everybody a few minutes i know i jumped on a little late but i wanted to actually we had to take the uh the dogs out first doing some detox tea today a little bit of detox tea i'm a tea fanatic i'm a t fanatic fan i always got some um some tea going on but i'll give everybody a little bit of time to join folks and then we'll jump in on a little recap tonight and uh talk a little bit about um i think the big one of the big moves of the day that affect the yankees and and maybe what where they could go from here um and and you know we'll chat about that and then take some questions and you know all that fun but it's not gonna be a really long it's not going to be one of the really long chats i don't think unless you know i go off on a tirade which i'm very capable of doing all the time but uh we will go from there so let's um yeah let's get right into it guys again um basically just looking at a recap first so the first big move um of the day today of course again we know everything about max shares we know robbie ray i already talked about that i already covered those so up until the corey seeger signing i talked about everything a little earlier um that was of course the robbie ray deal which i really hate um that hal steinberg didn't go there but again it's it's it's falls in line to what i was told all off season but again i'm not going to come on here to scream that was earlier uh my voice needs a little rest so i can do this again tomorrow because i'm pretty sure we're going to have more to talk about tomorrow but the texas rangers again come out that have been been aggressive um they signed courtesy to a 10-year deal 325 million dollars and gets a 5 million signing bonus they also signed marcus simeon as you guys know so they really have reworked that infield um in a new way and and uh the lone star state is very very happy tonight so they are they're very excited and um it's it's where they are right now so the texas rangers do something you know you had a lot of guys like jeff passing and buster olney and and joel sherman who all said uh you know it's just destiny that uh seeger is gonna be a yankee and you know unfortunately they don't get to get called frauds and stuff like that like like other people do who bust their ass to try to get something out there um but you know hey it is what it is you get that blue check mark you get hired and you know it is what it is you could you could do whatever the hell you want um but corey seeger ends up going to the rangers not really knowing what interest he had i think the weirdest thing is and this was earlier that we come to find out the yankees didn't even offer robbie ray anything that goes to show me that they're either targeting one specific free agent or they're just not gonna spend big and free agency at all which is also what i've been told and i keep saying i refuse to believe it just because i want the yankees to spend some money it comes down to that i mean i don't mind saying i'll come on here a meeting like my people were wrong the yankees spent i'm happy you know that's not a that's not a loss for me that's not a loss for my people you know it's just information they're giving me so i really hope that that is what happens um so you know he was another option simeon was an option we knew all that those guys were options for the yankees at shortstop and it doesn't work out uh marcus simeon is a ranger and also corey seeger's a ranger so you know it is what it is uh well we'll move on from that one the big one that i want to talk about that i actually think does affect the yankees is what you guys were probably automatically expecting me to talk about which is the idea that gary sanchez has a good shot at being a catcher again in 2022 and i tell you what guys this is not a team that is serious about winning i mean that's all there is to it you know you you don't have much defense anymore of gary sanchez you just don't have much defense anymore about gary sanchez you just don't you know whether it's early on when i reported and everybody wanted to rip my throat out and kill me and came at me in every way you could think of that gary sanchez was out of shape he came to king came to camp out of shape joe girardi was very upset yankees leadership was very upset and the down and the downfall started a little bit there then he got in good shape then gary sanchez worked at it and he looked like he was getting in better shape and last year he was in good shape and already there's pictures of the offseason him working on his balance and things like that um it's it's it's very very odd um because he he has gotten better in that sense he he's gotten in better shape and he has there's no denying there's hard work there nobody denies that people that just say fat and lazy that's a bad argument he's not he's not he's not that's just something to look to pick on gary about he's not fat and lazy gary sanchez works gary sanchez is not a catcher i have said this about gary sanchez for a long time gary sanchez needs a change of scenery and he desperately needs a dh spot or a dhl national league where he can kind of flip-flop in that role whether he catches a few games but he gets at the h and it's more about his offense i believe gary sanchez is being limited because he plays a position doesn't like again you can go back to i think it was 2015 2015 or 2016. there's a scouting report on mlb.com that the scout literally says in there that gary sanchez may not have the heart to stay at catcher if he really loves that position it's really hard you really got to work at that position and stay there for a long time and you do continuously get better it beats you up a lot gary has not handled that position well going from the fact that nobody on the staff at the end of the year even wanted to catch him corey kluber did it jordan montgomery at the end started going to higashiyoka and we know already about garrett cole whether they get to the postseason if it's a wild card game or game one of a big game or a game seven or game five gary sanchez isn't catching he's not catching so what is it about gary sanchez that the yankees want to keep you know everybody brings the walls to bed that that's not it anymore the yankees know at this point and if the yankees don't know they're they're which is probably true they have gone so far into living in the world of analytics that the idea that he's a decent offensive pro catcher one of the better ones in baseball they're gonna keep him there and defense doesn't mean jack and their ideas well we have a backup catcher for a reason gary's gonna pop a homer every now and then so that's good enough can't do that if the yankees are a serious club there's time it's not like they're saying gary's the catcher that's it there is time and i'll even tell you some names but there is time to move on from gary sanchez i feel you have to no matter what happens you gotta move on from it and i saw uh uh um i saw something here um from a guy on here i wanna i wanna talk about this because it's hilarious because i get this a lot this is from alberto honest question pete did gary sanchez hurt you personally don't get me wrong i like you and love everything n1 news does i want to move on from sanchez too but man it looks like you hate him it looks like i hate him because i want him to move on from the team i like frau i want i hate him because i'm saying the yankees need to move on from gary sanchez where where do you get hate from that and on top of that i'm gonna just keep it real with you because that's what we do here yankee fans got every right to seriously dislike gary sanchez simple as that you think it's cool for a guy to get a pass ball and he rolls to the ball he tiptoes to the ball to go get it guys halfway down first base you think it's okay for a guy to ground that and not even run you think it's okay for a guy to get a ball about 40 feet away from a player a great throw to home plate and move away from home plate and let the guy score you think it's okay for big playoff games in october or postseason type games in october a guy hits a pop-up a pop-up and gary sanchez doesn't even touch the ball with his glove i don't dislike gary sanchez at all i'm actually looking to help gary sanchez i need him to move on to go to another club there you go bad dog hates him i personally don't hate the guy i hate him as a baseball player for the yankees 100 but you but you're saying has he done something personally to me yeah you know what he gave me audrey all season is that enough so so you are trying to create something that makes no sense you know maybe fit you you know that's got to be a t-shirt at some point fit you got to be a t-shirt no alberto i love you fam thank you for the question um but moving on from that so this is the big news today everybody on this channel knows how much i really like jacob stallings i thought he would be a terrific fit for the yankees because if you're gonna give up offense you really need to pick up a huge amount of defensive production stallings is arguably the best defensive catcher major league baseball now he's on his way to the miami marlins and guys before i go into that let me give you guys a little heads up let me go back let me tell you the names because i actually broke this down and i actually did the did the homework on this to tell you what that type of deal would have actually been so the pirates get from the miami from the miami marlins zach thompson who is a starting pitcher at the major league level kyle nicholas who is a low a pitcher and also connor scott who i believe is an outfielder in low a okay so i'm gonna give you a better offer immediately from the new york yankees and maybe there's a little bit of control issues here but the other players are better from my understanding of what i'm looking at so when you look at this and you say okay well why did the yankees go after this guy what would the deal look like here's what the deal would have looked like on the yankee side compared to what the miami marlins gave the pirates domingo hermann matt sawyer and ryder green that would have been a better package is there anybody in this room right now who would not have given that up for jacob stallings who also is owed less money than gary sanchez and we know the yankees are trying to do everything they can to save money what do you guys think i'll say it again domingo harmon matt sawyer who is in loie or high a i believe and ryder green who is enable that's what it would have took on the yankee side and if you're just comparing what the deals would have been that's what the deals would have been again domingo hermann matt sawyer and ryder green is a very very comparable if not better deal from pittsburgh to miami marlins on the yankee side so looking at that and thinking of that you have you had a chance to get jacob stallings we knew he'd probably be traded it just made sense but there's still hope out there if the yankees want to make a change you have two free agent catchers who i know again everybody's gonna say i don't know i don't know i don't know because they're offense guys forget offense at the catching position forget offense at the catching position for the time being the yankees got guys in that line that needed driving runs they need a healthy dj le mayo which hopefully they're getting and they just need to do things better they need some athletes in the lineup estevan floriel needs to be in his lineup estevan floria at least needs to be on the bench oswald cabrera should potentially get a shot so if you look at all that if you look at all that roberto perez john gomes roberto perez is also one of the best defensive catchers in baseball yeah he's had a rough year he had a rough 2020 all so i get it before that 2019 20 plus homer's 230 average he's a powerful guy everybody knows he's gonna hit homers thinking he was injured also last year so i don't know how much they had an effect in it but roberto perez is a guy homers roberto perez is a guy who again forget the homer so fit me for saying home run he plays defense guys catch him guys want to throw to him john gomez another guy not as good defensively as roberto perez's but i'm down for it the yankees have to move on from gary sanchez it's as simple as that you can't go through another year with this you just can't do it you just can't do it jonathan my fam thank you so much man that's exactly what i'm here to do i'm here to work hard for you guys uh this is the future this is the future for this is the future for me and my team this is it right here so working hard for you guys what it's all about you know wilson contreras not that good defensively comparable to gary comparable to gary but maybe change of sceneries work good for everybody you know you got your other guys out there carson kelly uh you know that they're looking at in arizona he could be very available because dalton varshall is likely gonna be their new catcher so maybe you got carson kelly who could be available who i love carson kelly i love carson kelly sanchez gary gotta go at this point gary gotta go at this point and um guys you know i i've had many people dm me too and ask me you know um what are the yankees gonna do you know are they gonna make a big move look i'm holding out hope in the sense of there's still things that can be done if the yankees take the route more and they go okay well you know the reason why we didn't jump into all these all these free agent signings because yeah you know what we're not spending the money nothing cash we could do about that i'm not sticking up for cash man you guys know i've went at brian cashman a lot i'm not sticking up for brian cashman but if brian cashman like i reported is being told cashy money's cut if he's being told that brian cash we can't do jack and i must think you guys know me you guys don't get me wrong here you guys know fam you know me if you've watched me you know i tore into all of them so this is not me being cute this is not me being cute this is me just being honest if brian cashman is told look no there ain't nothing to spend he talked about the latitude but you know latitude my ass ladder dude is what it really was ain't no latitude they don't have money then they're not spending it and again look i will be utterly shocked let me give you guys my opinion ahead of time the yankees came out of nowhere assigned carlos correa i'll be at my i'll be at my mind shocked but again but again it's not enough it's not enough it's not enough it's not enough it's not enough carlos correa is not enough himself corey is not enough himself jim duggan my greatest critic always looking to criticize pete says i say fam a lot well fam sorry fam but fam it's my channel fam and it's gonna be my channel fam and ny news tv fam is to be brilliant because you also got mad about me talking so much about january but jim duncan i always see you up in here fam and i love that you're up in here fam and it's a wonderful thing for you fam i love you being in here fam come on stop it um but no if the yankees went out there blew it up all of a sudden uh whoever reports carlos correa new york yankee 10 years blah blah blah guys i'm going to come on here i'ma say cool it's a good start but it's not enough and it's it's not enough so you heard me already so don't be shocked if it ever happens here's what i would love to see and let me get to you guys question let me get to you guys questions and then i'll talk about this other stuff uh cha boy says pirates no longer have a catcher on their roster package gary and others for reynolds they ain't gonna they ain't gonna want it for rentals though fam you know as much as um uh nah gary ain't going to pittsburgh joseph wears peaks joseph fam i tell you i love it i love it jonathan ny1 news team are the realest ones no doubt about it uh no no no doubt about it we are definitely the realest ones kicking it with roy what's going on fam honestly what are we doing bro at this point kill me hey man it's uh nobody nobody gonna kill you fam we love you here um but nah it's um it's a big difference man it's it's it's weird right now it's weird right now put it that way gary for reynolds who says no let me if if they offered gary for reynolds ben sharington should hit cashman over the hell with a phone guy stop it gary he's like daniel said cashman wouldn't do it oh man that is hilarious li yankee king says if money is getting uh cut then why not try to trade your big money guys like chapman stan oh god li it's not that easy fam gallo yeah you could trade tion you're you're probably not gonna trade he's injured right now hicks is gonna be hard to trade hicks is gonna be hard to trade chapman i agree with you on that one i think chapman should have definitely been moved stanton's not gonna be traded lemayo is not going to be traded you got to keep it real harry says serious question how many 30 mil contracts do you need on this team to make you happy actually i'm not for all the big contracts i'm not it's the way your money is spent it's the way your money is spent that it that that is key the the key is how your money is being spent it's not about it's not about signing the biggest guys it's about how you're spending that guys look next year alone the yankees got two two bullpen arms that are making over 30 plus million combined that's nuts that is not even i'm not even counting green in that but with green you're pushing 35 plus million for three guys in a bullpen that's not the way you run a team that is not the way you run a team the yankees don't it's not about the big contract it's about how it is spent and the yankees have done a poor job on that you're paying a roll this chapman 18 million dollars next year you're paying britain 14 million you're paying chad green seven plus million that's a lot of money for three bullpen arms when you got stephen ridings ron monaco monaki whatever his name is um uh who else are all uh albert abreu still down there louise heel could potentially go to the pen there's a lot of guys there that could do that you shouldn't be spending all that money on a bullpen you shouldn't be spending all the money like that on the bullpen the moves the yankees should be looking to do is potentially move of course luke voight we know gotta go and he still has to go so we know the yankees got to make trades and before i before i went off on a little rampage there i was gonna say you know what the hopes of of if you look at this with a little optimism and trust me i understand it's hard to have right now but if you look at this with a little bit of optimism and you sit back and you go okay i'm looking at the overall picture here we need a first baseman not a lot of teams right now you know are talking matt olson but we also still have the opportunity of rizzo i don't think friedman leaves i don't think freddie freeman leaves leaves atlanta i don't know if that's a real possibility i've heard nothing about that but maybe we got that option chris taylor could be an option for the yankees because he could play all over not good mind you he doesn't play shortstop good center field he could play could play left he could place uh uh third short seconds so you got olson out there the yankees got every chance in the world to get olsen and a starting pitcher guys oswald is one of the best prospects in major league baseball i have talked about this guy a lot i want to see him multiple times this year very very big fan of oswald peraza very big fan of him he's the best defensive shortstop in the minor leagues people don't know that he's the best defensive shortstop in minor leagues he's arguably the fastest runner if not top three that the yankees have in the minor leagues he has significant pop to right field he hit he sprays the ball all over oswald peraza could play shortstop right now for the yankees he could play shortstop right now also for the oakland a's but i feel cashman in the sense if i'm gonna give you peraza if i'm gonna add more to that you gotta give me a starting picture i want mania so if there is any conversation and again the yankees keep this very very tight in the circle not a lot of this stuff comes out eddie blanks we do need pitching this is again the problem with a lot of yankee fans the yankees do need pitching you can i'll get let me let me get to that i get i get easily off track i understand that but let me let me finish my point and i'll talk about the pitching if brian cashman sits back and he goes look i know rizzo's there we got rizzo as a backup he already let us know he wants to come back if there is another offer and he wants to accept it we'll get that chance so we have time to work on that because that's a common thing in free agency but if you notice a possibility that there's not a lot of interest as much as you expected or it's not going to cost as much as you expected to get a guy like olsen and maybe a manaya maybe you're a little hesitant to say let me go throw it at 150 at robbie right now this is not me talking as i do in the heartbeat but if i'm brian cashman maybe he knows there's trades on the horizon that are gonna make this club better you know what i mean maybe that's possibility eddie eddie it's fine man i still want to talk about the pitching anyway um but maybe that's a possibility you know what i mean maybe there's a trade out there that none of us are thinking of cashman's done that before right he finds the offensive players i give him credit on that one i give him credit on that one he finds the offensive players he finds the offensive players so um he does that but on the pitching front carlos rodon i i love him i love him he had a terrific season huge strikeout numbers it's never healthy and i mean again that is that's just another risk for the yankees jameson taion is is an extremely good pitcher when he stays healthy and you know the yankees kind and there's not a sure thing in baseball and i understand that i understand it's not a sure thing in baseball i understand that but but you you want to feel somewhat of assurance when you're getting somebody who you feel is going to be on the field you know what i mean so you gotta try to go out there and find pitching whether it's a number two a solid number three you can't count on luis severino guys and another thing i'm going to make a point about garrett cole in new york city gary cole's pressure has gone up even more now max scherzer's in new york cole's a competitor he knows that cole's a competitor garrett cole also has to prove himself this year he's got to prove himself this year garrett cole probably would be pitching this year with more pressure than he's pitched in probably in his career because there's a lot of people that are watching his his his outings even closer now they ever have before because of the spider tech because of all that stuff you know what i mean you know there's a lot he got to do now there's a lot there's a lot of proving on his end ambassador minaj would be great li yankee king thanks for the super chat again maybe clayton kershaw's a target i don't know i i don't think so i mean you never know but i i don't i don't think that's necessarily a fit i see some people in here saying that the blue jays uh losing rey and getting gauzeman um you know and and of course losing simeon but the thing you gotta remember about the blue jays is that towards the end of the year a lot of the young guys started to come up and they were showing legitimate potential now they can have a full year of those guys pearson um manao manoa whatever his name is another another goody young pitcher gossman of course addie you can't downplay golfman too much he's a fly ball pitcher which i think kind of worries me if i'm toronto i think that era is going to go up a bit i don't think he'll be the same guy i don't think he'll put up anything of a year like robbie ray did so i definitely see that being a point but i do think they're pitching still has a chance to be strong and they they just still have a dynamic offense i mean these guys just keep getting better john parker great show just found your channel fam i appreciate that man thank you so much um stick around stick around um january ny news tv is gonna be absolutely terrific you're gonna love it you're gonna love it um i could see kershaw to the rangers i could see that um do you consider javi javi bias for the yankees no i don't i don't i don't consider bias for the yankees i mean i guess you know brian cashman does things that you never know about you know again guys i i've repeated this a couple of times today but i like to repeat it because i want people to know i'm not i'm not ken rosenthal i'm not none of these guys that have all these amazing sources i got a few guys that have given me very good information throughout my life actually throughout when i was 17 years old started writing for ny news uh way back in the day um i've had some some close family friends that know some significant people that have you know put me in a decent spot with them and we still are and throughout the years i've developed some more relationships with people and even definitely over the last six months so um you know stuff i get i put out there when i get it and i do verify it so where um you know if i know something you'll know it put it that way if it's not if it's not the yankees related sometimes i don't put it out there because i don't care i'm just be i'm just being real sometimes i don't care if it again noah synergard i told my team he's signing with the angels he got a one-year deal big deal he's gonna sign with the angels and me and my team like oh damn that's a good deal for him blah blah comes out boom and i'm like oh yeah yeah see you know what i mean and i didn't care to report it and i'll be honest with you felix who is also the co-owner of ny news the original owner of ny news he told me he's like pete you should put that information out there anyway no matter what but i don't care you know what i mean i don't care about other teams i really care about my yankees uh just for fun break says absolutely love your channel you're doing you're you're out doing everyone um hey man this is what it is um you know we built this thing up i take a lot of pride in um ny news and man ny news tv guys is my baby so if you hear me say it a lot you hear me talk about january a lot just understand that it's for you guys you know what i mean it's not for me um it's for you so when i when i know like jim has said it before we always talk about january january well it's something that i've been able to put together you know what i mean and i'm very very excited about it and it's not for me it does nothing for me you know what i mean it's for the new york yankees fan because i look around and i see our beat writers i see what they do i see what they talk about and this sucks it sucks they're not holding his team to the fire at all they're not doing anything like that they're not holding a team to the fire they're not asking the questions the fans want to hear them ask not doing anything like that so that's what ny news tv is going to be n1 news tv will be right here adam adam ny news tv is going to be right here if you see the title of the channel has already changed to ny news tv so that has already changed there's gonna be a lot more change on it um come probably the first or second week of december you guys will see um everybody who is joining and what noi news tv is actually going to be so um that is going to be a very very exciting time and again that's why i talk about it so much am i down for um why are you down on sevi he pitched pretty well when he came back well the reason i'm down on sevi is because he's not supposed to be coming back as a relief pitcher and he hasn't pitched since 2018. i think that's a pretty good reason to be you know not too confident in luis severino he hasn't pitches 2018 as a starting pitcher there's been a lot of injury there's been a lot of innings missed it hasn't been a lot of work loading that arm and that body so for me i i can't see louis severino as a number two and if the yankees try to sell him as this well you know we got severino back that's our big starter acquisition that ain't it that ain't it a a i could see tanaka coming back i reported on that very early in the off season that i was told that uh tanaka wants to come back to america so we'll see what happens there um no nothing since then that's that's the only time i ever was told about it that's the only time i was ever told about it so uh we'll see we'll see uh we'll see what happens there hey look at that we're definitely siminetti after dark right now probably push just past a little past probably 12 today and keep the conversation going and answer some questions at least i don't have to yell too much i did a lot of yelling today i'll save the rest of that for tomorrow so i'm drinking tea i don't want to lose my voice anthony medina my good friend says yankees haven't done anything pete but i'm grateful for you and the ny news team anthony we are grateful for you too my friend we are grateful for you too my friend ryan says can we actually trade gary sanchez yeah i think we can for something of value yeah i think you'll get something for him especially after the cba comes out maybe there's the dh in the national league i think you definitely can i think you definitely can chris says what the heck is cashman doing pete this is frustrating it's um it's you know it's as frustrating for me as everybody else you know what i mean um it's hard it's hard it sucks it sucks it really is it sucks um it uh it definitely sucks because you want to see him do something right like i said earlier when shirts are signed yankee fans were upset and all that now i i think yankee fans got a real legitimate reason to be upset when rey signed only 23 million a year for five years that's a joke of a contract if robbie ray pitches to a four era pitches 170 innings and obviously has over 200 strikeouts it's a hell of a deal it's a steal even at a four-year rate that's a steal if he's healthy that's a steal that's a steal um who is this timothy says tanaka story olson another piece from the a's sanchez gone you psyched about all season yes yes yes if the other piece from the a's is also another pitcher i'd be very psyched i'd be very psyched and are we in a good place the yankees right now no no not at all not at all you can't depend on aaron hicks can't depend on gary gary sanchez can't depend on the rotation yeah the only deals that really upset me i knew i didn't i didn't ever expect max charles would be a yankee i was kind of upset to find out the yankees had nothing to to go after him with they didn't look to do that um but rey and stallings definitely bothered me ray and if if i ranted before those guys got signed it would have been a really ugly rant it would have been no no i ranted with the with the right one i did rant with the ray one um i stopped there but i didn't see the stallings one but if they were together it would have been a crazy rent oh are you talking about timothy are you talking about if we made those moves are we in a good place yes very good place i like that i would like that nicholas says peter i haven't checked out your channel in a while think you had around three to four subs three to four thousand subs and now you're closing in on 7k congrats man keep it up glad your channel's gaining more popularity uh nicholas thank you the growth has been terrific um it just it just all goes to hard work and again what we're building here i i truly truly truly believe uh we are building something extremely special uh like no yankee fan is ever gonna have on youtube at least and it's gonna expand uh you know pod our podcast will go on all social on all platforms uh spotify apple all that fun stuff but we're gonna just we're just gonna have content overload just so much for you guys so much um so much stuff for you guys there but timothy getting back to what you said i yeah i think we would be in a in a very good good spot then and then you just gotta hope and then you just gotta hope um then you just gotta hope that the nutcase aaron boone doesn't do nothing too much to ruin it unfortunately anthony thank you for the super chat he says the fact that the yankees weren't even in on ray is embarrassing i i can't disagree the contract should have been very affordable due to how much he signed for 23 million a year 23 million a year 23 million a year for robbie ray over five years that was a hell of a get by the man i was shocked when i saw it i said i said when i saw the money i was like holy that's crazy when i saw the money that was insane that that was definitely insane um there was a question here i wanted to ask hey pete what is your what does pop say about all of this um if you guys a lot of you guys are new in here pop is is my father so i call him pops uh pop's a major major yankee fan um very very old school yankee fans but he knows the man look let me tell you guys something about the guys who who've been watching baseball for a long time they know that they know that and pop is the type of dude that knows the analytics too so um hey pops had me on gallow you know he he told me gallo is gonna be a train wreck for the yankees and he was so uh we'll see what happens um you know pops just thinks that um he doesn't think they're gonna go by very far you know he has the same mindset as me when it comes to uh aaron boone nobody likes i don't like i think aaron boone was a terrible terrible and i think it shows the disconnect between the fan base and the organization i really do i think it shows the discount i think 70 plus percent of the yankee fanbase wanted boom gone they got sick of them and they still are fire boom chance and you're gonna hear it more this year especially if they ever got off to a slow start so you know he's he's upset with the off-season definitely laughs about it he's very upset they haven't resigned aaron judge and he's right about that so you know we'll see we'll see uh x-wing class says i'm convinced the yankees are going to bring back gary after all we've seen from this guy i just saw cashman spoke about sanchez he falls in love with certain guys hicks is another one of his guys uh man i don't know man i really like chris i like bassett but i think mania would be more likely for the yankees uh when it comes to a deal potentially with the a's i think monae would be more likely oh yeah he definitely respects batting average as a stat i don't know who who can't respect batting average i never understood that argument i truly never understood that argument at all never understood it let me just check something real quick guys and then i'll be right back with you right nothing there nothing there man thank you i see a couple people already shared this on twitter too so i appreciate create oh my god i can't even talk i appreciate you guys for doing that thank you so much uh let's see hey pete which a starting pitcher i already said that one chris jennings i i answered that one montes would also be up there plain and simple it's time to make moves says austin torres i agree with you austin uh thank you for the uh another subscriber there appreciate it dj steels what's good fam peter the philosopher signs of the mets for 60 years 190 million with opt out after 2023. hey i'll drink to that even though it's tea even though it's only tea and there you go look i got a little uh mr fantastic mr fantastic money has to go somewhere why not extend judge now yeah i mean that's another thing right if that's going to be the case extend judge now why would judge want to stay here he loves the yankees you know what i mean um sometimes it's hard to leave somewhere you've been for so long i mean if you guys heard my kevin kern interview kevin kernan told him he was like i would i would bolt to the giants you know what i mean he's a california guy he told him i would bolt to the giants i'd bolt to the giants hope we get trevor story and olsen tomorrow that would be a nice surprise waking up in the morning um yeah i think that would be absolutely terrific i think that would be terrific i'd be very happy with trevor store you guys have heard me talk about him a lot um i like him i like i like trevor stormy yankees i i think he's very athletic i think he can move positions very easily and i think that could help him in the future when volpe or peraza are the yankees well let me just say not when they're ready when the yankees are ready to call them up because guys have been reading the yankees don't call them up um adam says do you like zach hempel i don't really know much about the guy um to be honest i know he's the guy who catches all the the home run balls and like that but guys i don't care about these guys i care about my team my my people that are with me and and my n1 news family and that's it mania is a tommy john waiting to happen well if he gives us the one year who cares you know what i mean if he gives us the one year who cares after that who knows i don't know if the yankees resigned but you got to just worry about 2022. and that's the thing is yankee fans man we got to worry about 2022 not when jason dominguez is ready in 2024. got to worry about 2022 we got it we got to bring the idea back of winning now it's very important you got to bring that idea back of winning now simple as that uh that philosophy must make a hard comeback in the yankee community especially the fan base you know falling in love with prospects is cute and i get it nowadays it's a big thing but a prospect is a prospect they hit a miss no matter how good they look no matter how good they project to be it's hit or miss it's a hit and miss and the yankees are a win-now club when you're a win now club you expect a win now it's your boy fam i appreciate you man can't believe that some fans are okay with gary being the catcher because other catchers don't have the offense he has catches on more defense and offense to be honest it's your boy spot on man i mean i've had this argument with many i i don't get it after what you've seen i don't understand it i don't understand it i i don't get it i i really don't man i really don't i don't understand it um it's so obvious when you're when you're top guy when your top guy doesn't want to pitch to you that's a problem towards the end of the year when three-fifths of the rotation don't want to pitch to you that's a problem that's all there is to it guys you know that that's your answer right there if you're an organization that's your answer right there when's the last time gary sanchez played in the playoff game you know what i mean i mean not uh higashiyoka been up in there so pete stop it you talk like a win-now guy don't you know what this club is daniel i feel you fam i know man did i like to fill nevin firing i did i did i think it was time to move on i'm literally still laughing where did that go i just lost that one i was just reading one of them did it go away oh no i'm literally still laughing about your earlier stream ny news i asked my guy what's brewing he said my coffee that's true i got it on here i can't show you guys the person but no i got it i got it right there on my thing yeah i asked him i said is there anything brewing he said pete my coffee take it easy that's it that's what he told me that's a hundred percent fact uh pete the yanks are waiting to pay judge when he gets injured to pay less whoa sounds like a yankee thing to do uh pete i want to get to somebody's pete love the show been listening for a couple of months now what do yanks do with geo and glabor much love fam hey jay thank you so much i appreciate that jasino you would a man fam thank you so much um you know a lot of yankee fans are gonna be upset with me on this one but i think the yankees best team has dj lemayo at second base i don't think there's room for labor tours and i think as a win now team those are those tough choices you got to make and i look to move on from labor you know i i when i say i'm moving off from somebody and they go somewhere else and do great god bless them i'm happy for them but they didn't work here and in reality the best second baseman on the new york yankees is dj lemayo there's no denying that overall he's the best second baseman you also paid them you should go with them when it comes to geo have oswaldo cabrera maybe a jonathan vr have a good bench player that you're comfortable with that guy starting at third base not a old door who's never played there before have somebody there who you know could play third base well and could hit a little bit have a strong bench why not have a pretty strong bench that's also important in baseball it's always been and it always will be no matter what numbers tell you that's always been important in baseball uh let me get to the next one here i'm not gonna go into the stadium i'm not buying anything from this team pete the yankees are wait okay i saw that one he excited to pay judge less um oh there's the sound i'm not even going to read that comment let's see uh dj steele says how about bias um i just don't see that as a fit i mean coop what's going on fam um i just don't see that as a fit i know maybe that's not the answer that you want oh i guess it wouldn't shy nothing would really shock me but um i just don't see it as a fit have they even signed a hitting coach uh just for fun breaks no they haven't no they haven't uh tyler thank you so much man i appreciate that would you sign up for off season sign suzuki who's a the the japanese center fielder who's very good by the way from the the things i've heard about him recently signed rodon trade for olsen and mania signed story and trade sanchez and non-10 to him i don't know who's replacing him sign me up for that yeah sign me up for that guys i i've been saying this is the beginning i'm not hard to please this offseason but i don't know how you failed this offseason and that's the scary thing that we're seeing right now you guys have heard me say you have a plan one a one b one c one d one e one f the list can go on and on and on and on the list can just keep going it could go on and on and on but right now we're concerned because there has been nothing at all and a lot of the guys that were rumored and speculated are gone they're gone now brian reynolds says eddie rosario would be a good pickup and i'm not hearing many many folks talk about him oh many talk about him not many folks i'm sorry i'm putting my own language in people's uh people's writings here eddie rosario would be a good pickup for a lot of teams he'd be a good pick up for a lot of teams he'd be a good picker for a lot of teams johnny um you didn't miss much man just kind of doing a recap here uh so you didn't miss much fam thank you for being here uh some trades have to happen tomorrow johnny i agree with you i think trades will happen hank's gotta do something look they gotta trade luke voigt they gotta trade luke voigt i i told my team earlier don't be shocked to see the red sox make a big move and you could take that how you want but that wouldn't shock me the red sox come out of nowhere make a big move as of right now of course it's a failure of an offseason there's no denying that there's no denying that as of right now it's a it's definitely a failure yeah jonathan um you could definitely move gleba tours you could definitely move glebe tours and you get you'll get a good return for him still even if he's a part of an ace deal even if he's a part of the of an ace deal and maybe that leads you more to getting a guy bassett voigt for olsen no you got it you got to be realistic man you got to be realistic jake says pete this might be i think he meant hope hope from me but could it be that we haven't heard anything because correa is who the yanks want it would make sense because we haven't heard about correa the yankees like i said man it's it's possible i i vote i've always said that it's possible but again i'm just going off of what i've been told and trust me i want to be wrong i want to be wrong i want to be wrong and i want i want to be wrong i want my people to be wrong everything i have been told that the yankees will not add a significant contract so if they added correa who's going to get over 300 million i'll be shocked out my mind i will be shocked out my mind brendan brendan thank you so much man what type of contract do you expect trevor sora to get do you think he gets short term or goes for a simian type deal he's a perfect fit for us uh brandon i agree uh brendan i agree i think he is a he is a really good fit for the yankees i like him a lot for us i think he's a good fit for his ball club um i think he gets a simian deal i do i think the way this market is going there's gonna be no need for a guy to take a short-term deal i would love to see him take a short-term deal with the yankees i really would i would love to see the yankees get away with a one-year 27-28 million dollar deal if possible that would be terrific but i don't i don't i don't think it's happening the market is very strong we're seeing that you know if you want to take a deal like that just put it like this if you want to take a deal like that the rangers are somebody else not the rangers necessarily the mariners you know um detroit uh the dodgers boston maybe there's a lot of the the angels there's a lot of teams out there that would say hey freak that you know we'll give you more than that we'll give you way more than that jake you're right you're right there's no such thing as overpaying free agents i agree i agree there isn't the only thing about karate but that maybe potentially you could see is that maybe they signed him for a very long term deal and that way that money spread out a little bit to make hal a little more comfortable but guys i'm again guys i'm not the one who who put the information i'm not i'm not the one who's bringing that information this is just coming from people that i i trust i trust a lot and you know before was cool in the offseason to say the yankees weren't spending i told you guys uh because that's what i told you four my four of my best people told me so we'll see so we'll see uh we will go just a couple of minutes more i really didn't want to go too long and i'm almost hitting another hour that's how quick this stuff goes would i be opposed to a 12-year deal for correa no i wouldn't be i wouldn't be at all i i wouldn't be at all opposed to anything like that you know i would i wouldn't be opposed to anything like that i would not be opposed to nothing like that um anything that makes the yankees better i'm not a poster and at the end of the day i'm not paying the contracts i don't care really but again i'm just telling you guys what i've been told oh we got some big news for you guys right now um big big news in in yankee world brace for this one you guys ready chris gittins was released chris gittins has been released wow we're gonna have a we're gonna take a toast to chris gittins he was getting it in with the yanks chris gibbons was getting it in with the yanks seminary at the doc get a little get a little strange in here simonetti after dark could get a little strange in here take it easy fam roster at 39 oh no no but can i can i um can i explain this for a second for you guys let me explain this real quick for you guys though anthony anthony um says so what is what does that mean i might have you guys might have heard me say this and um or i might have said it earlier i don't know i've been i've been live and talking with you guys so damn much um that maybe i'm i know i said it when the non-roster stuff comes out you want to have space open on your 40 man you want to have space open on your 40 man in case somebody else is released and you jump in and pick them up yeah jim is always telling me how to run my channel man i don't know what's up with jim but jim been around for a minute that's the thing jim been around for a minute i like jim i like jim jim been around for a minute he knew everything about january it was hilarious man jim hit me up in a comment pete um i'm sick of you talking about january because all you're doing is going on twitch and i was like twitch what the hell what are you talking about there's no twitch i'm not going on twitch what are you talking about not doing not with twitch and it has literally it has nothing to do with twitch at all um but yeah i do think well what is it going to be i don't even know what data tuesday tuesday well today now it's going to be a busy day um i'll be up early so so you guys know pete i finally catch you on alive juan lopez my friend everybody is good man how are you doing good to see you back good to see you back everybody's good jim i love you man jim no joke jim duggan you've been around for a minute and i love hacksaw jim duggan too oh you know what i mean you guys the old school guys know what i'm talking about hacksaw jim duggan all right i love you anyway hacksaw i love you hacksaw um but it is what it is it is what it is but guys i will be available all day you guys will see me on here i'll be available i'll be um i'll be doing my thing um i am early tomorrow like i said i got to be up early anyway i got to be up early anyway so you know i'll be live tomorrow i'm more than certain i do think there's be some things that go down tomorrow and anyway we'll have news anyway we'll have news anyway um asia robertson says pete they're telling you to look on twitter um well if there's any news that breaks this bad boy right here gets it before anything gets it before anything so don't worry fam don't you worry fam um oh let's see there was something i saw here that i just wanted to talk about uh dj steel says any new music by the way peter yeah there should be there there likely will be new music in 2022 uh that will come out well we'll see where that goes but everything is done but everything is taking a backseat right now do you think correa signed somewhere tomorrow i actually do i actually do i'm going to get on that train i think i think story and correa do sign tomorrow i think bias signs tomorrow too i think there's going to be some busy news i think it's going to be some some busy news going down and like i said guys um i'll be up pretty early tomorrow um if there was anything to break tonight uh your boy doesn't sleep um i'm always working on stuff i'm always working on on things and all that so if anything uh if it's after 3 30 or 4 then i'll probably be knocked out for a little bit um but again i got to be up early tomorrow anyway got some things to do very early like around nine o'clock or so eight nine o'clock after that i'll be free likely and and i'll get right back on here for you guys and and we'll be right here to to talk about a lot of different things so with that being said guys i appreciate you so much i always talk about it everybody that contributed everybody that signed um signed up and subscribed to the page thank you so much for everything you guys do and if anything it won't be too long until we talk again so uh talk to you guys in the shoulder gangster oh fam isaac you got me on that one fam shoulder gangsta would be a great song it's getting better man um physical therapy again tomorrow it's getting better yeah uh guys by the way too as you see right there ig instagram if you're on instagram follow me ny news pete that is the instagram account for ny news it's gonna be very very fun loaded with content also with that being said guys peace out talk to you guys later thank know how i you

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