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29 Jul 2022 by Felix Pantaleon


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02 Nov 2020 by Felix Pantaleon

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Major Disconnect Between The Fans & Front Office @SimonettiSource


hey what is going on everybody pete simonetti here for the one the only nyy news guys we have a lot to talk about it is um 10th time in new york yankee land as you guys would know there is a lot going on there is some things that have not happened yet there are things we are waiting for there's anticipation in the air but uh not much right now on the front for the new york yankees but here's the thing we have some time here to chat today we got some time to talk we're gonna have a good time in this chat what i do ask is that you guys go ahead and share this out i am gonna do the same right now we get a lot of people in here to join get those likes up immediately and then guys we will jump into what i planned on having this video be about i decided to make it alive because so many people are asking me to talk about and to talk about uh what the yankees are doing what they could be planning but we're gonna look at it in a good way you know what i mean we're not in here to scream and yell and [ __ ] and complain and moan we're we're gonna look at it in a logical way but first i do want to talk about the disconnect between the yankees and the fanbase so guys if you do not mind share this out like this video uh get those get those likes up through the roof let's do that today let's shoot for let's shoot four i don't know let's say uh let's just say 200 likes so if you're in here get a like up let's shoot for 200 let's hope we get there and go from there guys and and that would be uh very very interesting until we get everything going here so guys give me a couple of seconds let me go ahead and share this out and we will get started so give me a second to share and then let's jump right into the meat of our conversation today let me retweet this all right and then it is 202 so two minutes past our time and let's go first let me say welcome to everybody that is in here fritz welcome dale thank you for the kind words hirsch thank you for being in here anthony medina my good friend what is going on fam we got famine here arby's up in here we got rb in here johnny of course jay taylor thank you thank you jay taylor nick uh whatever this one is i forgot your name you said house your volume your volume is a little low hopefully i upped it a little bit but it's a vega magagi sugarlashi so uh welcome welcome in here ryan welcome brad welcome tyler welcome penny welcome dave welcome joe welcome jared perry let the list continue we got joshua solano we got every we got ron thompson we got fam in here we got rhodica we got anthony we got my do it again uh bring simeon to the bronx we got ryan we got tyler again i can do this all day we can just keep repeating then repeat it and repeat it and repeat it and go from there but guys first i want to start off with this because look i know everybody's pumped right i know everybody's excited everybody wants to talk about the mets coming out here flexing some muscle uncle cohen out here saying look we missed out on mats all right we're gonna spend some money just a little scoop for you guys real quick just a little scoop for you guys real quick don't be too mad when kevin gossman is about to be a a met today just a little scoop for you guys real quickly my understanding is they've been talking deal for a couple of days now and they could very well close that deal today so kevin gossman may be the next new york met but we ain't here this is not nym news this is ny news you know what i mean oh gods to the mets that's what we give the mets we give the metro gods we'll talk about some of the deal a little bit though so they they pass another skit all you guys know what i'm talking about they're passing out the skit all we know that so anyway let's jump into the new york yankees let's jump into what i talked about in the original in the original thumbnail of this video the disconnect between the new york yankees and their fan base because i wanna i to harp on this a little bit because there's a disconnect and some of it's the fans fault some of us the yankees but they did a great job with pr the yankees have done a tremendous job with pr they have done a great job with pr they've done an amazing job on the public relations side getting the fans to truly buy in to what they're doing all right and if anybody does any super chats or any questions i will get to them as soon as i can but let me finish let me finish this up here first and then we'll get into all the questions we got time to talk today i'm chilling look you know your boys healing up i had my first uh uh um physical therapy i'm all right life is beautiful life is beautiful we're all alive we're all doing a chat today can't be mad about too much right so let's get into it guys i've been talking about this for a while if you have followed me on this page you guys have heard me for a very long time talk about the obvious disconnect between the fan base and the front office now should the fan base dictate every move the yankees make no of course not but the fan base is pretty knowledgeable on what this team needs because who pays more attention to than fans do fans are right there fans are watching yes we don't get the inside information yes we don't see what happens in a clubhouse yes we don't see the type of things that you know maybe we need to have a little more insight on to make certain decisions but for years now during these chats um during my regular videos whether it was me doing a video france is doing a video or be doing a video felix doing his videos doesn't matter who it was we've really shared the same message that the yankees we know what they need to do but the yankees have not done it and we're kind of seeing that trend in that direction today i would say and you guys tell me if i'm wrong or not i would say roughly 70 percent of the fan base wanted aaron boone gone because they have felt he is not the proper manager for this club what do the yankees do to start the offseason boom bring aaron boone right back and they tell us to our face he's one of the best managers in the game they have told us to our face he's not a puppet they have told us to face analytics or not making all the decisions they have told us to her face well you know ask brian i told him you go out there brian you go out there and you get joey gallo even if we go over what do the yankees do brian cashman comes out and goes no you know we stayed under the luxury tax we gave up some more guys that he pay everything we stayed under so not only is there a disconnect between the team and the fan base there's a disconnect up top we also heard i'm just gonna throw quotes at it because this is so damn obvious now we have also heard brian cashman come out and go well um no aaron knew aaron boone knew before he signed here that phil nevin his best friend was gone aaron boone comes out 20 minutes later and goes well if i knew that i don't think i would be here right now what excuse me sir and what are we getting again this off season we are getting the same exact messaging once again we're being told guys we will spend all the money in the world we'll do we got there is no limits now by all means should the new york yankees come out and say we're not going to spend of course not because you don't know what could fall to you but there is a severe disconnect among this club and its fan base the fan base i've been saying for years we need some speed we need athletes we needed a lefty batter so which brian cashman did go do we need versatility we need guys who go first to third guys remember let's get those likes up i want to try to hit 200 likes while we're in here right now we're about we're about to hit over 60. got almost 200 people in here so let's get those likes up and share please share greatly appreciate it but that's where we are we got the fan base feeling that we know what this team needs to do but they have not done it the fans have had an idea of what this team needs to do for years now i'm not talking about this off season and we're going to get to this off season right after this but there is a major disconnect here how do you fix that i don't know they've told us analytics isn't playing the pure role of everything here but it's obvious it is it's about as clear as day it's about as clear as day and unfortunately you have a lot of the fan base who has bought into this idea you have a lot of the fan base who has bought into when the yankees will come out and say hey guys we tried it didn't work out they'll sit there and argue with you well they tried well the yankees tried they went out there to get somebody so with that being said let's talk about the fan base a little bit and where we are as a whole because i've seen this message a lot yesterday black friday wasn't too much of a black friday shopping in a sense of saving for the new york mets they go out there they make multiple moves escobar connor and of course starling martay who was the big drop of the night the cherry on top of the knife for the new york mets and i see many comments and many tweets by yankee fans saying all the yankees aren't gonna spend that much money oh but he's 33 years old oh but the yankees didn't they weren't really serious about him were they this this that that is the part of the fan base who will never dare to put enough pressure on this ball club where it needs to be and unfortunately that mindset and that idea is what the beat riders are also pushing the majority of them it's what the yes network tells you it's what all the wfans and all the stations out there talking about the yankees that have a platform we're not gonna do that here now by all means if we have a teammate who feels that way they're allowed to do what they want they're allowed to come on ny news and say it because that's their realness that's what they really believe in that's okay i'm here to tell you what pete's realness is ny news real talk for the real fan real talk for the real fan that's what you're always gonna get here so when i'm told and i'm looking at these comments dude is 33 years old you wouldn't give him four years because he's too old have you seen martay's body type have you seen marte's body type fam if you think 19 million a year for stalin marte is a bad signing you're out your freaking mind and if you also have the idea that that's out of the range for the yankees they go like another club i gotta keep it real with you for a second if 19 million is too much for the yankees to get an elite center fielder great speed great shape great defense great good arm great speed lead off hitter he checks every single box if you guys remember i talked about the video the other day that will never happen of course cedric mullins but i talked about it because it was news and it's exciting and it would make sense those are the type of guys that check every single box the yankees and yankee fans feel it was too old he was too old he was too old because apparently yankee fans have forgot that we are a win-now team yankee fans have forgot that we need to win a world series yesterday and when you lose that mindset you have now given in to new ownership you have now given in to the hal steinberg and new york yankees you have now given in to being mediocre you have now given in to the excuses you have now given in to second third fourth and fifth place that's what you have now given into so by all means by all means does this really affect the yankees in a major way that they can't have a good offseason no no so maybe there is a slight overreaction and that's okay guys here's another thing here's another thing folks and this is something that a lot of yankee fans love to tell people you're overreacting sure the yankee fans they're allowed to yankee fans are allowed to overreact we go to a ball game and it's like going to disney world we have every right to overreact not me personally because i i don't look am i upset about marta yes i think the yankees could have made that deal i think they could have went a different route but that's what i talked about uh plan one a two a three a c a four a a one one a one b one c there's a lot of different plans the yankees can do to have a terrific ball club for 2022. that is where my problem comes in because again yes is getting martay something where the yankee fans should just be overly angry about or overly mad about or be so upset that they feel like nothing could work is that is that potentially something that the yankees could look at and say this is is something that uh um nothing we do now is gonna work because the mets got martay so oh no we're in trouble no and that is not the way you should run your organization so i understand where some of these yankee fans go guys you're overreacting that's okay but to make the little minor excuses that you're seeing yankee fans make is horrible it is horrible it's pathetic it's terrible you cannot do that let me tell you why and let's get into what the yankees may or may not do we'll also start getting into your guys question so i'll start answering your guys questions and go from there because here's the problem okay do you guys remember and i was talking to my good friend rob before this do you guys remember when aaron boone had a press conference and he was explaining that um g and carlos stanton is a unicorn because and i'm not even making a joke out of this i know i make a joke about the unicorns but stay with me for a second he was making the point that giancarlo stan has it all the guy does everything he could do everything he's like a unicorn he's like that guy he's magical when he's hot he's magical he's he's something else to watch that's the yankees franchise guys this is what bothers me that's the yankees franchise their franchise is a unicorn in that sense not unicornios they're not gonna get hopefully not eating unicorn ears all year that is the new york yankees organization let me explain to you they got money no matter whether hal says it or not they got money they got prospect capital a ton of prospect capital they got everything as a general manager when you go to the new team like the yankees you get look we got money to spend we got prospects to deal we need to fix a few positions and then on top of that on top of that oh you have an unbelievable stock pile of free agents and players that are available via trade think about that for a second again repetitive pete here but you got one a one b one c one d one e one f one g blah blah blah blah blah blah let the wall keep going and have a different plan and it's gonna end up good better than how you started in 2021 that's the problem that is my issue you need to be aggressive here you know when you hide in the bushes so to say do you understand when you when you when you duck for cover because you're looking over the safari you're the lioness you're ready to prowl and hunt you're looking you're waiting you're ducking you're waiting for something to get closer to you if you're doing that for the big catch cool and i'll play devil's advocate here maybe that's what the yankees are doing maybe that's what the yankees are doing because let's let's be real let's look at the whole picture marcus simeon isn't signed seeger is not signed corey is not signed and story's not signed the mariners just got frasier teams are making moves right for the yankees very much you can sit low you could beat a lioness here right you could prowl you could say oh look at this look at this that buffalo's getting close whatever the hell they eat and then boom hope you're not wearing headphones i was probably loud you could sit there and wait you could sit there and wait but that's for the big fish that is for the big fish the yankees can't just sign a big fish to say that's it that's an off season can not work that way seeger makes the yankees a little better but he doesn't do much correa makes the yankees better but he doesn't do much story and simian make the yankees better but it doesn't do it all these cats are out here posting videos of aaron hicks looking like an old man instead of feel making a dive hey look at this guys oh we got a centerfielder baby you guys buying the [ __ ] oh no this cat's out here posting videos of aaron hicks fan aaron hicks doubles in the gap to left field he sucked the bat out and the ball barely went over to do attack should have been should have been caught in center field you saw the route he took on that ball he looked like [ __ ] my man looked like he gained 28 32 pounds and it's slower than he was before he came back hey you cat these cats are listening to these fools they're bragging about it look at our center fielder are we doing what are we doing and these same cats are saying martay's too old these cats are telling you aaron hicks is better than morty these cats are telling you you not me you these are the cats you guys are subscribing to oh let me run let me write these guys quick they're the best oh my god oh let me go buy their [ __ ] oh oh these are the cats you listening to this is why ny news is doing what it's doing because enough is enough of the [ __ ] these cats are pushing aaron hicks on you my man looked like he gained 30 pounds in center field slower [ __ ] to the ball made a bad slide and made the catch and he gets a pound in his chest like look at me what are you doing aaron hicks but wait wait wait these same people fans or whoever these same people will tell you aaron hicks is better than mate and they wouldn't have signed martay because he's 32 years old yankees gave your boy seven years the yankees gave you a boy seven years and he get an aaron look no no disrespect hicks has gotten worse year after year he's gotten heavier year after year he's gotten worse defensively year after year i'm gonna get to the super chats guys i just gotta make this point because it cracks me up year after year that dude got bigger he's gotten slower all right year after year but these same cats to tell you stalin martay who is ripped from head to toe is too old my man still burning on the bases all right fam let me get to these questions let me get to these questions i can't i can't i can't it's your boy i greatly appreciate the super chat fam remember when you warned yankee fans that it wouldn't be a surprise to you if they they're cheap and didn't go out and help go out to help become better this offseason i do it's your boy i was i i said that before everybody else before was cool for the beat riders and everybody else to talk about the yankees not spending 300 plus million i was the only guy saying it because again i was told by four people including a fifth recently but i also said maybe they get a 265 maybe i didn't know that but they're not gonna do what everybody expected and not gonna drop this monster contract on anybody and i the people i was told this that told me this i truly believe i believe them deeply if they told me something right now i tell you that's how i feel about him ella yankeeking says well well well it looks like justin was right since 2018 cashman is bottom five gm but no justin is crazy no well i think you're justin i don't think you're right about that i still don't think you're right about that i don't think brian cashman is a top bottom gm i don't think brian cash is a bottom gm he's done a lot of good moves at the end of the day if it comes to spending that's not brian cashmere that's hal steinberg my problem with brian cashman is he holds on to guys way too long doesn't mean he's a terrible gm it just means he has belief in his system and that's okay but when you're the new york yankee you can't necessarily build your club that way you have to have you have to have you have to have a mindset of certain guys we want to hold on to but we cannot risk keeping them in the name of getting a robbie ray a cl um uh garrett cole you can't hold on to him in those type of positions it's the same thing right now when we talk about matt olsen you got yankee oh no i wouldn't do all that well you got to give up something and you can't be in love with prospects enough to miss out on that so i wouldn't say he's a bottom 5 gm i wouldn't say he's a bottom 5 gm i wouldn't say that at all brand especially speaking way too much facts right now brandon this just obvious [ __ ] you know what i'm saying this is just obvious stuff it's just that we are living in a time where fans are eating it up and that's the crazy thing guys if you don't mind please please please please hit the like button i greatly appreciate that we are about halfway to 200 of where i wanted to be so if you guys don't mind please go ahead and do that i would greatly greatly appreciate it and we will continue on let me just see i got a message here all right perfect um yeah but i've seen so many messages guys and i'm not looking to i'm not looking to i'm not looking to [ __ ] on any yankee fans i'm not looking to to do anything like that my whole thing for when it comes to everything that we're talking about here is this is you can't say not to saying that martay was too old to sign to a four-year deal i i don't under i don't get that i don't get that i really i really do not understand that at all to sit there and talk about marte's age and this a win now club what does that mean this team needs a win now this team can't sit back and go all right maybe in 2024 we're gonna win they can't do that they can't do that anthony with the super chat my good friend thank you i think i'm more frustrated that the yankees have been relatively quiet not so much at the met sign martay who would have been a great addition to the yankees hope something happens with them soon well that's what i'm trying to say anthony is that look i'm not i don't think any yankee fan should be you know saying oh the off season's over because we didn't get marty that's not it the problem overall is how quiet the yankees have been as of right now we stand to have aaron hicks batted back in center field and gary sanchez back as the catcher after what gary sanchez has done guys bear with me again for a second after everything gary sanchez has done you still have a fan base who will tell you they can't miss out on his production who is better than him defense fam defense is production how in the hell can you keep this guy as the catcher at his ball club i i i don't understand the mindset of many people in this fan base i don't get it i don't understand it people act like defense has no importance over being a catcher defense is production this guy caught a ball 25 friggin feet from home plate and never tagged the base runner this guy could barely block a ball in the dirt pitchers are probably scared to throw a ball in the dirt this guy towards the end of the year had three starting pitchers the top three arguably in the rotation not want to throw to him this guy got a pop-up call to him went backwards turned the wrong way went back forward and never even touched the ball this guy has not started the playoff game in two years was gary sanchez a rookie last year am i missing something have we not had more than enough time to see who this player is have we not have more than enough time to see who this player is i am completely utterly shocked by what a lot of this fan base is preaching to fans a lot of the people with a platform is preaching to fans you're not gonna see it on this platform i tell you right now we're just gonna keep it real with you you're not gonna see it here real talk for the real fan that's it i don't get it i don't get it me and francis said it for a minute we said look you're gonna know quickly what the yankees are really up to by the little tiny moves they make they ain't done jack [ __ ] the yankees could have went out there and said all right we're going to trade for a catch we're going to sign a free agent we're going to do one of these things just to give the fan base an idea of our this is the direction we headed as of right now fans have every right to be upset because guess what we're standing pat right now can a lot change of course we got the non-tender right here i wouldn't be shocked if something happens if they make a trade or two because again remember when you have the non-tender here if another team non-tender somebody that you want you got to have room for them so i could see the yankees make a move to clear up a little more space i could see that happening but the yankees really going to sit back and give gary sanchez more money for what and it's obvious the last few years we don't have coaches that have enough balls to say all right hold on this [ __ ] needs to work we don't have that it's obvious we don't have that so that's my thing we obviously have not had that we don't have that bring simeon to the bronx thank you for the super chat sign eddie rosario put him in center field no way in hell a contended team can depend on hicks to be your starting center fielder 100 love the content well i thank you for that my friend and look man that's the thing you hit it right in the that's why i love i love my people that come in these chats i love and look guys the yankee fans that think like us that want to win now we're the majority we're still the majority we're still the majority ny news is going to be so damn big it's going to make your guys head spin soon enough okay where the majority but you hit it right in the head right on the head the yankees are one of the only teams that will tell you flat out after teams that want to win that will tell you flat out after injuries all right well look we're getting severino back so don't worry about anything all right guys don't worry we think we think gary sanchez is going to improve he's worked so hard this offseason aaron hicks did well in in winter ball we know he's ready to give us that bats he's going to have a terrific season they're the only win-now team who will tell you that their excuses that you know is [ __ ] is what's going to make them better because guys again i will never change my opinion of this if the yankees go out there they eventually get a guy like sager seeger but they still have hicks and center and gary behind the plate what the hell is the point what the hell's the point what the hell is the point brandon then joey vlogs thank you so much for the super chat i appreciate it jonathan jonathan alvarez i'm not calling i got i got to put you on the spot he says yes we had a majority but jonathan you are a fan who goes all the way back with me all the way back to when i broke the news about gary sanchez nobody else broke that news i broke the news about gary sanchez about the team being upset with how he came into training out of shape he didn't hit the weight they wanted i broke that news but i'm asking jonathan because i'll tell you why jonathan was a huge gary sanchez fan i bet jonathan doesn't want him behind a plate in 2022. jonathan has had enough and jonathan you can throw it in the chat and darius darius glover my good friend he said the non-tender deadline is tuesday to 30th that is right tuesday to 30th so it wouldn't shock me to see the yankees make a move or two before that but jonathan knows jonathan was a big fan he was a big fan of gary he he he remembers all my videos he remembers all of them many people in here that go back with me you know three or four years remember all that stuff that's right it's so dumb that they treat guys coming back from injury as they were trade acquisitions that is so friggin true and that's what the yankees do the yankees have done that for a minute now brandon and joey vlogs i greatly appreciate that my friend yankees need to fix the issues and get a first baseman and a shortstop who can provide uh provide defensive defensively and offensively it's not how if not how should sell the team yankees need to fix the issues to get a first baseman in the shore someone can provide yes 100 true 100 true and that's the thing man the yankee fans know what's up yankee fans know what's up yankee fans know what's up they know what needs to happen we all know what needs to happen we know what needs to happen it's that simple we understand that the problem is going out and doing it so when yankee fans sit back again and they're saying oh we didn't sign marte oh boohoo to the fans who upset guys it's not about the fans being upset it's that we have a lot of [ __ ] to do we have a lot of [ __ ] to do if signing seeger is all we had to do then all right this would be me right now yeah guys you know um something's gonna happen give it a little time don't be panicking it's all right you know it's only it's only uh it's not only about to be december don't worry about it guys it's all right things will happen that would be me right now but that ain't what this team needs and everybody knows that this team needs a catcher they need a center field or at least a backup they need a first baseman they need a shortstop they need pitching those are five main spots and you know the scary thing where is it at guys up the middle catcher shortstop center field winning teams are strong up the middle winning teams are strong up the middle winning teams are strong up the middle winning teams are strong up the middle okay can't have gary sanchez your catcher you can't have aaron hicks i'll be nice you can't have aaron hicks as the full-time center fielder and you got to have a short stop who at least can feel the ball very well you got to have all that if the yankees don't do that there's too much that's too much so you can't sit there and oh they're waiting in the bushes for deals no no no can't happen like that can't happen that way it can't happen that way it can't happen like that and you guys know that give me one second guys i just got a message i wanted to take a look at one second guys all right cool cool cool uh tyler i appreciate that the yankees are serious about winning the yankees are serious about winning if sanchez's catcher hits it i'm assuming you mean not serious about winning uh catcher hicks in center field and torrez's team period yeah i mean 100 no no i think i know what tyler man tyler meant not serious um he just missed that word there i'm pretty sure uh knowing tyler i'm pretty sure because he has the same mindset as where i've been but that's where it is that's where it is right now um i'm trying i'm trying to corroborate a rumor here that i just got from somebody else um hold on one second guys so i i just got a i'll wait to corroborate it a little more but my understanding is somebody just said that the yankees actually and not somebody but i obviously don't want to say who the person is but um i just got a message saying that the yankees have actually talked to the braves about dansby swanson so i don't know how much legs that has i don't know how realistic that actually is but um give me a second and we will i want to corroborate that with a few other people first before um we go anywhere else with that but my understanding is that the yankees have have had a conversation i don't know how much it is but i've had a conversation about dansby swanson let's go to the super chat ro thompson the family right here the problem is the yankees have a plethora of issues and it appears as if they aren't operated with any sense of urgency that's it raw raw you hit it right on the head that that's it that's the thing right there you could be the lioness you could wait for the prey to get close you could wait for the slick move but not when you got five or six moves you got to make not when you got that many not when you got that many jonathan alvarez family from way back in the day i wish sanchez nothing but success but it can't be on this club yankees need to prioritize a defensive first catcher i'm over it jonathan i'll pat myself on the back i'll pat felix on the back and tell you guys that we've said it for years now because we have that that's not even taking credit for get credit i don't care about credit it was obvious it was obvious to me back in the day when i heard what i heard i was like oh [ __ ] they got a problem here and if you don't believe me you could go back to i think it was scouting report on gary sanchez before he got there right before he got there my understanding of it was that even in a scouting report i read it recently this is before he came up and did what he did in the in the scouting report excuse me and the scouting reporter even says they don't know if he could consistently stay at catcher because of his work ethic or wanting to be a catcher the actual heart of wanted to be a catcher playing that position there was rumors that even then he wouldn't do it so we'll see yeah guys i'll be honest with you like i said before i'm i'm not gonna tweet that out as of right now just because i haven't cooperated with anybody else but the person who told me is is usually very very spot on so again that could just be a hey we want to check in to see what's available what options we have is it a possibility it could be one of those but that's again something that gm's do doesn't mean there's loads of interest it doesn't mean it's something that could happen but that that's exactly what a gm would do that's the type of moves gm's look to do you know you you figure out what's out there and what's a possibility so i'm sorry i'm just messaging back real quick um but again that's where it is and guys we have almost 300 people in here can we please get those likes up i would love to hit 200 today um i would love to hit 200 today while we're in here we probably got about 20 or so minutes to go and we will go from there sanchez bat aged 12 years in three years yeah there was there was definitely a little bit concerned there uh my concern is that cash probably not even on the hot seat considering they let him yeah i mean you know it's almost like family my understanding is and again i get some information on that i probably have a lot more information come next week um after i get back um after i get back from some travel which you guys will know a lot about what i'm doing uh probably on thursday night thursday night is it thursday yeah thursday night thursday night next week um you guys will probably know a lot of what's uh of what's going on and what i'm doing and and some pretty fun stuff that's going on next week um but i should get a lot of good information um out of all that stuff but yeah i mean i mean those are the those are those are the concerns right now who do i prefer in centerfield reynolds and mullins either one of them if that was the case either one of them could tell martay i would take him in a heartbeat but look let me even send something back to you guys if the yankees came today and they said all right look um maybe we add robbie ray maybe we had trevor story with that being said here's what we have to do though and we also add a decent a decent catcher center field we are gonna have floriel fight for that spot in spring training so there could be a a a platoon situation where we make that work and i'm i'm very much okay with that i'm very much okay with that and that's the thing that i've been telling people i'm not the yankee fan that's saying we need to get correa we need to get rey we need to get all the top guys if we don't do that i'm not angry we just have so many damn moves that we can make in an off season where there is loads of talent available free agency and via trade and you got the prospect capital to do it and you got the money to make signings when you can do all that you got to be able to go out there and do it it's as simple as that it's as simple as that so yeah yankee fans have every right in the world to be upset yeah i don't think mullins could happen and i'm just keeping it real i don't think mullins could happen i i don't i don't think mullins necessarily happens i don't think it would one because of what of what it would take on the yankees side and i don't see i don't see brian cashman ever giving up what it would take to get mullins to the rival orioles and by all means their rival because the only team they beat up on is the yankees so i don't think brian cashion wants to make that much better in the years to come when he got a lot of good guys coming up so you know what i mean we'll see what happens there darius says anything big likely comes today or tomorrow or today or tomorrow teams have until wednesday however uh teams have to get physicals and paperwork all done by wednesday at midnight which takes time that is correct so you're right you're definitely right you probably got today and tomorrow to really get things done and then you got all the work to do after that so you're probably looking at the weekend to be somewhat popular maybe monday a little bit to go from there mullins is a one-year wonder i think that's a hard one to say i think there might be a little bit of an adjustment period but i wouldn't necessarily say mullen's gonna be a one-year wonder yankee fans love to say that about players i noticed that robbie ray's a one-year wonder mullen's a one-year wonder reynolds isn't that good martay is too old blah blah blah blah blah but our guys are great come on fam come on stop it stop it stop it jonathan alvarez my good friend thank you so much again for the super chat fam cashman and hal are asleep while the other team's feasting on free agents and yankees will get up just in time to pick up the crumbs left over it's concerning man like i said if you if you're looking for the one big move you could be the lioness waiting for the hunt if you are looking for the one big move you could certainly be the lioness waiting for the hunt you can do that you could be the lioness waiting for the hunt if you're waiting for that one move you got every chance in the world and every opportunity in the world do that if you got multiple moves to make you really got to get a ball you really got to get a go on it you got to get a go on it because guys i could i could go over this in multiple different ways and i'll do it right after i read this super chat from li yankee king hey if i ran this team i would have already traded dj hicks stanton chapman holmes lucky peralta rodriguez tayon sanchez voigt brought in prospects to help us and i would have offered one year 30 million a story but li yankee king that makes no sense and i got to keep it real with you that makes no sense at all you're trading all of your good players away a lot of your salary i get that but you're trading a lot of your plays that help you win now for one guy that's not gonna help you win now because of all the moves you made lord why did you burden me with this oh my god i had i couldn't pick i couldn't be older and talk about the yankees on youtube when the dynasty is i had to choose now i had to choose the yankees now fam you're training everybody you're training everybody to give 30 million a story i love trevor's story but you got to put him on he can't beat a guy what do you want what are you doing mushrooms oh my god why why do i do this why do i do this for the love i do it for the love i do it for the love of my yankees i do it for the love of my yankees i do it for the love you have our affirmation that's my affirmation fam you trading everybody and most of those guys you have to pay all that contract gonna have to pay most of those guys contract to move them and on top of that then you're going out to give 30 million dollars to one player what do you do jonathan vr would be a terrific pickup jonathan vr will be a terrific pickup my man on mushrooms my man is on mushrooms my man is on mushrooms my man is straight up on mushrooms he's hallucinating right now ed kemp manaya roberto perez modesty rizzo olson those are a lot of moves and and and you know that was the expectation going into this that was the expectation going into this well ella yankeeking has cracked my code i can't have him do a super chat and not answer it i can't so ella yankee king has cracked my code i can't be an [ __ ] like that i can't be an [ __ ] like that there he goes again ella yankee i also would have traded for heim yamamoto means signed rey signed judge and rizzo all that stuff's not that easy man all that stuff's not that easy so anyway i read it i read it lie i read it i read it i read it you got me you cracked my code thank you for supporting that wide news i greatly appreciate it jorge no no word on jose ramirez none none whatsoever no news at all jose ramirez i actually shocked i thought that would be i actually thought there would be a lot more rumors about jose ramirez but um no nothing at all yet so nothing at all yet on that one um let me see something here guys one second i just want to make sure i get updated where everything that i have right now um no that is nothing good okay all right all right all right all right cool cool cool cool um olsen bassett kelly marte is where i think the yankees are trying to shop those would all be terrific those would all be terrific those would all be terrific i don't even think hell knows how to run a business bro how do you throw how do you throw down like your dad 10 million to 5 billion he made a lot of mistakes how pony up you know it's hard look i understand one of the i understand you're in a big look i understand house thing you know you're in a big big shadow everybody expects you to be your father maybe you see things differently and that's okay so it's not about spending money it's about the way the yankees have spent the money so the payroll is still large but look at the way the yankees have spent the money that's the problem that's the problem that's the major issue it's not that the yankees are cheap or anything like that it's that they have spent the money the wrong way that's the problem the problem is how they've spent the money why do yankees not in on either floriel or suzuki suzuki i honestly i don't know much about floriel on the other hand i mean i would be happy with florio starting it's like i've told people before floriel bats low okay you bat him low in the order he has great speed he's gonna steal 20 plus bases i believe he's gonna hit 20 plus home runs because he got power like that to all fields plays a great defense has a great arm why would you not let a guy like this play at the major league level right now why would you not give him that opportunity over aaron hicks who is now playing winter ball you could show teams that look he's healthy he's playing maybe you could trade them maybe you could add a decent prospect maybe you could add a decent prospect and move on from tyler says sign vr who i would love sign seeger sign rey trade for olson midday madaya sign suzuki for center field trade sanchez get stallings in a trade you know that's a lot of moves there and a lot of different things that could happen but we'll see but but we'll see you know those are moves that could happen those are somewhat realistic a lot of those i don't know if they spend the money on both of those guys on sega and ray but they could but these are things that could happen so it's not like none of these things are unrealistic you know you talk about some of these trades and everybody feels like it's unrealistic it's not it's not necessarily unrealistic that's the thing that's the thing i don't see sure coming to new york unless the yankees blow them away and again guys i don't see that jonathan alvarez my fan my my my fam thank you so much i appreciate that man pete no matter what god is good and is always faithful facts that is 100 correct my friend that is 100 correct and i greatly appreciate that i greatly appreciate that um so let's see let's see let's see let's see let me just update this here i just got to keep checking my messages i am getting messages um right that's just my team nothing there nothing there all right cool um but we'll see man we'll see um yeah whoever just said uh gaussman to the mets per sources i don't know if it's done yet but i was told i think i said it once this uh once this started that gosmen to the mets is very likely i was told yesterday too they've been discussing a deal for a couple of days and a lot of people expected to get done so the mets may make another big deal today no this yankee team is not a world series team right now nowhere near it every other team is getting much better hey pete what would it take for the yankees to trade for joey bart involving gary sanchez well probably a ton because uh bart is likely gonna be the starting catcher um you know he's likely gonna get a chance to start um he's he's one of the top catching prospects in baseball i don't see any scenario where the giants give him up i don't see any especially not for gary sanchez the giants are looking to win a world series the yankee the giants are looking to win a world series so yeah adam king is likely just taking what i what i'm saying and and posting it because he's uh he's a little bit nuts he's a little bit nuts think a move happens before a lockout i actually do i do think a move happens before the lockout i do think a move happens before the lockout what move it is i don't know to be honest and to be honest rumors have been light rumors have been light usually by this time i get a lot of good information i haven't had much i got more information from other clubs than i've got mainly for the yankees so rumors have been light rumors have been light cohen's about to have another hold my beer yeah cohen's the type of dude that makes that makes deals like cracking uh walnuts and he just sits there down in peanuts and [ __ ] and he just i get him on the phone yeah go ahead off from it ah throw it up by 10. i just saw that it's actually the first thing that popped up my screen to yes network you know what your phone needs right now a little brick gardener that's what oh my god to me i tell you guys i tell you guys uh wow wow wow wow wow wow oh my goodness guys well with that being said fam marlins look marlins make i know a wonderful trading partner with the yankees the marlins make a wonderful trading partner with the yankees gary sanchez luke voight miguel anduhar and i know a lot of teams aren't sure about the dh international league but that's apparently one of the things they actually all agree on so my understanding is in 2022 there will be a dh in the national league that's not one of the things holding anything up that's not holding nothing up so the marlins and the yankees make a lot of sense look a lot of these dh types the yankees have could make a lot of sense to a lot of clubs he's just going out there and doing it so guys with that being said i am going to get about my day we bought the the live christmas tree i'm not though is it a live christmas is that what you call it the real real christmas tree you know we do everything real here everything here is real even the christmas tree is real got the got the real christmas tree yesterday so we're going to put that baby up today um everybody going to do that we're going to have a good time uh designated spitters will still be sunday 5 p.m we will do a pre-recording we can't do the live um a lot of things didn't uh didn't work up work out for that so um we will do the pre-recorded sunday 5 p.m designated spitters don't miss it and guys again you guys know december is already next week december is already next week so the major announcements are coming you guys will see the major announcements of what ny news tv will consist of again you don't want to miss it you don't want to miss any of it at all you're going to want to be there and lie yankee king gets in right before i end it and i got to answer this pete the reason i'm trading all the players i'm trading is because the window is shut and roster is aging and i also contend it and i also contend this year i attached prospects to hick stanton and dj stanton got a no tray claws you know dj's gonna be hard to move and i wouldn't move dj dj is a guy i think that's a win now type player for the yankees and yeah you just need one now guys man you can't just go out there and say we're gonna reset and the window's not necessarily closing this team got a two to three year time frame to still win they just gotta win now they can't consider winning in 2024 they can't consider winning the 2025. they got to go out there make the moves to win right now they got to go out there and make the moves the win right now simple as that so guys again like i said ny news tv announcements probably going to be the week of december 13th that way on that day you guys will find out who all the new podcasts are who's everybody new joining um the the other things we'll be doing on the channel membership is going to be coming um whether that is going to be january or february we will have members only chats members only uh uh trivia nights crazy things like that we're just doing so much it's been a ton of work everything's gonna be different you're gonna have new intros new outros new logos new merchandise it's just huge so guys stay tuned to it continue to see what we're doing continue to subscribe continue to share with your friends if you've got any friends out there that are big yankee fans let them know this is the spot to be and with that being said i hope you guys enjoy the rest of your day i'll talk to you guys up tomorrow tomorrow sunday 5 pm designated spitters see you guys soon thank you tell me you

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