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29 Jul 2022 by Felix Pantaleon


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02 Nov 2020 by Felix Pantaleon

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Rojas Named 3B Coach, Cashman Meets With Freeman... @SimonettiSource


what is going on everybody pizza minetta here for nyy news the yankees make a move today on the coaching staff luis rojas former mets manager will be the new york yankees third base coach i like the move um rojas is actually well respected around the game um the position he was putting with the mets was not a good one you know what i mean and a lot of people feel that um he wasn't ready to be a manager yet or in that situation they had him in it just wasn't the best fit in the world but as a coach all you hear is great praises about him and look you know if he can do anything to maybe balance some of these guys out work a little more in the infield have a little say in what goes on um i like the start of where they're going with the coaches that now everybody knows i'm never going to be happy with aaron boone unless he really changes the way he manages unless he gets a little bit of pride and dignity back in his system and is able to bench guys when they don't run or go over and pull them to the side and grab him and talk to them you know unless that happens i'm not a fan of of of the coaching staff because of boone but they could do some things to add some guys i think luis rojas is a nice start now i was the first person to put the information out there i was told that eric chavez also interviewed i believe there's a very good possibility of be a part of this staff um i my understanding is the interview went very well so let's see what happens there the other news on the day that got a lot of people talking john heyman reported that brian cashman met with the agents of freddie freeman and and freeman and blah blah blah blah blah guys can i just tell you a little spoiler alert real quick if brian cashman didn't meet with freddie freeman and co he's not doing his job he wouldn't be doing his job the yankees have a first baseman now who would be out of position but dj lemayo could play first base they are interested in their plan their plan anthony rizzo matt olsen most people believe one of those three will be the yankee third baseman but why would you not talk to freddie freeman and kind of see how he feels about new york would that be an interest to him what is it going to take why not have those conversations i mean if he doesn't then he's not doing his job as gm you got to have option a b c d and e gotta have those options on the table so i look no more into this than just that he was doing his due diligence and it's the right thing to do it's kind of his job to be fair so i know john heyman is out there you know looking for clicks and all that i mean i guess they do that right the inside is typically dude i just got met with this guy today and whatever um i mean i did it with patrick corbin so i put that information out that he was at the stadium they were meeting they had a meeting set up and um yeah so i guess um i did the same thing too so why should i do that to good old john heyman i love john heyman um but really guys that's it right now you know um all quiet before the storm maybe i think by friday we'll see something done i don't know if it's olson i think the yankees are very very deep in those waters i really believe that um i don't know if it's a possible maybe a trade that we haven't talked about much but um i think that is very very possible we shall see we shall see what happens there but um you know i've also had a lot of people dm me about what i said yesterday in the live and even i made the video about that you know i've been told by four people now that hal steinberg is not gonna go out there and do a 300 million dollar contract with a shortstop and people assume that that means that correa or seeger is not one of the guys said they think seeker could get less than three i don't believe that i think so and the way the market's going so eduardo rodriguez get paid today what is robbie ray gonna get justin verlander might get 20 million a year i don't know how but he might so gotta fix this mic one arm guys it's annoying um but we'll see what happens it could be an interesting week for the yankees you know they got some decisions to make with the with the 40 man and non-tenders coming up it's going to be a very interesting time i really believe that brian cashman is going to have to clear some space um that's only really done through trade unless you just drop these guys which would make no sense at all because randy vasquez is really good as well the cabrera is really good everson pierre's really good steven ridings is good i mean matt sawyer is good there's a lot of guys on that list that are really good ball players that the yankees have to add or lose in a rule 5 draft and you know i i think i think the yankees will make some moves by friday a move or moves i think they're also going to really start you're going to start to see the coaching staff close up too i think they really want to get that out the way i believe the next one could be eric chavez uh we'll see what happens there i know his interview went very well as i reported but um other than that guys that's the only update i have right now unless something else breaks you'll hear from me next time when we got some more information out there if i got information to share with you guys i'll do that until then tell your friends family uh yankee groups facebook twitter youtube uh twitch whatever the hell social media platforms are out there to make sure they subscribe to ny news so you guys get the first and everything that we put out don't want you guys to miss anything so again guys with that being said i am pizza pizzamanetti for the one the only nyy news talk to you guys next time

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