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29 Jul 2022 by Felix Pantaleon


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02 Nov 2020 by Felix Pantaleon

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Designated Spittaz: Yankees Chemistry, We Give Our IF Alignment @1FrancisLee @SimonettiSource


we designated splitters live every week live designated homie cause we spit heat we designated spitters friends we what is going on everybody pete timothy here for ny news designated spitters francis is right there francis i saw those number counts on the followers actually going up you know what we didn't talk about that we've been chatting a bit before we started this episode and i meant to say good luck for the shout out because today today uh you guys are not following francis just shot up i think i got another maybe between 12 and 15 more today man you guys see it right there man go ahead and follow at one francis lee it's right there bam i can't i can't stretch my hand over to that side but i'm finishing it right over there you guys can see it so yeah we got the world series going on right now you guys will be seeing a sunday we got game uh what is it for going on right now in the world series um two to one in the moment and um yeah we'll probably if the if the braves do something i might give you guys a little tomahawk chop and and uh see that uh passing might have a heart attack when i do it but i thought we were gonna call this episode american choppers choppers i thought we were going to call this episode american choppers maybe we could we could just cgi trump in the middle of us you really you really want to explode don't you passive will have a heart attack it's funny because and again you know we don't we don't we don't get too political here at all when we talk about stuff but i was laughing because i told the guys in the chat i said i said watch i i sent you guys the things because i knew it i said okay trump is going to a game you're going to have your adlers you're going to have your your um your martinos do their regular things and like right on cue martino has to write an article on it what really happened how he really got it who cares who cares but my question is why what do you mean how he really got it he's at a baseball game who cares how he cuz apparently when he's when he wrote he was like he was invited by randy levine to come oh and then we reached out to we reached out to randy levine's people and they said that's not necessarily the case he asked to come here who gives a [ __ ] who cares and then right away lindsay adler oh look i'm living in a simulation you go walk your dog you're living in a simulation i was like i just feel like growing up so childish it's stupid yeah it's like it's like listen i uh jeff passing in his article yesterday oh the worst the worst literally the worst article ever you're like we're we're devoting so much time and energy so much time and energy to things that like even if you remove it even if you remove it and people stop doing it what does that really do for anybody nothing nothing what does that mean i all i see is passing and adler and whoever else telling me that people are offended by this but i have yet to see the people that they say are offended by this they're not actually being offended by this they're not where was where was passing and everybody else in 95 in the world series is then where were they at talking about this stuff it's it's the cool thing to do on one side they don't care if you think jeff passing this bothers him you're at your freaking mind you're out your mind it's funny like little things like that it's it's hilarious and i'll be honest i told francis this beforehand my article at kevin kernan put ny news further up on the map i had a lot of former baseball players reach out to me a lot of them reach out to me companies actually reach out to me and thank us for what we're doing because we're keeping things real we're saying what's on our mind we're not holding back we're not saying well i want to go with the flow here or i'm going to make a whole video talking about how i have a native american friend who finds the chop the tomahawk chop offensive i mean it's it's crazy that you know everything's offensive everything's offensive and it's well if i look for me and my fiance were thomas the other i said babe if i if i look to be offended i could look to be offended i could find something to be i could go into an italian restaurant and i could see every italian restaurant has the little fat guy statue with the big mustache holding the tomatoes i don't i don't think that should be in there that offends me because not all italians are fat and cook hey when is the uh the attack to cancel them gonna start it's never gonna start you know why because people like the five dollar pizza pies that's right and you think italian's got a problem with it it's like first of all most italians i know are like that that's won't eat it that's not even pizza yeah we wouldn't eat that i mean you know that's an embarrassment they didn't even use the name caesar but you know what let him have it or whatever but it's like that's what i'm saying it's like if you look for something to be offended by chances are you're gonna find it in today's world you're gonna find it i'm not saying that people don't have the right to be offended by things because i would never say that i don't like telling people how to feel that's not my i'm right there with you i agree what i'm saying is i just i hear people telling me that this is like so offensive and people are angry about i'm like okay i hear you but the people who you say are offended like where they at like i want to talk to them i want to talk to them i don't want to hear from jeff passing like when did he become captain woke man like well that's what i said when did he become the righteous man of what is wrong and right he's on things lecturing a black man about how you talk about an asian guy then he's like he's like a guy to go to to be like oh well he has to teach us who is he who is jeff passing who is this guy a white a white cis male like apparently i don't get it listen to the if you listen to the groups that cancel everybody you are the devil jeff pastor you are a white cis male like i don't but it's like listen to be fair to be fair unfortunately the white liberal can get away with just about anything and they're the ones that are actually offended by it it's not it's not native it's not the majority of native americans i'm not saying you don't have a native american or two or a few that are probably like i i would i would like if they took it away but i guarantee you we are we are the braves new oh the braves a new team that haven't done this stuff i'm like this is all of a sudden new now because it's cool to do this and the left feels they have power over this stuff the woke mob they have power to do these type of things so okay i don't care if you're a liberal i don't care if you're great you could come on the show you could talk to me you could talk to us nobody's saying you know i i don't want you guys in here no that's cool being here i'm just sure me too i'm just saying what we're seeing here and some of you actually know because we actually dm politics back and forth and all that but i keep that stuff out but when it's when it's coming into baseball yeah we're gonna talk about it you know what i mean we're gonna we're gonna definitely talk about it then i've had plenty of people reach out to me a lot of former ball players reach out after the interview like i appreciate how realistic you are they went through some of the other videos and were like they like that you know we don't center on this little wokeness and analytics and all this and i'm not comparing analytics and wokeness to be one but i'm just saying that there's a lot of things that people have strong opinions about and they want to follow along in the trend we are trendsetters we're going to do our own thing simple as that there's a there is a point to be made about analytics and wokeness kind of walking hand in hand but i'm not i'm not going to put that beer i'm not going to poke that beer today i'm just saying like it's an interesting correlation another another show down the line we could definitely definitely talk about but we want to start off with an interesting comment from a former rival talking about our new york yankees david big poppy ortiz let me read it off to you now francis i'm letting you take over immediately on this one so let me read this for you guys here it is on the screen you guys can see it with me there's big poppy right there looking dapper i must say he says they don't need more players by the way this is on his concerns about the yankees lack of new chemistry they don't need more players they need new chemistry they got the talent but the chemistry comes from the talent if you have no chemistry you can have the best talent and you're not going to win so francis i turn it over to you then i will give you my two cents on that one on the man right there and and the words he said about chemistry in the new york yankees yes sir first things first shout out big papi man dominican legend so always shout out to big papi um i don't forgive you for any transgressions that you you know commit against my new york yankees but as long as it was against anyone else hey shouts out to you um i would want to start out by saying poppy's 100 spot on um this is not something that we haven't spoken about already ad nauseam we've spoken about this and we may have been we may have been one of very few people speaking about this and i try to listen to a lot of other guys stuff because i'm just a yankee fan and it was up to me i'll i'd spend 24 7 just consuming yankees content so i listened to a lot of you guys and i remember hearing you guys saying it as much as we were saying that there was clearly something wrong in this clubhouse like and this year it was obvious but we even said that this probably hasn't been just this year thing like it's been a while that there's just been something off with this clubhouse there's a lot of weird personalities there's a lot of weird like awkward you know things there's corniness there's like it's weird stuff going on and then a couple you know a week ago or whatever like we get this article um bob clatt you know b-clap comes out with the article and you know puts out the thing with gardner and cole and then you know judge arguing with the with the yes execs about the camera following him after a strikeout and you know there was this shot at joey gallo getting dressed and you know a bunch of times or whatever and it's like okay that comes out but it's like okay now everybody's like oh wow this was going on like look this is what it is just functional it's like first of all there's probably a million more things that have way more than that way more than that that's what phil nevin decided to discuss with b-clap that date yeah but he got a lot more in his pocket he got some people shivering right now i'm sure it was probably there was probably a million more things to happen probably way worse things that happened than that like and then what dave and it makes with david ortiz that's what makes it spot on like you can see that there's not the cam there's not chemistry on this team right david ortiz some people might say well who is david ortiz to talk about the egg let me tell you who david ortiz is talking about the iges david ortiz was a chemistry guy he was probably the chemistry guy for years on the boston red sox okay that 2013 championship i mean he was the chemistry he was everything like that was he's actually the perfect person to speak about chemistry he knows what it looks like that's why he praises the red sox of today and cora the job that he does today because he looks at that dugout of those guys and he sees the chemistry there yeah you don't see that in the yankees dugout covering the wild card game live and we were saying yo what's going on man like they looked dead after two winnings everything's dead everything's quiet boone is picking his nose it's like what's happening what's going on this was after after the was it the bogart's homer right we all said it was like damn it's like a funeral in the dugout yeah the bulldogs homer in the bottom of the first they came up to bat top of the second and went down like clockwork and we were looking and we're like look at the dugout they're dead they're dead yeah chemistry chemistry like when do you see like a guy up at the plate or whatever and everybody at the top step start let's go jersey let's go whatever we don't see that no we don't see that we just don't see that and then and then when when they're in the clubhouse the stories that we get are like the stories that we just got from bob klapus now there's more than that is what i'm saying that that goes to show you that there's just a disconnect there's just a disconnect when somebody like when somebody like gardner doesn't know whether or not to play a prank with somebody and he has he takes a chance playing a prank on somebody who then reacts in a way that's like you know whatever but like i mean my stan you guys saw my twitter so you know my stance on whatever like i feel like okay this was whatever but when [ __ ] like that is happening and somebody like gardner like does this move because he wasn't 100 sure like yeah is this not going to do it's that kind of that's how you know the vibe is just off in the clubhouse because somebody who's been there should know like i could joke with this guy i shouldn't really joke with that guy this guy depends on the day like you should know that right away but because there is no vibe really in the clubhouse and nobody really knows what the hell is going on well this is how [ __ ] like this happens it's actually like this out and it shows up on the field it just shows up on the field you uh currently brought it up in the in uh the interview you did where uh torres doesn't run out you know uh past uh a well i guess a wild pitch strike three or a pass yeah and willits instead of like interacting with him or saying the web just puts his head down walks back to the dugout it just goes to show you why because that's that that was the vibe it's like it's like they're on a it's like they're on a job that they're just waiting for the paycheck to come friday they get here that's it they clock in clock out bounce it's the new york yankee factory that's what our that's that's what the clubhouse is that's what this team is it's the new york yankees factory and it's like these did it's not players it's factory workers everybody's working like an assembly line and it's like here whatever you know what i'm here to do i'm gonna do my job and you know you're gonna praise me or i'm not gonna do my job and like you're not gonna praise me but oh did they just tie it so lara went deep i didn't know i didn't see it i think swanson just went deep tie game yeah yeah dansby swanson home and fly by the right oh and now solaire just homered back to back oh shh back i went to the game the other night it was phenomenal you know you know you know if they win trump's taking credit for the w you know you know he should no let me stop that he's gonna go he's gonna go i went to the game the game was great one of the best games you ever seen they won because trump was there and there'll be heads exploding around the world you know thinking that the guy's not allowed to joke around or whatever but anyway look at this back-to-back home runs for america's team right now the atlanta braves up 3-2 six outs away from being three to one uh let me get let's get back to obviously where we were listen i was just my point was that look the the yankees have lost their swagger and this is something that goes back to siminetti source videos from probably last season right i remember a specific video where you were talking about the yankees not having a swagger to them right yep 100 yeah and that has carried that carried well into this year and it's the same thing but here's the thing you want to know whether you want you guys want to know where the swagger is swagger comes from swagger comes from having that chemistry that the yankees don't have like swagger is something that like you you admit it naturally when you're in a place that you're comfortable and you're like and you're like yo i feel good i could be myself i could bat flip i could do this i could do that but the yankees it's been awkward i mean you guys remember yeah judge walking down the the the hallway at fenway park with the new york new york on the speaker like a lot of you saw that we're like yeah i remember like i saw that and i was like i was kind of cringing because i was like after two games it's got balls man that's that's a risk i was like i don't know i think i think you i think you tweeted something similar to that like i did i did i didn't like it like the judge playing the music right so we've been on the same wavelength with this for a very long time that the yankees it's not that they don't have you know it's not that they don't try to have swagger they try but they fail it's awkward it's cringy it's crazy you know goes back to what david ortiz is saying yeah history these guys don't play well off each other like and i don't want to say everybody because i do want to give credit to some people like i think judge and john carlo have a really good thing going yeah yeah i think rizzo works very well for them 100 right apparently apparently the rumor is him and judge actually got very very close during the year so so they're saying that's the rumor right now that they're actually very they got very very close um and you could actually see it that's like with chemistry right you can actually see that him giancarlo and judd they would actually gather around with each other talk you could see them doing it they were you know active and and getting kind of crazy in the in the dugout but here's the thing about chemistry so let me um let me let me talk about chemistry real quick here and and how it happens right and i'm not in a dugout but i've asked these questions to a lot of people it starts with the manager it starts with the manager it really does chemistry starts with a magic because france like you said one thing right you said you know um guys don't know if you're supposed to maybe joke around with this guy or is this the best time to do it is the manager needs to judge those moments the manager needs to be involved in certain things like that they got to read their players well they got to know who's who they got to know what personalities like like they say right they got aaron boone because they feel like he'll just be one of the boys how does that work for chemistry how does that work for chemistry can you really go to one of your friends and be like hey that is no no that's not happening on my club you should know that take a seat i think that's the problem and i always reference it to um managing a a regular job a regular store if you're going out partying with your team every friday and saturday night let's just say one of the days all the time then your boss comes in is like you know none of you guys are doing nothing what's going on ah you know we'll be all right comes back two weeks late nothing has changed what's up these dudes performances in the trash can what are you doing i talk to them they'll be okay at some point you're gonna have to hold the manager in charge accountable for not doing his job because at the end of the day i think boone is not comfortable going after some of these players and i hope that god that changes kevin kernan said that that you know maybe now he'll see that i gotta be better i gotta hold these guys accountable a little more i can't be so relaxed with them they're allowed to do whatever they want maybe i maybe i do have to bench them or sit them down or really pull them aside and talk to them um things like that need to happen um but just when it comes to chemistry i mean it obviously yes it has a lot to do with town and we hear that you know we hear things like about brett gardner that he is a he's a prankster cece sabathia talked about in the past that he it's all about living things up i heard cece say that recently he's a good good guy in a clubhouse because he does that he's the guy that kind of gets guys pumped up he's the one they can go talk to so you know when you hear about things like this and you're like okay that's a little bit of story we don't know the full thing of what happened here we don't know what the mood in the clubhouse was because i've read that whole thing top to bottom i read it live and all that stuff on the thing and the way clappage does it he was trying to paint coal as the bad guy in the situation because when i read it i'm like yeah he's he's trying to paint him because he even goes he didn't say that gardner walked right up the coal he said he was parading around the clubhouse when cole got in his face he was like in front of all of his teams okay well he's in a clubhouse so i'm assuming the teammates are going to see was it there yeah and what did he do you know what was cole's reaction did cold jump over something and grab him by the shirt hey enough knock it off or did he just go brett knock it off like what are you doing yeah was it that what what was the reaction like was it in your face what was it exactly but even even with that being said it goes to the organization and and we gotta talk about this because you know everybody knows about the joey gallow the ticks and all that the weird the face he makes and something he's not able to control too easily but then you find out that he's one of these guys too that they lays his clothes out he puts one sock on at a time he puts his pants on he doesn't like the way he fits he takes everything off and does it again there's some people that are like that in life that's reality of life now here's my thing what are the yankees doing that maybe advanced scouting could have told them that hey look there are some quirks to this guy just a heads up because again before any of i'm not i'm not knocking the new age guys but maybe some of you don't know this this happens this is this is also a part of scout's jobs they actually get to learn about a player especially a player teams targeting they learn that background they learn who they are as a person they learn more than just what they do want to feel what numbers tell you they learn a little more so my question becomes were the yankees totally aware that maybe this is not the greatest fit for the person is there a reason why joey gala was like you know what yeah keep me on a team that's gonna lose for probably the next couple of years i'll stay here anybody ever does anybody just sit back and ask these questions and not just hype a guy up because he plays for the yankees i like joey gallo i'm willing to give him a year i don't think they look at i don't think they were they're they're honestly looking at these things um like chemistry and fit like that and i think you know current was 100 right with the points he made um and i've seen a couple people make a similar point like yeah like you know i don't know if they did a background check you know before they made this deal because i mean it would have been pretty easy to know like hey you know this guy's coming in with this or that um and i i worry like with a guy like gallo not so much a lot of the performance whatever because i think we know i think we we knew what gala was before he got here i think we reported on it when there were just rumors like oh yeah he said listen gallo is the three true outcomes guy right the uh walk strikeout home run right we said that that's who he is um so we knew we we at least us here at nyu we knew can i also just say this too we also all agree that he can't be the only move yeah i think and we said that wait yeah earlier we'd like we all said that yeah we said we said i said i wasn't one of those people like no don't get him then i was like go ahead get him but he can't be the only move yeah and he wasn't but what what i think with him is like what i what i worry is this that yeah i mean a guy like that obviously he he should have uh he should have support around him he should have people that he feels comfortable with whatever and i mean i mean yes odor was on the team but like odor wasn't even playing by the time gallow gets here so it's like is gallo out there with guys he feels comfortable with is he is he able to like talk to guys does he have a place that he can go like whatever like just decompress and like be himself or whatever like is he vibing with the clubhouse vibe like is he good with like i don't know i don't know i don't know what has to happen but david ortiz is 100 right when he says that it's not necessarily that they need new players because they need to bring in new talent and i think that's and i think i don't want people to misconstrue the quote because i don't understand this quote as david ortiz saying oh the yankees don't need to get new players i don't think that's what he's saying at all no i don't think so either they do need to get new players but it's not because they don't have enough talent yes they get new players because they need to bring talent in they need chemistry because they need to bring chemistry in yes that's right they didn't have enough talent and when he says that i agree i look at the team that they had not starting 2021 but at the end of 2021 say dj doesn't get injured right yeah and we've got dj going we've got gallo going we've got rizzo going we got judge we got stanton we got rochella in there uh glaber's in there unfortunately sanchez is in there uh and gardner's in there right i look at that and then i look at you know like the other teams here i mean look i mean look at look at look at the braves look at houston these guys get a lot more contact hits and timely hits than the yankees did at all all season well like in terms of like talent-wise or whatever it's like i mean there's there's situations where like you could argue that it almost evens out because of the amount of talent in one player like aaron judge stanton rizzo like there's a lot of freaking talent concentrated in those guys so it kind of now um with lineups like atlanta with lineups like houston it's spread across a little bit better and does have you know two huge stumpers in freaking altuve and correa uh bregman has kind of fallen off the brace could stay the same with a cuny and freeman but akunya's been down all year and look it's freeman freeman has hadley austin reilly really yeah but i feel like with atlanta it's been by committee right it's been by committee they figure it out they added smart pieces they had a good pieces too like a lot of people look people thought they were out right they were saying well atlanta's gone they're done so let's move on and they were like nah we're gonna add a few pieces see what we can do and they added some great ones look at rosario look at them look at jack peterson i mean come on i mean they've added a great amount of talent and and they knew the east was up in the air and there they could potentially what are they six outs away from being 3-1 up in a world series they could potentially win the world series this year it's an amazing accomplishment it would be it would be a huge accomplishment and i think what's important to notice is like yes when i say they do it by committee i think the most important thing to doing that is is the chemistry it is the chem yeah it is what i think david ortiz talks about when he says like this team is not lacking in talent the yankees are they've they've been for a couple years putting out you know talented teams on the field the team hasn't been playing to their talent and i think one of the culprits there you know aside from management because management is part of it and leadership is a huge part of it is chemistry though and i think it's something that yeah i agree with i don't think the yankees have had good chemistry in a long time yeah okay it goes to show you that you know having a spring training and man i every time i talk about this i was like man kernan really did drop some knowledge because i keep wanting to go back to what he said but um he had a country club the country club aspect doesn't always work and it doesn't always lead to chemistry he said something really important there that like i want people to understand he said and i know the yankee he's like i'm not saying that the yankees are the only ones doing right okay right he's right i want you guys to understand that i'm not saying that the yank when i say that i agree that it's true that the yankees run their spring training like a country club i'm not saying that as if they're the only ones who do it but here's my thing okay if the dodgers want to run their spring training in 2021 and in 2022 like a country club guess why i don't give a damn one i'm not a fan of the dodgers two they just want to ring in 2020. yep they just won yeah they've been winning their division like perennially for years okay if they want to start slowing work up to it hey that's their prerogative okay tampa bay was just in the world series last year you know i'm saying they were a playoff team again this year they won the division again this year okay like if they wanted to run it like a country club which i don't think they do but say that they did okay like you you got some recent i get it but for the new york yankees to be running their spring training like a country club like what what's their excuse what have we won we haven't won a damn thing nothing that championship ring is is more dusty than the freaking manager i don't know like what are we doing yeah like you shouldn't be running our spring training like a country club i don't care how many teams are doing it i don't care how many other teams are doing it my thing is the yankees should the yankees be doing that no not with where they are like you said you're right you're right not not with not with where they are right now what they're trying to accomplish that's the biggest problem here is that they're trying to accomplish winning but they're not changing any of the mindset the mentality none of that stuff to actually win and i like you're right you you made a good point on when you're talking about what ortiz said it's he's right he's not necessarily saying you got to get you know new players and you got to get chemistry you got to get new guys that bring a chemistry and a balance to this club and i think a lot of that has to do with leadership i'll continue to stay on that a lot of that and that not just aaron boone not just aaron boone a lot of that has to do with leadership in a clubhouse we don't know who that guy is we don't know who that guy we don't there's a lot of mystery in the yankee clubhouse that we've been asking all year we've been asking about it all yet the most chemistry we saw was at the end because it was anthony rizzo that's the most chemistry we saw and it was anthony rizzo we got we actually got evidence of that we got video seeing what he done we know he helped joey gallo out there's a lot of different things that brought him aaron judge now apparently has talked high about him and how well they actually um gel together so there there's a lot of this there's evidence there that a guy like that a guy like rizzo really helped out in the chemistry and he was a new face so he was a new face that came over and did that they just got to add they got to add more guys and what i hope they do is that they're able to use that scouting more because everything can't be based off numbers and folks this organization is doing everything based off numbers there is not no hiding about this no more this is fact this is just fact this team is doing everything by what the analytical nerds are telling them to do it's it's that's all there is to it brian cashman is a do all end-all he gets what he wants he's being told by people these are the moves to make he's seeing the body of work and the evidence of it and boom let's do it he's not he's not sitting back right now right and saying hey um let's just throw an example out there um uh jack peterson is actually known as a really good clubhouse guy he's a really really good clubhouse guy yeah but i think uh sterling marte is better for us that's what it would be they'll hand him a paper and go oh no brian look at this and look at it the body work okay and i'm not saying i'm not i'm not comparing the players guys so oh pete but he is not comparing that i'm just saying advanced scouts no people they know the player they know a lot more that there's a lot more to the story than what numbers tell you i know a lot of analytical people don't believe that but shocking to know people are people you know they're not me and francis is a number i'm not a number people are people if i was based off of uh what subscribers what based off how many people view us that's all worth that's not true that's not how it works not how life works in general you know what i mean they say you're as good you know you're only as good as your last whatever paycheck whatever it is what yeah amount of money you bring whatever it is uh year you had people are people and we got to get back to that humanness of the game that there are guys that maybe you take over somebody else that's a little more talented because they bring other things to the table they bring other things a question like i said like i told you guys when we were going back and forth on brett gardner the only reason gardner's still here is because he does something in the clubhouse they like that's obvious he's not here because he get hit he's not getting these deals because man he's just some amazing fourth outfielder now he's probably the fifth outfield if you really think about it maybe even further back than that if you really want to go into it you know he's not there because of playing a building he's there for leadership and that's the reason he's there because again they know that but they get a first-hand experience of that so my even with me with that whole thing it's like i don't like that i mean some people took it to the point of saying like oh you know gardner's a clubhouse cancer and that's why he's no come on no okay how's cancer that's clubhouse cancer is a little wild yeah you could be upset about the situation the incident i thought i thought i was i was like in this situation you know gardner's a [ __ ] in this situation or i was like i think i think he was a dick in that situation okay like i'm like garner's a dick like i saw that i was like like my stance was oh garner's a dick or i might not like that that was a [ __ ] move that was a [ __ ] clubhouse cancer though i don't know talking about in this one situation i think that was a dick move or a little bit of a [ __ ] move but for the grand scope of things i don't think i could call them a clubhouse cancer i don't know if the [ __ ] have had a clubhouse cancer did i remember you know like do people know what a clubhouse cancer actually is like well a lot of people felt like randy johnson was but even kearney's at kerner said he was actually really liked in the clubhouse yeah i mean but he wasn't he wasn't like some bad dude yeah clubhouse cancer they're not even here like randy johnson wasn't even here long enough to be a clubhouse cancer no you got to be here you got to be and you got to be a real [ __ ] to be a clubhouse kelly you got to be known as an [ __ ] and i don't think the yankees would keep somebody around like that like a lot of people even point to like when a-rod and judo was around that was never really an issue like the media wanted it to be an issue because it's a great story but it was never really anything that was bad like i said back in oh five i think it was they used to call a-rod [ __ ] tits he thought it was a joke yeah so he never got mad about it because he's like oh yeah that's whatever funny yeah so you know he thought it was a joke my thing about the cole situation was i don't necessarily again i go back to what i said we don't have enough evidence of what the actual situation was we weren't there wasn't enough evidence i read the story countless times i read it from top to bottom like i can't put a blame necessarily on somebody the one thing i will say is i want to see who gary cole is i don't know that person yet and i'm being honest maybe that's just my opinion but i told you before it is this year i'm going to get hard on cole cole needs to prove something because guys look we gotta also be realistic here yes he pitched pretty good after the spider attack but we don't know where his confidence sunk to we don't know the person what happened we don't know none of that we don't know that he didn't get so mad at guard or whatever i'm not even gonna say so mad because all he said was he got in his face i don't know what that looks like i don't know what his personality was and i don't know any of that and like i said i don't know i could make assumptions of what you know might have been in his mind maybe guilt i said about maybe guilt was part of it maybe he knows what he did maybe he knows he was better with spider attack people never and that's not saying nothing bad about him that's why i didn't like the that's why i said like in that situation like i think he's a dick move on gardeners probably because i'm like like cole knows what the [ __ ] he did like he's probably already like yeah man like i [ __ ] up now i'm [ __ ] struggling because i'm using this [ __ ] and i can't use this [ __ ] now so like yeah like i'm like i'm like if i'm on the outside looking in there i'm like even if he looks like he's doing good i'm not gonna make the joke why because i'm like listen it's pretty obvious this guy was using this [ __ ] now he's struggling and i don't know like i would imagine that he's not in the best head space right now because yeah that's just not fun when you go from being dominant as he was it's as shitty as he was because so that's what that was my whole i don't think i don't think like his intent was like now i'mma purposely mess with him no definitely not definitely i mean it was a thing like that no cole reacting the way that he reacted is something that's like yeah like no matter what could have been going on in that moment like if he reacted like in a way that shocked gardner it just goes to show like there's not really a vibe in that clubhouse where it's like you know what because i think if cole is in a place where he felt protected and supported or whatever that joke hits a lot different they agree i actually agree with that i agree with that joke that it's a joke but because he got so apprehensive and i said it in our group you're like i feel like it's common knowledge that cole's awkward or whatever at least it's been that i hope that's not let me let me just say this on that i hope that's not the case because the last thing you want is somebody and you could call you could say i'm wrong on this but awkwardness and not wanting to be joked with in new york you could consider that mentally weak because it's a tough place to be that person in especially when the yankees haven't lost one and on top of that when you accept that contract you're immediately a target people the media is waiting for you to fail they want to see it because they got a story so my whole thing on that like i i think um i asked current about like his personality and so that's when he brought up the guy in oakland that was his mentor and he and this brings up this kind of full circle right is there somebody in that clubhouse that can sit down and talk with him does he have that or is he just a man and that's not fair and i don't think so because i don't think he's like that matt blake has done a phenomenal job or whatever but matt blake is not going to be a mentor to gary cole right this is cece's about the is an advisor but like he's not traveling with the team he's not there we need like remember did you see the way that cece spoke about mike harkey the broken coat yes he had that relationship with hart yep i don't think paul has a relationship with hark i think i think cole needs someone like you know what i mean like obviously and this is not a shot to mike harkey i think mike harkey's you know probably doing a decent job at what he's doing i mean he's been here for quite a while now and he's got votes of confidence from a lot of the guys in the team right i don't like if he's not gonna if he's not that guy for coal i wouldn't be surprised like i don't like i feel like when i when cece said it it made so much sense why him and cc related like just about just him them talking about like the him talking about the backgrounds that they come from and things like that but i was like okay i get it but like who's that guy for garrett well i think that guy for garrett is currently sitting in the booth potentially potentially yeah it's it's cone what are you talking about yeah potentially he potentially could be yeah one of the things michael k was actually pretty early on was like you know saying like he's like listen i know for a fact you david and garrett would have a phenomenal conversation about pitching i remember that yep philosophy and everything he's like i would love to just be a fly on the wall listen to you guys talk you know shop and whatever and you know what i think he's right i listened to david cohn talk during the games and i'm just like you know some people some of you guys probably watch the game you're like it's good i like it but after a while like it gets to be a little too much for me whatever like i think cole would eat that [ __ ] up no definitely he would and like they said he's a um like kernan said you know kernan spoke to him multiple times and all that he actually asked people about his time in houston and he said flat out he's a very he's a student of the game he lo he really does he loves pitching and he wants to know how he gets better and all that i'm not knocking i'm not knocking matt blake here there's only so much a guy matt blake could do for garrett cole that should be real so like even kernan talked about this nicole though he said you know there's there's the best pitching coaches are mechanics and what he means about it you know you go you go drop your car off you get it fixed they don't say add maybe you gotta change the seats the colors of the seats that's kind of what the analytic side does and that's not knocking it it works sometimes it works blake's more of a guy that'll go to the mound and again i got information on this that this is accurate he's a sequence guy he's big in the sequences and we've seen this before guys then all of a sudden they drop a change up into the star and they're ready to go and a lot of pitch coach does that but they said he's very much a sequence guy you're doing this too much let me get you both on track this is the pitch that does wealth this is the one that this right hand it doesn't hit good against this is where you got to go there's certain guys the pitching coach that are mechanics like he brought up brett strom who's great at this he'll tell a guy no look i watched the video you got to get back more on the rubber you got to move more to the left on the rub what it's going to do is going to create this angle that angle blah blah blah blah and he fix his guy he could fix guys in a moment like that boom again no knock on matt blake who's pitching staff did terrific so i give him all the credit in the world okay what all all we're saying here is that maybe somebody else who has been there who has done that who has pitched in new york who knows what it's like when you struggle can sit back and have a conversation with cole somebody could really bounce these ideas off of and go hey garrett i get it you know i get it i i've been uh you don't even got to say that because i know you've been there i respect what you're saying because you've done it you're not talking [ __ ] you've been there and done that garrett needs that he had that he had that with the astros until his mentor passed away and then it was like all right now i'm kind of out here on his own and that's the same thing that if you remember on on the interview that kernan said about a guy robbie ray the pitching coach in toronto i forget his name right now but he's one of the best in baseball and he fixed robbie ray does robbie ray want to take that risk and leave that relationship and go to a place where maybe it's not the same thing maybe he doesn't have that mechanic maybe he doesn't have that guy that comes out the man goes robbie look you're my cat you're you're [ __ ] up again that's the wrong thing that's not how i told you back on the left side of the rubber yeah maybe he doesn't have he needs that maybe cole needs that i'm not saying again not saying there's anything wrong with the way cold pitchers are as mechanics but sometimes it helps clear your mind and ease your mind when you can talk to somebody who's been there and done that i think cole does cole does need somebody to talk to i don't think cole had a you know phenomenal relationship with catchers i mean i know he liked higgy but i think the thing with higgy is more like you're just not gary sanchez like you know what i mean like potentially yeah but i just think like the the love affair between him and hickey is not so much about hickey it's just like yeah like anybody but gary and that's another area where we don't have a manager and that's bad chemistry yeah no you guys have heard me say this because i know some people about people you said that he picks what he wants no no no no i've always said because the manager ain't gonna do [ __ ] about it i've always said it i said so it's gonna be cole's decision even kernin said they should be in a room together he should shut the door and say work this [ __ ] out work it out and that's it work it out no i mean i'm gonna i'm gonna tell you right now though it's interesting in that situation in the beginning the whole personal capture thing i was like yeah i don't know that's kind of like cringy like i've never really been a big fan of like the personal catcher thing um but when your starting catcher is gary sanchez i mean i i guess i got to sympathize with it and maybe i i'm biased because when i did play baseball like yeah i was a pitcher and so i feel like yeah man like i don't know how how much i want to like you know really be working with a catcher who i feel like isn't the best for my stuff and i don't feel confident throwing the ball to him and it's like like if i go out there and i screw up a game i want it to be because i ain't have my best stuff today and i agree i i i agree with i agree what you're saying my my whole thing is did that conversation ever even happen because if you remember randy johnson randy johnson threw to passata it wasn't only one or two games he threw him a lot and then he was like flaherty i work better with i'm going with john i'm gonna work with john so i'm just saying it was kind of it was pretty damn quick with cole if i remember pretty well it wasn't it wasn't too many starts so i'm like were there ever amending was there ever a hey what's the issue with him hey gary here's what he thinks can we work this out i don't know we don't know if that ever happened you're just spot on with that this happened relatively early in cole's tenure with the yankees that's for sure um but again like i said i'm like these these are things that yeah if you if we're honest these things go back to chemistry and things like that because when you have chemistry with a guy of course this you're going to be willing to overlook certain things like i had a friend i had a friend who caught me um for winter the winter ball leagues when we were in between our high school season and um listen his name was kevin he was definitely not the best defensive catcher out there but i loved kevin why because he was he was funny and like he kept me calm on the mount like he kept me calm he was not very good defensive he was he was overweight he didn't really move well like and i knew that when i was throwing to him if i was gonna throw a curveball in the dirt it had to kind of be middle dirt because like i know it would bounce into him but if i was like on one side or the other it might get around them and if i got somebody on it's probably not gonna work and i knew this but i still like throwing to him why because like i said he was funny and he kept me calm and like he would do like quirky [ __ ] or whatever like if i was he would like and i'd be like oh look at this clown or whatever like that so i was willing to overlook some of the physical you know flaws because of the chemistry that we had but when there is no chemistry there to begin with you're not going to overlook matter yeah and that's i think i think i think that's the bigger point that needs to be made like did gary cole and gary sanchez like even really try to make that relationship work or was it just a thing where it's like no i think i'm gonna go with the backup guy and guy who was like hey i don't care yeah whatever and the other thing is too you know how much fighting was there for that job you know did is gary i know he's not comfortable sitting down in a wild card game or a game one but we've seen that that argument has been made and i keep saying it's gonna be up to coal it's just gonna be up the coal because there's nobody there trying to mend that but that's and again man i mean i hate tooting our own horn here but i've been right about boone for a while now for a long time i've been writing about but right about the clubhouse i've been writing about the chemistry in the field another great thing that that kernin brought up was the yankees don't do field and stuff a lot they don't they don't do it they're not out early he'd been a great place that ron washington would be out there seven in the morning he said a-rod jeter they'd be there at seven and he said they don't they weren't just starting their work has been in they said abraham a third of a third of the work a workout would be done by and he said jeter would have his routine he wouldn't go as hard as a-rod but he would have his routine in place and he wouldn't miss it like he said you know there was ron washington's one of the guys that they'll be out there doing fielding practice at seven in the morning you'll always see it you'll always hear it and even the other day that's why i retweeted i was like oh [ __ ] look current's point ron washington was out there it was pouring rain he's doing field in practice with the guys right on the side where it's not covered so i'm like i'm like the yankees don't do that and kern is like well no it's actually not common you know they don't they they haven't been a team that's been like we're gonna focus on this stuff and it shows in the season look at look at the braves right here's the in the the interesting thing about this is that you look at the braves and like defensively they're pretty freaking sound swanson's got a great glove at shortstop albie's is a really good second baseman and freddie freeman is a gold glove you know type first baseman like right right you know i mean these guys do they if they wanted to say like i don't really have to be out here doing these fielding drills or whatever they could probably they could probably get away with it if they wanted to yeah but the reason that they're as good as they are is because they're out there doing that that's right that's what they're out there doing and that to me is like how do the yankees see a team as defensively sound as the braves doing that every day and still think that the train wreck that we put out there defensively doesn't have to do it that's that to me is where the change of mentality needs to happen and it needs to happen fast because we need to have guys going out there doing infield drills it can't just be that they're doing in-field drills after they have a game with an excessive amount of errors no you should be doing that all the time you have to make winning habits you can't make you don't make a habit of know if we have a really bad game in one aspect then we'll work on it the next day no work on that [ __ ] all the time that's right work on one thing and moving runners over work on base money work on defense work on all that [ __ ] all the time it was the last game of the season the last game of the season and tampa bay was doing infield drills before the game at yankee stadium yep to me that was embarrassing as a yankee fan i think that's cersei it is embarrassing i'm gonna reiterate it the last game of the season the team that clinched the division eons ago and is playing today for absolutely nothing because they don't care like this means really nothing to them um yeah they'd like to beat us just because they enjoy beating the [ __ ] out of us but really means nothing to them in the grand scheme of like where their where their next steps are going as a team they're the ones who are out there doing fielding practice yeah while the team who needs this game to ensure their spot in a wild card game is in the dugout doing god knows what yeah it shows you a lot that's why i guess that's why i think all year i really got upset where a lot of yankee fans would argue back on the stuff with boone oh it's not as full as not hold on analytics team art isn't i don't think chiming in on the fielding practice these guys are doing i don't think they're saying guys the numbers show they don't need to do field i don't know i'm pretty sure that stuff's up to the manager to go out there and do get extra working and things like that and i mean maybe you know there's a lot of there's still a lot of change in these to happen and and you know we'll see how it goes yeah i mean the thing too with with the whole like being the player's guy and everything like that is one thing is like yeah i get it but it's isn't it easy to be the player's guy if you're not really pushing him yeah of course well that's what i'm talking about how do you be their boss their manager if you're best friends with them yeah how do you tell them what to do if you're so goody goody i'm i'm part of the team type of guy you can't do that there got to be a separation there got to be an understanding that i'm the manager i want a good relationship but when you don't play you don't play the way i expect you better believe i'm going to be on your ass yankees didn't have that and we better hope that boone learned his lesson because a lot of people are telling me maybe he will so i'll hold off and i'll wait on that and maybe he will but we'll see what happens right we'll see what happens but speaking of managers san diego got a new manager yes sir and it couldn't lead big old bobby melvin well she could have been a measure to yankees but bobby melvin is uh moving on to san diego and right now the rumor is that the oakland a's roster may open up to some more salary slashing yeah they got some ball plays over there no it's uh it's that's a that's an interesting situation i think the first thing to to say what i think and i said in our chat was i didn't realize you know melvin was even available where was the reporting on this but what happened what happened was uh he wasn't necessarily available but they did say like hey if you want if you want to go and you know interview for this padres job you will let you go yep and he went interviewed and the project wanted him and oakland let him go so it's not necessarily he was available but oakland let him go to go to the padres so that was interesting and i think what the what makes it so interesting is that i mean a team who is planning to contend next season doesn't get rid of a manager who was really good with them you know i mean bob melvin is not was not a part of i'm gonna i'm gonna use a cashmanism but it's actually gonna be true when i say it here uh bob melvin wasn't a part of the problem with oakland he was actually a part of the solution with oakland so them allowing him to go take the gig with the padres just to me is a sign that they're probably not uh they're probably planning on not contending for another year or two and they figured hey man this guy's done right by us the best the good the best thing we could do is do right by him and let him know hey look you know if you want to go on some different opportunity have a chance to win uh go ahead and take it because we're going to be going in a different direction the next year or two class act two class act by him because he was on the contract so class act by the by the oakland organization stand-up organization though no definitely i mean yes i know i know uh if you're an oakland fan you're probably not going to agree stand-up organization because you kind of want your team to go for it and i i i agree with you i think i think what i was saying a couple episodes ago when the whole olson stuff started i was like look i i'd love it but i was like the reason that i don't see it is because i was like oakland doesn't necessarily have to trade him i mean they were really in it all year this year and they fell out of contention in the last week like they could run it back i mean they got chris bassett back at the end of the year like yeah i was like running back let's see but i i i guess they don't see running it back in in 2022 i think they think it's prudent to try and move guys now when their value is at its peak and see if they can't make a run maybe three years from now four years from now well the you know the the main thing too that you gotta you gotta think about also is that every team lost money in the co over the year so you know that's one thing too and then you know for them right now they're probably like hey for us to compete we know it as holes we probably got to add a little bit more maybe there's a few guys we can add and they're probably sitting back thinking you know we only got two years left with our best guys and some guys only one year left yeah at this point is it best to maybe trade one or two of these guys with the multiple years left get the most we can out of them now save that money maybe move some other salary around and we start that process already it's kind of ugly because they gave them a great pitching prospect for marte but they went for it you know so i i don't really shut them out for that i want to give them a really good picture process for marte but it is what it is but um you know you look at it as the team and we were doing this before we went live but i pulled up a lot of their roster here you know they got elvis andrus of course who's making the most on the team 14.25 million he's gonna be a free agent um in 2023 so we got the one year left i could see them trying to move that if a team needs a short stop maybe putting some money out there but a lot of it's some of the top guys you know andrew schaefen is one jake diekmann uh matt chapman we talked about sean manaya we talked about matt olson chris bassett chris bassett's going to be a free agent next year's last year so olson has a couple of more years um chapman got a couple more years manaya last year's next year is last year next year's last year so i think they'll move a lot of guys now i know people kind of relate this back to the yankees who could be of interest a lot of them could be i mean chapman could be mania could be olson could be bassett could be all four of those guys fit the yankees i'll tell you right now um i know olson is the is the sexy move right that everybody's like really in um i think chapman is probably just uh just as sexy a move um i didn't want to say just as sexy because i know one of these guys a list of hot player thing oh god yeah we're talking about here with that uh shout out to him though and whoever you know likes that kind of thing but um i think chapman is a move that's just as interesting and i'll tell you why um we brought up i think just last episode the possibility of you know moving on from geo and and us being okay with it because you know geo struggled with being available right and i think we're not getting while we while geo does provide you know decent production at the third base spot the fact is he's not there as often as we'd like him to be and even when he is there he's not really thumping the way you're expecting to get the thumb out of the hot corner that's right so if you upgrade that to a matt chapman and then maybe instead of trading for olson you just resign rizzo and you're going to the year with rizzo man in first and chapman at third well that's pretty freaking good and you had to stop to that again gladores is to me a non-factor at that point when that's what your corners in the infield look like and your shortstop is getting upgraded too and yeah it's a lot but again it's not just that right you said there's a couple of guys they got pitching that the yankees could look at if they're you know actually really considering making you know serious changes i would love to add two starting pictures i think we talked about that we were joking about it right like man what if they did robbie ray minaj or robbie ray and bassett i'd do it i'd do it i would do it because look i and this is the thing about yankee van guys you can't compare what happened last year what's gonna happen next year because i hear people talk about well the pitcher was fine they're okay in 2021 the pitching was fine yeah you can't sit back and go the same guys are gonna do the same thing you can't do that you can't do that championship teams rarely if ever stand pack and rest on their laurels definitely championship teams and i was actually supposed to make this video but no definitely i'll i'll get to this uh to this video probably the next day or so i'm talking about how important this off season is and we talked about we see a lot of people talking about what their infield would look like and and we'll chat about that too but um you know this this offseason i keep bringing it up because i i really believe this i think this is a crossroads off season i really do i think this offseason is so overly important and it needs to have a spotlight on it and when moves aren't made it needs to be talked about telling you guys it needs to be talked about big time everybody's focused so much on who the big shortstop is we're gonna get who's the shortstop what are we doing here what about all the other moves that this team really doesn't need to make i mean and there's so many options i saw somebody today talk about um maybe they get a lesser shortstop but they upgrade pitching a lot okay okay maybe they add some role players that can really make a big difference maybe they make a trade that we don't expect you know maybe they do all that and you know somebody said somebody message me to say pete you should do a video about dj lemayo and it's just conundrum right now on the team where he fits in i said that could be a good idea but i mean i sit back and i think about it too and i'm like unfortunately the yankees got a tough call because let's be real here dj lemay is the best second baseman the team has yeah that's just fact and you could sit there and be like well gleber's younger he could be better he's cheaper i don't give a [ __ ] about that when it comes to the yankees i don't care about that he's not a better defensive second baseman and if you want to be the person that goes well dj lemay is failing and he's not good no more i'll give you the chance to be that guy but if diesel may come back next year and his 280 285 293 305 310 nobody's gonna be shocked everybody says oh you look at you they're gonna do the same [ __ ] as before so my whole thing is as cashman has hard decisions to make because you really got to decide who is best to move forward with if your team next year is a new and we talked about this already but it's a new shortstop same catch behind the plate hicks back in center field and all of a sudden maybe dj lemay who's your first baseman maybe he's your third baseman you're still not putting the best product on the field that's just facts he should be a second bit but i and i agree i agree with you 100 and i think my issue my issue here is is uh very simple like um i think kernan you know again bringing him up a lot because it was a great interview and he's spot on when he says cashman's ego has precluded us from making a lot of the deals that we've had to make and a lot of the moves that we've had to make for a long time that's right and you know it sucks i get it you know to i can't imagine you know being catherine and having to wear those shoes and get up there in front of millions of people and say like yeah you know i dropped the ball with this guy or you like or not even say it you know physically but make a move that kind of says like yeah you know i made a mistake here but um but you got to do that right and that's i think that's that's how you win championships that's how you do things one of the things that i liked about george the boss is that he made changes constantly and i think people think like oh no he but he never admitted he was wrong he would just put if he may if he brought a guy in and made a change a year two years in that's him admitting that it was wrong you're fired okay let me get another guy like that's that's how that kind of works and that's that's my only thing so i feel like with glaber we're at the situation where it's like yeah he's young yes yes there is potential there yes yes there's a lot of controllability left yes yes he's not making money yes but for me all of that is why i trade him right now while that still is a guarantee because what's not a guarantee is that he's going to get better next season just because we have him at second base what's not a guarantee is that he's ever going to hit the way he was hitting a couple years ago right not a guarantee that he does that as a yankee if you trade him somewhere else i would personally go out on a limb and say i think he's going to have a couple of really good freaking seasons yeah it wouldn't shock me at all if he's an all-star again i wouldn't be shocked i want to be shocked if he's and i'll start with the yankees yeah but my whole thing is doesn't make sense that's what i'm talking about right is that your sign how many more years five yeah yeah what are we gonna do what are we gonna do with them so i mean i go i get back to people saying before maybe cash shouldn't have made that no he should have made that that was the right call yeah because you're the yankees yeah so you got that luxury of saying if i sign a guy and they don't pan out okay at least you know we got money still we can still you can make as the yankees gm you are allowed those errors my beef with cashman is when you go out there and you give aaron hicks seven years when you usually do stuff like that like i talked about current a legitimate prospect who you want to hold on to for years to come yeah you you buy out the arbitration years you know arbitration gets expensive now you try to save money by buying out those ears and taking that risk on that guy long term aaron hicks is not a guy who takes a long time he did this with aaron hicks because he said oh man i traded for this guy look how good he is the analytics guys love the same he's excellent great i'm going to lock him up long term this was a steal and it wasn't this is a guy who can't stay on the field it was a steal all right aaron hicks stole from us yeah definitely and and i don't blame him i mean good good job aaron hicks good job you did a good job you made some money i think this is uh to kind of put a button on um the oakland stuff there's a lot of deals to be made there but um it boils down to what we've been saying the last couple of weeks will cashman and his team look to make those deals will they part with the necessary prospect capital that it will take to land one of the big names like uh chapman or olsen or manaya or about it like will will they you know will are they going to actually consider it or are they going to say you know no no we have to hold on to you know uh dominguez and and and volpe and peraza and don't get me wrong i agree a thousand percent of vulpit to me everybody else though let's talk i'm willing i'm wide open for anybody else anybody else is available i gotta i got a little i got a lot of love for luis medina when i saw him i was like yeah this dude was gonna be an animal i could see this guy being an absolute animal but i trade him i would trade them right but here's my thing and the reason that i trade them is not because i don't believe in these guys because i believe in them just as much as the next guy does when we had eli on and we're definitely going to do that again next season because that was a phenomenal podcast yeah um i but like i believe in all the guys that he's bringing up a hundred percent but here's my thing do they fit the window right now because make no mistake about it there is a current window and worse i'm not well i don't agree with the people saying oh the windows closer but i disagree with that but i do agree that the window is closing there it is it's definitely closing it is closing and these guys medina has always got there they're coming but maybe not quick enough for this particular window maybe we need to make moves for them because there are players who fit this particular window better than they do at this time when i say jason dominguez it's not because i don't think dominguez is going to be a beast i think he's going to be [ __ ] phenomenal but if he can get me a matt chapman or olson for right now oh yeah i gotta seriously consider it yep i definitely do that i don't know how you don't do that yep i don't know how you don't do that um oh the braves just won so they're up 3-1 on the beloved hey look at that look at that fam chop post that right now we chopping that baby up oh now let me stop jeff passing is crying right now somewhere we gotta go to a braves game next year bro definitely definitely definitely go to the bar no um so yeah i don't know let's see we'll see we'll see what catchment does maybe he surprises us who knows yeah we can and and you know one of the last things we'll do here before we wrap up is we'll talk about what our infield will look like yeah what our infield would look like and go from there um i actually been writing down um what i like the yankee team to look like and i tell you you guys are going to be like pete how the hell do you do that one of the positions i have a tough time with is shortstop you would think that's like insane like how the hell do you have a problem with sure like isn't that the easiest one to fill there's so many options though because well because i'm putting my money elsewhere and people might be like damn pete i i don't know about that bro i don't know i'm still going towards pitching so let if you don't mind i'll start with mine and then you start with yours maybe you'll give me an idea shortstop but i don't have it i don't have a guy right now that i'm so sold on and on top of it i'm also thinking of it as a business almost and i don't know if i'm dishing out 300 plus million for these guys i don't know and again we're the yankees i get it trust me everybody i would i would buy everything up i agree with that mindset i don't know if some of these guys are worth that money that's my issue i don't seeger should not get 300 plus he's been too injured to get that money so if that's what the real asking price is and if that's guaranteed anyway let me get to what i'm saying first baseman i resigned anthony rizzo i think he's too important to the team i think he's too important my second baseman is dj lemayo my third baseman you ready for this friend this is gonna make your offseason right here jose ramirez and you want to know how i'm getting them okay everybody what's your trade well i don't have a trade right now but jason dominguez is there louise volpe is on a pedestal volpe's not going anywhere i think volpe is going to be an abs everybody that's all everybody believes this kid's going to be a star i think it's that's too hard of one is this a generational talent from what you're hearing leave them and the mindset this is the best part about him everybody says he's a winner he he doesn't he's not happy with how a season went he wants to be better i'm not moving off from that type of guy i'm keeping that type of guy here yeah jason dominguez they they want dominguez they want louise heal they want two other lower guys they want glaibotoras bye jose ramirez is what this team needs desperately box office desperately which hitting third baseman good glove good arm character carrick there you go that's the one that we missed we think of numbers he's a character been there done that the best thing about see it's going to be crazy it's going to be so crazy now but the best thing about ramirez is what he does for like our young up-and-coming hispanic players right of course he is a guy that a lot of these young guys listen to they look up who they like to be around it's like that is i love i love that move i love them i think one of the big problems now is that we didn't have a guy like that for labor tourists or like other guy but continue my bad no no you're good you're good i'm basically wrapped up there but there was you know some of the other names i i you could always look at and and say well maybe that'll work well is because you're looking to free ages and i'm if the yankees are you know with this mindset of what i did here they also signed robbie ray so they got money going okay they got money going elsewhere so when i look at shortstops now i'm thinking okay well what could be one of the best moves they can make who's out there who's available for us a small thing and you know you sit back and you think well maybe story takes a cheaper deal i i don't know that so i'm just going off of what my mind may say here maybe i look at a little more defense jose iglesias stop gap type guy hits pretty well pretty good defender i don't know you know you pick and choose there i don't go back to dd i've seen some people bring that up i don't go back to the oh by the way and i'll let you you you take over so that's my thing that let me let me i'll tell you guys something about masahiro tanaka that i actually heard about recently rizzo dj shortstop i don't know jose ramirez that's what i'm doing and and i'm sorry that i don't know the shortstop but basically what i'm saying on the short stop is i'd find somebody good it's not gonna be your your your stars and people could probably say dampi how do you pass up on this pool i'm putting my money towards i always feel pitching's enough and i think if you add jose ramirez you get a healthy uh lemay you you do other things in the outfit which the yankees wouldn't do but i change up center field definitely and i change up catcher also so you got some differences there whether it's tucker barnhart people like uh jacob stalins who just won a fielding bible award for the best defensive catcher anybody wants to raise their hand on how much we need that anybody out there people get stuck on gary sanchez hits you 20 homers i don't give a poop i don't give a poot the yankees need somebody the pitcher staff goes yeah this is my guy he steals strikes he does everything jacob stalin and yankees always trade with them get me jacob stalin that'll be my whole infield i'll throw catcher in it too jacob stalin's i trade for first baseman rizzo second baseman dj third baseman jose ramirez you just completely got better defensively and you made your batting order better too so that's where i am let me ask you this right um if i can complete your infield for you without adding anybody just saying say they do all that and they just say you know we're gonna we're gonna give the kid a shot peraza he's he's on the right he's on the roster already i would love it even more i would love that we didn't trade him let him let him man it for a little while until volpe's ready and then maybe we'll we'll build some trade value up more friend and we'll move him in a trade down the line but this year we'll give the kid a shot at short well it will remind you of jeter right they had veterans around them they didn't have other rookies yeah so think about that you're the shortstop you're coming to be like wow that's a big position for the yankees to your right is jose ramirez to your left is dj lemayo yeah and you got rizzo at first and rizzo's gonna come to your running back bro catch the ball that's it like you did with the door just throw it okay if it's anywhere near me trust me i'm going to give you a good shot of making that play but friends i'm there with that there you go listen um all right so i had i had a i had a similar thought but in the interest of like given a different look i'm gonna i'm gonna i'm gonna go to like my my close second right mike um my original thought was i was like listen say they don't get one of the big shortstops because of the deals that they can make in trades in terms of like getting a first baseman like olsen or maybe getting a third baseman like chapman or whatever so here's what i did um i'm gonna say it might be a little bit less realistic because we are banking on chapman on on cashman making deals for obviously i'm already chapman or whatever but we're banking on him making some pretty serious deals here but here's what i go with one i trade glade rotorus and i don't trade i'm not saying i'm gonna i'm getting a blockbuster thing back for him i don't know maybe i trade him in the deal for chapman or maybe we trade him somewhere else but i move glebert torres and i make dj our full-time second baseman for the same reason that you said he's our best defensive second baseman on the roster there's no why are we playing footsies and playing [ __ ] games here like yeah he's the best put the best there yep um i already said third base i like dealing for chapman i know olson is the guy everybody's talking about and everything like that i like dealing for chapman at third base because now we're moving on from geo right we're grading well we're probably getting back maybe some low-level prospect mid-level prospect maybe we're getting back on a bullpen arm i'd love to trade rp and get a strong opinion on because i feel like geo will get you a pretty decent bulb in arm who maybe has really great peripheral stats but hasn't had the results yet a la clay home can i can i throw you can i throw you some names yeah for him there is a deal that i think about often and a team that i think about i know that um they are gonna likely try to uh the texas rangers for an example are are are gonna try to put this thing in the fast motion everybody expects them to have a big offseason they got some good young guys coming up they got some pretty decent players coming up there but a lot of people expect them to maybe make some some pretty strong moves there's a guy on the team that we seen the yankees face if they can get him i will love it this there's one big guy in the bullpen josh spores i don't know if you remember josh spores yes he throws am i correct yes yes he looked terrific perfect game yep he throws very hard 69 k's and 59 innings but again you know he's he's young he has all the potential in the world he's a guy right now that they i'm i don't believe they feel like this is the next closer i'm pretty sure they probably deal them but those are the things that i'm looking at let's say for a geo or shelter like you know yeah well geo at third we got them for a few more years that's already a big guy there maybe we signed story got a really nice left side of your infield to show to your fans you got um you know you got a good center fielder still the offense could really come around and be tight if you get some pitching you might shock a few people this year so maybe it's one of those things like that where you can do that uh taylor hearn is another guy who's another lefty you could start and and come out the pen so i just wanted to throw it at that because you know people sometimes say that oh well you know or shell has been injured or shelley got value our sherlock got bounced back and people like him because he's a good character he's a good per you could tell people like him because he's a good guy he's a great character um i mean i think what was kernan saying that he was the one that was out there like working out taking him him and uh dj lemay you know he was doing backhand plays everywhere yeah like this is like that that's good i think geo definitely has value even with like the injury questions and things like that decent glove at third um the bat has come along since you know coming to the yankees really come in to insult his own i think there's value there so i'd like to move on from him now and upgrade because i think that we as the yankees should be getting more from the hot corner um so i like making i like going and dealing for uh for chapman um whatever it takes um i think i don't know you know how much it's gonna take but yeah your dominguez is probably gonna be in there to start and you're gonna have to go in there maybe with one of the two pitchers there and heel or medina or you know schmidt has some value but i don't know if it's enough i mean yeah when you pair them with dominguez it does up the ante but i don't know um but it's gonna hurt that's one thing i'm not gonna lie to you guys if you are gonna make a deal for a guy like chapman it's gotta hurt it's gotta hurt something yeah so that i have no you know i have no illusions that that a deal like that won't hurt but that's the deal that i want so so far i got dji second base i got chapman at third base i'm gonna go first base i resign anthony rizzo i like the relationship that he built with judge i think he fits really freaking well this lineup i think he was doing phenomenal until he caught covert and then battling back from covid i think he got back to maybe 75 80 percent of himself but i don't think he got back 100 to himself i was gonna say i could attest i can definitely attest to it yeah i had coveted and let me tell you guys even after i was told i'm negative and i'm into work they said i don't know if this is a normal thing but the doctor said you're in a recovery mode now i'm like okay all right look whatever that means he's like yeah he's like it'll take a while to build things up to right now i'm going back weeks right i still am working on getting my full respiratory back when i do a hard cardio that is like building back up still and there was a time where i told you about this when my body gets tired very very quickly which i never had i'm a muscle ache type tired so knowing that some people get things a certain way maybe rizzo had those same type of effects i know the boxer tyson fury um if you guys follow fighting at all he had coveted before his deante wilder three fight and his dad said he was actually worried about it because tyson fury runs like 10 miles every day they were three miles in and he couldn't breathe so he's like how are you gonna go step in the ring with this monster and fight this guy again when you can't breathe you got to move the day back and say no i'm going to do it but anthony rizzo could have had a major effect from covid he could have had a major effect from coven i think he came back i think he was you know more or less there but i feel like we saw the effect we saw some errors like you know things like that like weird things that i was just like yeah i don't think he's 100 i don't think he says so i'd like to bring him back resign them i don't think it's going to cost ridiculous amount um i do i would like it to not be anything north of four or five years but who knows um if the money's cheap then i they probably extend it who knows but i like to bring rizzo back so so far i have djs second chapman at third rhythm who's the shortstop who's the show something you go for you guys already know i would absolutely positively love carlos correa on the new york yankees don't think it's going to happen for a lot of reasons so he's not the shortstop i went with um i went with seeger and i will tell you why i went with seeger i know that everything came out with the 300 million and everything like that and i'm like okay i get it he's a boris kind of whatever okay got it but there's gonna be you know there's good there's a lot of competition out there with shortstops this year right baez is a free agent also we already said corey is a free agent trevor story's a free agent uh simeon is a free agent where it is wants to go back to shortstop um there's there's not this free then you got lower level guys like your dd's and uh who could be free agents or i'm like i might be messing that up like indeed he got one more year and um over there but you guys you're like i said you're iglesias you're simmons you guys out there justin simmons like you got it's a pretty crowded field and here's what i'm saying i think correa is going to get 300 million plus but outside of that i don't know a hundred percent like in my heart of hearts that corey seeger is going to get 300 million i don't think so either to be honest i think that was put out so that it could be like a barometer saying like that's what we want or it could be a team maybe a team jumps to that number immediately possible that you know what i mean it could be one of those things like a field that okay well you know he'll probably want that so maybe we do it exactly you never know you put that feeler out there because like yeah maybe like we'll get a team that says hey we really want this kid we don't want to [ __ ] around we'll just on the first talk we'll say all right yeah we're willing to go 300 million 10 years like let's do it um but i'm going to say that yeah i'm going to say we get them right in my id in my perfect world i'm the gm i signed seeger but it's not it's not 300 million it's it's not cheap i'm not saying i'm going to get them for freaking 200 200 million 220 but i i feel like if i'm i'm signing them i find i find a way where it works to maybe get them at anywhere from 265 to 285 which i know is only 15 down from 300 million but on the other side of 300 million there's something about that number that i feel the way about so yeah even 285 i'm okay with yeah because seeker is young enough and i think it's possible who knows like we did get really healthy years from judge and stanton this year maybe there's something the cressier approach could do for seeger who knows let me tell you why the reason i go see her is actually not just a play for 2022 and chapman and all this stuff so i'll explain it to you it's because right now that's my infield for 2022. two years later chapman is a free agent i let him walk i move seeger to third and volpe takes over at short and we don't miss a beat in my infield i didn't say catcher who i would like to go for catcher so i'll put out my options i'm 100 in line with you with jacob stallings but i'm going to give a different name just to beat off say i'd go tucker barnhart one or another name that i don't know if anybody's if we've talked about before i also like the kid from arizona carson kelly i don't know how of course in kelly but i don't know if you i don't know if they're going to move him um yeah i don't again i don't i don't know how realistic i said that i said that the other time he would probably be one of my number one choices to go after if they remove him so carson kelly definitely would be my guy bring him up but tucker barhart i think is realistic um yeah definitely you think he's realistic so i would say i would go out and get him but if i could get carson kelly i'd love carson kelly um but yeah like you said jason jacob stallings would be good i mean let's see um but i think that i think the number one thing to note there is that gary sanchez is not my catcher for opening day next year that's that's not what i would do um but yeah that's what that's my plan that's my infield dj at second uh rizzo back at first i signed seeger um the big flashy name but i also trade for chapman which is a big blockbuster trade and two years later i think i'm set up to move on the man third base i let chapman walk but then volpe comes up and takes over a short stop yeah and i feel we'll miss a beat that's how we do it makes sense so that's yours mine again would be we both agree with rizzo or first base we'll be get agree at dj at second base then i'd have peraza at short uh you gave me the idea i like that idea and i'd have third base would be jose ramirez and catcher would be my man jacob stalin's um i think that will make the yankees really better i think there'll be a much better team um for both of those both of what we said both options so you guys let us know let us know in the comments below what you guys think about both of our options let us know what your options would be also something different yeah you guys might be something different so yeah let's start a conversation down there in the in the in the chat and then also in the comments section about what your guys uh what what you would do with the infield and what those trades would look like we kind of got into that a little bit what our trades would look like so um with all that being said i mean that's where we are that's what we think um i think we covered just about everything today that we have to cover uh there'll obviously be a lot more coming we obviously have big things coming up uh winter meetings and all that fun stuff um we're not 100 certain if we'll have an episode next week but guys stay tuned we'll let you know if we don't if we do um not that anything is planned but if there's you know slow news maybe it's not the best time to do it we do other things maybe other videos and stuff like that to cover some things up but again guys if you have not watched the interview with kevin kern and take some time out of your day and do that it's really informative not because of me all because of kevin kevin's extremely knowledgeable so hearing him talk was really fun i know a lot of times i was kind of like man this guy i love that he aligns with a lot of what team ny news says because he's been around for so long and he knows so many people in a new york hall of fame so i mean it's pretty damn awesome uh definitely check that one out guys it's an affirmation when you hear a guy like kevin kernan get up there and start saying some of the things that that you say and that we've been saying because it's like i mean this guy knows baseball i mean 100 no doubt about it the interview i've watched the interview three times now um what obviously to support my the channel and my team but also just because it's a really enjoyable interview it's one of the it's one of the better interviews i've i've watched this year i'm not just saying that because it it was my guy pete doing it with no i think me said it but a lot of people said that what i look for in an interview like that was one of the more enjoyable ones because the talk the baseball talk all of that that was everything i look for and like i feel like look man like to hear him echo some of the things that we've been saying about like how this team just isn't prepared how they're not doing the right things and stuff like that or whatever and i don't think he killed uh boone i know he did it he was honest about him but i like him he said he's a nice guy he said the night he said i know everybody says it because i'm gonna say it he's a really nice guy i know him i know his dad i know his brother i know that whatever but he said he lost respect for what i said hey you know what listen i'm indifferent that they brought him back i think because i figured i had to i resigned myself to it after the wildcard game because i said you know pete's right they're probably going to bring him back anyway so i was like screw it they'll bring him back whatever but to hear current say like yeah but i mean i lost respect for well i was like that's literally was my feel like when he was resigned it's like yeah like i'm not gonna freaking burn down yankee stadium because they resigned boone but i'm not also i'm not gonna also sit here and say like i respect them and it's the same i'm feeling that i have when they sign them the first time like did you did you notice did you like how i had to try to get in and ask current and about the bully thing i can't help it you said you said i've been i've been saying it and to everybody i interviewed because i just can't get over it i can't get over it but curtin made a great point what are you saying and he said you you said it you told us he said you can't be passive aggressive he said that's my thing there if you have something go say it to the young don't say it don't go crying to the media that was a good point yep that was it that was a great point when he said that yeah that was a great freaking point and i think that's what it is like yeah we joke about it or whatever because in the day it was a grown man saying he got bullied by an umpire which is absolutely nuts it's egregious and we shouldn't accept that [ __ ] as fans but we had to yep right aside from that what kernin says is like bro why do that in the post game presser of course do it out there on the feet you're getting anyway that's right now just just go do it like go what's that he's like boom did it once remember that one time he's like that's what the real threw for like a little bit and then we haven't seen that guy and i was like [ __ ] he's right yeah he's right i love the savages in the box ring yeah me too what happened i felt you know i felt it was like a downfall towards not not that moment but as long as it went on it was like are you going to hold these people accountable now right like i don't know but i mean yeah that's right but you're 100 right i mean that was the boon that's the boom we need and like i said i have never once said i disliked the person i have never said that i said he drives me mad i can't stand when i see him because like kernan said you can't even watch his post games anymore you can't watch him because you sit there like okay yeah same [ __ ] let's go next thing you know what he's gonna you know what he's gonna say so he doesn't like being called a puppet but he is but he is there's no way of going around he's a puppet he is i mean again and i think i said this before on one of our last episodes like i don't know i'm 50 50 on the puppet thing either he's i'm 50 that he's a puppet or he really truly agrees with everything that cashman is saying the reason that i have to lean actually is probably like 70 30. he's a puppet because he comes from a family that knows too much baseball for him to really be that one and two he's made to me now there's no denying he's just happy to be the yankee manager when you leave your friends to decide and throw your friends to the dirt because you just want to keep that same position look if that was like okay for an example like you said earlier right somebody comes to us and oh we talked about this offline but they're like hey somebody brings this podcast over to a bigger network early and we're like maybe we'll accept it and they're like okay well we have all ownership of it and one day we go like now we don't want to we're not going to talk about this so well we'll scrap that like now actually no you guys are going to talk about it because now we control that's what we want you talking about and they're like well um and like let's say for example you go well then we're both leaving yeah and i'm like and some people might be like oh don't talk for me i think i want to believe that we'll be like yeah yeah fair we're both we're both bouncing we're not going to do this thing like this if we all that stuff happens no if my friend goes then i'm going to go too like we're going to have each other's back on this thing this man knew nevin was gone then he goes to the media's like well if i knew that was going to happen and i don't know you knew you knew and those are the things that make me lean like yeah this dude really has no control he's a puppet he he's there just to do one or two things and that's it and i'm telling you my dad told me my dad said it a while back he said pete watch his post games he reads he has notes i said i said that too this year i was like you literally see him reading the notes he's reading notes you could tell he's and he can say all his numbers no there's buzzwords and phrases that they want him to say yes yeah so anyway we can rant on this all night and talk about this all night but um anyway guys francis i'm gonna throw it over to you before i say that last thing one thing that came out and it really disproves what cashman said he said that if they would have let boone go he would have been the number one manager on the market but i think all that stuff about him going to san diego i think if they would let boone go boom would still be out of a job right now unless he took them out hey you gonna say he could either take the mets job or oakland i could see oakland maybe coming to a guy like him you get the young guys up running through him maybe boone wouldn't accept it i don't know but baby the whole thing about him automatically going to the padres if they had a shot at melvin and it was between melvin and boom they go melvin i don't think i agree i i don't i don't believe that was ever really again i talked to kernel about this i said it right you heard me i said it's all they were fluffing them up they were fluffing this dude up like it's the greatest move to make in the planet so like i said they were selling themselves on it it's cool no doubt about it it's cool it is what it is we know we know what we're getting we know what to expect as of right now it's up to them to change the perception that's right that's right but the designated spinners don't got to change our perception because we've been consistent all year coming with that fire coming with these episodes fire interviews come on man kernan that interview you got that where at ny news and that's what's coming more and more and more it's going to be coming out of your ears in january guys all types of news there's more there's already so much more i mean there's a there's a hell of a lot lined up there's a hell of a lot lined up but i don't think the tagline will ever change oh no the next episode is the best episode yeah i already know hey you guys already know we will never come whack on a designated spinners track thank you montel jordan did i say montel jordan again no no michael jordan that's it yeah mata williams willie montel williams montana william i'll tell jordan i always give credit i got to get rid of the mantel jordan on that one that's a classic line anyway in a classic song so guys let us know again in the comments below if you are not subscribed subscribe now we are pushing making a run towards 6k that is the goal so you guys know i'm gonna give you guys a heads up by january we're looking to have 6 000 in here and then of course we'll build build bill but guys you know there is no better spot for new york yankee news so guys again in the comment section below let us know what you think about those lineups uh i mean those infield of alignments we had let us know what your guys would be let us know what trades you will make how that would look like and we'll have a conversation in the comments below so until next time talk to you guys later i really really really wanna

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Posted on 31 Oct 2021