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29 Jul 2022 by Felix Pantaleon


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02 Nov 2020 by Felix Pantaleon

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Designated Spittaz: Mets Make Moves, Yankees Fans Upset? @1FrancisLee @SimonettiSource


we designated splitters live every week live designated homie cause we spit heat we designated spitters friends sis and pete yes talking yankee baseball hip hop on the streets yup we designated yup we innovative yup we designated spit it's time that you know we designated yup we innovative uncle stevie uncle stevie making deals on black friday and he wasn't taking bargains he wasn't taking bargains any part of the day he's uncle steve um that should be like the startup to uh to a met show but unfortunately um i gotta start with uncle halstein bruno this is uncle stevie yesterday this is uncle stevie yesterday he woke up and chose violence he said listen oh shoot he said steven match what you want to do okay call up call up mark hannah call him up i thought that was the didn't uh didn't big pun have a version when he was like [ __ ] on the whole industry that's exactly what he just did that's exactly oh man listen uncle steve he did he said all right that was funny though because you know that was like that was like a legit i'm pissed off type thing i told felix felix messing me about i say yo this man was making deals sitting on a love seat and cracking walnuts just like yeah yeah close the deal just cracking another wall man who you getting marta that's what he wants i do it yeah these people i saw people giving uh billy eppler some credit for some of these deals and i'm not trying to billy i'm not trying to i'm not trying to shade epler at all but let me tell you something your man just got here yo man he just got here he says sir what we doing today he goes we got three deals we're closed already he's just he's just he's just gonna make the call okay cool he gave billy the day off yeah facts he said bill bill black friday go with your family get some things done just start tomorrow don't worry we'll have a couple of things done for you you don't got to come in you get credit for it i started laughing so hard i got hiccups let me get my water making some headlines out there right they get um they get kana they get rosario and then of course they get the the big one at the end of the day is of course starla marte and of course yeah this is not nym news this is ny news so at the end of the day we're gonna you we're gonna talk about our yankees and look first and foremost i'll just say this not a significant impact on the yankees i get it because you know we still have things we can do but man friends i tell you man i am utterly in a way shocked by a lot of the reaction from yankee fans oh you came to marty the people the people like defending how bad of a signing all of a sudden marty would have been who would have given that money and this and that he got four years about 19 million a year yeah he got under 20 million a season yep not even 20. for for the next four seasons i laughed about this on the live chat i don't want to keep laughing again do you know that there was yankee fans that actually said that aaron hicks is better it's a better point there's of going out there and getting them you have you have yankee people out there posting videos of aaron hicks making sliding catches in center field and dominic and winley when he looked like trash doing it he looked terrible he looked terrible tell you guys right now he took a horrible route to that ball horrible um and ninety percent of it ninety percent of the the route was the the fact that he was moving ridiculously slow but you know who he looks like you wanna laugh i'm not joking you remember when bernie williams came back to play into wbc oh god and everybody looked at it was like bernie you can't do this fam they're like bernie no bernie we don't want to see you like a man who didn't belong in that field and you could tell i mean people say oh well you know you know maybe out of shape that's why he's out there he's trying to get back listen listen guys what was he doing make all the excuses you want i'm not i'm not here this is not about bashing aaron hicks right this is not about bashing aaron hicks this is about bashing the idiot fans who were in my mentions telling me that aaron hicks is equivalent to starling marte so we don't have to spend on a starling marte because we already have him basically what where who and where does aaron hicks match like the speed did you see what he looked like catching that ball you know come on bro mind you i'm actually sitting here saying if aaron hicks is on center field okay but just have a good backup phone i'm i'm on record saying that so i'm not somebody who's like i hate aaron hicks i would trade him if i could mine 100 i'm just cracking up truly that fans are actually even uttering the words that marty isn't a better and then they're talking about his age do you see the way this dude is built no some of them that's what i'm saying that i had people in my mentions telling me oh yeah a 33 year old center fielder is not the answer is it what was it was a 32 year old uh utility infielder the answer last year because we gave him six years and signed him dj the mayhew and we were all very happy that we resigned the mayhew we were all very happy that uncle stevie didn't swoop in and steal the mayhew so don't tell me a year later you're saying nah we don't need and it's a shorter deal and you guys are talking all this garbage and [ __ ] about the marte deal you know marta deal martay's deal ends a year earlier than le mayhew does yeah we're paying we're paying the mayhew a year and him and lemay who are the same age and we're paying dj a year later then the mets are going to be paying starling marta the deal is a good freaking deal the deal's a good freaking deal it's an economical deal for him he's making he's getting paid he's getting good money but it doesn't that's not a back breaker contract for a team not in new york for the yankees not a new you're the problem what what organization are we that's the only issue here we've become the kansas city yankees according to the fans they're talking about oh no we can't spend that kind of we can't afford that what and i'm a circle i'm a circle back to marte but the other thing i want to say make no mistake about this because i feel like some people got it confused somewhere i saw it in the mentions on on my tweet i saw it in the mentions on your tweet because we both had a similar tweets that kind of blew up and some people don't seem to get it they think that we're we're upset about all of the moves that the mets made no and we feel like and we and we're like oh no we wanted all of those guys and the mets stole all of those guys no no no no no no no no no no they just want to stupid read into what we're saying we were speaking like i was speaking specifically about starling marty and so was pete mark canna i came out and said he i think he was a great signing for the meds i think all the signings were good for the mets all of them were good for the match all of them were looking escobar listen escobar canna two great signings for the men's if the yankees would have signed either canna or escobar i would have been like what are we doing like i don't i don't get it like right escobar it's like we already got dj and i like dj better i think he's a better version of that are we trading geo then he's taken over exactly i would have been like what's happening here because that score play escobar plays second and third you know he's a i'm like yeah he's a good clubhouse guy but i'm like yeah is that what like i would have been confused if the yankees weren't assigned to i agree so no i wasn't i didn't feel any kind of way that the mets got him other than happy for the mets fans i was like that's a good pick up congrats mark canna same thing oh yeah we do need that we do need outfield but ken is not the kind of outfielder that we need so when they signed him i was like oh i see what they're doing i was like that's good for them because they need that they need that and they're gonna need that so i was like okay yeah ken a great pickup had a decent year in oakland and i mean the way he hits over there is kind you got to kind of take with a grain of salt because he hit it he did it in such a shitty ballpark that it's like put him in a put him in a ballpark that plays even half a little bit more friendly to hitters and he's probably going to put up a lot better numbers so i think again can a good deal shouts out to the mess for those two very good deal for the mets what we were talking about though was only starling martin it was only him he was the only player that the mets and the yankees together were going after along with a slew of other teams the phillies were in our hearts the marlins the marlins made a big push for martay which now i mean side sidebar or whatever but now you know now they're saying that they shifted after losing out on marta they shifted to castellanos that's going to be interesting because there's a lot of teams that want that want nikki stixx and if the marlins come in and swoop him up guess whose market improves even better which is what boris has been saying all along comforto he starts to look way way more attractive with marty and nikki sticks off the ball you said he's gonna get money he's gonna get it yeah because i and the reason i predicted it to my whole basis behind that was boris is gonna tell him don't don't get scared we're gonna have to be patient and you're gonna have to watch some guys get signed ahead of you but i'm gonna get you the money but don't don't get finicky don't get afraid because you're gonna see some guys go and you're gonna start thinking but dang is there gonna be a place for me is it gonna pace for you and there's definitely gonna be a place for you just be patient and i'm it's looking like it's gonna pay off starling got a great deal nikki stixx is gonna probably get a decent deal because the marlins apparently the marlins apparently were willing to go pretty close to what marta got from the mets yep right yep so i mean i would imagine they'll go just they went right up there they were close they were close they were close right yeah that's what was that that was that was that was what was being reported today if i'm if i'm not mistaken now so i i would imagine that for castellanos they're gonna go about the same they're gonna go about the same um length if not a little more costianas is 29 so he's younger you could give him more years if that's what he's looking for give him the money and miami has they got the paper why not and you guys they going come on you're more willing to go more years if you have to exactly because you can give them an off day in the in the outfield and have them you know dh for you a little bit split time over there so if he does end up going to the marlins who some people had them in the outfield market but not a lot of the top insiders had the marlins going and making a splash in the outfield market like i'm like a marte or a castellanos when a team like that does something like that it really shifts the market and that's why boris has been saying he's like no no he's like uh comforto conforto is going to cost and that's why he said i don't think he's going to go back to the mets and maybe that's why the mets went and ponied up what they did for marty because when you see what conforto gets you're probably going to be like wow marte was a steal which is what we've been saying yeah we said we said the deal for starling martin once we saw it it's a seal great deal it's a great and again it's funny because my my whole my whole beef is like you said before i don't care about khan i don't care about escobar my thing is what yankee fans were saying after the fact because look my job isn't to put nobody on blast i'm not looking to do that but a lot of the cats that were saying oh the yankees wouldn't have matched that off or the same one saying they wanted to offer them those type of deals they would have seen people saying oh we wanted this guy that's the thing that bothers me about yankee and look this is a yankee podcast so it's kind of funny you're saying that but we keep it real that's exactly what it is my whole thing is though why do a lot of you cats feel like every other player that could be our team we got guys better than we don't i gotta come to you right now and say we don't we don't no we're not in that position the cat's saying oh there's yankee fans out there panicking now look at my tweet what did i say in my tweet not that they're panicking about getting a big name i said they have too many moves to not be aggressive i said it in my live chat the yankees have what aaron boone called giancarlo stand a unicorn remember because he he's magical when he's got everything going he's magical i said the same thing about the yankees off season right they got prospect capital and they got money to spend there is no excuse that the yankees come now what where a few days away from december 1st haven't made anything of significance not nothing at all nothing to tip a hand nothing to even tell the fan base yeah we are taking a different route what do they do release clint frazier okay he wasn't gonna they dear fade a couple guys bam the biggest move is tylawade to be honest the biggest move of the yankees off season so far has been tyler wade it's the one that made you say oh wow that was kind of surprising it was like whoa that's interesting they left squid they let squid and tyler wade go to the angels dia fade clint he's gonna be out there and then they'll probably throw this there's probably going to be something you're going to see some people probably react when they non-tender a guy or two now in a couple days because the nonsense the deadline's coming up they're probably in a long time they're probably going to non-tender a guy or two a lot of people a lot of people are predicting and i mean you i mean i feel like you know you've been saying that for a little while some people i've been hearing it for a while like people predicting and probably gets the non-tender um so yeah that'll be something but it's still not it's not what uh it's it's not what the mets have done it's not it's definitely not what detroit has done so far blue jays may add gauzeman yeah i mean it's looking like it could come down to the jays the mets i was told this morning i said it in the chat i also said it on the live that um the people that one of the guys i couldn't cooperate with anybody else said one of the guys that gave me actually to know with syndergaard stuff he said flat out he would he's expecting it to be done either today or tomorrow that he's going to the mets so because they made a very hard push to get them so i mean that might be even but even if he doesn't go to the mess he goes to the blue jays that's basically the blue jays saying we're not bringing ray back and yeah that's open to another club but again that's the blue jays now still getting better and then on top of that that's the robbie ray now does he go to the yankees so here's my thing about the yankee off season i'll see if you agree with me and and this is what this tweet basically meant so to all the fans out there that's oh you guys are panicking no nobody's panicking yeah it's not i i i said this i said this earlier and i'll say it again you could beat a lioness and you could wait to to jump and and make your move and catch your prey you can weigh back but you do that for the big meal of the day you do that for the big fish you don't need to do that for positions like catcher you don't need to do that for a backup outfielder you don't need to do that for jonathan vr you don't need to do that for a starting pitcher you can do that for your robbie ray you can do that for your seaguar or one of your top shortstops you can do that you can wait because look let's be realistic you want to be optimistic let's be optimistic there's four short stops out there that are not signed and it's this almost december 1st lockdown is coming we don't know if that's signed before or after but there's four guys that are available that need to play somewhere next year we know detroit would be interested we know texas that they're probably gonna get one one of each that can still leave you with two who whoever those names are whatever the mariners go out there and they get uh adam frazier hello and take some and take some right out of the of the talk maybe they put that money elsewhere you know what i mean now you got to look out for them somewhere else my thing is eventually eventually with the waiting game one of those players may crawl to the yanks i'd say look you know my guy does want to win he got this offer out there we may take a little less to come here yeah and that's what cashman probably is waiting for my thing is though that's not the only move that this team needs to make they need significant change trust me in my comment section today on my on my live chat which is this is obviously going to be tomorrow but saturday morning saturday afternoon everybody agreed i'm telling everybody agreed gary sanchez cannot be your catcher if you're a serious team you can't have gary sanchez behind the plate again can't do it can't do it then up not if you're the not if you're the yankees you're up the middle cannot be gary sanchez gleber aaron hicks and then whoever your new shortstop is you can't do it's not a winning formula you're not looking to win we've been saying this we've been saying this we've been saying this for we've been saying this for months guys been saying now for a couple weeks right i mean in our group chat and then i guess whenever whenever we you know record do episodes or whatever i feel like you know the yankees are a lot of the stuff that's coming out that they're putting out you know through their you know yes network people and beat writers and all that [ __ ] it's all it's all financial posturing right i don't put too much stock in anything that's been said so far right it's been said by guys like passin and rosenthal that they expect that they're like know the yankees are gonna give out one of those 300 million dollar contracts to either correa or seeger or one of those guys but then it's also been said by lower level guys like your shermans and whoever like no you know word on the street is that they're not gonna be giving out a 300 million dollar contract um a lot of people are saying that they can see them going with a stop gap and things like personally is francis putting in stock in either camp right now no why because i feel like nobody knows what they're doing because that's how cashman operates and you know what that's not necessarily a bad thing because when you're the yankees if you show your hand you're screwed right like if you show like listen this is our guy and if we don't get him like our entire offseason hinges on him then you're gonna have to overpay and you're gonna get beat over the head with the price so if you if you remain ambiguous it's probably better for you right which makes sense that if they are going to sign a 300 million dollar play a contract then they also put out that they're not signing it so that it's not as out there or if they are going to a stop gap it's better that they also put out that they maybe might dip in the water 300 million because you don't want to show your hand but all that all that being said the paris that that's speaking about like the big fish that's not speaking about the peripheral moves and we're talking about moves like catcher center field like things like that you know what i'm saying starting pitching is always a priority it's always a focus but i mean this off season right like it's something that has to be like you know at really at the forefront after you make one of these big moves i listened to boone on r2c2 the other day god bless you he sounded like it was it was an intro it was an interesting interview but i'll say towards the end when they started talking about like free agency and things like that or whatever he didn't give up anything so if you guys are going to go look into that to get info you're not going to find much but what he did say was that you know they're working and they're they have a couple targets they're talking about different guys every day and he said like he feels like you know right now they're in a position where they're just waiting for a big domino to fall and that once that domino falls you're going to see a bunch of subsequent moves that follow that right after i heard that i said okay let me do a little research here before i speak out of turn i want to look i looked at the 40-man roster which is currently exactly at 44. it's perfect perfectly at 40. and i went and i looked at it let me tell you what i gathered from looking at that roster this roster is not a roster that is built for opening day so clearly clearly the yankees are planning on making several moves so i'm not i'm not going to sit here and say like oh my god the yankees aren't doing anything they're not going to do nothing or whatever no no one thing for sure they're going to do something they're going to do something because the way the 40 man is right now this is not a 40 man that's going to be playing in april there's obviously going to be moves we don't have we don't have a short stop we don't have like like your first baseman is right now it's technically getting it's like there's a lot of you know i mean it's like no so clearly things are gonna happen but what we're saying is right now there's a mad dash to get some of these guys locked into deals right and some of these guys are signing for maybe less than what they're gonna be signing for on the other side of the lockout because on the other side of the lockout we could be looking at a luxury tax threshold that is way higher than just 210 right yeah we can be we can be looking at teams who are desperate yeah because a lot of people are saying oh but the players are going to be desperate to sign too the players are going to point that right back at the teams they're going to be like oh yeah i'm desperate to play for a team but you're desperate to sign somebody also right like it's not gonna it's not gonna be like oh well the players are the only ones desperate they have the owners always carry themselves with this air that like they run everything and everything what we've begun to begun to see the last couple of years with deals like tatis with deals like lindor with extensions like mookie bets trout uh all these guys soto's impending extension wander franco after you know freaking short rookie camp just got extended 12 years what we're starting to see is it's not about you owners anymore the players have power they have power and if they come out on the other side of the cba walking around with the big stick you're going to have to pay these guys what they want and that's it and and that's that's my whole thing so it's like there's there's a there's a way that this waiting game backfires that's all i'm saying right i understand the waiting game and you just said it too you understand it makes sense everybody knows that we we understand what cashman is doing this is not a method that um how you say like this is not a method that like is a you know it's a crazy method it's not proven or whatever this is a proven method in business right you wait guys out you wait them out wait you wait guys out wait for the market to be not a george thing you know it's not something that george would have done because you know he said the market and he also had an ego so you know he wanted to fill his own ego up so exactly what george washington worked no he wouldn't he would oh man there would have been moves today exactly yeah what what's what uh cohen did today well uncle steve did today yesterday george would have made a move you know just because he knew the mets were going to get a headline so you probably would have seen seeger as a yankee today yeah it would have just a secret or robbie reyes somebody he would have they would an agent would have got a call it would have been george they would have been jumping up and down because they knew what's up already and he got a monster deal yeah you know and and that's the way it works so nobody's saying that you know that's the way this yankee team literally has to run to organization no because you shouldn't be reactionary towards the mets of all things but at the end of the day there's a lot of like you said the 40 man ross i even i was just even browsing it just now it's not built for a club that is ready to play major league baseball so you know there's gonna be changes yeah my thing out there that i say is concerning is like you just said you don't know when the cba is gonna gonna be agreed to you don't know what month is it going to be february a month before spring training i mean if that's the case team players are going to be well i want to sign i want to go i want to do this i want to do that then you got to hope that any trade you started to talk about is is held up or you don't know how teams finances are going to change you don't know if their mindset's going to change or how they want to look at their business maybe look towards next year or whatever that's going to be you also don't know what other players may become available you don't know there's this is a very weird house because i do believe when moves are made they're going to be all grouped together because teams are going to be you know not necessarily reactionary but with a time frame that is limited to say this boom boom boom boom then you're gonna see one after the other my whole thing at the end of the day and i've kept to this is the changes that must happen need to happen this all season you can't finish this offseason and come to the yankees and say we got seeger and we got um uh uh uh jonathan vr because we think he's gonna help on the bench that's not an off season even though even if you had john great we also signed john gray that's not it i'm sorry sorry that is not it not just off season there's too many holes there's too many holes and that's my whole thing it's like look and it's not like you don't have plugs to fill it that's it exactly there's too many holes and but there's so many options for the holes right now like right now on this half of free agency what my whole thing is on the second half of free agency we don't know what is going to be there you don't know what is going to be there you don't know what kind of negotiations are going to be had you don't know what the conversations are gonna look or feel like and there's gonna be a lot of stuff going on again again the yankees could be operating under under the thought that we actually do know what the second half of free agency is gonna look like because maybe they have information that we're not privy to as fans i always put this out there as a disclaimer they operate at a much higher level than we do so they might have information about how the cba negotiations are actually going to go and they might know that okay it's not really going to go into february it's probably going to go into maybe mid-january or something like that right and we'll have time also you know we already hear the the rumblings of like the luxury tax threshold going up we already know that this is going to happen that's going gonna happen so like they might be playing with house money they might know things that are coming but us as fans we don't of course and that's why we're gonna react the way that we're reacting because especially when you see teams moving with a sense of purpose because that that just shows you that regardless of what the thank you the yankees think there are other teams who think nah i need to get stuff done right now because we don't know what the second half is going to look like and you have plenty you have plenty of like uh teams that have proven that the padres dealing frasier on this side of uh you know the the lockout you know i'm saying that that's that speaks volumes now i put out a tweet today i was like i was like you don't know if they dealt frazier because they wanted to open space for cj abrams to come up right and maybe and maybe shift over to second base maybe a free agent or or maybe now they want to dip their maybe they want to dip their sales into freaking the the simian market or the buyers market yeah if they if they start having conversations with buyers buyers is that that whole thing is going to be all over the place now because right now you have a lot of people saying look bias is looking like that's the tigers priority and like they're gonna like make it work according to reports today buys on the mets are off in terms of like the money figure yeah so which you know i could see some met fans being like oh like what the hell like you know we're spending money like whatever why are you gonna like be cheap on the bias deal when we just spend all this other money but you guys got to remember he they extended lindor 341 million dollar like that's a lot of money they just spent 120 something yesterday like they're spending money you can't be upset they're like they're not spending they're spending they're spending money the thing is that if bias is pricing them out meaning that the tigers are pricing them out of bias because they don't want to price up to like korea yep and the mets might have to take the l there because it is what it is and biases market is is really robust right now you got the tigers you got the mess the red socks are in on him there's a lot of teams if the team like the padres gets in on that too who knows now with simeon it's like a toss-up i mean who knows because i seattle was a team that was like i felt like they're a really good fit he's from like up there area whatever and they they got adam frazier now so it's like hey simeon very nice very nice deal that was a really really good deal does that make does that open the track for him to come back to toronto a little bit easier or is toronto looking for other things like you know right now they're focused on pitching but you see them looking at a lot of guys who are not named robbie ray which would lead you to think they feel like they're going to be priced out of robbie ray which is something i tweeted weeks ago and a bunch of you were saying like oh no that's not the case they're just checking in because you know maybe whatever i said this i said this when we started to see what verlander's market was looking like remember you did you did i was saying i was like he's gonna get i thought he was gonna get two years 40. he ended up getting 50. which i thought was crazy i said he's going to get at least like two years 40. he got 50. cindergard got what 21. cinderella is 25. wasn't it 25 so cinegar is 25 for the one year right mats four years 44 million yeah water eduardo rodriguez 77 they're going to get hey golfman's look at the players too that got the players involved and going after goldsmith you got the mets you got the i think the mariners are interested you got the blue jays you've got teams of money kevin gosse the giants are still there probably with them yeah so you got kevin goffman's gonna go out there and get himself a paycheck and you know who's looking at oh no he's looking at that robbie ray's happy robbery could wait he could wait all day so just wait chill chill they're the ones that can be patient we need we need we need a cowboy in the bronx though we need a cowboy in the bronx we need robbie right in the bronx i'm sick of talking about this you know what i mean i'm almost sick of talking about we need a cowboy and a bronze my man had that cowboy hat and i said man that's it it's like the movie city slickers it's like the movie city slickers man that's what we need we get them a cowboy hat with a yankee logo around the front listen and i think i think that that's one of the things that actually has shown me like my optimism early on in the offseason wasn't necessarily unfounded like maybe we do have reasons to be optimistic because when you listen to the guys who have been in the players who have been in on some of these guys available right sometimes you hear the yankees but sometimes you don't and it makes people wonder like well you know stephen metz pretty solid pitcher did okay in toronto pitched really well against the yankees why weren't the yankees in that market why weren't the yankees in eduardo rodriguez's market these are guys who came to the bronx pushed against us and shut us down several times throughout the year why weren't they in those markets gossman has tons of people right now in his market haven't heard anything about the yankees talking to yanks nope some people are saying some people are saying oh well because they're gonna like you know they're looking to trade for a picture or they're looking to get like a really low level thing or whatever could be that or it could be that they're like yeah let all of these guys go and snatch up your thor's your stephen mats your eduardo rodriguez your kevin gossman's your john gray's your max scherzers and then let's see what happens with ray at the end right right and let's see what happens with ray at the end we know we're gonna if because because you said it that's cashman's guy he's wanted him for years yeah for all you know they have a bulletin board in yankee stadium right now with robbie ray as one of the center pieces and they're like he's our freaking guy we gotta get him yeah but they're trying to play it like let's see look we know we're gonna have to pay him but let's figure out exactly how much we're gonna have to pay him let's see what it's gonna be right we don't know yet but again that's the whole thing it's like waiting that waiting game you got to be careful because you never know they have the power robbie ray sits down and watches greg gets signed gossman gets signed all these guys and he's not in a rush he knows he's going to get paid yeah correa knows you never know buyers goes to detroit correa knows he's going to get paid well that too and you know the longer you wait too you got to remember one thing players also see other teams getting better and they may enjoy that fit more so you know robbie ray sees the jays doing all this and who the hell knows what the js are up to you know like you said the cba goes up and jays go look man you know what we may not be able to do the one the 165 170 or whatever the hell kind of deal you get to something whatever hella will be but you know maybe maybe we can make something work maybe we give you more years maybe it takes that aav down a little bit well not not one something excuse me you guys know what i mean yeah but um for a guy like robbie ray i mean i i've said the reason why i just think it makes too much sense for the yankees is just because the strikeout numbers that's never going to change he's not going to not strike guys out will a zra go up i predicted it goes about a run and i believe that i think his era goes up to the mid threes maybe even high threes but it's worth it it's still worth it it's still worth it because i guess you gotta have guys that strike guys out in the postseason and the names alone back to back with scare teams the names alone are righty lefty that would probably be one and two in baseball on strikeouts if they're healthy all year yeah you have that on your club you notice what you're facing that's terrifying that's terrifying that's like shilling and johnson that's just johnson type [ __ ] it's rough it's rough and i could see i could see cashman saying like look we that's one of the priorities like we need to do that i could see that 100 i mean kevin kernan thinks so kevin kerner thinks that's his guy yeah he thinks that he tried too many times to get him not to get him now because of money yeah i feel like i feel like that's one of the things that like it would surprise a lot of people um but it wouldn't surprise me i i and i'd be i tell people like i would be way more shocked if they ended up with correa than i would be if they signed robbie ray i i would like i feel like shocked at correa also i feel like robbie ray i feel like robbie ray is like cashman has been like public about like his pursuit of him like not because he wanted to be public but like it just it's become public he's been after this guy for years now well it wasn't so close all it takes is one year he had a start in arizona and they literally asked them about it he was like the worst thing for me is going to be shaving my beard yeah like they asked him that if you go to new york you know what is it going to you say god i love it but the worst thing about me is shaving my beard like other than that and he always been you know but just a stubble you can't even have a lot of that showing so i mean you know shaving did like every other day he was like that would be the annoying part but other than that i mean every like i said i i i mean he'll love it he's gonna everything i love it over here everything i've heard about robbie ray is literally everything this team needs they need a guy again that was like sabathia that was just look we got to do the dirty [ __ ] i'm there i'll throw behind it dude robbie ray's not he's not scared to do that no he's tough on the mountain oh by the way i actually learned something interesting about him a lot of it actually wasn't necessarily mechanics for him it was actually weight gain um isn't that interesting i didn't even know that apparently it balanced him out more by being heavier on the mound yeah yeah so he said that he said that and a little bit of slight mechanics actually is what led to him having much better control so that was interesting so um it was bulked up and that made him remember a more command driven picture you remember when cece lost all that weight and he had no command at all anymore terrible yeah yeah a lot of people a lot of people need need the weight to hold you down center you better david wells talked about that a long time ago that him pitching heavy was better for them that's just how it was yeah is that people these days people are getting used to seeing like these like tall slender or even buff pictures and they're like oh my god like that's what a picture looks like whatever when we were coming up a lot of pitchers had beer guts yeah of course just heavy heavier set guys or just heavier guys they were throwing but they were throwing cheese they were throwing cheese and they could control it right and i think a lot of times right now with these bulky guys that you see like even your thor's or your michael lorenzo's or whatever these guys are real muscular dudes or whatever but it's like they'll struggle with the wild everything they'll struggle getting wild a lot of stuff and they struggle to stay healthy because they're all over the place is what it is like they're all over the place and they're lifting weights and stuff like that whatever it's not good it's not yeah you guys know how i feel about the whole the weightlifting and [ __ ] like that with baseball i think i don't know how the hell it got into it but i feel like i think it's like as limited as possible if you can limit that as much as it's a lot of strength as much as you can muscles especially doing something like bass when you're swinging a bat you're throwing a ball you're a lot with the sides with your obliques with your with your hamstrings a lot it's a lot of work where you're putting no pressure and power by you know working on other stuff like that but um oh bro we lost your camera yeah yeah i'll get it i'll get it back on i got like a i got like a faulty um plug here it's annoying oh man it'll come back on give me one second don't worry we're experiencing technical difficulties give us two to three seconds we'll be back this is what happens when you do live stuff right there we go see we've got a green there we go let's go we're back but um no like i'm saying i mean robbie ray would just be a great fit he would be a great fit for the club he really would be and all it's going to cost is a little bit of money and you know um and that and and from there you know the one thing i wouldn't want to see is gary sanchez catching him i wouldn't want to see that that would be terrible and i mean i i i broke that down again today on the live i don't even want to really talk about it much because i don't want to take up much of our time doing it but after what you saw from gary sanchez last year the horrible place after you got what three-fifths of the rotation not one of the pitch to him towards the end of the year two years in a row of not pitching in a playoff game at the end of the day guys i mean that's my thing how is that your starting catcher you basically already said he's not no more and now you're going to keep this guy again for another year no it's the thing that people like are delusional about they tell you oh no but sanchez is sanchez sanchez doesn't play the big games your ace doesn't want to pitch to him if you sign another frontline starter that starter's not going to want to push this copyright shouldn't pitch to him he got he got to throw sliders in the dirt why would you want robbie ray throwing no if if cole can't throw to sanchez robbie ray has no business even even looking at gary no no way no it's like so you're talking about games one and two of a potential playoff series going to higgy yeah like and some fans are okay with that i don't i'm not no i'm not i'm not anymore not at all like i was okay with it when it was just cold catching all right because boone's not gonna do [ __ ] about it so yeah that's how it is yeah but my whole thing too is you know if if you look at if you look at gary sanchez i saw somebody tweet this today there's a video or a picture of him working out everybody oh look to the people who called him fat and lazy gary sanchez could come in with a six-pack next year that doesn't mean he's going to improve his catching i mean that's not the thing you guys talk about stupid [ __ ] it's not even about the fat and lazy stuff but he does it every year he does it every year every year and by the way he shows up to spring training a lean mean hitting machine thank you he's got it in shape year after year and he's gotten worse sucks by may fam he's gotten worse defensively like i looked at the fan grafting matter of fact while we're here let me see if i can find this um hold on a second i gotta try to find it because i was laughing catchers by war okay because i saw somebody post this on fangrest and i'm like oh okay all right i get what people are doing because you know and then they were like oh it looked good because they just put it for american league and i said okay america like i said now let's look at all leagues let's look at national league and american league right and i was going to make a video about this but since we're here i'll talk about it right now why not all right in war in the american league so i'll be fair and do what everybody else did and and go by the american league first and league gary sanchez was ranked seventh overall mitch garver was ahead of him max stassi was ahead of him sean murphy salvador perez he has monte grandel and mike zunino who was number one in the american league those are the guys that were ahead of him he was seventh when it comes to just the american league now let's look at major league baseball because you know there's this whole idea that gary sanchez is just superior compared to everybody else offensively all right now gary sanchez ranks 19th in all of major league baseball and he's only thought he was i thought he was the best offensive catcher in the game he's also .1 points point one only ahead of danny jansen and francisco mejia two ahead of reese maguire okay point two he's also tied with manny pina okay john gomez a little above him elias diaz of colorado's above him carson kelly who is always injured is above him by point two dalton varshall who just moved to catching is above him by point five and then the list goes on and on to your best guys like your jacob stallings your salvador perez uh real muto and all those guys but then there's an interesting one defensive war bro i don't even want to see him no no you want to laugh you really want to laugh for a second oh man what is it 28 20 28 or 29 bro this is going by hold on hold on this ain't going by team this is by every catcher so when i first saw the list right i said what the [ __ ] is he i said i'm looking i'm looking all right hold on maybe i'm just missing let me look for the ny ny and a y and y and y nothing's popping up so i said hold on a second kyle hey kashioka's 19th i said wait there gotta be something wrong here ny i know why i said oh damn there's another page there's three pages all right it goes from one to thirty i said let me go let me move to the next page i said gary gotta be there he is 37th 37th oh my gosh 37th you know what that means when you're 37 guys let me explain that to you that means that teams have backup catchers who are better than gary sanchez defensively this is crazy bro like i mean our own backup catcher is better than gary sanchez defensively guys again i don't know how many times we're gonna have to say this we're sounding like a production like like a broken record here we can live without gary sanchez's offense i promise you we can live without his offense yes we can live without it no it's the 20 it's the 20 some odd home runs that he's going to spray in here and there whatever it's like if we if we keep joking again that one hot streak a year like that people people when he's back yeah yeah every every year he comes back listen i loved i i loved gary sanchez as much as as much as the next guy did but you know you got we got to move on it's about winning it's about winning gary sanchez as a catcher just doesn't seem like a winning move i'm sorry he's not i'm sorry if that hurts people's feelings or whatever but it's surrendering it's waving to white's leg it's waving the white flag if i'm look if i'm in those meetings with brian cashman i swear to god i wish i could be um i'll never be welcomed to him but that's okay but if i'm in those meetings and i'm sitting there i i look across the table to all the pro scouts probably actually yankees probably won't have that if i got all the analytical nerds around them and i'm just looking at all of them saying do we got to get cole on the phone do we got to get montgomery on the phone kluber's a free agent but you guys want to call him up real quick you want to call him to see what he thinks i'm i mean are we really kidding ourselves here to continue this guy to throw him back out and then and then you wonder why there's people like pizzamanetti of ny news who's talking about an obvious disconnect between a fan base and the ownership and the team because fans have known this [ __ ] for years and they keep running the same guy out there going guys it's gonna work this year this year this year every good team has a strong middle of the lineup middle of middle of the of the infield they're strong up the middle champions which means start starting pitching catcher second base shortstop center field francis the last time we won the world series um who was the who who do we have there in center field talk about catching okay well let's play a game that i love to play it makes me very sad but i love to play it look at the 2009 yankees world series lineup it's gonna make me very sad but let's do it let's do it this is a game guys this is a game this is a game that i love that i love to play it's fun because you probably could argue you got three out of the four guys are hall of famers yeah if not you know obviously and the last one is very very good was a very very good player okay so this is not the lineup in terms of order but this is how we lined up for game one wait hold on is this better be correct we have posada catching chair at first kanoa at second okay jeter short jeter a-rod at third like if you just stop right there that's it who's inside of who's in center field melky melky took center of that game damian was unless melkian okay but you typically would either be milky or damon tell milky or dean all right so that day so when you talk about strong up the middle that team was strong as hell up the middle ridiculously stronger than the next last time this team won a light a light matsuya dh that's the last time this team won a world series and they had the formula they had it all when you looked at that team you said there's a championship caliber team no and then uh pitching uh brunette pettit cece jabba aceves mariano who was a beast in the planet zamasu martay the melanson was with us that year i mean david roberts but you look at a lot of that look at the two guys and it's funny because you know i never really thought about this until this moment right now if you look at the 09 off season it's almost what the yankees had to do right now they added two strikeout pictures cece sebastian aj burnett they added the big first baseman which they obviously need now whether that's anthony rizzo or i don't know how to help the matt olson deal doesn't happen i really don't the the mariners just took themselves out of the picture likely we're trading for a few prospects um you know i think i think boston could still be a little scary with a move like that maybe maybe i don't think they have they don't have better prospects to offer than the could be but that that's the whole thing right there they they're farming they don't have better doesn't compete doesn't compete with unless they end up looking to trade one of those guys that were on the major league roster this [ __ ] that was really good uh which came up and pitched and yeah i still even see it better than what the yankees could offer no because then it would be money too the money too once they come up to the majors you know the money changes i don't think the rays are doing that i i don't know it doesn't seem like it doesn't seem like a race the brewers could the white sox maybe maybe but there's not there's not a lot of clubs out there that i'm looking at are looking to win now that are really going to be able to beat the yankees when it comes to getting a guy like matt olsen and that could take care of a lot of their moves right that could take care of first base and like i said i think if you make a deal with oakland i'm sorry you got to get a starting pitcher i mean make that deal bigger there's no point in just doing it if you're going to give up guys all right then let's give them if it's make the one giant deal if it's taking this long i'd like to believe that that it's because they're trying to exp they're doing their best to expand it and not that they're lowballing them with the offer it's either that or it could also be that oakland is also doing what the yankees are doing with a big free asian they're saying let rizzo go let freeman go and then we got to feel the play open whoever's rizzo if they really wanted to they could deal due to spring training that they wanted to they have they could hold they could they could hold on to them and deal with the at the at the trade deadline they'll get more now likely to they know they know they know that now this off season is is the peak so i mean i'm i'm honestly i i believe that deal is eventually going to happen at some point so i think their first video is going to be that route and it just makes more sense too because if you do eventually spend money on on a short slab if you do especially uh spend money let's say on robbie ray we know it's not going to be cheap and if you do that that locks you in right that locks you in for first base is not going to be too expensive 8 million or so depending on if you do move uh uh uh um herman or or voight or one of these guys you're also saving money there so you could still be moved exactly these are guys who are most likely gonna be moved no doubt about it so you're still saving money in in certain places like that so the yankees off season plan i feel like is well known by the majority of fans we know what they what they should do and i think that's the reason why a lot of us are just like but there's been nothing yet so all of it could come at one time all of it could come very quickly but i think there are certain moves that just make more logical sense because the yankees aren't going to go dish out 300 plus guys they're not going to do that i i i feel overly confident now that we're not going to see that happen maybe it does and i told you i said it a hundred times if it's wrong i'll be happy to say i was wrong i did not and based off the people telling me it i don't see the yankees doing it now i know your past sins and all these other guys saying they're gonna make a huge splash they're gonna you know they're gonna spend the money i don't see it i don't i don't see it i don't see it happening maybe it will but when it comes to the logical moves there are still so many out there without having to spend a ton of money that they could make to greatly improve this team it's just that they they have to go and do it and and right now you know there hasn't been a you know a jump in the gun to do so i'm still i'm i'm still a maybe on like the big short stop signing i don't know but do you think a 300 plus million i say maybe i say maybe the only reason i say maybe is this if the luxury tax threshold goes up to freaking 2 30 yeah or 240 or some [ __ ] like that then 300 another 300 million dollar deal is not going to do anything to the yankees but it's happening i could see them do it but if that doesn't yeah also it is it is house time and he does want to resign judge so that's that's the thing yeah but to me that's that's what that's what keeps me like at bay with it right now because like i don't know what the luxury tax is gonna be after the new cba is signed i know they want to sign judge i know they want to sign a pitcher i know they have to pay somebody at shortstop so i'm like they already have cold air they already have stent in there um if they do trade for olson it probably isn't so that they watch them walk away in two years so they would want to pay for him too like i'm looking at it and i'm like okay i could see you know i could see what's happening here this is an off-season that could set you up for a team that is locked in for the next three three four seasons that's right and this is who you're going with and then you just add and plug and plug and play when you need to yep right that's what has me like saying i'm iffy on it because i don't know what the cba is going to be yeah if i know for a fact that the cba is going to be the the luxury tax threshold is 2 35 next year or 2 30 or 2 40. that's 240 is crazy 240 i don't know how they don't sign correa and just say [ __ ] it because why not give me correa give me robbie ray like we can add both of them and still be under like get the [ __ ] out like like barely over um so that's what's gonna really upset fans when it actually happens and they don't do the moves exactly see that that's really gonna upset fans that's that would be where you really like and that's where i would really like lose it because i just feel like you stayed under the threshold last year the threshold went up this year and you still didn't sign one of these guys like what like well let me let me not say lose it because like say the threshold does go up to 230 240 and they don't get correa they don't get seeger but they get robbie ray they get story and they get like i'm probably not going to lose it because i'm going to be like i'd be happy about that i'm like we got better we got better tell you something you changed three positions if you could if you could change three yeah let me let me i'll bump it up to four i'll bump it up to four just to be fair just be friend i already said i don't think shortstop is the major priority that everybody's talking about i think it is just because of the names available but i think if you upgraded that olsen if you get a catcher if you upgrade a starting pitcher and then of course you get a shortstop whoever that may be i think that's enough and that's me saying it i'm not an easy sell i'm a hard sell i've said that i've said that you're probably coming march you know ny news tv jumps up in january you're probably gonna hear pete complaining i'm just keeping it real because i don't have faith in the team right now and the [ __ ] i hear is not cute you know and i try to report most of it some of it i don't report out there i tell you guys about it because i can't corroborate it yet with anybody else and when i do it then i'll report it i'll put it out there but a lot of the [ __ ] i'm hearing isn't cute so you know because of right now i'm not the most you know i'm not hopping up and down but like you said you were right if we didn't get correa if we didn't get seeger you end up getting story even if it's a one-year deal you you get olson over there you sign robbie ray also and maybe you get a uh you trade you trade for catching i'm telling you right now i'm gonna pat brian cashman on the back and i'm saying look for what you were given you did a hell of a job with what you were given without the big money without steinberg saying he go kid here's a blank checkbook have fun without that being said you did a good job cash i'll pat you on the back but i'm not patting nobody on a bag if they gonna play the waiting game they're gonna lock up correa or seeger and say yeah we also got olsen yeah the offense is cute but that's not enough of me it's not enough for me all right we got it we got we got to see we got to see what happens i mean honestly i'm just i'm dying for them to do something like i was hoping that the olsen deal would get done you know before the the lockout just so that we're like we went into the lockout with you know an ace in our pocket already like well we know you know we know austin's our first baseman already going in so that's one thing less to worry about now we just got to figure because to me this just like we said there's a lot like is laboratories going to be there still opening day or are we going to put dj at second base shouldn't be but he probably will you know what i mean and he pro and he probably will be he probably will be like he probably will be and they probably i see a lot of people talking about you know them moving geo and then putting dj at third which i don't like i don't like that at all i don't like it that at all but uh i did it i did it again i got i got a faulty um faulty wire here yeah but i mean i'll tell you this i'll tell you this uh i was thinking about this recently the last couple of days uh in regard to glaber if they if by some miracle and again i say miracle because i have it i still have it really low on my list of possibility but if by some miracle they end up with carlos correa i do feel a lot better about gleber tourists and i'll tell you that second base yeah yeah because he is not going to be able to pull that [ __ ] with korea over there he shouldn't be like that correa is not going to have that [ __ ] not not running not hustling into first base not running balls out errors and [ __ ] like correa is not gonna have that he would be an amazing influence for somebody like labor tourists he might he might unlock that potential in clever tourists that they've been trying to sell us all for years fire under his ass taurus is worrying me that he's headed down to gary sanchez's path very quickly i remember i i said it uh it was towards the end of the season it might have been by the deadline that i was like he's really working me on that he's too comfortable he's got this he's got completely something wrong there too i don't know if he's with management too that just lets him lets him do the [ __ ] he does i don't know but um that's all goes with leadership too and chemistry in the clubhouse and whatever that looks like um that the yankees obviously need to work on they they don't design that he didn't listen to the hitting coach at all no that much no that much was obvious tim's came don't worry about it and said it like yes this guy you know doesn't really stick to the uh the approach that we come up with but it's crazy because i was looking at videos of him you know early on in his career and i was just like geez like i just look at his swing and i'm just like what happened it just got it got so much low too how did you lose like like because his swing early on a thing of beauty pulling ripping ball like whatever i'm like he would turn on a pitch very very quickly yeah you would turn the pitch very very you watch him now it's like a labored swing it's labored he's completely off balance he's very very different grounded out to second base all the time little weak pop-ups barely out of the infield i'm like what happened what happened i don't know i mean yeah he's working on his hitting don't get me wrong i know some of you guys are watching this well he's been working on his hitting with judge yeah i saw the videos too friggin batting cage doesn't do much for me that's my thing i'm like what do you guys think a lot of baseball players do all off season you really think they go home and sit on the couch and and watch netflix all day no some of them are freaking games some of them might but most of these guys have been doing this their entire life so guess what their offseason requires around doing stuff with baseball i was happy i love when they see that stuff like oh my god look he's working out oh my god guys they play major league baseball you know you want to try to stay sharp to a degree he better be working out no i don't the only thing the only thing the only thing that i will say about that that i was happy to see was that that that's probably the first time i saw him in the off season working with judge and i was like that's who you need to be working out with yeah that's true if you're going to work out with anybody that uh it's i'm not saying that oh him and geo is not a good no they're good pals and friends or whatever but whatever geo's approach is to hitting he can afford to do that labor cannot quickly reconnect he needs to be with somebody like judge who's gonna get him to that laser focus or whatever because there's some i'm telling you and that's why like i said like oh yeah you end up with somebody like korea and i know correa will he will be on glaber torres ass from day one to the end of the season he won't let that kid rest he will not let that kid rest he makes a mistake you'll see it he'll call him out in the dugout he'll call him out on the field but what the [ __ ] he'll be getting those looks on the field and everything yeah yeah yeah it'll be it will be it will be something but i think i think that's how you get the potential that you need to get out of labor because that's tough that's the way that we got it out of gary's tough love works tough love to work for some reason we were told that um you know boone was just meant to be a therapist and he's not allowed to apparently do any of his other [ __ ] so that that's dr melfi that's all he's supposed to be is dr melfi and that's it so it is what it is you know the yankee off season is underway we'll see what happens um i do want to talk about the first hall of fame ballot that's been released um by jack mccaffery who released the first hall of fame ballot today may i just say this real quick these people shouldn't deserve votes so let me just read you guys some of the names that are on this barry bonds roger clemens todd helping tory hunter andrew jones jeff kent um joe nathan david ortiz justin morneau tim lindsecum john papa bond jake peavy andy pettit manny ramirez alex rodriguez scott rowland jimmy rollins kurt schilling is last year gary sheffield sammy salsa mark tashira omar visquel vasquel and billy wagner this guy here's the guys you heard all those names here's who we voted for bobby abreu todd helton ryan howard andrew jones jeff kent jimmy rollins jimmy [ __ ] rollins and omar vizquel this guy has a hall of fame vote this is how this is literally one of the dumbest ballots i have ever seen this is worse than the dude who left jeter off the ballot and we're gonna see a bunch of them we're going to see a bunch of them like this now the only one that i almost agree with that could potentially be jeff kent i agree with jeff ken what about andrew jones i agree with jeff kent um i mean all the andrew jones defense counts let me tell you something he's one i'll give him the center i'm going to be i'm going to be i was going to say i'm going to be lenient i'll give him i'm i'll give you omar vesquel for sure all right i'll give you jeff kent i'll give you andrew jones bro my man voted for jimmy rollins jimmy rollins i'm not you know and yo no offense i love jimmy no offense oh fema come on i'm not voting for jiminy rollins especially not like my thing is how you vote for jimmy rollins and not gary sheffield yeah that means like where does your brain like where does your brain go that you're like players on there not not gary how do you vote bobby or brady i don't care if they took more steroids than a horse stakes bro how do you vote how do you jimmy rollins over alex roger matter of fact let's take the several years away over scott rowland um he didn't vote he didn't vote for scott rowland you got a better case for scott fam you got a better case for billy wagner being one of the best clothes of all time this is crazy because this is gonna get so this is gonna be so bad i'm looking at this and i'm just like look are we missing someone jimmy rollins i'm about to look up jimmy jimmy i'm today i'm looking like i'm looking like this and i'm just i'm just looking at i'm just like you know i see i know what i know what the problem is here look um i may have an mvp award it's current it's before career hitter 2 400 hits i remember he won the one mv i know he won this is not a hall of famer yeah one two three four four gold gloves one two three this is a good rea a good a very not even fair i won't even say very good this is a very solid major league ball player bernie williams was borderline hall of fame this is a very solid ball player bernie williams was way better than jimmy rollins oh not even come on i mean come on way better than jimmy rollins and people have no problem telling us that bernie williams wasn't even he shouldn't be that's why he's not a part of the core four and he wasn't important and all that [ __ ] don't give me that um he's a career 297 hitter i'm like don't don't give me it people swear bernie williams 297 he almost had 300 home runs as a center fielder bro these are the same people who tell us that batting average doesn't matter and those other nonsense i don't even listen to them anymore jimmy my biggest problem my biggest problem with this ballot it's not even going to be what most people think it is because the steroid stuff and everything yeah i'm i'll give you my opinion on that my biggest problem is this is it's kurt schillings last year and you writers are going to leave him off the ballot because of his political views because of his political views and i hate that i'm i hate that i have to do this as a yankee fan because like curt schilling was the bane of my existence for a long time like when he was on arizona when he was on boston like i don't like kurt schilling as a player because he didn't do anything but hurt me but i'll be damned if i sit here and let you guys leave him off the ballots because of his political views i don't see what the hell that has to do there has nothing to do with it what he did on a baseball scene nothing at all yeah what he did on the baseball field now i guess i could say this was a criminal if he was a criminal or something well on top of it murdered people well on top of it too there was never nothing on the base before while he played that was political no or nothing on a field where you looked at i was like oh my god he made a remark like that's disgusting that's what i'm saying he never did nothing to disgrace himself as a player this is what i'm saying but no he comes out and you know he supports somebody people don't like and all of a sudden it's like now you can't get into the hall of fame after the career that kurt schilling had like that's what we're going to do so we're we're going to we're going to keep kurt schilling out we're going to keep curse shilling out but you're going to you're going to check off jimmy rollins with a straight face i got over 3 000 career strikeouts over 200 wins he pitched 3 200 innings yeah they don't realize that you're not going to see no guys like this not at all you're not going to see guys like this anymore pitchers don't even pitch into the sixth inning anymore all right what this guy was so hated he couldn't even win a cy young award bro the man listen i i really cannot believe that i have to sit up here and defend curt schilling because like i'm telling you i would scream crazy things at my television set when he was pitching against the yankees crazy things i would if you would have told me 10 you know 10 years ago 12 years ago that i'd be on a podcast defending that man i would have laughed you out the room but i guess i have to because there's no sense anymore people are gonna they will comfortably check off jimmy freaking rollins and overlook kurt schilling in his last year on the ballot so he's going to fall off the ballot because you don't like his political views and but but nobody nobody can explain to me how that how that affects what he did on the field nothing at all we were talking about this before we were talking about this before we went live with all this stuff like this kurt schilling to even think about it like i look at this list i'll pull this list up kurt schilling is a first ballot hall of famer not even and he already said he doesn't care if he doesn't get in he's like i'm just a student of the game i love the game whatever it is what it is he actually he said he'd rather be removed from the list altogether because he's like he doesn't think it's right it's it's stupid like there should be a bar set where you're just a hall of famer i'm sorry there needs to be like a standard have you reached these certain numbers there shouldn't be anybody that that allows them to judge you as a person so you don't get in because i'm gonna keep it real people are gonna say i'm getting political here they're a bunch of liberal supporters there are a bunch of liberal leaning folks who see that kurt schilling does not share their political beliefs and will not vote for him you're giving certain people again power that they probably don't fully deserve it's the same people that's holding all the steroid users no matter what accountable that either with or without steroids they should be in the hall of fame that's another argument that it's like i'm so sick and tired of having these freaking talks with people like you can say whatever you want you don't like alex rodriguez you would that's fine or whatever alex rodriguez is one of the greatest baseball players of all time he's a hall of famer i don't care what you think barry bonds he might be the greatest he might be the greatest ball player ever right i i don't care what you think about what he i don't care i don't care he might be the greatest ball player ever steroids are not the guy there was the greatest seasons ever that's that's not even comparable he had the greatest seasons of all time oh and then no no but and then people went oh but to stare away it tarnished and stained the game don't give me that [ __ ] bud ceiling knew all about that [ __ ] all everybody knew all about it everybody was turning their freaking turning a blind eye to it because they were selling tickets they were filling they were putting butts in the seats after years where baseball was losing viewership they were losing patrons at the ballpark yeah they were trying they were losing everything was the humble home run remember the um chicks dig the home the long ball chicks dig the long balls that was the big thing it was all about the home run the same the same wire and sosa i was just about to say that oh brewers he owned the brewers during the time i remember mark maguire will pull ahead of of sammy solis in a home run race sosa would go to milwaukee and hit five home runs in a three-game series he was getting fastballs down the pipe and i'm sitting in my i remember my father do something said no he'll catch up to him because we both we both love mark maguire but we love sammy sosa it was like a thing like whoever won one but yeah these this brought baseball back you know what i mean i remember sitting in front of the computer yeah when game day like first came out and no joke me and my dad we were so stupid we would sit there right and we would wait for the in-play run thing to pop we sit there like this home run home run home run in front of the computer screen and you know if you got the homework oh yeah yeah you know what i mean but that [ __ ] brought baseball back so the same cats that are getting crucified made all these people money and they turned that back on them and stabbed them in the back and my thing is my thing on top of that is you want to talk and sit on your high horse now as an organization major league baseball do whatever do whatever you want but then you know what i want all the right whatever records were set during the juice ball season i want those i want those erased well i want them erased do any of the astros will deserve to be in the hall of fame no it's confirmed they cheated that's not a that's not a rumor oh yeah but they're gonna they're gonna they're gonna get them i already saw somebody the other day telling me that jose altuve is a first ballot hall of famer or that he will eventually get into the hall of fame and listen i'm not going to be the guy who's going to fight against whether jose altuve is going to get in there or not if he has a couple good a couple more good seasons if he wins another ring if he does that and they want to put him in the hall of fame so be it i don't like the guy i think i'm not going to say that here's politically incorrect but i got you know some choice phrases that i like to refer to him as but it doesn't bother me if he gets in or not what bothers me is that if he gets in but you don't let in a rod big poppy manny ramirez barry bonds roger clement like and you don't let them in then it's gonna bother me yep then it's gonna bother it's gonna bother the [ __ ] out of me because the same way that steroids is a stain on their on their legacy forever i want 2017 to be a stain on every astros legacy forever even if we sign korea tomorrow i'm still gonna tell you guys this we can sign carlo's career tomorrow and carl's correa could play the next 10 years in the new york yankees and have freaking the greatest seasons you ever saw when five mvps do whatever if they if the hall of fame comes up and they go or whatever i'm gonna say well no 2017 happened it happened if that's the rule that you guys want to play by but the truth of the matter is that's not the rule they want to play by they they want to scapegoat these guys they want to scapegoat these guys for something that they were all complicit in yeah they were all complicit they all knew that all the owners knew it baseball knew it the players knew it come on it wasn't like some you know the funny thing is when they talk about um jose canseco yeah he was crazy but you released the book juiced and all that started all this nonsense he said it at the time he said flat out the guys they got under congress and all this stuff and testifying at the end of the day it was it was 80 of baseball including the minor leagues yeah so they're targeting the big guys because they were actually good ball players already and this is the issue this is the thing i'm saying that won the baton title one year i forgot his name alex castillo or something like that he did he had i don't know if he won the badass side but he had a really good year he admitted to taking step runs he came back and he was [ __ ] bonds could have got off steroids and still been legit mark maguire would have still been hit at 45 50 plus homers a year sammy sosa would have still been a good ball player a-rod hit 30 home runs at 40 years old what 50 as a rookie what are we talking about here like here's my thing you could you could inject people with as much steroids as you want i mean you want to try it we should try it let them give aaron hicks yeah yeah whatever the let them give aaron hicks whatever the [ __ ] bonds was taken i want to i want to see if he puts up a bonds a bonds-esque season it's not going to happen because his back-to-ball skills aren't what barry bonzas were his eye it was not what barry bonds was like these are things that you can't quantify but you want to tell me that no no it doesn't mean anything because he took stairways or whatever you know how many guys take steroids how many guys did take steroids they got suspended and sucked and still sold yeah no no but they want to tell me no no because don't give me that [ __ ] don't give me that [ __ ] you can't compare it's not the same robinson can know oh robinson cannot take steroids or whatever so now his legacy is targeting whatever well you know what robinson was taking steroids with milky cabrera why wasn't milky cabrera as good as robbie cano right melky cabrera went on to have what 102 decent two or three decent years all together they and him and keno were taking the same exact [ __ ] right the same exact [ __ ] and don't argue because there's people i know people can say oh no how do you know it's whatever trust me i know i'm dominican i've had conversations with people i know where they get the [ __ ] i know how they get the sh i know the name of the [ __ ] they were taking the same exact [ __ ] okay the same exact [ __ ] and they didn't have anywhere near the same exact results because one is naturally just better one was naturally just a better ball player better whatever right a-rod a-rod was a-rod since freaking florida broke i was about to say since college since westminster high school like don't give me that don't give me that like say you didn't like him or you didn't like his attitude and he was over here like walking around like he was baseball's playboy and all that [ __ ] i know you guys didn't like that [ __ ] you were looking for something it was the same thing it was it was this envy it was the same thing with bonds when bob's got oh this he's an [ __ ] sometimes he did something is that you see these guys you look for something to take and now you got it and now you're just gonna stick on to it and that's what that's what my problem is with the whole hall of fame the whole the whole system yeah you got a bunch of you got a bunch of freaking nerds you got a bunch of nerds who got bullied by guys like this growing up and this is how they stick it to them oh yeah well i'm not gonna you're not gonna get my vote you know the funny thing i'm telling you like when you look at that list i mean gary sheffield's a hall of famer gary chef is a hall of famers mcguire sosa schilling clemens they're all hall of famers and to to joke around and act like they're not because of a steroid usage at some point in their career because it's obvious barry bonza to take steroids his whole career it's obvious that most of these guys didn't take steroids their whole career that stuff's obvious but they were they were some of the best pitchers and hitters in the history of major league baseball but i mean leaving leaving that at that i got something funny to bring up because i didn't think it would happen this quickly marcus strowman uh stroh is gonna end up hurting his chances of getting a major deal no he already hurt them he's continuing to do it no no serious organization this dude is going to end up on the on the colin kaepernick level of things he really is i don't think he's getting out of baseball not even in the best way though so joe killer joe said earlier to me he goes pete what he's what's going to happen soon he's going to see the met signing golf man or siana visa and he's going to start calling them racist my man likes a post just now that says at stro no shocker the mets prefer the white guys over you what are you thinking in your mind nobody's taking here's my thing i would love to sit down with marcus stroman about you want to see what that's what i would say to him i would say marcus you are a terrific athlete a very talented pitcher very talented why are you allowing [ __ ] to affect the person you are you have serious issues my friend stay off twitter so you sign that and the fact that he's the type of guy that feels the need to try to shun regular everyday people you know how many people say look how much did you make last year man man the dude bags groceries he's 18 years old what's your problem you're a major league ball player go be a ball player no that's it anyone who disagrees with his line of thinking and that's like i think i said would you want him on yankees no no no yeah no i think he did whatever i also respond i said i would capital that as a hell no yeah no i don't want to do nowhere near the yankees what's that what's sad is what's sad is you could you could actually ask me the same question two years ago when he was coming off a four-plus era on toronto and i would have told you and i would have told you yeah i want to give german a shot because i really liked him in toronto and i said you know what he's a small guy i was like but his kid has so much freaking heart he's a dog out there he's tough i was i really liked him i was like yeah i was like if you would ask me back then i would have been like yeah let's do it then the whole thing came up when he was on the training block and the yankees were one of the people that people were saying like oh they're considering it they were considering it or whatever that year we could have gotten strowman we could have not gotten stronger we could have gone we could have not gotten i think you talked himself out of the yankees interest to be honest if we would have gotten him i would have been happy that year all right but he started chirping during the trading block and it didn't happen now clearly some people like people say oh well you know casper said that they you know they didn't see anything that they thought would have made them better and that's why they didn't make the move he happened to be one of the players that was moved he took it personal that they didn't say that they didn't feel like he would make them better or whatever clearly strowman wanted to be a yankee he wanted to be a yankee when he got traded from toronto he thought there was a there was a point in time that season where he thought for sure he was a yankee and then he realized he wasn't yeah he ended up being being a met yeah yeah but the talking and the constant chirping and yapping because you took it personal whatever it's just it's immature it doesn't endear you not i mean i don't care if you're if you endear yourself to yankee fans or not we don't give a [ __ ] you don't play for us but it doesn't endear you to just fans in general like you gotta look at organizations that are like clean you know i'm saying like you know organizations that just they're really you know on top of their the business of baseball if they're looking at you right now they got to really take a step back and say like but do we really need this head case here like yeah if he's is he going to get into an argument with somebody they're going to fight with the guys in the media is he going to fight with some fans is he going to like do we need that if if why do you think st louis went and grabbed steven matt's just like that or whatever some people say that st louis was still monitoring strowman as of today i don't think they make a play for him why why do you need that instead yeah i don't no i'm like um uh i i actually just this the first time i looked at like his likes on his i'm like i'm like almost in like a world of amazement here yeah people hate him like you because of your skin color i'm like that's not no no he likes a lot of stuff he likes a lot of stuff like that because he feels like does it give him like like confidence to keep doing this type i don't understand i'm very confused here and it's not see that's the thing is like i know like some people say oh of course you're gonna tell him that oh he gotta shut up but why does he have to shut up he shouldn't have to shut up he should be able to speak up not even i would say this bro i've said this about trevor bauer last year so don't come to me with that [ __ ] like oh you would you wouldn't say no i would because i said it to trevor bauer who is a white starting pitcher in the major leagues and a way better starting pitcher than strowman is i told him that he should have shut up last year when they were doing all the tweeting right all the videos because now it talks like he was actually oh yeah yeah but but i'm even though even with the sexual assault now it looks like he's actually right yeah so you know he was defending is that that he actually didn't do it but you see that that that all of a sudden i guess the right people got to trevor and when the whole sexual allegation [ __ ] came out that he was talking talking talking somebody must have got them and say you know what yup just be quiet stop talking stop or whatever let everything play out and then you'll be able to come back with it and now if he does get fully exonerated and all that which is that what that's what it looks like right now yep now he can come back and say whatever the [ __ ] he wants yeah and he's going to because he already started you know what i mean he's pretty confident because he already kind of started yeah now he can come back and say whatever he wants and you're not gonna be able to say nothing and that's what strongly could do the same thing though what do you sit there and be like bro you're you know you're saying [ __ ] about like the biggest market in the planet bro i would have taken him out literally like he's calling mets fans racist he's liking post that says there's a there's a majority of mets fans that are racist he said that about the fans he liked it so writing on the wall stro going elsewhere it's a shame most of ny wants him there's a there's a subset of racist fans that screw any of his comments towards him not being able to handle new york which is false and he likes oh that's he liked that tweet also i didn't see that i'm just like yeah but there's a ton of them there's a i didn't know this there i i just the first time i looked at this dude's likes i'm like i'd want this dude nowhere near this club here's another one no no he can't wait for me to go out there and prove all the haters wrong they're only hating on you because you're a skin color all right what what what fans i mean who are these people it has nothing to do they don't like marcus strowman because he has a small man syndrome he if i was blind if i was blind i would have a problem with marcus it's it's the attitude it's the attitude it's the attitude and that and i'm not about guys like tory hunter exactly no dory hunter talked about um there not being enough black players in baseball he talked about he talked about issues but he worried about it the right way or how about this how about how about andrew mccutchen andrew mccutchen cause he was like they shouldn't make me you know take my my dreads off what i got i'm doing it but my thing is like andrew mccutchen has talked about there now cece's a bathtub about not being enough i have never seen them come out as like well the reason is because baseball's racist i have never heard them say that i have never heard them say well the fans are racist or this one's racist that they never there's things everything is racist yeah there's things about the there's things about the game that that are like how you say they limit the interest of like you know african-american kids to want to like come up in the game which doesn't make the game inherently racist there's just certain things about it that you if you made changes it would obviously appeal more if you made the game more accessible to people you know of african-american descent and inner cities and things like that or whatever you would be able to get more there's a lot of things like that there's a lot there's a lot but to say that oh it's like no no that's that's that's not true like cece sabathia just retired from the new york yankees we love that that man is a god here he is a god like don't don't start with that [ __ ] whatever because you're that's a battle you're gonna lose that is a battle you are going to lose we love cc sabathia luis severino is way darker than you are marcus strowman there are people there are people in this new york yankee fan base who would die for submarines for real huge severino fans huge huge huge i love the guy's energy i love what he brings inside trust me trust me i mean severino will have the stadium don't let severino come back and be halfway decent he's going to have the whole stadium freaking shaking more than coal would more than people love him they can't get enough of it right they look what are we talking about here like what are we don't do that don't do that because i could see if it like if it was something whatever pointed or whatever but it's like no marcus they're they're pursuing guys who are gonna cost around what you're gonna cost but probably give them more that's what they're doing it's called business it's called business not to mention that the guys are pursuing aren't gonna probably talk as much as you do yep that's another thing that you don't wanna that he doesn't freaking own up to he never owns up to it maybe the fact that you run your mouth non-stop is turning teams off because i know for a fact if i'm saint louis if i'm atlanta if i'm not i don't want that [ __ ] yep but i care about the business of baseball and i care about what my team looks like and with the product that we're putting on the field in front of our fans and presenting to the world like maybe you don't want that that whole thing that you did a couple weeks ago we're like oh i'm never going to the yankees i'm not cutting my dreads i'm not taking off my do-rag um these tattoos ain't going anywhere you made a fool of yourself with that marcus you made it for yourself i i named like four or five yankees right at the top of my head that had tattoos all over the place yep there's nothing the yankees have no rule about wearing something over your hair under your hat luke voigt wears a headband tyler wade wore a headband plenty of guys were yeah the do-rag thing is stupid the du-rag that was very stupid blue rack comic was was ignorant on your part but not even you know that was ignorant well hey one of the things i talk about a lot is that i i talk about that a lot a lot of people make comments and they get called racist or this or that a lot of it is actually ignorance a lot of that's what it was actually pure ignorant racist is different when you're racist you can't hide your racism you know what i mean i'm not gonna i'm not gonna name a certain person out there right now that called satchel paige the great negro of his time which i've never heard in my lifetime to me that that's that's a hard limit of of actually somebody slipping up because there's tendencies there that's like calling people of color like well with the colored people over there yeah you don't say that nowadays if that that's natural out of your mouth you are a racist there's no way of denying that when you use in terms of the 1950s that are derogatory towards people that that's tough that's a tough one to fight especially in america when it was a black and white thing that that's a tough thing to argue but when you're like well marcus strowman is doing i'm like man i see it right now he already had another tweet in there talking about kevin goffman getting 175 million or so but strowman's a better pitcher so what should he get then and i'm like bro i can't wait to see what you signed for i can't wait to see who gives you money but there's what people don't understand is that there's there's a whole other side to this when it comes to business he's gonna make it about race watching when he eventually signs he's gonna make it a huge race thing he probably will 100 percent 100 because he's already making it about race judging by the tweets that judging by the tweets that he's liking but i'm i i couldn't disagree more i'm sorry i couldn't disagree more and just i don't know if you if marcus strowman ever saw this if somebody ever shows i'm a person of color right now i got my bright lights on me in the living room and stuff like that we're filming a podcast so i look a lot lighter probably than than but trust me if we saw each other in person marcus me and you are the same color bro like trust and believe a person of color just like you this is not about that it is not about that and i'm somebody i am somebody in the past who has literally said you know certain things like hey you know it's harder for you know latino managers to get to get gigs coming out of retirement and things like that when they retire off the field why does it take so so much longer for them to get shots to you know manage and to do things like that or why is it that like some latinos or or african americans will do really well in a peripheral coaching job but then they'll just disappear off the face of the earth yeah i i speak out and i'm very vocal about things like that we did on this podcast we did on this podcast yes we did we did it and we did we but we did it even before that when we were talking about tony we were talking about tony pena we were like tony fell off the face of the earth and he's an amazing freaking coach he should get a shot you should get a shot at something some sort of coach listen this is the podcast where we've literally i'm telling you all we do is keep it real when we said oh it could be oh by the way uh marcus i got uh children and a woman who was as dark as you two bro so in case in case you want to pick on in case you want to pick on the italian dude here you know you probably ain't going to go too far on that one family nah you're going to look crazy you're going to look crazy because his family is like but this is that's my thing it's like bro it's that's that's just it's ignorance man don't do that and and my biggest problem with this and i hate to go political i'ma just for one just one statement and i'm leaving at that but my biggest problem with this is that when you make everything about race you weaken the arguments that that are actually about it are true when you turn everything into a racist thing then it just seems like you're crying wolf and that's what pisses me off corrupt that's the pistol because there could be somebody out there in some sports league in some situation who's getting discriminated against because of the color of their skin being held down yeah that's right but not but not you but not you and when and when you do that when you do that and make your little tiff about race when it's not it weakens the person's argument who [ __ ] actually is about it and that's what pisses me off yeah because you as an african-american man as a person of color because you're also puerto rican you don't like to whatever but you're also puerto rican so you as a person of color knowing the struggles that people of color have you come out and are gonna make this about race knowing that there's people out there battling real race [ __ ] like stupid bro that's that's and on top of that and on top of that um i don't know much about this so it's me talking out of ignorance when it comes to marcus strowman but i would love to know what he's done for foundations i would love to know what his background is with inner city sports i would love to know what he's done in that area and the reason why i'm not attacking him for not doing it because i don't know i don't know if he has but somebody who speaks that loudly you should be leading that charge then you should be leaving that charge i've seen young black players yeah i've seen him do a couple of things so i'll give him credit there i've seen him do like a couple of couple a couple of things in terms of like giving back and like community outreach and enrichment and things like that and he should do a lot i mean so i'll give him me i'd be i'd be breaking my back doing stuff for my community if that was the case you know what i mean no doubt about especially if i'm getting a hundred plus million dollar deal very likely i mean yeah you better believe i'm finding areas um and and talking to people that we can build things there or or build stadiums or build fields have youth programs have grants for colleges so many different things that you can actually do to really assist in that in that process um so there's just a lot there so i just wanted to bring that up because it's funny because joe actually said it earlier he's like watch very soon you're going to see it start becoming about race and this whole thing that he hasn't had a deal yet and the pitchers are getting it and unfortunately that's what he's doing so yeah but he doesn't it's crazy like how can how you can be a major league baseball player a young major league baseball player who quote unquote should understand the game better as much or as better than anyone else and he doesn't even understand his own market the reason that marcus strowman isn't signed yet is because he's viewed as one of the better starters in the market the market never starts at the top yep it always starts in the middle or towards the bottom so they go there's teams who know that they're completely out of the running for certain guys and so they start at the middle or the bottom you think carlos correa is worried right now that baez is getting all this attention no because he knows that he's carlos freaking correa and he's viewed as way better than javi baez and so he is going to get his when javi baez is out of the way let the teams who are in on that level get out of the way you think robbie ray cares that the mets are talking to gosmen and that all these people are talking to god you think robbie ray's at home worrying biting his nails like oh my god maybe they don't want a cowboy on their team no right no cowboy gonna do in new york he knows that they're getting the middle tier out of the way they got verlander out of the way you got thor out of the way you got mats out of the way you got e-rod out of the way they're getting all these people all the way strowman is actually viewed by most of all most of all the baseball insiders and analysts as one of the better starters available this offseason yeah of course we already admitted that we said that already if he would just shut the [ __ ] up his market probably would be three times what it is right now but i mean i hate to break it to you bro like a lot of teams just don't want to deal with that i look if if i if i'm a team or if i'm i don't know i know if i'm if i'm in a big market i'm sorry you could say whatever you want he's not that good where i like i'm d i'll deal with it i'm sorry well you'll deal with it because it's not it's not it's not korea where korea can do all of that whatever he wants i was talking when joe said it the other day joe was like you know how long has he or he said something about i'm like well the reason why i wouldn't want it for five years is because i don't think he's gonna last because pitchers his size usually don't and that's not a knock on him unless you're like a pedro martinez but pedro is even bigger than strowman was so i mean your tim lindsay comes these guys fall off you scott kasmir's they fall off the small you don't usually see pictures that are what five eight five nine whatever he is um they probably got him listed like five ten five eleven but he's not he's like five eight you know pitchers like that don't normally last yeah i know he's not a gay he's not a gasser he doesn't throw flames but you know if he lasts five years i'll actually be shocked and if he signs a five-year deal if he has five good years i'll be amazed i'll be amazed and here's the thing most most baseball people don't expect marcus strowman to have the the last two projections are never that great the last two years that he had nobody's projecting him to do that over the next five years and yet and yet he's still projected to get a deal worth at least five years so what does that what does that tell you mark is that that you have value in the market that you've earned what you're about to receive again if you would just stop like it's like it's like you're you're like self-destructive like you you want to do damage to your own reputation right now because you're not going to damage the mets reputation right they just signed they just signed starling martay to a contract where he makes almost 20 million a year he's darker than you he's older than you like what are you talking about so they're racist they could have went and got comfortable then conforto's light skin why didn't they get comfortable they could have said hey [ __ ] it we're going to italian why not yeah no they went and got the best they went and got the guy who they thought was best for the job that's what they do that's what most teams try to do marcus i don't think it's a freaking race thing actually i thought the mets really enjoyed him in his time there and for him to start going down this path it's just like if i'm a team looking at him it's like bro this is how quickly this guy can turn on us do we really want to do this no it's a risk it's a let me put it like this this is the best way to put it right it's a it's a not needed risk because he doesn't have to do it yes it's an unnecessary risk but my thing too with him is i'm sorry i see your numbers you have a you have a couple of good years i get it i understand that but to sit there and be like i as a owner would bring in marcus strowman you have to be elite for me to disregard everything else i'm not bringing you in i'm not bringing you in i'm sorry you could see it however you want i'm not bringing you in i'm not bringing you with this added [ __ ] it's not worth it you're not worth it that's what i'm saying you're putting you're putting you're adding you're adding baggage baggage for no reason you're adding baggage for no reason bro and that's what if i was his agent i would have definitely bought it as soon as free as soon as free agency started out by listen marcus what we're going to do is we're going to log you out of twitter we are going to we're going to keep you up on on instagram but we're going to we're going to manage that for you we're going to put up you know pictures of you working out you know going out having fun but you know in terms of like you like you know going out there commenting on things or whatever we don't think that's the best thing let me tell you why they can like agents literally have this information at their fingertips i don't but if you guys want to google it this this this is googleable you can go and prove where a player's comments during free agency hurts their market and things like this is a fact i'm not making this up i'm sure his agents could bring this information to him and say look marcus we just don't need but no they let him do whatever keep his stuff and he's out there on twitter you know getting in fights with yankee fans or whatever talking about everybody good in this whatever mind you your team was way worse than the the yankees were a dumpster fire this year and when you put us next to you guys we look like [ __ ] adonises like i don't know how you throw stones when you live in a house that's that made of glass but that's fine you wanted to do that okay but that was just to be tip of the iceberg with your twitter bs now you're going after the organization that you just finished fishing for alluding to them possibly being racist because they're they're looking at kevin gossman and robbie ray over you why can't they just like those pictures better i don't understand it's just um it's just bad man it's just bad overall i mean like you said i if i was his agent i tell him flat out bro can't do it can't do it but you know well see um you know there's obviously a lot more to talk about this season um i probably probably gave marcus stroman too much time but um but uh yeah i mean probably gave him a little too much time there but i mean it is what it is we gotta we still the yankees still got a lot of moves to do a lot of moves to make um and when it happens it happens we'll be there to cover it but um we hit another goal today we hit 6 300 subs um i know we had a goal of 7 000 by january actually had a goal of six thousand by january but we've been rising so much through the ranks that we actually had to push that back to be even higher so for all the fans out there that are continuing to support and subscribing telling their friends and family about us i keep talking about it uh january's almost here so you're gonna see ny news tv for what it is and um all the other fun stuff we have coming your guys way so i mean stay tuned for that and um subscribe now put those notifications on you'll be seeing a lot of us and everybody knew joining them so with that being said francis you could lead us out man you already know man make sure you tune in because the next episode is always the best episode and you also know we would never come whack on the designated spitters track guys talk to you again soon hope you liked it appreciate it talk to you later

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Posted on 29 Nov 2021