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62 HR
131 RBI
.311 AVG
177 HITS
2.44 ERA
x99 - 63
92 -70
86 - 76
83 - 79
78 - 84

29 Jul 2022 by Felix Pantaleon


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31 May 2023 by Felix Pantaleon

Don Yankee Con El Bori: Brian Cashman "DON'T COUNT US OUT" Was He Right? @DoNSicKaRiO1

09 May 2023 by Felix Pantaleon

Are The Rays Cheating? Theories Swirl Online

06 May 2023 by Felix Pantaleon

Don Yankee Con El Bori: Yankees Fans At Tipping Point @DoNSicKaRiO1

06 May 2023 by Felix Pantaleon

10 Games Back, Yankees "Chronic" Pain.

02 May 2023 by Felix Pantaleon

Aaron Boone Continues To Be An Idiot, Has Overstayed Welcome in New York?

30 Apr 2023 by Felix Pantaleon

Earth To Hal, Are You There? Yankees in Need Of Leadership @DoNSicKaRiO1

28 Apr 2023 by Felix Pantaleon

Injuries Continue To Plague Yankees Top Stars, Judge Gets MRI @DoNSicKaRiO1

25 Apr 2023 by Felix Pantaleon

Don Yankee Con El Bori: How Realistic is Shohei Ohtani Come Trade Deadline? + Cashman's Failures as GM @DoNSicKaRiO1

25 Apr 2023 by Felix Pantaleon

Time To Panic? Yankees Are Looking Weak, Rivals Running Away With Division

24 Apr 2023 by Felix Pantaleon

Blue Jays Fans Tried To Roast Me, So I Roasted Them Back. All Because Vlad Jr. is a Karen

22 Apr 2023 by Felix Pantaleon

Vladimir Guerrero Jr. Continues to Be "Extra" When Playing Against The Yankees, Fan Reactions

It's no secret Vlad Jr. despises everything Yankees.

On Friday, Vladimir Guerrero Jr., the first baseman for the Blue Jays, reaffirmed his previous off-season statement that he would never play for the Yankees, doubling down on his stance. Guerrero explained that his decision is a personal matter that stems from his family's history. Last November, during an interview with radio host El Dotol Nastra, the son of Hall of Famer Vladimir Guerrero Sr. stated that although he enjoys playing in New York and defeating the Yankees, he would never join their team, even if he were deceased.

On Fridays game, Vlad Jr. nearly got into an altercation at Yankee Stadium after being hit by a pitch. Yankees Anthony Rizzo had to "G" check Vlad Jr. Guerrero Jr. is looking more and more like a Karen. Will it ever come a day where he'll get humbled? He's on the road to succeeding in that, as he acts like The Yankees and their fans kicked his Dog or something. He is asking to get embarrassed one day by his wannabe fake thug act. A poor iteration of Big Papi David Ortiz, who players actually feared. Vlad Jr. on the other hand? Nobody fears him as he is the son of a HOF player, that grew up with a silver spoon in his mouth. Fan reactions and hit by pitch video below.


21 Apr 2023 by Felix Pantaleon

Blue Jays vs Yankees, Game 1 Preview. Matt Chapman Comes in Hot, German Looks To Repeat Solid Performance From Previous Start

The Toronto Blue Jays and the New York Yankees will face off in the first game of their series on April 21, 2023, at Yankee Stadium. Fans of both teams will be on the edge of their seats, as this match-up is set to be an exciting one.

Before the game, it is worth discussing the two pitchers who will be starting. Yusei Kikuchi will be pitching for the Blue Jays, while Domingo German will be pitching for the Yankees.

On April 16, Kikuchi was instrumental in leading his team to a 5-2 victory over the Tampa Bay Rays. The 30-year-old left-hander had a fantastic game, pitching for six innings and allowing only one run on four hits and one walk. Kikuchi also managed to strike out nine batters during the game, making him a real threat to the Yankees’ batters.

Similarly, German was in top form on the same day. The 29-year-old right-hander helped his team beat the Minnesota Twins 6-1, pitching for 6.1 innings and allowing just one run on three hits. He also managed to strike out a remarkable 11 batters without walking a single one. German’s ability to strike out batters is sure to come in handy against the Blue Jays’ strong offense.

Now let's take a closer look at the Blue Jays. The team has had a decent season so far, with an 11-8 record. However, they have lost three out of their last four games, including a series loss to the Astros. The Blue Jays’ pitching staff has a 4.90 ERA, which is not the best in the league, but not terrible either. Their offense has scored 87 runs with a .263 batting average and a .332 on-base percentage.

One of the standout players for the Blue Jays is third baseman Matt Chapman. The 29-year-old has been on fire this season, with a batting average of .397 and five home runs. Chapman has also driven in 17 runs for his team, making him a real force to be reckoned with. If he manages to keep up this form, the Yankees will have their work cut out for them.

On the other hand, the Yankees have had a slightly better season so far, with a 12-7 record. They have won four out of their last five games, including a series win against the Los Angeles Angels. The team’s pitching staff has a fantastic 3.02 ERA, making them one of the top pitching teams in the league. The Yankees’ offense has scored 88 runs with a .232 batting average and a .319 on-base percentage.

One of the key players for the Yankees is outfielder Aaron Judge. The 30-year-old is batting .273 this season and has already hit six home runs. He has also driven in 11 runs for his team. Judge’s ability to hit home runs could prove to be crucial in this game, as he tries to take advantage of Kikuchi’s pitching style.

In conclusion, the game between the Blue Jays and the Yankees on April 21, 2023, is set to be an exciting one. Both teams have talented players and solid records this season. However, the Yankees’ strong pitching staff could give them the upper hand in this match-up. But, the Blue Jays’ offense, led by Chapman, could make things difficult for the Yankees. Fans of both teams will be eagerly watching as the game unfolds at Yankee Stadium.

19 Apr 2023 by Felix Pantaleon

Clarke... Schmidt's The Bed Again, Becoming Automatic L For Yankees

Clarke Schmidt this season, 4 games, pitching to a 8.79 ERA, 22 hits, 4 HRs, 5 BB, averaging 4 K's a game and 14.1 IP.

Many Yankees fans are hoping for a quick return of Luis Severino, Carlos Rodon still remains a question mark.

Clarke Schmidt early in his big league career has shown a lot of promise. But it looks like his career has hit a snag. It started to go down hill late in the The 2022 season. Also, not to mention, when he pitched in the playoffs that same year.

Ever since then, it seems every time Schmidt has been given the ball. Bad things are about to happen to The New York Yankees.

Clarke Schmidt is fast becoming the least fan favorite next to Aaron Hicks and Josh Donaldson.

How The Rays have jumped out to a early lead in The AL East and The Blue Jays remaining competitive. Every win counts and these games Schmidt is responsible for, might comeback to haunt The Yankees.

They might as well give another young arm a shot, they are wasting valuable time.

18 Apr 2023 by Felix Pantaleon

Angels vs Yankees: Series Preview, Some of The Biggest Names in MLB Will Be in Bronx For 3 Game Series

The New York Yankees are gearing up for an exciting three-game series against the Los Angeles Angels. Tuesday night's game will feature Jose Suarez and Clark Schmidt on the mound. Wednesday night's game, which is exclusively airing on Prime, will feature Griffin Canning against Jhony Brito. And finally, on Thursday afternoon, fans can look forward to Patrick Sandoval and Nestor Cortes with coverage back on the Yes Network.

The Yankees are coming into this series on a high note after Gerrit Cole pitched a complete game and the bullpen had a reset day. Meanwhile, the Angels have lost the first three games of their series against the Red Sox. As long as everything remains on schedule, fans can expect to see the three best players in baseball: Trout, Ohtani, and Judge.

Clark Schmidt will open the series for the Yankees, and he will need to push aside any distractions to get back to being a reliable pitcher for the team. While he has great stuff, he struggles to finish off batters as quickly as he should. With Severino and Rodon set to return, there is already speculation that someone will lose their spot in the rotation. Schmidt and Brito, two pitchers in this series, will want to prove that they belong on the team.

But beyond the individual players, what makes this series so exciting is the clash of two powerhouse teams. The Yankees have always been one of the biggest names in baseball, and they have a strong history of success. Meanwhile, the Angels have been in a rebuilding phase for some time, but they have some of the most talented players in the league, including the explosive duo of Trout and Ohtani.

As fans, we always want to see the best of the best compete against each other. While the Angels have struggled in recent games, they could easily turn things around against the Yankees, especially with their top players on the field.

At the same time, the Yankees will be looking to continue their series winning streak and show that they are a force to be reckoned with. Aaron Judge has been having a good season so far, and he will be looking to continue to improve against the Angels. Meanwhile, the Yankees' pitching staff will need to step up and shut down the Angels' powerful offense.

All in all, this three-game series is one that baseball fans won't want to miss. With some of the biggest names in the league facing off against each other, it's sure to be an exciting few days. Whether you're a die-hard Yankees fan, an Angels supporter, or just a casual baseball fan, this series is one that you'll want to tune in for.

17 Apr 2023 by Felix Pantaleon

Hola, ¿cómo estás?: Stanton Goes Down Again, Gerrit Cole On Cy Young Path. Adam Calls a "Troll"


14 Apr 2023 by Felix Pantaleon



13 Apr 2023 by Felix Pantaleon

Don Yankee Con El Bori: Four Straight Series Wins, The Yankees Are Rolling. But Some Questions Remain @DoNSicKaRiO1

12 Apr 2023 by Felix Pantaleon

Is Franchy Cordero Finally The LH Bat The Yankees Have Been Looking For? Looking Like Genius Pickup


11 Apr 2023 by Frank Tiggolio

Yankees vs Guardians Game 1/3 RECAP: @LockStockDaDon

 In game one the the Guardians win 3-2. Yankees took the early 2-0 lead before suspicious things forced a comeback. A 2 run double for Stanton started the scoring. 3 different players with RBI's for the Guardians. Beiber gets the suspicious win and Anderson the suspicious loss! 

10 Apr 2023 by Frank Tiggolio

Yankees vs Guardians Preview: @LockStockDaDon

In a recap of the ALDS, the Yankees are in Cleveland for 3 against the Guardians. The Guardians will be throwing Beiber in game one, Gattis in game 2, and due to Vicale's injury not yet known for game 3. The Yankees counter with German in game 1, Cole in Game 2, and Schmidt in game 3. Should be a fun interesting series. Star Jose Ramirez leads his team against baseballs BEST PLAYER in Aaron Judge. Stay alert for HR's, Strike outs, and all of baseball's odities. 

The Guardians are facing a tough challenge from the slugging Yankees, led by Aaron Judge, who recently broke his five-game streak without a homerun with a two-homer game against the Orioles. However, the Guardians can field their best lineup against the Yankees as there won't be any left-handed starters to face. Game-time temperatures could also work in their favor, allowing Amed Rosario to get his first streak of 2023 going.

Shane Bieber will face Domingo Germán in Game 1, while Gerrit Cole will take on Hunter Gaddis in Game 2. The Guardians will be looking to light him up, as the Phillies did in his debut last week. Cole, on the other hand, has already racked up 19 strikeouts in two starts this year, making him a tough challenge for Cleveland batters.

Stolen bases are likely to play a big role in this series, as both teams are ranked among the top three in the league. The Yankees have some true stolen base threats in Gleybar Torres and rookie Anthony Volpe, while even Judge is a threat with 16 stolen bases last year. Volpe, ranked as the Yanks' No. 1 prospect, is a new problem for the Guardians to deal with.

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