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29 Jul 2022 by Felix Pantaleon


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02 Nov 2020 by Felix Pantaleon

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Strong Rumor: Yankees Trading Gary Sanchez To The Miami Marlins @_NYYNEWS


yo new york yankees fans yet again it is felix from like always so yankees fans there's a strong rumor out there that the yankees are about to ship gary sanchez to the miami marlins the person reporting this has gotten a whole bunch of moves right this offseason he's also a fellow youtuber with about 30k subscribers his handle is italk studios he's gotten the gauzeman signing correct cluber signing correct and so on this is why i'm giving him the benefit of the doubt this guy has a large following and it doesn't seem that he would uh discredit himself putting out false information like i said he has a good track record this offseason so far so what he's putting out is that um the yankees are about to ship gary sanchez over there to miami and also he put out that the uh pirates are close to acquiring catcher young guns and why is that significant because the pirates there's been talk that the yankees are interested in pirates character stallings who was a yo glover in 2021 and again another rumor is that the yankees are not going to pick up gary sanchez's uh arbitration and the scenario is that the yankees are going to trade for stallings and the yankees are going to ship gary sanchez to miami here's my honest opinion gary sanchez is not a catcher gary sanchez is more of a dh if the nl adopts the dh i think gary sanchez is going to go ham as you guys all know dh has been occupied on the new york yankees for seasons now again i'm not saying gary sanchez is a great catcher he absolutely is horrible but i do believe that there's potential there with his bat and like i said he could completely go ham playing down there in miami so again the strong rumor out there the yankees are going to tender gary sanchez's contract they're going to trade him to the miami marlins and there's a good possibility the yankees are going to trade for pirates character stallings who is defensively great it's a major upgrade from gary sanchez my voice is kind of out right now but i wanted to come on real quick to give you that scoop uh yeah strong possibility and you know it's not one of these uh fake sources online the guy saying it has been right about like five times already this offseason he hasn't been incorrect thus far so yankees fans leave your opinions in the comment section below and like always this has been felix from share like and subscribe and i will check you out next time please

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