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29 Jul 2022 by Felix Pantaleon


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02 Nov 2020 by Felix Pantaleon

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Designated Spittaz: Yanks Make Roster Moves, Correa Teases Fans @1FrancisLee @SimonettiSource


we designated spitters live every week live designated homie cause we spit heat we designated splitters friends sis and pete yeah talking yankee baseball hip hop on the streets yup we designated yup we innovative yup we designated spit it's time that you know we designated yup we innovative yup we designated bitters let's start the show well everybody what is going on the new york yankees are already off to some move some deals have been made when not really deals have been made but the roster is clearing itself out for a little bit anyway with introductions do i do we do we even have to introduce ourselves anymore you guys know us come on yeah you already know who it is man stop stop messing around go follow one at one francis lee would you yo shout out to i got another 12 followers this week it's been a good week we gained close to 400. i feel like larry david i was about to i was about to pull a curb your enthusiasm man remember that episode when um he was playing bingo and uh with all the old people and every time he went he just go bingo bingo he kept winning yeah they got so mad those old people oh man they got hot they got he's cheating they got hot man they got hotter poor larry but yeah man the yankees um making some moves um clearing up some roster space we got uh squid is sent back to the ocean so he's swimming around out there now with the angels rob brantley was sent to triple a he elects free agency timmy low timmy low uh recovering from the acl is heading over to boston and then the last one who's the last one i'm missing what am i missing timmy low who the hell am i missing i know i'm missing somebody timmy low timmy low square rob brantley brantley and there's one more greg allen greg allen how did i miss greg allen look at that greg allen our good friend fy everybody i'm on medication all right that's good let me let everybody know ahead of time in case i fall asleep on the mic any minute you guys already know that um but that is the four that is on the way out yankee fans i gotta keep it real with you it's like almost many of us especially in the twitter world of things want to be upset about something because timmy lowe is probably in his heart feeling unbelievable love because a lot of you cats wanted dude to be the starter shortstop and a lot of you cats were really heartbroken you mean squid you mean squid you said you said tilo see i'm out of it squid oh quick you guys want a squid if they wanted tilo that's a problem they they wanted squid to beat a starting shortstop on this club on our yankees yes and they were very upset that squid was gone quite a few people greg allen too greg allen got some love people were very upset about greg allen also yeah people were people were uh not shockingly i mean greg allen did his thing when he was up here but i i hate to sound like insensitive but i was just like bro they didn't even let them stay up and on top of that too let's be real where are they gonna play they didn't let them play on last year's roster somebody's raising a hand right now be like pete you know there is shortstop's open short source is open shortstop is open but i could have used squid it didn't open for him i had no offense no no no offense to squid love to the kid new york kid definitely you know congratulations bro you live in the freaking dream and you lived the dream you started for the new york yankees in a wild card game and he got and he got a story for ever he could never he may never if he never played in the major leagues ever again my man has a story that you know yeah bronx native plays for the homers at yankee stadium come on man yeah this kid's a new york legend for life now let's say he doesn't have to do anything like that's it like but basically look guys if you're looking at the first let me get this music queued up because some of y'all were really you guys are really sentimental so i just want to i just want to make sure i know that we we want to make sure today you know that we sharing our feelings we understand it's hard to say goodbye to squid we get it okay timmy lo castro we understand timmy low come on rob brantley come on how could you say goodbye to rob brantley i mean jesus brian what were you thinking and greg allen he's gonna go and join park remember that remember he was all crying about park not pete he knew better i was crying about park i know it's sad it's sad all right guys oh yeah you want to but i'm ju yeah if that went about another minute they would take us they'd take us right now i had to start talking to my arm being like man come back no no no no no no no no come back listen i'm telling y'all i'm telling y'all look if anything we should we shouldn't be that upset about this why because moves had to be made the roster needed to be cleared up because we have prospects who need to be protected before the rule five draft so a lot of guys i'm really excited about too man um aldo cabrera one of them yeah ever since who's coming off a great season another one coming off a great season like we would have been upset if those guys weren't protected yeah if you guys if you guys missed oh my god he hit him with a i'm sorry i'm watching a ufc fight cheeto vera just hit him with a front kick right to the mouth and knocked him out cole um but if you guys did not see my live when i talked about that i talked about a lot of those rule five guys that are eligible you know even this smaller guys um uh steven writings is is you know gonna get picked up by somebody if the yankees don't put them on a roster if they don't oh hell yeah 100 miles an hour i mean anybody would throw them in a pen and try him out his stuff is disgusting there's a lot of guys there's a lot of guys there i talked about oswaldo cabrera who could could be a utility guide i could play all over the field for the yankees now everson pierre is another guy um who was right there so they they have a lot of guys they need to add squid no disrespect like you said to squid to allen to brantley to bret we'll talk about brett to all these guys who are not there right now yeah you got to add these other guys that that's the talent this team is looking forward to moving and and and that that's what it is right now that's the gist of the story i see some people talk about oh pete is this um you know is this meaning that a big move is coming no it's not right now all right yeah guys it's rosters i think it's not so let's uh share some knowledge with some of the you know our fans because we want you guys to be educated because like you know we we we're yankee fans just like you so if they're yankee fans out there uneducated going out there making some crazy outlandish takes regarding moves like this it makes the whole fan base look bad so i'm gonna give you we're gonna give you guys a real quick crash course on what's happening here you gotta protect top prospects from rule five drafts because if not they can get picked up by another team if they're unprotected and meaning they're not on your 40-man roster garrett lock exactly garrett whitlock perfect example we chose not to protect him boston chose to grab him he became an elite reliever this season so do you we don't want that to happen with our prospects who are rule 5 eligible allah everson pereira allah oswald like you can't have these guys get picked up by another team when we still have plans for them steven writings who's a guy like we just said throws 100 has nasty stuff do you want do you want tampa bay able to just pick him up and have him killing us for the next three four five years like right no so we have to some people are have to be you know released in order for that to happen so that's what these moves are now these moves are not the moves that preclude signing the big shortstop or a starting pitcher or whatever no first of all it's november so no big moves happen in november anymore this is not 90s baseball like december is even early for big moves these days i mean look at how slow free agency has moved the last two years obviously kovit had a lot to do with that the other year but free agency has been moving seriously so i mean how how long do we know that gary cole was signing with the yankees everybody thought it knew it was almost a foregone conclusion right and they did but it look at how long it took you know what i mean look at how long it took to even get him in the building i think the meeting was not even until like december something that was late it was late yeah guys these moves these moves aren't going to happen right now especially this year with a player that could potentially be a shut a shutout or shutdown exactly exactly the most important thing to keep uh you know present in our minds as fans this year is that as of december 1st there is no uh collective bargaining agreement between the owners and the players the first thing that needs to happen before any of the big chips fall is the collective bargaining agreement so you can kiss seeing carlos correa sign or robbie ray or seeger or story or and simeon any of those guys you can kiss seeing them sign goodbye until there's a cba they're not signing anything until there's a cba right because those contracts are way too important for the players association for them to have them sign before they know what the parameters of the new deal are going to be it's not in their best interest the only thing we might see and this is a maybe a big if is maybe you get someone accept the qualifying offer which is due by this sunday or something like that right because if they know like i'm not gonna get like i thought it was interesting right the mess extended noah syndergaard a qualifying offer right mm-hmm i think i thought that i think that's a really interesting case right noah syndergaard coming off a year where he didn't pitch pretty much he's coming off injury and right now his value is really really really skewed right so the let's offer him the qualifying offer which is worth 18 almost it's like 18 almost 19 million which is basically around the neighborhood of 20 million dollars for a year if you're noah syndergaard you're gonna take a long hard look at that that's 20 million dollars right that you can get go pitch well for a year and then go into free agency as one of the top starting pitchers next year or you could say nope i'm gonna test it anyway this year even though i didn't play or pitch this year i think i'm going to be able to get a deal with more years and more total money on the end take that gamble but now the team who science is going to have to give up a pick on top of signing you as a risk right right so right that's the only thing that you might see a guy like him decide quickly and say you know what nope i'm going to take the qualifying offer i'm you know i'm comfortable here it's a show me deal i'll just accept it right now here in november no need to play it out but any big moves aren't going to happen anytime soon so these roster moves for the yankees have no no bearing on what's going to happen at first base shortstop centerfield catcher the only thing that now catcher is an interesting one right because gary sanchez has to be tended a contract by a specific date in december i think it's somewhere near the first week of december but i couldn't it's coming up i think it's like the fourth it's coming up for some reason i want to say the fourth okay so then it's it's early in this it's early in december and he needs to be tended a contract by then along with everyone else who you know needs to be tendered right or all the other non-tender questions that we have right uh clint frazier and duhar like there's a couple non-tender questions on the yankees that's going to be interesting to watch because regardless of what the cba is the yankees are going to need to make those decisions on whether they're keeping these guys and paying them or non-tendering them and seeing what happens so it's december 1st december 1st all right so so it's the same day so basically that's the deadline for non-tendering yes so that that's basically the time where um the mlb non-tender deadline that's when you basically after that you'll see a lot of guys out of the free agency so it's typically early so this is telling me it's the it's december 1st is the deadline so basically so basically what we're seeing is that the yankees have a couple weeks to you know get together and make these decisions on what's what's going to happen with guys like andujar frazier and gary sanchez um because these decisions need to be made frasier to me to me and i mean you know we'll talk about all these guys i know we're on catcher but i think frasier i mean i i non-tender frasier to be honest at this point i'm 100 i'm 100 with you i understand you know what people well what what if you can't you can't work of what ifs you really can we got to stop doing that as a franchise and the yankees do that too much you know we do this oh well maybe this or if this happens if that no no we we need some short bets here we need some we need some guys who we have an idea and i know nothing's ever for you know you don't ever take anything for granted you don't know if a guy's going to come here be the same guy you know if a guy's not going to get injured or anything can happen we know that but this team definitely needs some sure things on it and you know whatever whatever whatever it could have been for for uh clint frazier we have no idea what position he would have played even if they bring him back let's say what is he doing yeah is he on a major league roster is he is he brett gardner not a fourth outfielder but but again again they got hicks yeah they got hicks they you know who's gonna be the fourth outfield now we don't know these questions yet the big the big story to me that's gonna really tell you what the yankees off season is gonna look like it's catching her everybody knows this already the yankees they both you know declined options and whatnot gardner's a free agent we know that now doesn't i i see a lot of people already jumping into the celebrations hey brett garner's gone which is kind of [ __ ] up if you ask me but it is what it is i get it i get you don't want it back the guy's been a terrific yankee he's a role model for players the guy's never i don't think i've ever seen him not run a ball out you guys defend no you guys defend gary sanchez and what do you defend brett gardner which is pretty upsetting to be honest gary sanchez and global tourism and glebe torres when you got a guy guard a yale case towards the end of his career you could beat him up now but don't sit there and look at somebody in the face and be like you know i'm happy he's gone the man busted his ass all the time so you can't knock him on a lot of different things but um don't count your chickens before they hatch gardy can still be back and francis i agree with you so you guys hear me saying it right here brett gardner should not be back it's time to move on it's time to move on i love brooklyn i like brett gardner it is time to move on no doubt about it and gary's moves got to move on fam you got him got him no no so i'm i'm with you a hundred percent and i think those i agree that those moves like here's what i want to say right now we have no indication right other than what insiders are reporting that the yankees are going to do this and do that and they've done it before and nothing has happened but they've they've done it before i mean it happened with corbin it happened with so many i mean bryce harper there's so many we can delicious oh off season we were supposed to load up remember yeah we were supposed to yeah exactly and do you remember how long it took for those guys to sign so guys very long time like straight buckle up stay with us buckle up it's gonna be a while trust me yep um because i mean think about it if the cva negotiate if there's a way that they can figure this out and there's not a lockout after december 1st but all signs point to a lockout on december 1st yep so if that happens what what really throws a wrench in things is that the lockout happens they will meet probably for the first couple of weeks of december and then everything shuts down for the holidays you got christmas new year or whatever so they i wonder how to what the meetings would even work though well there's still trades that happen so that's they won't they won't they won't even do it right if there's a lockout the owners don't do they don't not the owners they don't do winter meetings they won't do none of that okay none of that so it's like everything everything gets delayed not that the winter meetings really has been a hub for deals these passcodes no no no they're just they're just like uh it's like a it's like fantastic at this point you know what it's like it's like one of those damn um conventions yeah exactly that's what it feels like a convention you go exactly it's becoming like a thing where it's like it's it's fan service like you go there you're gonna see you're going to see your team's broadcasters you're going to see your team's gm you might see an owner you might see a player or two it's but not like a top-tier player it's like going to be like a regular lower level guy who's like meeting with somebody at the winter meetings looking for a job a [ __ ] like that but big deals or big trades haven't gone down at the winter meetings in years so i mean it's crazy that like the cva is looming and like you don't really see much movement be like about the fact that they're gonna lose the winter meetings because they don't really care to be honest right because and i think the advent of this has really thrown everything up like cell phones really throws like everything to a different place where you don't have to be in front of people you don't have to like be at a landline having these conversations like everybody's on the phone they're texting about deals now like they're on whatsapp they're wrong so it is what it is but the most important thing for us this is this is me talking i could be whatever i could be wrong i think pete agrees with me yankee fans if you want to really gauge what's gonna happen this offseason the earliest sign you're gonna get is in early december and it's gonna be like what happens with with guys like clint frazier what happens with guys like gary sanchez most importantly gary sanchez if you see that the yankees tender him a contract and that means that make no mistake about it if he's tended a contract he's the starting catcher next year that's it it's not like oh they're going to give him a contract but like they're going to look to upgrade it no they're not no they're not if he gets attended a contract he will be catching games in 2020 you don't think they'll look to trade him if they tender a contract yeah i don't here's my thing here's my thing this this deadline came and went without any talks about gary trades and it was just like he didn't necessarily boost his trade value after the trade deadline it's pretty much more of the same i just i just hold off the fact that the dh international league i feel like you got it but like you said too that's a cba so which is something that's coming after the cba so maybe maybe maybe that maybe no i mean hey look i'm under the belief my belief is that gary sanchez is going to be the catcher i told you they got to prove me wrong on everything this year until i bought it right you're right i mean we're we're at our wit's end right now where this club is and we've been begging for the changes so we're ready to trust them none none there's no track record that shows that all of a sudden they're going to snap out of this spell and say philosophy changes we're moving on they are so bought in to analytics making all the calls that you'll see your gallows in lefty i read a quote on back gallow today and it made me sick i think i put it in the in the chat with you guys it made me sick and it's from before you know i think it was early in the year when he's talking about like oh well i'm i'm a player who bases off ops i don't have to i can hit 200. and i'm like i'm sick of this nonsense you got you cats are out there like [ __ ] on players like tony gwen for real because that's what that means oh cause i hit for power and singles don't mean [ __ ] so tony gwynn wasn't a great hitter gallo you're a better player than tony gwynn no come on i mean i mean that's my point like that's the [ __ ] those are the analytics stuff that really bought me the cats that have come out betting average means nothing so he could hit 200 get i don't want nobody on my teammate 200. yeah but i agree i i mean i agree with every like with that 100 anyone who's who's like on that bandwagon of the whole because that's that [ __ ] catchphrase with analytics people batting average doesn't mean anything shut the hell up shut up shut up what are you talking about it's damn that's the reason the whole thing started about jeter being overrated yeah because analytics because of analytics yes and it's like here's the thing because of but that that to me is there's no greater proof that analytics should not be the end-all be-all than the fact that analytics say that jeter is overrated because if you saw jeter with your own two eyes then you realize you know there's no you can't overrate that guy no what he brought to the freaking field every game day in and day out it's something intangible you can't even find it in the numbers but if you go look at the numbers career batting average over three like three thousand plus like this guy was 3500 plus hits this box office he showed up every time he was in the playoffs like what are we talking about oh because analytics say and defensively he wasn't shut up well it's [ __ ] the thing that the thing that truly really aggravates me about this whole analytic thing is not necessarily that it's just the numbers but they do that stupid-ass thing right so they'll do this you'll say um who was i looking at yesterday um i was looking at uh buster posey and pasada because people got with this whole thing that oh pasada's overrated how dare anybody compare them and i remember i said well i mean somebody brought up all these analytic numbers i'm thinking i said let me go look at something i think buster posey's career war is like two above pasada it is two points now i do understand i believe buster posey played less games than passada did he played way less yeah but the funny thing about it is like they when when people talk analytics i've had this happen so much now i'm at the point now where i'm like i'm not even arguing with these cats about it like i'll just leave it alone because if one number they'll say this this is the famous line about a certain number oh that's not a good metric to look at look at this one exactly so you're always gonna find a number that helps your argument out it's stupid no let me see what the guy is on the field okay i know who joey gallo is but don't sit there and tell me that joey gallo is a better player overall than the guy that hits 289 every single year hits 20 homers 15 homers even he's not better listen joey gallo said i'm sorry to cut you off but i just want to say that it's so stupid he said well you know i hit 200 but i have an obvious percentage of 330. so that means i get on base 33 of the time yeah not great and my thing is too joey joey if you batted about 20 points higher you'd be about 350. exactly 35 of the time so well when i hit the ball you know there's more impact or you know a homer is worth more than the single yeah but you also don't get 200 homers in a year do you no so you need guys that do that yeah i'm understanding you're saying you're not that guy and i understand that but you sound like one of these casters trying to prove to people that you're actually better than what your number show and to me that that's annoying no that's like the yankees trying to convince us that aaron hicks is his all-star this great player just because of no because he watches little hits with power and that's it like i'm like no stop this nonsense it's madness but this is what happened what has happened with analytics is that they've taken a million mediocre players right and found the one aspect of the game that they're good at and have just inflated that to be like this is why this guy is a star this is why he's elite this is why he deserves his contract or this money it's like no no no like for the ones who tell me oh batting average doesn't matter if it doesn't matter then how come all the top players in the game tend to have high batting averages you can't tell me you can't tell me oh it doesn't matter you shouldn't look at it no why should i look at it if all the players that i like happen to is it a coincidence that ronald acuna normally has a good batting average that machado normally bats higher than two hundred that price has that mvp has somebody ever won the mvp award hitting 200 no is that is that a coincidence i think not is it well francis francis the game is changing now somebody's gonna do it you just sit back and watch somebody will do it yeah i'm i will be i'll be this is how they watch the game like kurt and exactly the game's over there get your head get your head out of your freaking laptop every now and then and look at the actual game on the field because you're going to learn something from that too there was a time where we used to learn from what we saw facts and the crazy thing is though you know people will see this and they're going to oh you just you don't like the number no i like the numbers i like analytics it's funny it helps trust me it helps when i look at players i look at analytics i look at their overall numbers but there's a lot more that goes into a player than analytics derek jeter is a prime example 100 like you said before jeter's the prime example of that so i mean it's comical in a sense but you know getting back to what we were talking about i'm right there with you whatever it is with gary sanchez to me at the end of the day that's something they got to figure out pretty early on i don't think you wanna wait around too long to see your catcher as you want those relay ships to start building early catching is very important to change catcher mid-year is very important i said last year yankee should have done it because i think gary sanchez is a joke behind the plate when your ace doesn't want to throw them towards the end of the year kluber didn't want to throw to him you got two two uh two fifths of your rotation there's rumors that more than more than more of that don't want to throw them bro i'm telling you i reported on it when when david robertson was a yankee the person i spoke to told me flat out the reason robinson is getting hit and he's asked the yankees about is because he can't throw his breaking ball in the dirt with sanchez catching i mean but this is this and remember when robinson comes into games he never came into games at clean innings they'd always because he was houdini he'd get out of anything yeah that was the thing it was it was when he struggled a little bit it's because they said flat out and this is when i put all that news out there by gary and i took a beating for it they said flat out robertson does not he's he's asked him about it he cannot throw a ball in the dirt so he's elevating his curveball when he's when sanchez is catching and he's getting smacked which is not good because you need to be able to throw this stuff continues to go on and if the yankees guys i'm telling you if the yankees don't change at catcher they are not serious about fixing this club next year not serious at all about it yeah we can't we can't again i i got into you know a couple of conversations earlier in the week uh speaking of with some with some sanchez defenders you know they're still around believe it or not there's still a little there's a lot of them there's a lot of rounds around and uh i think me and uh my guy earl were uh we were in agreement like he posted something and i i would literally literally respond and you came out with a video i think that same night i literally responded i think it was actually based off of a lot of that what was being said the conversation because i saw it and i was like i gotta make a video on this yeah dude i literally responded was like here's the issue guys like you guys want to keep telling us about you know the offensive potential and whatever like that whatever and like oh there's nobody better offensively than gabriel for us right now that we're not gonna get here's what i'm here's what here's what i'm here to tell you we know we know we don't care like he can go take him and his 20 plus home runs and send it somewhere else we don't need that we don't need that that doesn't move the needle enough for this team because the way that the roster is currently constructed we could do without his 20-plus home runs bro and you're gonna and you're gonna say oh but the offense was stagnant this year we needed more offense not his brand of offense and couple that with the fact that defensively he's probably costing us even more run no we don't need that give me a light hitting catcher if my catcher bats 200 guess what gallo him i don't care about if he's batting 200 but he's framing the [ __ ] out of pitches stealing strikes and guys like clay holmes and and lawassega and everybody comes in and feels comfortable throwing whatever the [ __ ] at him then he's doing his job let him bat 200 at the bottom of the lineup i don't give a damn and let him run into 1 12 13 14 times a year that because what a good catcher does for your pitching staff cannot be like no you i don't know how many how many times we got to go through this review yeah don't understand how effective production is look if his offensive production was salvador perez this year then you got a case then we could talk something of course if he's a salvador perez if he's a jorge posada if he's a a mike piazza if he's if he's a rodriguez then yes guys it is a different conversation and trust me you'll be hearing me say the same damn thing 150 all the time i am utterly shocked by the amount of yankee fans who literally will die on the hill of saying you can't make up his production and i'm telling you right now you know what i'm saying if if when i hear that i'm saying bro you don't know baseball you don't know what this team needs i'm sorry like i'm not even insulting you but you don't get what this club needs if you're sitting there saying and i said this in my video we know we're probably going to end up with a catcher even if we don't we're going to end up with some new bats gallowing left field whoever in center who cares aaron judge g and carlos stanton d.j lemayo glaber tours were expected to be better if anthony rizzo comes back whoever's gonna be a good first base you know they're gonna get somebody that can hit there what do you guys want from a cat who cares and on top of that how long are you gonna wait how long are you gonna sit back and wait to see pitchers not want to throw to the dude you think all of a sudden garrett cole's gonna say okay new year new gary let's go no why would he he's not going to and well let's boon changes he's not going to put him in a room and say guys enough is enough let's hash this [ __ ] out here's my thing and and the more i think about it because i remember like kernin said it and i was like i get it but to me that's something that should have happened early on it's hard it's hard to do at this point at this point it makes no sense there is no reconciling that it's a lost cause at this point and you know what gary hasn't done a damn thing to help it i'm sorry i'm not saying that he was supposed to go and kiss garrett cole's ass because like i said in my opinion gary cole seems like kind of a weirdo so i'm not saying he was supposed to do that but if he would have been better performance wise he wouldn't have to you understand i think gary cole gives a [ __ ] about kyle higashiyoka please give me a break if he left tomorrow he thinks he's gonna go to the ex look that opt-out clause is happening it's happening gary cole is probably going to freaking the yankees right now talking about hey i don't know if you know but maldonado is a free agent just saying yeah he doesn't give a damn hey uh hey guys uh you might want to watch this guy on ny news guy uh talk about some new catchers that jacob stalin's actually sounds really good you're probably interested i don't know i like him i don't i mean hey i don't know just saying francis i gotta ask you guys who's your catcher who's your captain who's my catcher i mean i i saw your video the other day and i gotta say um out of the guys that you brought up if i could have any of them it's definitely stallings and it's it the one you said i like carson too but stallings the one thing i said about that in that video is if you you want so a lot of fans are talking about these guys and and this is like the big topic of trade right now because they're talking about uh moving dalton varsho over to catcher um and then you know carson kelly was he too talented he's too talented to be on a bench he's not gonna be a backup um but you look at that and the thing about carson kelly is if you're waiting for production and you're waiting for potential to kick in carson kelly's your guy if you're also maybe not looking to have the best catcher for your pitching staff right now maybe carson kelly's your guy but guys i'm sorry injuries too though that too we got it you got to think about that and guys i want to win sorry i want to win and let me tell you i i understand look if anybody was like pete yeah but i i'm not knocking carson kelly hell i was probably one of the first people even mentioned his name and talked about him since the end of last year since actually during the year of last year yeah carson kelly would be a tremendous pickup wouldn't be upset but if the yankees want to win right now you need somebody to handle the pitching handle the young guys until until antonio gomez or wells is ready and i'll tell you this right now you're gonna get two very good years barring any injury and you know what you're gonna get from jacob's talents yeah you know what you're gonna get expect nothing offensively yeah and don't get me wrong he had his best offensive year yeah so don't get me wrong with that but you're gonna get one of if not if not i'll say this the best defensive catcher in baseball yeah listen what we have to understand is we look at offense in a way that's very very very skewed like when people look at jacob stallings they're gonna be like oh but he's like they traded for this guy like what's the deal with him like he's he doesn't really hit that crazy he's liking whatever yeah maybe maybe if you're looking at him like a four five six hitter then it's like oh it doesn't seem that much or whatever stallings jacob stallings batting eight or nine eight or nine it's [ __ ] great yeah that's perfect that's perfect that's exactly where battle like that should be my argument with with these people is it's simple as this you want to argue with me about gary sanchez's numbers of him being probably one of the best offensive catchers in the game since he came up or whatever you can argue that there's numbers that support that i'm not disagreeing with that but here's my thing let's look at the past couple of world series and look at the catchers who were playing in those world series okay you had zanino with the raids you had maldonado uh in 2019 the nationals were doing were uh platooning with suzuki and who else was it no no it wasn't going yet it wasn't younger i thought i thought they had two they were platooning it was kurt it was suzuki and and gomes maybe i think i might be getting there the dodgers dodgers are another team that go that go through catchers or whatever but who who would they have this year was it uh was it a smith smith wilson yes smith um the championship atlanta braves travis darno like we can do this we can we can continue going on but i think i think you're beginning to notice the trend here um none of them happen to be lighting up the the the league in terms of offensive numbers let me tell you what they do do though let me tell you what they do do um they play in big games because the aces are comfortable pitching to them they play entire games because the bullpen is comfortable pitching to them and they make the [ __ ] plays god forgive me because i'm cursing so much but it gets me so angry that i have to argue with people about gary sanchez i was as big a pro i was as big a defender of this guy as anybody when he first came up i was like this guy's going to be great he's one of the better peer heroes on the team we have or whatever he fell off a cliff that wasn't me no i didn't tell him to stop working i didn't tell him to get to get complacent i didn't tell him that he did i didn't do that the other part was i wasn't the one who tried to make him into this great power hit or whatever and like and then automatically make a sharp left and say no you got to be a great defensive catcher that was the yankees okay that's on them that's not worked that's done if we are serious about winning a championship we need to build a championship roster i am sorry if you guys don't understand that gary sanchez is not the starting catcher on a championship roster gary sanchez can very well be the dh on a championship roster i would never argue that because i think if he didn't have to worry about catching and all he had to focus on was hitting and he could become whatever he wanted right he'd be a phenomenal freaking dh yep the problem is we have a dh that caused that's costing us between 25 and 27 million dollars already so that's not gonna happen so that means he doesn't fit guys he's a nice puzzle piece for somebody he just doesn't fit our puzzle that's what i'm trying to get to people i agree i agree 100 we shouldn't be sitting here talking about oh we can't get rid of him how are we going to replace that offense hello we can get a center fielder who hits we can get a shortstop awaits we're getting a first baseman who hits we can get a full year of anthony rizzo and joey gallo i mean or or or or joey gallo alone i mean more than making up his productions think about it give joey gallo a full year on the yankees especially coming up after the trade or whatever give him a full year maybe a little bit of comfort and look my thing is don't tell me he's not going to hit better than gary sanchez well and defensively we already know what gallow brings to the team right and the thing is too about a guy like gala look i'll sit here and tell you god forbid hopefully i'm wrong but who knows if joey gal is going to be the same guy he was last year and he's going to bat 200 or under 200 to be the same i mean 200 is kind of what he's been all his career but his career who knows it you know who knows who knows what joey gal is going to be he might be terrific he might work on some stuff and be even better but you cats that are out there talking and screaming about contract gear you guys are screaming about production but you already got it so that makes no sense and on top of it i'm sorry i'mma sit here and tell you sanchez is not a winning player he's not a winning player he's not a winning player i don't want that on my team if you guys seen me recently right on um oh that's this i don't know i kept saying like something like my shirt dirty or something but then i'm moving and the thing isn't moving um i'm drugged everyone um the funny thing about um the winning players if you guys saw i kept retweeting players that you could tell stepped up and enjoyed it and enjoyed being there i said winner freddy freeman talked and you could see the words that mank had coming out of his mouth none of that was written the dude is a winner not because he won you could hear it in his voice there's confidence he knows his [ __ ] he knows his team he knows how good he is he knows what he means to that organization he is a winner he's been a winner long before they won the world series francis do you even understand right the moment right now right now on the yankees roster there's no world series champions no there's no world series champions the new york yankees they have nobody on their roster right now in terms of winners we we don't have very much judge not as many as you guys think we can name a winner you could probably name it judge is a winner garrett cole is a winner um i'm going to say john carlos stanton oh yeah the way stanton has stepped up and the way he talked towards the end of the year i was all over him look i even i've said bad things about stanton in the past but i admit when i'm wrong i tell you what my man had me pumping my hitting my chest because he's literally winning [ __ ] no hell yeah he had the right attitude too his attitude was let's go his attitude was we stepping on the field for war boys let's go it don't matter yeah let's go he's a winner who else let me see um aaron man we telling jokes on here today he's he's the winner of a three-year contract extension he's a he's the winner of a lifetime box of unicornios aaron um let me tell you uh geo i'll give you this geo urchella is a winner gio urchella is a winner he wants to play ball he wants one he wants to and he didn't get that that story that story was it kerner who told the story yes i i want to give him credit every time i say that story about geo out there you know field and ball whatever in the room and bring it out and lemay yeah geo dj outside of that who am i missing because gary sanchez no labor torres no uh aaron hicks no i mean and don't give me the aaron hicks oh but you got you're saying just because if he's injured nope no there was that whole [ __ ] there was that whole [ __ ] with the protests on earlier in the year and trust me i sympathize with all that [ __ ] i'm a person of color don't even try it with me right to say that i'm not playing because of whatever when you could have gone out there and made a statement with your play yeah it was bad that was bad it looked bad it was a terrible call was stanton was was with you right and was another one who was kneeling for the anthem and everything but didn't he go out and play and stuff like that what was your excuse bro i don't want to hear it and stan really has less incentive stan had less incentive because he's already getting paid he's already making 20 million he has less incentives than anybody but he was out there playing under the booze under all that [ __ ] so yeah hicks no not you know what also would tell you a lot about the yankees if they go yeah yeah we know we can't move hicks but he gotta earn a spot he's the fourth outfielder and they pick up a centerfielder that right there i tell you right now and a half [ __ ] like that ever happened you guys gonna see me on here with a different tune oh because i'm telling you guys i've been saying and francis you know everybody knows i've been saying i've been talking this [ __ ] like this for so damn long i can't have i can't see brian cashman come up there and give his same [ __ ] well you know we're uh we're we're a dead star you know we're ready to go um we're gonna be looking at everybody it's kind of what we do every year and uh you know yankee fans you're gonna buy into my [ __ ] aren't you so you're gonna come back you're gonna buy some uh 30 30 bucket chickens and doesn't no i i'm done i'm done no my prediction right now one or two moves that's it what yeah like one or two moves to actually take short stops they'll get something to take a little fancy a little bit they'll take a little fancy it might be correct yeah it might be safer yeah they'll take a lot of fancy little things i feel like look if you look at uh and won't get into the career thing because i know we just mentioned korea so everybody's ears are going to go up they're going to go we'll definitely get a chat about them a little bit we'll get we'll get into that but i think the point is and i and i i sympathize 100 what you hear pete like look we're i don't know if we're the only ones saying it but i'm not hearing it a lot of other places like some of you guys sound like you're going to be okay if they make two moves and it's going to be like all right let's let's watch and that's all i want to know what team have you been watching i am telling you we are not crazy to think that we need to see four to five different names in that opening day roster than the names that were on it than the names that were on it in 2021 and look i'll help the yankees out i think me and you agree with this i think we said this before i'll help the yankees out yeah i'll count rizzo as a new name he wasn't in the he wasn't in there at the beginning okay so i'll already count gala as a new name i'll be i'll be nice catcher needs the change catcher needs to be but in there i could see i could see a new third baseman i could see a move at second base but see these are things that we could see we could see these things happening now they have the balls to do anything like that that's another story that's the question it's another story question because all of you saying that we're crazy we we're right to doubt because they've given us every reason to doubt they've always done this how many look i mean come on let's let's be real let's be real here when we talk about this and and when i say be real i know francis is gonna be real but i'm asking you guys who are listening to be real with us when we talk about the track record of what the yankees do you can't sit there and tell me that you can't hear the conversation already come spring training from brian cashman well we got a healthy aaron hicks back in center field we feel we greatly improved you you don't hear that already i mean i hear i hear it right now so i'm just sitting here saying this team really needs to show its fan base that they are willing and ready to make the right changes simple as that and it can't be a correa it can't be hey we got the big shortstop all right 28. here we come we're ready for it now it can't just be on him that's the thing that people don't understand is like look i don't even like i again like i'm not even what i forgot i think i said i was like under 20 that they would sign korea on the last episode yeah that percentage that percentage has gone up slightly i'll tell you guys why in a second but let me tell you it's still not even over 50. so don't like it's not but say they did go out and sign carlos correa the best shortstop on the market right now arguably one of the best in the game or the best in the game some people say he's about some people don't whatever that's not gonna be enough i'm sorry it's not going to be enough and to put that pressure on carlos curry would be [ __ ] ridiculous because he can't do it by himself it takes a full lineup and you have to work together look at how atlanta just did it antopolis didn't just go out and get one outfielder at the deadline and say hey i got it i know we were struggling at outfield so i went and grabbed one no he went and got four four one two three four hell of a fielders four outfield and again i'm sorry to cut you off right there i don't know but i want to bring this up because you're right you brought this up but going back to freddy freeman's speech he's he specifically said what the front office did for this team the players took it in and said let's go amen that's why i always talk that's a really good point and look cashman did it i pat him on the back we gave him his flowers for when the time was there definitely we definitely did it's not the right message and it's the right message to the club sent the right message it sent the right message nobody is saying that he didn't do that so so fyi but what i'm saying is how important a deadline really is what it means to a ball club it's very important not just a deadline not just a deadline but an off-season off-season the same way the same way that that deadline was as important as it was for atlanta i think this off-season could be even more important for the new york yankees you put out that video that this this is probably arguably the most important offseason of brian cashman's career i agree with the proof he got too much to prove i agree wholeheartedly there's too much there's too much first of all there's too much out there for you to like it's not a year where he can get away with the excuse there really wasn't much out there we didn't have a lot of options whatever there are options galore not just free agents guys the trade market if you guys have been paying attention the last week or two the trade market is already starting to take shape and we're not like i told you guys we're not even in the real heat of it yet yep this is really early for us to already have an idea that the oakland a's are gonna be shopping chapman and probably olsen and maybe some other pieces it's really early for us to hear that there's a possibility that cleveland might entertain offers on jose romer like there's gonna be a lot of players to be had cashmen will not be able to hide behind there weren't enough options because on top of all the players available to be had there's a lot of teams who are not necessarily punting but they're not going to be in the market the way that the yankees are the way that the mets are the way that detroit will be the way that the angels will be the way that the texas rangers are going to be like there's i just named what five teams just like yeah yeah that's five teams that's five teams and we're not even talking about the dh internationally yet it's going to open up a lot in terms of trades from the yankees no sanchez even luke like dude that's why miguel ander anders another guy i mean look if i'm a team out there that's like maybe we get some value in somebody and build them back i'm looking all over miguel andhar the h come on man the guy could put the ball play hits the ball hard sign me up he's not going to cost you he's not going to cost you much let's not forget to a hot he was getting before the injury gail gail anderhall was one of the regulars in the lineup he took that spot again yeah he was battling himself back again so yeah he's a hitter the thing with android is miguel anthony is a natural hitter so he's gonna figure it out and i think anybody who's watched him so far in his young career realizes that this guy can stay healthy he's going to hit he's just going to be one of those guys he's a hitter and he produces right and again i'm not saying that because oh look we're looking for some beautiful trade no guys no it's not going to be we're just not going to trade him for olson right but the one thing i'll give brian credit brian cash from some credit for and the analytic guys is they found some guys for nothing right look if clay holmes could be one of the best relief pitchers in baseball next year per his stuff alone on how we look with the yankees look what we gave before look what we gave up for him so again when you guys say well these guys aren't worth anything hoy park wasn't really worth much he had triple a numbers the yankees didn't even want to play him and you think about it that too and the yankees had nothing for him they didn't like them exactly his value couldn't have been that high because his own team devalued him publicly yeah that's right i don't think he can come up here and hit and they still got clay holmes for lay homes that's that's again like you just said like we're gonna we i think we've we've been pretty fair with brian cashman like when he does make good moves we have been you know at the forefront saying hey that's very very moved good job like or whatever like so we've been doing it what we're saying now is we have to see like i told you guys that was just a different level yeah it's you know we have to see you guys i feel sure of this roster yeah i told you guys i feel i feel optimistic the reason i feel optimistic is because of the deadline that we had but me saying i feel optimistic isn't me telling you guys nah they 100 percent signing until we find out the deadline was the off season exactly or they'd be like they 100 they're 100 gonna uh sign starling martay or they're gonna 100 trade for cattell marte they 100 gonna move gary they're 100 no no i'm not 100 on anything i knew that i feel i feel optimistic why because i am choosing to feel optimism because of the deadline that they had but that doesn't mean [ __ ] until we start seeing where they're going and we're going to start seeing that very little in a very incremental way early in december let's see what happens with the tenders the non-tenders or whatever again like pete said they tender sanchez and duhar that doesn't necessarily i will tell you right now bro and again like you said like i think you were about to say if they tender and they could still get them back no like that they could still trade them right right right you can still you can trade them and move them but mine's a good point to be made they can still move these guys if the yankees really make that decision guys i will tell you right now even with boone coming back the start is good i'd go for my f minus which is not even a real thing but an f minus to ac immediately huge jump it's a huge jump immediately and i'll tell you what francis i'll hang out with you a little bit on that optimism optimism yeah cause you'll start seeing something i'll hang out with you a little bit on that but we'll be out out to sea together and we'll just wait around and see what happens what the waters like see what the waters are like i'll wait out there with you because at that moment i'm already seeing to me in my opinion of the club one of their biggest problems are have now gone away and they will go for a catcher that's defensive minded more 100 because if they move on from gary that's what that's telling you exactly they're not going to bring in another guy that can't catch and hits a little bit they won't do that and look i'll throw this name out there too keep a close eye on mike zunino the option hasn't been exercised yet no keep a close eye on that if zunino is ever available the yankees need to immediately act on him hell yeah i don't care if they say we gotta wait have some have a handshake agreement have something in place would do to say we want you here no and he's one of those interesting cases who he is a possibility that if you jumped on him quick enough maybe you get it he might he might accept the deal why because of all the uncertainty with the cba and everything and some guys zanino's not a young kid he's a veteran like he might just want to know nah i need to know where i'm playing so like let's do this quickly if this is going to work let's do it i can get my family situated and everything let them work out that cba but i know where i'm going come february because he's a catcher so he's going to he needs he reports earlier like he might be one of those players who wants to get one don't forget about him he actually is back with the race so that's oh yeah he he exercises they gave him a one year seven million deal good for him look at that he gets seven million dollars and these people are getting mad because i'm saying that we don't i don't want to pay gary sanchez over 10 million dollars to do it right it's crazy no way no way come on why should we they should it's not worth it i'd rather pay 10 million to zanino yeah not look non-tender gary if you could deal them you deal them you get what you get for them seriously and guys you move on you you know you do be a be a gary sanchez supporter and hope he catches on somewhere and does well that's the best thing you can do because that's what i am gonna do i'm not gonna [ __ ] on gary sanchez when he's playing some i hope gary sanchez does well guys simple as that guys when we traded when we traded for sunny great i was one of the happier yankee fans around i always liked sunny gerk felix always like on that damn deal man he was right it still balls me to this data i got to say he was right over me i always liked i always liked them always liked them because i i saw the potential in the kid he came over here couldn't cut it in new york had some awkward moments you know walking on the mount smiling or whatever but he has a lot of things you know with him going on so that was a whole but he got traded when he got when when he left and he got to cincinnati i was rooting for him to be successful when he found some a little bit of success over there i was really happy for him brian he wasn't doing it for the yankees i recorded the video driving home when he was trading i remember saying exactly that i said now let me tell you guys this don't be shocked if he goes over that becomes an ace don't be shocked and he did immediately he was he was one of the better pitchers in the national league immediately so some people of course that can happen with gary and i think you'll see a change in gary immediately if he's out of new york just not having to deal with the media being out of the eye like a lot of the criticism is not going to be the same in new york you feel the criticism when you're playing for the yankees you can feel the criticism gary said colorado he will take a big breath in and a breath out and it feel like his world has changed yeah it's it's it's different and i think i i said the same thing like with with a guy like labor torres i was like look it's not saying oh trey moved labor because he's going to be terrible the rest of his career no there's a difference between saying a guy is just like with aaron hicks i just think hicks is just ass like aaron hicks i don't think he will be better in other places i just think he's not good like that's i want that to come off clearly i think gary sanchez has the potential to go somewhere else and still become an all-star yeah i a hundred percent think if labor tours went somewhere else he would definitely become an all-star when i speak about them it's just the fit with this current roster that's all i'm saying it's not saying that these guys are bad that's not what i'm saying correct even gallo like with the criticism that we have for gallows like he was just fine in texas doing that because he fit over there it made sense over there like it's not always that a player is no they're just never going to be good you want it with us that too and you want to know the difference of the media none of us knew about a gallow tick or these little problems he has he came to new york and was a big story immediately all year i mean and again we don't know how that's gonna affect him personally i talked about this a lot we don't know how that's gonna affect the play we don't know if he can handle all of this we don't know that those are stuff we gotta say and that's why kevin kernan even said he is shocked or he doesn't know he said i don't know but i assume either analytics has taken over so much or scouts who notice stuff don't get brought into a room or that that that conversation is not as valued as it used to be because look coming to new york a big part about it is your personality and you know me and francis we were going back and forth on a whole coal situation and one of the things i brought up i said well if the yankees knew this guy was awkward or couldn't handle this then he shouldn't be here and i mean that's the same thing for a lot and again we don't know we don't know what coal is yeah they we don't i don't think even i don't think they do their homework with that though that's one thing that said that kernan said that is i think it's 100 true i don't think that they're doing their homework with that because like when gary cole like here's the reason i get off saying with gary cole like saying like oh this guy's he's he's a weirdo he's awkward i read an article about him in pittsburgh where he did something weird after getting shelled one time not like he didn't blow up or anything but like he got like he got upset with like a reporter who like questioned him about like the outing it was a pretty bad outing something similar happened in houston and after that happened i was like i'm going to watch this guy closer because like i like him like i wanted him to be a yankee so like now i'm like i'm gonna watch this guy whatever and i would just see him like in the dugout times or like even whatever like in the bullpen whatever and like just the way he would act i'm just like yes this guy's a little bit of a weirdo but i still would would sign him to the deal that we signed him to 10 times out of 10 because that's not something that i think should preclude us should preclude us from signing a guy with his talent level i just think it's something you need to be aware of right because if if you know that then maybe you go into the clubhouse and say oh brett look i know you play these pranks on everybody but like him he's a little like i would you know steer clear of him or you know get him in on it first like work him into it because he's a little yeah he you know what i mean right but if you don't if you don't tell him that then he's just going in blind he's just gonna do whatever whatever if you don't say hey guys by the way joey gal is gonna be here whatever you know we don't want you guys you know putting certain things out about him because like we think it's insensitive like to put out things about his tick or like the way he puts on his uniform but if you don't say anything then the media is gonna take it and run with it like that's these are just consequences of you not doing homework i guess in a sense because if you do you can protect players in a sense if you don't they're going to get vilified the new york media is cutthroat they're going to visit yeah they're no joke they're no joke they'll they'll attack them they'll go at them so imagine they imagine imagine they sign corey seeger and corey seeger is like shy or some [ __ ] yeah it's not good i mean yeah they're gonna kill him and it would be like well the yankees didn't do their homework yeah before they signed them like that's what's going on here so it's just it's a it's a big part it's a it's a big part of the game it's a big part of the game so i mean that that is something that obviously should be discussed that should be talked about more now i hope that it actually is but um moving on to i believe what will be our last topic today everybody's hype about this oh yeah i'm going to say it real quick and talk about it carlos correa is in the um square garden tonight yeah and uh attending the ufc event and martin maldonado martine maldonado send out the little the thing about uh what was it again um he's ready or something like that and yeah you know he had the little yankee jacket on and all that and you know he's in new york so he's a smart dude you know he has a everybody always jokes about like the um type of attitude he is you know let me tell you what type of attitude carlos correa is are people going to get metal he's a cheater let me tell you something i know these type of people like that and it's called confidence guys it's called confidence it's not necessarily cocky it's not necessarily um you know i see people people read confidence at all different levels they think is like self-centered it's this and that he's a confident dude and he knows what he has coming to him he knows that next week don't be shocked if you see him in an angel's hat then again he might rock the yankees so hard that he's like guys i want to like i'm trying to show you as much i want to be there let's get this [ __ ] done like i want to be here never know you never know but all i'm saying right now me and francis talked about this a little about i don't want to make this all about corey so i'm going to bring i'm going to bring the big man into the story lock up judge before you give correa a big deal that's all i'm saying now i know some fans are saying well p they probably can't do it well then you better make your [ __ ] mind up to be quite real with you going back to what even david cohen said uh with his new thing with uh john boy media over there that if you know you don't resign judge your top priority trade them trade them i mean listen guys some of you guys don't want to hear we were saying it uh we were saying it back uh before the deadline like the yankees were playing badly and we were like hey dude is it time to consider trading aaron judge because they were playing well remember one of the main reasons we said that too is because we said they're not looking to sign him right we said he's like clearly they they haven't had extension talks with him and it's like it's a problem let me put it out here just so you guys understand the designated spit is and i know this because i've spoken with peter about this off the off the air countless times we do not want aaron judge to be on any other team than the new york yankees in fact so understand us a hundred percent we we think that this guy is a yankee and he needs to be a yankee what we are saying is the yankees have dilly-dallied long enough like these extension talks should have started before last winter like if they don't happen this winter i mean guys can you really be upset if aaron judge goes and chooses another team in free agency it's a joke cause guys he's have to sit there and watch garrett cole get paid which is it's no it's not a knock on gary cole but it's like for judge it's like hey man i've been here like congrats to you cole i'm happy you're here because you're gonna help us win the championship hopefully but i gotta get paid too right no then he had to watch aaron hicks get extended then you have to watch severino get extended yeah and it's just like i mean it's not russell this off season they're gonna spend some more money it's like aaron judge it's like bro what what do i gotta what am i gonna do to get some consideration out here me and francis want the sexy new name as much as everybody you know what i mean we want to talk about on here with you guys so so trust me when i tell you that we want the sexy new name too you can't pull that [ __ ] on judge though i'm gonna keep it real take care you can't bring in carlos carr and guys i'm not even talking about that i see somebody pissed oh you can't bring karate in because what he did shut up shut up that [ __ ] don't got nothing you you bring carlos correa in if you want to bring carlos gray's ass in and yeah it's not like the players are gonna bring it down yeah they keep trust me bro bro if they got correa you're gonna see fans on twitter saying i hope he apologizes to them before anything shut up the [ __ ] you got [ __ ] to apologize for when he comes into the game i get it everybody can be mad about it i'm mad about i i understand but but we go we're about to enter 2022. okay the commission ain't doing [ __ ] about it none of that was gonna happen you bring that type of talent to this club look all you gotta do though you can't throw out another major contractor bag hey judge we're gonna hold off and we'll talk to you next year cause if i'm judge i don't care how much i love the yankees i'm sorry fam i'm out to cali i'm mountain cali you gotta symbolize that i'm going back home i'm done aaron that's disrespect aaron judge was asked about this towards the end of this season um maybe some of you heard it but he was asked about like the contract talks or if anything's happened whatever he said no it hasn't happened and yeah it's it's a little you know weird that it hasn't happened yet but you know i understand you know some business whatever and i'd like to be a yankee of course i want to finish my career here he said all the right things but it's time for the yankees to start saying all the right things like hey aaron what you know let's what's it going to take let's uh let's understand you know we we understand we you understand we want you here we understand you want to be here let's figure out what it's going to take to make that happen um they're playing cheap let's be real they know the arbitration number is going to be lower than what his annual a is aav is going to be for sure everybody knows that 17 18 million whatever it is that's not going to be what it's going to take it's not going to be the yankees are holding it out they're holding out as long as they can here's the thing the reason that players get extended is because they they earn it i mean don't get me wrong i'm not saying that it's just you know the yankees signing people aaron judge has looked at a lot of people get extended on big deals that's fast that's fine that's not just the yank he's he saw he saw acuna get extended that's fact he saw tatis get extended that's fast you know so it's like you know he's looking at these other guys he's like whoa like what's happening here like these guys are getting paid or whatever like i'm playing you know what i'm saying like it's hard to be one of the top 10 players in baseball or i mean and then in terms of like just hitters like when he's on when he's on he's probably top five and you're like you're like the only one who's not getting paid like it like it's it's tough and he's not 24 25 he's 30 years old this contract this this could be it this will probably be it for him this this would probably be the contract that aaron judge is going to get either with the yankees or with another team this off season or after next season this will be his career contract like this is it this is where he will make the brunt of his money as a baseball player that's right it's important to you know incentivize and say hey look judge you've [ __ ] been here you've been putting up numbers you know let's get out ahead of it we're going to up you know screw the arbitration we're going to up your aav to whatever the contract is going to be this year and we're going and we're going to extend you however many this is what it's going to be right yep i mean when he's your own player one and he wants to be there to like you're probably not gonna have to pay him 30 million dollars a year to get him to stay but if you freaking wait until next year you never know what could happen you might have to overpay him because he's right he might be embittered that's right and when you're right on top and then factor that with the up with the possibility that he'd just go back to his home state of california and get paid ridiculous amounts of money to play for the angels because the angels would love nothing more than to pair aaron judge with mike trout and shohei ohtani or the giants the giants want that big home run hit her back come on bro like there's it's gonna be hard for him to turn all that down and this is not a guy who said no yeah no matter what i'm testing the water as a free agency when i heard him questions about that towards the end of the season he gave off the complete vibe that it's like no i was i've actually been looking for these extension talks right right they just haven't happened and it's like that's it's it's sad it's mess it's that more than anything it's [ __ ] up he's playing and and in reality he's playing a good guy role because he could be an [ __ ] about it he could because he could be an [ __ ] about it so because look look at how look speaking of speaking of our the guy we're talking about today career right when everything came out last year at the beginning of the year with correa and the astros that they were far off in a number korea came out and was straight up with his [ __ ] saying like yeah now we far off on the number i feel like the offer was disrespectful like these conversations were public at the beginning of last season yeah like before the season even got underway people were saying yeah corey is gone korea's gone well even his last game he was like yeah this is it yeah you know what dawg he came out he came out and said what was going on aaron judge hasn't come out and said they had to ask him hey you know we haven't heard of any extension talks have there been any extension talk because he hasn't come out he's not on twitter he's not doing anything saying like yo these people don't want to pay me or what and if he was doing that he would be you know within his right to do it but he hasn't instead he's been a stand-up guy he's been an amazing face of the team and aside from all that off the field [ __ ] he's been their best player on the field he has been their best player on the there's no argument about it even after garrett cole signed judge has continued to be the best player on the team for these first two years at garrett's contract yep you can't argue that no this kid deserves to get his money i'm not saying to give him a 10-year deal no he does not get a 10-year deal it's it's not anyone's fault i mean he came up later he came up older that's what happens he's not a 10-year deal guy but he deserves to get his money he deserves to get his pay he deserves to you know get his [ __ ] so they should do that but speaking about correa being in the big apple i mean twitter twitter was in a frenzy because he had on the navy blue jacket with the white sleeves he's in new york he posted up a picture with the with the caption nyc time everybody's going crazy everybody oh my god that whatever listen guys this is going to be fun um it might it might end in heartbreak for some of us fans who you know have a higher you know whose hopes are higher that the yankees do sign correa um what i will say is that for my 20 i think i moved up to maybe like 25 27 30 let's get i'll be generous 30 chance that the yankees sign korea i'll say why i went up because if korea continues doing this [ __ ] it kind of like forces them because of pr right right even if they didn't really want to even take a meeting with the guy now it's going to be like shin you know if he keeps doing this like and we don't me like this is gonna look really freaking bad with the glaring hole that we have at shortstop and this guy frolicking around new york in yankee colors commenting nyc time and all this stuff like so if he continues to push like yeah it's gonna it's gonna it's gonna force it's gonna force the yankees and i think we can make the announcement now i think we could we could say this with confidence carlos correa wants to be a yankee that i don't think not even not even based off of what happened today no i think he's mentioned many times before yeah that he i think there's actually quotes of him being like who doesn't you know want to play there or whatever or the yankees the yankees he said it multiple times so this stuff is out there guys i mean with with everything him going to houston and everything like that stuff kind of got put od on the back burner like people didn't want to hear it but now that he's a free agent i think all that stuff's going to come up i mean he's a puerto rican kid grew up over there i mean listen guys let's be honest like a lot a lot a lot of people coming from puerto rico are going to say yeah like i always wanted to play for the yankees and stuff like that or whatever he is just like really hamming it up i mean we're only in november and it's just like yeah he's like oh msg i'm there baby watching my ufc fight i'm gonna throw on this navy jacket with the white sleeves they already know what colors these are tomorrow like you said he might throw in the angels i think it was actually a yankee jacket no no it was so you might have saw the picture was that a fake one yeah the thing oh okay so i got the fake on it yeah yeah i saw that they put the yankee patch on okay i got faked out on that yeah he wasn't he wasn't wilding like that okay i thought he was going to but the colors he knew he knew what he was doing he put the colors on he's there whatever if i was as good as a player as carlos cabral correct correa let me tell you this right now i walk around with an empty briefcase carlos what's in the bag yeah what what what's in the bag you're gonna find out very soon yeah really you're gonna find out very soon what's in the bag exactly that's all i'm gonna tell them i'll put it in the bag you show up to the meeting you show it put it in the bag what's it gonna take well you just you have to fill this up yeah that's it that's what that's what it's gonna take let's talk after you after you fill this up we start talking about years and all that other stuff right we'll have a conversation nah man look i don't look again i'm not not high on it not because carlos correa is not a good player whatever i think we both said we think he's a great player not we don't not that we don't think he's a fit we think he's an amazing fit yes i know he's right-handed or whatever that when it comes to carlo's career like that has no bearing on anything the glove is too freaking good and the bat is too freaking good the postseason prowess is too freaking good like it's too and he's 27 years old and the thing that a lot of yankee fans don't like i love it i want the attitude i want the personality i want the chip on the shoulder i want the wear better than you i want all of that i want all that confidence on these guys because they don't have it and the manager doesn't supply it yeah no we're missing we're missing that we're missing that that that kind of swag and don't get me wrong i know judges tried it people have tried it but correa is a natural put the box away fam you know what i mean yeah correa is natural with it like listen when the astros are i said it before i'ma say it one more time before i jump like whatever before i end my my comments on this when the astros were playing the red sox i saw something and i can't unsee it jared kerrabas hates harlow's career and he is the pulse of red sox nation the red sox hate carlos correa yeah once i realized how much they hated that guy i've never won i've never wanted a man because that's not my you know whatever but i think i began to want them and i said wait wait wait they they hate him they really dislike all the times they don't like that i was like oh no no no no no god please we have to sign this guy that's exactly what we need yeah that is exactly what we need i need the guy that all he has to do is step up to back in the bot in the top of the first sitting at fenway and they are raining the booze on him that's what i need give me that fire because that's going to light a fire under all these guys ass facts that's going to do it because like you said our manager's not going to die listen we we all know that's not going to come from there maybe we get a player like that we got a shot we got a shot that's hope it'll help it'll help no doubt about it but again my percentage is low because we know what we're dealing with here again they can surprise the [ __ ] out of us no of course of course that that's always an option that's always an option i hope they do like i said i'm not gonna look look guys um i ranted all year trust me i don't want to go into the off season all the way into the season ranting and and complaining about you know what the yankees should have done i you know either way i'm gonna give them their shot you know what i'm giving them their fair share and i'm gonna i'm gonna call it like i see it that's just what i do but i will have to call the offseason the way i see it and i'm gonna stick to my guns if there's not multiple changes made the way i like the way the team should be the way i know they need to be constructed better you know i'm gonna i'm gonna let my i'm gonna let my uh i'm gonna let my spit tell you what i think and we'll go from there but i mean with that being said i mean i'm wrapping this thing up i don't have nothing else to add i'm amazed i'm still awake it was a couple of times where i feel like i'm like oh man though i handled it well i think i think you did i think you did really good man i didn't think i i told i told friends before i got on this down like fan we might have to go for like 45 minutes because i don't know if i'm gonna make it through the whole thing but nah man here i am here i am and the recovery you know i take things i take things as a challenge man and i was talking to somebody and thank you too to all you guys on twitter that like hitting me up they had like rotator cuff surgery and and all these other things a lot of people messaging me and one guy got me pretty hyped today because he's like pete what did the doctor tell you about like your shoulders and stuff so i also got a tear in this one but i got tears in both but this one's not as bad this one could just heal but this one is all destroyed and he said to me goes pete you know the great thing about this i said what he goes you never really understand how strong you are i said what are you talking about he goes since you've had the tears before you can't do the type of weights and everything that you're used to doing so he's like when you're fully healed and you're at that level again you'll be surprised how much working out you've been doing that you're actually going to start feeling then and i'm like huh i never i never really thought about that because he's like yeah the big thing is like he had it um he actually had the whole rotator cuff surgery and all these like it took me six to seven months to feel fully you know better again and um he's like at least you know that you're healed that there's not damage there anymore so that's like a real breath of fresh air but i tell you what wearing this thing while you sleep and everything man it's hard it's hard it is hard man then my elbow because it's like this all day that [ __ ] gets like locked and i gotta finally try to stretch it it sucks it sucks but anybody who has any suggestions that have been through it hit me up hit me up i could take any advice because again i like to learn so if you guys have anything at all about having a you know torn everything in there this location months of recovery let me know let me they're gonna suggest all the drugs in the world all the drugs in the world man that's what they're gonna suggest they're gonna be like yo pete you gotta get high bro that's what it's been that's what i'm telling you man like i did not think i was making it through this so after this um i am literally showering and knocking out cold and i'm done i worked i mean i don't want to say this right here but you got you guys on the background of ny news knows we got a lot of new things coming to the channel and that's all i did all day today i worked on new templates new designs designated spitters is going to have a brand new revamp so nothing's changing it's going to be us but the whole design is going to look way better where do you guys see it all that it all that's going to be here and all the fun stuff's going to happen so francis take it away with the with the great clothes y'all already know guys the next tune in because the next episode is the best episode i love it i love it and you guys know we will never come whack on a designated spitters track you guys know the deal again guys appreciate you and we'll talk to you all again very very soon thank you i really really really wanna

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Posted on 07 Nov 2021