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29 Jul 2022 by Felix Pantaleon


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02 Nov 2020 by Felix Pantaleon

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Designated Spittaz LIVE CHAT! Q&A @1FrancisLee @SimonettiSource


we designated spitters live every week live designated homie cause we spit heat we designated splitters friends this and peak yes talking yankee baseball hip hop on the streets yup we designated yup we innovative yup we designated welcome everybody to a live designated spitters you know i heard a rumor on the street word is that there ain't no better seat in the house than when you were in front of the designated spitters talking some yankee baseball real talk for the real fan you know what it is yeah i already know baby we got we got new catch phrases and everything we got everything i mean that one kind of broke that one out a little earlier that's the best everything i got a couple that i'm working i'm working on right now you know all right you know the crazy thing is you know people you know somebody said to me the other day um actually they were on the comments they go you know i'm getting so tired of you talking about january you guys act like what you're doing all you're going to do is be on twitch i'm like actually no that's not even part of them that's what i love when they [ __ ] don't you love when they think they know they think they know only we know and then you guys are gonna know in january but man it's gonna be a hype time but man everybody's here guys by the way you guys already know who we are so forget the introductions forget the introductions what i need all of you to do is share this out share this out everywhere you are whether it's friends and family whether it's social media share this baby out right now i'm going to do the same thing i think francis is already ahead of me i just shared it out he already got it so he he's he's well in advance of me but guys this is it right here this is your chance to talk directly to us hell we'll do whatever you know what well talk about the off season trades whatever the hell you guys want honestly whatever you guys want we're ready to talk about it so honestly man throw it in there let us know whether it's topics you want us to discuss or debate whatever you guys want to do yes we're definitely going to talk about matt olsen i see it in there to comment the the chat box is up so we're ready to roll we'll give everybody some time to get joined uh and we'll go from there but um man exciting time ladies and gentlemen ladies and gentlemen welcome i see as a good amount of good amount of people getting in here yeah yeah remember that time uh floyd mayweather did that that was so weird mcgregor yeah yeah hey rb arby's in the building our beef we got famine house rv we got family in the chat we got family in the chat we got fam here we got fam here ladies and gentlemen i know you guys can't wait to see rb again don't worry we got we got round table stuff coming soon yeah we got all that barbie coming let me say hi to everybody fritz what's going on rhoda go what's going on johnny amante my friend johnny has my uh has my little nephew doing man enzo fritz bobby tyler anthony in here reuben we got big rube in here big reuben of course rb we got fam we got eddie we got everybody up in here we got ramon in here we got isaac in here we got will anthony's here all right blue in the bronx what's going on fam what up fam everybody up in here perry michael come on come on man we everybody up in the house today they just wanted they want to see what the designated spitters are talking about today but to be honest we're just talking about whatever you guys are ready to talk about yeah tyler we we missed rb2 tyler yeah we did we got president we got president leshan here president lesh okay all right president lush i feel you i believe is joining us at some point to get something oh god going to show us the piece of metal for next year you know guys we are going to just honestly man i'm hyped man i drank i haven't drank a lot of caffeine in the wild today i downed about four black cups of coffee because i drink my coffee black first time in a while i'm drinking coffee and let me tell you guys your boy is ready to go i'm hyped i'm ready to go um i'm still one armpit i'm still one armpit at the moment um thursday thursday i do go to see a second opinion to see if i need surgery hopefully not we'll see what happens but thursday that'll happen and we'll go from there but um brooklyn in the house we got bro we got the bronx in now we got the bronx right here oh let's do it baby you know come on come on fam fun fact about francis i actually lived in brooklyn until i was about 11. look at that look at that fun fact about francis i like that we should do that every now and then a fun fact what's the fun fact about me there's not much he said he said i'm not a fun guy another fun guy let me tell you something about pete he's he he he's not for the fun and games no he wants to get right down let's get the business that's it yeah that's that's all that's all there is to it if pete was the general manager we probably would have had three or four moves done by now because it's not about the fun and games it's like you know what i mean and on top of that aaron boone wouldn't be here we we all we all know that aaron oh you got me here you guys know that aaron boone wouldn't be here you know the most coveted manager apparently he'd probably he probably he probably would be managing oakland at this point or the message we got washington heights in here hey wash heights i love it i love it i love it i love it let's get into it let's get into it i see some questions on it guys like i said man throw those questions at throw topics whatever you guys want to talk about you know we don't care we don't care we're going to talk about whatever you guys want to talk about so if i miss your question guys throw it back out there so let's see where are we on the first one um i saw one here it is is seeger to the yankee still realistic or likely i say it could be both i think it's very well obviously let's get the first one out the way we're gonna agree with this it's very realistic of course we know that is it likely i kind of think it's up there i think it's up there um yeah i would say i would say seeger is the most likely candidate right now that's where i'm at i agree that's where i'm at and i said that too in my thing yesterday people were going like i don't think people listened they did my video yesterday you gave up so much information that it's like people went they ran they're running with like one thing so it's like yeah because i even saw a comment the guy was like um you're not a yankee fan if you want story and i was like i never said that i never see you you did you didn't say anything about wanting so you said that story is still a very real possibility which he 100 is yeah so like i said i've heard from three people so we'll see and i actually i actually sent some um some messages today so i hope they get something back but we'll see if that's you know if that happens and we'll we'll get to all that we'll get to other but uh speaking of seeger what's not to like you know what i mean there there is like i said there's pros and cons with everybody we know that you know um there's pros and cons with everybody we know what he does good we know what he does not so good we know he's not the greatest defensive shortstop we know if that middle of the infield is going to be him in glaber we don't know if it's him and dj like a lot more there's a rumor also that seeger can move to third base pretty quickly um the lefty bat is a plus we know that he makes contact that's a plus yep so there's a lot of pluses there for cory seeger that i like he's gonna cost money potentially over three maybe a little under three we'll see but um yeah i think like you francis i wouldn't be shocked one bit if the yankees signed corey seeger i put a i put it into our chat the other day uh just uh the guys we were talking i think joe or rb asked like where do you guys see all the shortstop signings so i i did a list i'm not gonna reveal my list right now because we you know i'm not trying to give everything out in the first five minutes here right yep but with seeger i still feel uh his most likely landing spot is the new york yankees for much of the things that you named already the lefty bat um but let me just to be to be different to add on to it right corey seeger off the field he just fits the yankee profile right we know that he does um i put out i put out a tweet thread uh maybe yesterday or the day before yesterday and it was speaking mainly about like correa versus seeger but not in terms of skill was terms like off the field profile like fitting the yankees and uh secret seeker just fits that profile if you look at him you look at the way he approaches his his work day in day out he looks like a yankee guy like that's you know i mean like he doesn't he's not ruffling very many feathers he's not you know giving you fodder and post-game interviews or whatever says all the right things and the whole thing about him not being uh you know good defensively has been overblown yeah at this point i even said that he's he's an average defender he's not some guy he's going to bobble routine plays he makes the average listen guys and you guys may not like this comparison or agree with it especially with everything that's out right there right now but in terms of like his glove at shortstop he's very reminiscent of a derek jeter maybe he's gonna say the same thing maybe better all right if we're calling a spade a spade he's gonna make all the average plays um he's gonna cover a decent ground uh there um he's not gonna make that many above average plays there but he's gonna make he's gonna make the average he's gonna make the house he's supposed to and that in it in and of itself is a huge upgrade from what we started at shortstop last night i was just gonna say that either way it's an upgrade at shortstop on both sides of the ball both sides of the ball now what um what i feel like is happening is that you have like you have different camps in in yankee land right now for the fans right and there's the people who feel like if i want correa to sign with the yankees i need to like bash seeger and bash all the other candidates yeah yeah that's not that's not true like i'm i'm a hunt and like i said we'll get to that later i don't want to even go into him now because i know that's going to be a good hot topic but i will say this my personal choice my number one choice would be carlos correa yeah but i'm not going to sit here and tell you that corey seeger is not a good enough option at shortstop because that's a lie francis i'll get this off the bat right now because i think we agree with this this crop of shortstops is so damn good would you really be mad about any of them how could you miss that's so here's what i'm saying we know i would always right seeger story correa simeon people [ __ ] on simi and how samia had a great you know arguments with me today so i'll tell you guys this today arby goes to me and goes he said in our chat he goes who'd you guys say out of all the players available who is the the what was some like who is going to be the most productive going forward and i said to be fair to be real with you if this guy continues who he is over the next three year span minimum simian's the best right now if you're going off for the most if you're going off of our most recent recent season now like i said i said if i'm looking at projection of potential correa yeah i'd say carlos correa has the overall ability to be better than everybody but for the long can't at all this guy no damn good simeon see i think with i think with simeon people are are underselling it a little bit i'm gonna tell you guys right now i don't i don't talk to very many people like i literally just because i joined ny news like by luck of the draw because i'm associating with pete and different guys i began talking to guys like hulk and all these other people but before they i never had a relationship with them but aside from what they're saying about seeger and correa simeon's market if you just put his name into twitter and like read simeon's market is very robust i would hazard to say i would hazard to say it might be even more robust than segre and korea because more teams feel like they can land similarly correct correct these same things going to happen with story the same thing is going to happen with story you know what you're not hearing much about him now but his market is going to pick up bro based on my video and guys i'm sorry for getting ahead because i know you guys are probably asking a lot of this stuff so we'll continue on but let me just say this real quick too the funny thing about story is i feel like yankee fans would be disappointed if they got him a lot of the yankee fans on twitter you see it like even in my comment section on my video yesterday i'm like guys all i'm doing is reporting what i'm told i've done that since i've started on youtube and i'll continue doing it yeah i'm not saying that this is the greatest option i'm saying what i'm hearing and a lot of yankee i don't want him are you mad you wouldn't want trevor story on your ball club why no they're gonna say they're gonna say oh well you know he he's a he's a big strikeout guy and we already have a lot of that in our lineup and i get it that's nice that's that's good uh it's good commentary that you stole from the mlb network from jeff fason and everybody else who says it but the fact of the matter is and i want to shout out reuben because he sent this super chat speaking about story awesome and guys i'm sorry to cut you off i just want to say this real quick guys we do have to get the super chats before anybody else because they go away so just an fyi if somebody sends a super chat we gotta get to it immediately because it will go away over time so if we don't answer your question resend it because we do got to go on with the chat there's a lot of people in here exactly no so what what reuben rubin said was the one thing i like about story is that he steals bases at a high clip that's something that when we're speaking about the other crop of guys out there story is in the elite end of that his speed is elite his base running is elite he steals bases another thing that's being i guess overlooked or undersold story is probably the second best defensive shortstop out of the crop 100 and no question no and it's arguable and it's arguable some people might not like this but it's arguable that he's the first best and i'll tell you why carlos correa did just come off winning a platinum glove this year you cannot take anything away from that but story has been elite defensively at shortstop since go since the moment he said go to now it's been elite not to say that carlos hasn't been as good but for carlos it's been a build up to now he's literally a platinum glove shortstop trevor story has like been so you know what i mean like it's like let's let's give let's give the credit where his dude trevor story he's not a pushover he's not a slouch he wouldn't be he he like i i the fact that trevor story could be a plan b just goes to tell you how deep this free agent is oh he could be a plan c yeah honestly he might be he could be he could very well he he honestly might be a plan c or d you never know exactly which is which was the other super chat that we got from anthony i think he said hey guys if that rumor is true of how not wanting to spend 300 million for either correa or seeger do they pivot and go to sign story well just to be fair so let me just jump on that real quick as i put that information out there my understanding of it was that it wasn't specifically story but that's the name that one person said keep an eye on um so it wasn't like three of them didn't say trevor store is the guy going after one of them told me story should be a guy we look at because the yankees had interest in them and a lot of the idea about them souring on him they don't believe is necessarily true because where the money would be the difference because i've said this before and you know i tell you what like if you look at that and again thank you um thank you anthony for the super chat um you look at a guy like trevor store and if the yankees say i mean francis you may notice better than i do what's his projection money wise under 200 million i'm pretty sure unless somebody blows it out the water trevor's story yeah yeah trevor's story is not projected to get more than 230 million which like 230 240 so on the high end and this is the high end that i've seen for projections the high end is 240. on the low end there's some people out there that think he signs a deal of like 185 million and i mean look if you can save 100 million dollars and again we're not making the money i think the yankees should spend all they want i think house should go up to 270 280 290 even it doesn't matter to me but at the end of the day if you add if you save money there and you put it to a robbie right you put it to a starlin marte can you imagine adding all those guys so that would be absolutely huge uh let me look for the next question on here do you see a shortstop coming off the market before december 1st that's from chris perez jr um i will say i'm gonna go yeah i'm gonna go with yeah okay i'm gonna say there's at least one big signing before the shutdown yeah i will say i will say i will say i am not 100 sure that it's a short stop um i think there's a big signing i think but i do i will say that i will say that there that a big deal could happen before december 1st i put i would put it at 75 chance one of the bigger free agents because remember there's not it's not just you know what we're paying attention to in the short stop class you have starling marty at center field you have robbie ray at starting pitcher you have justin verlander at starting pitcher you have max scherzer at starting pitcher you have freddy freeman who reportedly turned down an offer from the braves this week right they might counter with the right they might counter with the right number he might sign that deal that's a big signing like so i would say we're about a 75 chance that one of these big names signs before december 1st because some of these guys like i said a couple episodes ago they're going to want to know where the hell they're going in february and some some of these guys aren't going to want to wait like if i'm justin verlander oh yeah i'd want to know i could see i'm gonna and this may be a hot take this might not be a hot take to some of you but i can see verlander signing wherever he's gonna sign this week yeah it makes sense he has until what is it thursday or wednesday to accept or decline the qualifying offer yeah if he if he if he declines that qualifying offer at 18 million he's got to know that there's a robust market out there where he's going to get a couple years and the money that he wants yeah if the market is not what people are saying it is because i know a lot of people are out there reporting stuff but i haven't seen it like corroborated by some of the insiders right so i don't know i'm not going to sit here and pretend that i know what verlander's market is i've put out my own guesses but if the market is not what some of you guys are saying it is that 40 50 million dollars people want to offer him then i could see him accepting the qo this week yeah like verlander's he's definitely a case um noah syndergaard is another guy who could accept the qualifying offer kindergarten makes a ton of sense because i don't think anybody's going to blow him out the water and if you think about it with a guy like him he could be the best free agent starter next year exactly i guess that one year my i was i was uh i was super shocked that the mets even went qualifying offer with syndergaard just because like you run the risk of paying 20 million dollars to a guy who pitched like what was it like two innings or something last year like yeah that's really it's like it's it's it's it's nice it's a nice little payday it's a nice little payday for somebody who hasn't you know what i mean i'm not i'm not criticizing because the yankees have done the same if not worse in certain cases but you remember you gave him the qo and you gave conforto did they give comfort of the qo as well i believe so and they gave stroh the truth so it's like it's like wow like okay if you had to choose right who i'm who i'd rather like give that eighteen point four to strowman would be my god why because he he pitched for you no pitch right you know and he's pro and he's probably going to pitch again yeah now with cinder guard yes there would be teams out there willing to take the risk you always have to watch out for teams like the dodgers the padres always seem like they don't care what's going on they'll sign you but like i feel like the mets if they didn't give him the qo they could have found a way to like pick him back up in free agency so that was shocking but like i said he might just accept that qo this week yeah why not if i was him i would have been accepted i agree last week l.i yankee king in the house thank you for the super chat we greatly appreciate a fam yankees don't need to sign up big time sure stuff they have peraza and the miners yankee fans don't want to hear this but it's time to give the prospects a chance and spending money doesn't work for yankees so two things on that one i'll i think i can wrap this one up to be fair one starting some of the prospects i do agree with now who and what we can debate on there spending money doesn't work i think is incorrect we've seen the yankees do it in the right way and we've seen where it works for the yankees we've seen 09 but look who they got they got the ace they needed they got what they needed in 09 they got two starting pitchers who strike guys out one they considered more of an ace than the other one aj burnett killed the yankees for years and he struck guys out he was a strikeout pitcher we know that cece sabathy was the ace and the horse the yankees finally needed they got him they also got the best first baseman arguably in baseball at the time and they also traded for people always forget this nick swisher was supposed to be our first baseman and he had a great year in right field became the right fielder so there was a lot of smart things done so the yankees that year think about it they traded some prospects and they spent money that's what they have to do but see look when li and i love you bro but when you say things like spending money doesn't work for the yankees but that's their advantage and that's the problem that's why i get so frustrated that's why francis gets frustrated we talked about this all year long deadline and all that stuff the yankees have the advantage of having a good farm system and having money things teams like the dodgers and only a few clubs can really say the red sox the mets well the metsy whatever but they can do these things the yankees can do that it's the way you go about doing it is is the real problem here peraza look cashman said he could start it short now defensively defensively he could hit yeah trust me he can hit at that level all last year everybody told me they said pete this kid is ready now he could come up right now that's why i said at the end of the year i thought he should have been called up because everybody you hear from says this kick a hit right now at this level and be very good at this level so debating that or not it really doesn't matter but the yankees should spend money they should call guys up when they have to they should run it like the rays run it but with the added part that they can spend hundreds of million dollars in contracts so i'm really happy that you bring up the race because my response to li yankee king and not just li cause there's a couple of people that feel like this i saw somebody respond to a joe's tweet this week saying uh why do the yankees have to spend so many hundreds of millions of dollars to contend when you have teams like tampa bay who contend at like 60 million and i responded um saying it's very simple franchises organizations are built to survive in their environments right tampa bay has to survive at 60 million in payroll 70 million 50 million in payroll because they are bred to do so they were not bred to spend that kind of money they don't have that financial wherewithal that the yankees do that the dodgers do so they are out they obviously had to pivot to something different they had to find a way to compete so what did they do they went and got some people who thought outside of the box smart guys they got some nerves they got people who could get more out of less and that's how they put their team together they became a scrappy organization who gets more out of uh out of less and then when a player is reaching that moment where they get expensive even in arbitration they ship them out for the next young guy who's going to come up and they can get more out of for less facts the yankees are not bred to do that so as much as i i was on the bandwagon this year saying like we got to call up these kids or whatever i was saying that because in the moment we didn't have another choice we did not have another option you can't like in the middle of the year a big free agent signing doesn't normally happen so you got to go with what you got at the time and we had guys who were in our farm system doing well that i thought deserved a shot but in the off season we shouldn't be approaching the offseason the way tampa bay approaches and off seas of course not because we are bred to survive in a different arena our environment is the environment of the los angeles dodgers it's the environment of the padres right now it's the environment of the right that the that the red sox are in that the mets want to be in i mean they say they're in but we have to see right that environment where it's like this is this is the you know this is the casino this is where you go into that secret room in the casino and it's like yo this is the high stakes table that's where the yankees are bred to play so we are at our best when we spend the money i know people say ah but 300 million like why do we have to do because that's how we are bred to survive yep that's how we are bred to survive we i mean if the if the yankees are going to change that i mean this this is not changing change the name too then if you're if you're not if you're not going to be the yankees then don't don't fake to be the yankees yeah be something like i don't know i don't know why i can't i can't understand why fans would want the yankees to be anything other than financial giants and in new york city they make more money than any other franchise why should they be frugal and i underst i do understand where a fan could come out and go a pete you know they do have floriel and they do have peraza i mean that that gives you two guys they could put in there right yeah potentially they could but i think i think even me being arguably one of the biggest supporters of esteville all year i'd rather have starla marten center field if you could do that 100 i mean that's my thing but that's the power and the muscle of the yankees and that's and that's where the yankees have to flex their power like see the thing about prospects guys we said this time and time again prospects are nice right prospects are nice to hold them you want to hug them you want to give them a little a little they smell you know a little noogie they they smell good you want a little kiss on their forehead oh my little chase but here's the thing but here's the thing when you're the new york yankees right you do not have to necessarily bank on the hopes that dominguez comes up and does everything he's hyped to do when you have the money to buy someone who is already doing that right now do you understand so if the right opportunity presents itself it's good to have prospect i'm not saying i'm not saying that we don't need prospect because there was a time where our farm system was bereft of any prospects that people wanted and we were very unsuccessful because of that the reason that the yankees are in a very unique position this offseason to take the next step and further is because we invested in the farm system the way we did and we have a decent farm system and money the ideal situation is to have both why do i say that because the money can get you a shortstop a center fielder maybe a starting pitcher the prospects can get you your first baseman some relief arms and maybe a catcher you imagine making all of those changes in the same off-season and only three of the new players costed money because you got the other three with prospects that's right that's that's what prospects can do for you yep right but we can't we can't hug we can't hug on to them and tell them on our arm when they're in playing low a no come on guys like and that's a lot of the topic that we've had so i'm getting to our good friend ra ryan sends into super chat to be fair story has been has been the most durable of the other two shortstops in my opinion i'd be happy with a story and olson combination who the hell wouldn't who the hell wouldn't look the good thing about that you got some balance there too right you got a guy who makes a lot of contact cut his strikeouts down a ton in olson and then he got trevor story who i mean like you said defensively he's excellent he's durable he's been on the field he's a leader we know that we know he has that mentality about himself he's fast he steals bases we need that and yeah he's gonna okay fair he's gonna strike out i get it i get it he's going to strike out understandable everybody else our other stars judge and and stan yeah and look i'm not making excuses for guys striking out because yeah i've said it multiple times we need more contact matt olson does that matt olson does that so he he starling starling starling martinez lamarte does that and i saw marty risa that man is jacked no this guy he's a he's a physical specimen i would never have taken that picture that l'oreal body yeah i he was in a picture with gary sanchez i was like i would never have to i would never have taken that picture if i was gay gary should have been like bro when you post that just crop it bro let me see but let me see you before let's gary sanchez gary sanchez look look like a cab driver standing next to this man like what are you this man has biceps out to hear the shoulders i mean he looks like a man athlete i was just like yo put the pinstripes on homie right now people want to tell me that this guy's 32. do you know at the age of 32 he is way more in shape and athletic than glebe torres 24 year old ass like what are we talking about labor tours and those new pictures look like he's getting a little chunk on him he i hope that he has a little chunk on him there i think i think he should be going back he should be going the opposite way but i don't we'll see reuben comes through again with the super chat ruben says one starling martay two trevor story three judge equals havoc on the bases and many many many runs bro i would fall out flat on my face if that's what the yankees ever ran out there yeah no that would be great now let me better watch this starlin martay trevor story judge olson stanton gallow stalin's whoever the hell else is out there cause i can't say gary i ain't even saying i knew starlings was coming but can you think about that though martay story judge olson stanton stop it and and a healthy dj lament are we allowed to win that much that is winning listen man i want to tell you guys look it's not uh it's not it's not it's not out of the realm of possibility that we don't end up with correa or seeger like and it's not it's not just it could it could it could be you know that you know what pete reported in the video from yesterday is 100 accurate and hal says look i already got stanton on a contract that's 300 that i'm paying off we just signed cole on a contract that's 300 that i'm paying off i gotta resign judge i got a resigned judge i want financial flexibility in case an opportunity presents itself in the future i just don't want to do this and maybe and maybe that's what they say and maybe they don't go to one of those guys story would be a phenomenal fallback option francis simeon you know that bowdoin projects simeon to only get a five-year deal worth hundred and forty eight million do you have that that's stupid i mean if you can guarantee me and i i would i would probably bet more it's because of age that he has three a minimum of three good years if you simeon yeah simeon i would i would i would bet with you i would bet the same way if somebody tells me that i'd be like all right so he's a he literally is 1a if that's his salary there's nobody better no yeah it's listen if because here's the thing if we are of if we are subscribing to the belief that anthony volpe is as box office are they as they are telling us that he is he is only about another year two years away maybe maybe maybe that would mean that we could afford to sign someone who is going to be here for the next couple of years and then slide over or transition when volpe comes up right if that is the case now for me personally francis the ideal situation for that is to sign seeger why because many people say that he's going to do better at third base anyway right his range is limited as a short stop he doesn't really whatever but at third base he could probably be really successful facts well you know what him at third volpe at short i think i like my chances i think i love i think i love my channel but that's the thing and that's what i was saying before like when you said about who you know whoever they sign this is the best offseason to get away with being like we didn't want to spend three you don't even got to say it no the yankees came out and were like guys you know we looked at everything we looked at all the guys available we truly feel story was the best option we truly feel that simeon was the best option you could make that case without anybody get it mad i know i think i'll tell you right now if cashman comes out and says that people can't get upset like for for simeon especially with simeon you can't get do you know the simeon was the heart and soul of the toronto team this year yeah simeon was the heart and soul he was just going into the room that's it one one of the best offenses in baseball yeah i think vladimir i think vlad vlady jr will tell you himself that if simeon is not on that team he doesn't have the year that he had this year no probably not i'm going to tell you i'm going to tell you right now a veteran like simeon is exactly what you want in a lineup that's young like the blue jays if i'm the blue jays i would commit all types of sin to make sure i got simeon back because because without simeon in that lineup next year they're gonna look very different people say oh it's just one guy it's not gonna be trust the difference trust me when i say it if the toronto blue jays run out the same lineup sans simeon you're going to see a different offense next year i'm not saying that kevin bisio doesn't take the next step i'm not saying that beau buchet doesn't get even better that vladi doesn't get even better that you know uh george springer you know with the injuries and everything you know tay oscar's a guy who's good i guess they're still there they still there they have they got a lot of thumb they got a lot of power they got a lot of contact in that lineup they got a lot of damage that can be done but simeon was the catalyst there case in point look at the yankee offense in those two years when dj mayhew was dj la mayhew and look at the yankee offense last year when dj lemay he was not dj lamey right it was a huge difference it was a stark difference and and we we chalked it up to a lot of different things we said there's not enough lefties there's not enough whatever let me tell you something two years ago we still ain't have enough lefties but that that offense was churning why because we had a catalyst at the top of that thing making it go making it go this guy was getting hits and almost it looks like every other bat every other day he had a multi-hit game he was if he came up with runners on base it's just like okay add to the score because he's about to when he wasn't doing that you saw the difference so i feel like simeon's a guy that if you're toronto it's like dude you really don't want to lose this guy but you're going to have a lot of competition to sign him a lot well i'm surprised it took this long even though taco nacho was sending it multiple times so taco nacho thank you for following the rules that we were saying he says pete how serious is the whole olsen thing and do you think we can get a trade done this week remember paxton was traded this week a couple of years ago uh how serious is it i think it's extremely serious i think the yankees recognize that olsen is available and i think he also recognized that they can get them i think i think all that is obvious now the question comes to right now how many you know what are the offers looking like right now because i've seen people come out and go well um what's basically happening is that uh there's not enough interest in olson that's stupid that's i'll tell you right now that is stupid if you believe that there's not enough interest in matt olsen i got a bridge to sell you now is it true that it could be possible that they're not getting the offers they expect that is very possible that is very very possible we know the brewers will be involved we know boston's involved we know the yankees are involved we know to be many of the mariners could also be in there could be a lot of teams out there that could be really interested in matt olsen so just saying that they should look as they should as they should be yankees interest yes it is very serious i think everybody knows that by now i think that could very very much happen we don't know what it would look like i'd be i wouldn't be shocked one bit if it happened any time soon now to answer your question could it happen by friday it actually could it actually could and that's not me just saying it because there's actually some evidence that could back that up a little bit when it comes to rosters and you know putting some non-tenders and things like that you got to get some of these guys on the roster you got to move some of these other guys so very very interesting uh when it comes to matt olsen i wanna just i think pete said everything there when it comes to matt also i just want to piggyback off that and say yes 100 the interest is a thousand percent real in matt olsen because he fits so many different ways one one he doesn't cost anything right as much as people are predicting the yankees to go blow through the threshold and everything i also agree that they will blow through the threshold but the yankees are still hal's yankees and house yankees love to get a steal whenever they can matt olson matt olson is the prototypical steal this guy is arguably one of the best first baseman in the game he's a left-handed bat i mean he checks off so many boxes that the yankees don't have right now that is just like it makes all the sense in the world so of course of course they're in on it i mean i and i don't think uh cashman did anything to dispel that or anything i mean obviously some of the interviews that came out he's not going to show his hand guys he's he yeah i mean that would be stupid i just got to tell my yankee fan something real quick for some of you who are like well pete that could happen because cashman said this guy stop it yeah i mean i don't i don't even you know when you when somebody says somebody to me i just go i just say in my head yeah you haven't watched for long it's impossible that you've watched for long do you know many times if cashman has said what he truly believes how different these rosters would be yeah bubba crosby would have been on center field we never would have got johnny damon and that's just one there there's tons of options tons of times that cashman has went out and said something again the deadline we will go over if we have to then he comes out well we wanted to stay under and uh okay we we know that you're not giving your hand up makes sense you know so i i think that could be also a problem for oakland they kind of gave their hand up already they showed they showed so teams like the yankees are going to proceed with caution why because they're like look the one thing i don't want to do is bid against myself now i'm not saying i'm not saying please pay attention i'm not saying the yankees are the only ones in on matt olsen because i think that that would be a bit of an ignorant take matt olson is one of the best first basemen in baseball he costs nothing and he has two years of control left there are definitely a lot of suitors interested in matt olsen right yeah what i'm saying is the yankees don't want to bid against themselves if they already submitted a package offer right they don't know whether or not somebody beat their offer but chances are no one has beaten their offer yet right so they don't want to bid against themselves meaning oh we sent an offer we haven't gotten anything yet let's send an even better offer and wait wait time out you don't even yeah let's hold on a second we don't even know we know that other teams are involved all right let's let's not you know be dumb other teams are involved but we don't know to what extent because while he makes sense for other teams the other teams also have a lot of ways that they can pivot a lot of options that they're looking to otherwise but when it comes to the yankees of matt olsen he's such a fit that cashman really has to go in for that in a way that other teams might not have to so him knowing that it would be dumb to say i'm just gonna like keep adding to our package offering you'll sit back at that point just let let it play out because what they're going to do is they're they take the yankees offer they wait to get a better offer and then they circle back to the yankees correct to get the offer that they wanted from the yankees in the first place correct but what what happens if they don't get a better offer than the yankees first offer well then cashman wins and he ends up getting him for lower than what they wanted to sell him for because they didn't get a better offer this is how the off season works guys it's a give it's give and take there's a lot of you know pull but it's like no gm who's worth it who's worth his weight is going to freaking say that to an interviewer in freaking november you know what i'm saying guys not like he has to come out there and say gary sanchez could very well be our starting catcher in 2022. even if he already told his team that gary sanchez is gone he can't say that no because it hurts his value that's stupid the same thing with hicks people got himself oh i can't believe he said that hicks may very well be yeah guys he said two conflicting things in the same sentence he said heron hicks may very well be our starting center fielder we need to upgrade center field you're right he said in the same sentence and people were like no he said hicks is the son he lo if you read both listen to what he said he did he was not going to do what he's doing he never does anything he never does cashman never tells anybody what he's doing i saw somebody say well he's he's talked about carlos correa so much you know he's going to get him because you have to you have to what if anything if anything the talk about carlos correa would lead me to believe they're not going to sign right exactly no i mean cashman well that that's kind of how it is to me that's the talk about carlos correa if anything is to build leverage in the seeger negotiations they're going to end up trading for alberto monday any second and then we're gonna go what the hell happened and that's it that's what's gonna end up happening if they trade for young as alberto monteci i'm gonna be at yankee stadium changing the lock so that he can't get in no offense no offense no offense but you don't you you're not supposed to be over here right now i know you might you think you're not that guy but bro you don't belong here what are you you're not that guy turn around back to kansas city tell the pilot to turn around you're looking to go st louis is that way exactly exactly like oh you oh you're looking for the mets oh okay yeah no no they that's in queens popularity you're in the wrong spot and i'm not just don't worry about it yeah we we send you an uber to queens that's junky stadium hey jenkins you thought city no no yeah city you looking for uncle stevie the team that doesn't have a manager coach that's what yeah that's in queensland right now that's crazy man so tyler tyler comes out with the super chat these are fun we got two super chats in a row that are fun that's really asking us if we would do something where if we think something's going to happen the first one is from tyler is a good one everybody buckle up for this one okay brian reynolds and jacob stallings for j.j domingue oswald peraza luis medina yoendri gomez and randy vasquez that's a big haul that's a really big hole but i want to give tyler a shout out on one thing tyler thank you for being realistic bro thank you for being realistic i'm gonna say you know how many people have messed me say peter what do you think about clint frazier aaron hicks and two other fosters guys you met like come on like stop you guys it gets me mad because i'm like do you guys know two things real quickly about brian reynolds and jacob sawlings brian reynolds is one of the best young players in baseball and he's controllable for years to come jacob sollins is arguably the best defensive catcher in baseball and he handles pitchers extremely well that's valuable guys that's valuable that's going to cost the yankees a lot of shkarol and not just money money and prospects also do i do that trade specifically i'll tell you what tyler man you have my interest i'd sit down and look it over i'd really think about it i'd really think about it i pencil out some lineups i like to know what else we're doing because now if somebody tells me this well we got brian reynolds coming we got jacob stalin we got centerfield and that covered we're also signing trevor story and robbie right i'm doing that deal i don't give a poo i don't give a poo i don't care about jason dominguez and i love him he's he's very very raw people people get very confused about that let him let him develop um oswald peraza i love him i love this dude i love oswald peraza i travel to see this guy this year okay next year i'll be doing f of opie i travel to see him i love all i would have i would not be mad if the yankee said we added all these other guys and oswald perez is going to be our starting shortstop you would see me only be like yeah maybe we could've got more but i'm okay with that i'm okay with that ballsy move that's a ballsy move i'm okay with but francis if a gm approaches me ben charrington approaches me and says hey here's what we're looking at this this is what we would do we'd actually do this as long as i know we added these other pieces whether it's a shortstop along with us one starting pitcher even bro i'm doing that i'm doing that all day now if that was our off season that's a i don't know i that that i would still have to seriously consider but i i don't know if i would be as jumping up and down but if you give me a starting pitcher you give me the short stop you give me that you you looking at a team aaron boone may not be able to mess up yeah listen i'll tell you like this uh one do i do the deal i'm gonna say yes without anything without knowing anything it's a lot it's a lot the prospect capital that we're giving up is a lot but i'm gonna say i'm gonna say yes and here's why is that without knowing anything what do you mean like without knowing whether i'm signing yeah yeah like an example you would want to know the other moves you're making also beforehand or have an idea exactly so that yeah so that's where i'm going me too here's here's where he's like i do this deal here's the caveat though like i do this deal knowing okay one this probably precludes me from trading for matt olsen because now to get olsen the only things left that i have is volpe and i i have to absolutely start any conversation about olson with volpe and if i trade volpe peraza and dominguez in the same offseason i'm gutting the farm system did he he mentioned louise hill too right no or medina no luis medina medina so okay so so he so medina's gone whoa but we'll see yeah so i i actually i actually agree i think if if medina figures out his control like his stuff is even better but now i know if i make this deal i have brian reynolds and i have jacob stallings right center field i have an all-star center fielder great freaking hitter pure hitter i have one of the best defensive gloves behind the plate who is literally about to take my rotation to the next level it's not it's not even funny it's not even funny how good that rotation is about to be because of this cat but i do know that chances are i'm not in the market for olsen anymore because that would mean now like uh medina's gone peraza is gone dominguez is gone for olsen now they want volpe and heel to start the conversation if i like i said if i do that if i do that i'm i'm gutting the farm system i don't know what i'm going to get i don't know what i'm going to have what if i need to make a trade in the middle of the year i don't have any flexibility now i don't have any big chips because i got i shot all my bullets in the winter that's fine that's fine because i'll just sign rizzo i'll sign rizzo yeah it's true i'll bring rizzo back on on a deal that's you know not you know long-term and nothing too too expensive and to me rizzo as a fallback option from matt olsen is a phenomenal option of course so i signed rizzo um i don't sign i don't sign one of the big short stops i don't sign correa and i don't sign corey seeger but i go even harder for trevor story or simeon right right because of the kind of team that i'm putting together now and what i do try to do is find a deal for gleber torres that gets me back some prospect capital so that i could replenish a little bit of what i just lost in the deal to pittsburgh and you could put dj at his best position and i put dj back at his best position and geo and george stays for another year maybe okay with that two maybe two but eventually maybe maybe sign donovan solano but eventually yeah exactly the bench exactly so eventually because of the moves i made this winter now geo in the back of my head has an official expiration date because i like i know where i'm going and he's not going to be a part of it but he's going to be here for now and he might he might get a he might get a ring in one of these next two years because of the team we have right now so i'm going to do right by him before moving on from him yeah but yeah i i definitely do that deal if i can follow it up with the moves that i just said yeah no definitely i agree and then johnny it's like you said bro my bad because it's like you it's like you said to be to be the yankees gm this offseason like yes it's true it's a lot of pressure or whatever but it's like there's so many ways that you could go but how do you lose that's my thing that's what i've been saying the whole like how do you lose in this offseason so johnny i'm gonna get to your question now that we'll answer uh some other ones there johnny says do you think we land olson i'll start off johnny i'm gonna say yes let me tell you why i'm gonna say yes and i'm a pretty confident yes here would it shock me if they don't know do i have anybody telling me right now they're gonna sign olsen no i don't let me tell you why i believe they will brian castron makes trades with few teams oakland is one of them they've done it before he's comfortable with being they they have a good relationship very much i could see the yankees landon olson two you got the prospects to do it that's not the problem three it's an area of need and it automatically makes your infield better makes your team better and let's also not forget he's one of the best players in the game so yes i think as of right now where i stand i will i would be on the side of a yes i think the yankees if olson is traded i'll say this i think he is a yankee yeah i'm gonna agree i'm going to agree with you there pete shout out to killer joe too for getting on that one first that's a fact that's a fact um i will uh yeah 100 agree with you there pete i think uh olsen is is uh is gonna the awesome deal is gonna happen i think it's gonna be done for all the reasons that we've been saying already it makes too much sense um and it's official he's there to be had i don't know how you miss out on a deal like this like when it's like come on man i'm not going to cost you any money it's like whatever they just just go get the guy um and and it covers you if you say you don't want if you make a deal like olsen there's a caveat to it where that kind of covers you now if you don't end up with correa or seeger because another thing as a result that you could say is look now we have this young first baseman superstar we have judge who we're extending we had this like olson's not here for two years we want to resign we want to extend him too so that's why we didn't go and grab a 300 million dollar shorts like not saying that that's what they do but now you can you can use that lip service we're doing here that's why that's why i love doing this live is we're just going with the flow we're going what you guys are telling us and we're building the scenario around as chris colon says i say france's footage yankees new gm right there chris listen man i wish i wish we could put a team together yeah it's great get the ny news team yo we would be out there talking about this all the time and and that's why i think like even when the season ended we had that conversation we're like well this offseason is the most important i've been saying that for a minute now because 100 you you don't it's it's you just don't lose in this offseason there's so many trades to make you could go 12 different routes you can have seven different game plans and end up with a way better team than how you started in 2021 i mean literally like it's it's not even close how easy it is to do that and and that is the reason why i'm up in the air right now like if cashman screws this up i don't know and guys look i've seen uh i think talking jake or whatever from john boy put it out and he had dj lo this is my team he got dj lemayo at third base and catcher gary sound like that is the worst you can get out of this off season that would be like the worst plan you can get first of all because three of the five infield positions are bad correct and you why would you why why even look see if i'm hal steinbrenner let me tell you right now what i'm saying to cashman he comes in my room and shows me that i'm saying all right here's the deal we're not signing nobody then i'm not wasting money just so you know i'm i'm the boss one i'm not wasting money what are you doing guys just so you know and everybody's entitled to their opinion i'm just saying that opinion is [ __ ] and i retweeted it and i said that opinion is [ __ ] because it is if you make all those changes to the yankees and you put dg lemayo in his worst position which is third base and you still got gary sanchez behind the plate i don't care what you do it's not good enough bro it's listen oh shout out shout out to ryan is in the building ryan beck shouts out to ryan bro listen oh and joe joe's in the chat too somewhere i saw joe listen what i want to say is this any and i'm laughing because it's like i i really have had it up to here with this any infield alineation that has dj le mayheu not at second base is going to perpetually irk my last nerve why dj the mayhew is not 25 he's not 26 he's not 24. dj maybe he was in his 30s dj me he needs to be in a position where he is going to be successful now yes dj mayhew was signed as a super utility guy and he is comfortable moving around but what we think at this point is that we just signed him to a six-year deal all right i don't think i signed him for six years so that he's going to be all over the place filling in we signed him to six years because of the two years that he gave us and those two years that he gave us he was playing more often than not like second base but he did move around to first and third that's true but his best position is second base why are we flirting with this idea of moving geo putting dj at third having glaber still at second and gary sanchez still still catching that doesn't help us defensively we didn't get better in the infield the yankees need to get better defensively guys this is not i'm sorry like this is not a a place where i'm even willing to like debate because i don't feel like i i don't see how you can make the debate that it's okay oh because gary sanchez is still gonna hit you 20 plus home runs who cares yeah that's the kick that is the worst how many games how many games is he going to lose us because he doesn't frame as well as the other catchers doing today's game because he doesn't move behind the plate well how many how many and in the big games is he even going to start in the big games the funniest the funniest thing about that post by jake to me was that it was opening day and that was that's a lie because opening day gary cole is bitching and gary doesn't catch gary cole so i was like he's already alive but see that is not when people bring up production on gary sanchez the first thing i say to them is this but you got gallow you expect him to be more productive than joey gallo i don't he makes up for it whatever production you thought you got gallow makes up for it yeah so i don't understand that but you're working on moving oh no one one quick point about gala before we jump on gallow defensively i mean just won a gold glove but we know what he's going to do with his glove out there in exactly on on the field offensively yes gallow is not going to be a high average guy gallow is going to strike out a lot that is true but i was doing research last night after watching that career interview because correa spoke positively about joey gallo in a way that shocked me and i was like okay let me look at it and i went and looked and gallow production wise right look at on base percent look at how many times he was getting on base in games down the street whatever he got on base higher than i would say more than half of our lineup right and he batted like 200 he batted 199 and he was still getting on base at a higher clip than more than half of our lineup including gary sanchez glaber torres geo rochelle aaron hick like hey oh please the people with the gallows and for all the people through that talk [ __ ] about dj lemayo the yankees was so bad he led them in hits so i mean everybody talks trash but we got another super chat here from mike m he said listen if the yanks end up with story because they didn't want to spend big then it's uh what it is but if cash gets the green light and money is closed i'd be upset if they don't sign seeger over correa uh defense matters um he said seeger over korea because he would be upset if they signed seeger over correa he thinks if they do money which i think we've said that too before yeah we really do spend the money correa is the guy to spend the money on if you're going listen my point with that is is actually short for once if you're going to go to 300 million then pay correa career if you're going to be if you're going to be in that stratosphere anyway just go and get the best that's it like that's that's where i fall on it i agree you're going to spend that kind of money if you're going to spend that kind of money anyway like just go and get just go and get korea how much i guess the question and i'd love to see what some of you guys responses is in the chat how far away in terms of years and dollars do you guys think correa and seeger are going to be because i don't think it could be 10 to 15 to 20 million maybe less i would say i would say 20 million max and most of the insiders are are projecting 20 million bowdoin has them at a 20 million gap yeah bowden's never he's the only one i think he's never right ever no he's wit i think i think he's off with with correa and seeger he has seeger getting more money than korea i don't i don't see that i i think i i've said it before i don't know if maybe i'm wrong maybe i'm nuts when somebody told me early on that he's getting 300 plus million i said he doesn't need like 275. i don't know i will see maybe i'm wrong i don't know what warrants him getting 300 million is it seeger i mean the same thing with correa i'm sorry yes you're basing it off of potential though i know these guys are good but you're basing enough potential people want to talk trash about aaron judge don't start on it because he's older and he's injury prone he's played more games than both of them yeah aaron judge aaron judge is interested i guess i'll save that point because i'd like to talk about maybe i'm confusing all this money stuff because france is me and you've had a back and forth even about verlander because i don't think yeah i think you're nuts like somebody said they're gonna would you be happy if somebody just said this i forgot who it was so i apologize but i did see the question somebody said would you be happy if they signed verlander to a two-year 40 million deal no i'd be on here right now telling you i'm pissed out my mind it's stupid my man hasn't pitched in 2019 since 2019 he's coming off surgery he's 30 38 years old he pitches with spider attack why would you give that dude 20 million a year you got to be out your freaking mind so so here's the deal starting from back with the shorts francis laughs at me guys 12 million no no friend guys this is he i know some of you gonna think he's joke pete is dead ass i'm not joking he's not giving verlander more than 12 million no look i would give him more but it has to be severely incentive based i am not guaranteeing that dude yeah there you go look he won't guarantee derrick derrick calls healthy with without spider attack my dude is injured and we don't know who he is you're getting an unknown right you could say oh i wonder i won the uh i won the the cy young in 2019. yeah okay and uh well you know i've done many things two years ago too that i might not be able to do today so what what does that do for me nothing i don't care so here's uh here's the thing right when it comes to the money and i'm speaking from a place guys of somebody who's like been studying this this uh this salary thing for like i don't know i want to say some like 20 2012 when i really got interested in it or whatever when was the jacobi when was jacoby juice when did we sign jacoby oh god i don't even want to remember it was like because i had just i had really gotten into like baseball salaries and things like that about a year or two before before we signed jacoby ellsberry jacoby elsberry was signed by the new york yankees in 24. i was going to say 2014 2014 2014 so then i was right 2012. i've been i've been doing this since 2012. right what what happens with the contracts guys is very simple right the market is set early on depending and then depending on your player com your player comp your player comparison that is where the market gets set at for you then a couple things can change that right so i'm gonna elaborate on so you guys can understand me because it's it's difficult to understand the reason that the market for carlos correa and corey seeger is starting at that crazy number of 300 million is because the mets were crazy enough to sign francisco lindor for 341 million it's because it's because san diego extended tatis for i want to get i want to get this number right i want to get this number right uh tatis what are you like a 10-year deal didn't he or more than that yeah tatis signed a 14-year 340 million dollar extension okay so what happens see what we don't see when this happens like and i was one of the people out there fernando tati's got extended i was like hey man you don't congrats get your money or whatever but guys like open your eyes because this this is gonna this is gonna send shockwaves through the industry when you sign a kid who hasn't proven and tatis is great so please don't misunderstand me but tatis hasn't won an mvp tatis hasn't won a world series ring right tatis hasn't had a crate like you know i mean like a crazy postseason run and when i say crazy post season run i'm not talking about a wild card game or a nlds i mean an nlds nlcs and a couple good games in the world series like i mean something like that tatis hasn't even been to a world series like he got extended because of what they imagine he's going to do as a player and what they know for sure he's going to do in terms of like sales and stuff right but 340 million for him 341 million for francisco lindor it just shows you what's happening with the market lindor got 341 million for the sole purpose of being able to say he got more than fernando tati's facts now now you guys now you guys might think no that's just something people said no no that is a hundred percent a fact 341 million is not a round it's not a round figure he literally wanted he literally made the mets go to 341 so that he could get one more million than tatis and he could be the highest shortstop yep so if you think for one second that carlos correa and his group the rosen group is gonna sit back and say that they're not trying to get at least 342 we have another thing coming no no question about it that's a win that's a win for the agency too exactly signed the largest contract ever at that position exactly exactly and this is why i keep telling people like with juan soto like as much as as much as we like some people hate him they think he's a fan of whatever we're boris or whatever boris is already planning to make to make to make juan soto the first 500 million dollar contract you guys might think that sounds absolutely crazy no it doesn't it's not lindor is a great player switch hitting shortstop you know saying nice smile looks good in the jersey he's good for commercials he's good for advertising he he checks all the boxes you want right been to the playoffs been there done that clutch a little bit 341 million dollars was a lot of money for him it was a lot of money for him but they had to go there because they had to go there because tati's got it yep and then the mets got suckered into it because he was there and he gave them a deadline and they didn't have the proper leadership kind of negotiating that deal and they folded they felt they felt the pressure of the fans they felt the pressure of everybody and they said oh my god we traded for this guy we gave up rosario whatever and now we're going to risk losing them and he's going to go to that that crazy mark of the short stops next year and then anything can happen you know what 341 fine give it to him yeah well now the repercussions of that is that corey secret's going to want 300 million of course and who are and who are who who are we to say that he can't get 300 million when francisco and doris sitting there with 341. trump can you argue like complete that's the market that's the most all they're going to do the market i mean it's all about the market you're 100 right now now who now no does that mean that i agree with the money that they get no no i first of all i fall on the same side of the coin that pete does i think a lot of these contracts are blown with i love gary cole i think that garrett co-contract is absolutely [ __ ] ridiculous of course it is it did like there's like we're paying we're paying pictures we pay gary cole 36 million dollars a year now and he plays every five days like it's great it's gary but but but here's the thing if you ask me oh so you wouldn't have signed gary cole to that d no no i would have signed him to that deal 10 times out of 10 why because that was the only way to get him and we needed him yeah of course but what i'm saying he was going to get it by somebody so it wasn't like you're blowing somebody out the water somebody listen if if we didn't give him the 300 or whatever 46 minute whatever art moreno in la was going to give him 350 or 360. it was it was going to happen so that's why i say would i sign the deal 10 of course 10 times out of 10 i signed it why because we needed gary cole he's supposed to be here and i still believe he's going to be a part of a championship winning new york yankees team so i pay him what i'm saying is that these numbers have gotten inflated and blown completely out of proportion and that's why we're in a situation where whether you think corey secret is worth 300 million or not whether you think that correa is worth 300 million or not is all secondary because they're agents and the players association because if you you guys think you hate scott boris that's the dead of worst the players association they're not going to make things you think you hate scott boris you don't even realize the guy you really hate is tony clark because i love one thing i love that fan says well maybe they'll just give a discount no they're there there's no such thing and they don't do things like that let me tell you something right now marketing value is something and they they looked at oh want to take this deal a lot no it don't work that way it don't work that way that's true guys i'm going to tell you right now aaron judge has come out on several interviews and even his most recent interview and say i want to be a yankee i want to finish my career like i want to be a community i'm all from 150 million let me let me tell you right now if the yankees come if the yankees come low on an extension offer or offer a free agency tony clark will die before he allows aaron freaking judge just to sign a low ball deal to stay on the new york yankees are you kidding me he said aaron we already bought your trip to uh to san francisco you're out he's like bro because what they're telling the players is and the players are believing it but it's not necessarily true and i'll tell you why after what they're telling the players is if you aaron judge who's one of the top five best players in the game top three top three in some circles if you take a pay cut on your extension just because you're 30 and had a couple of knicks here and there what's gonna happen to guys like michael conforto yeah that's right what's gonna happen to guys like byron buck what's gonna happen to these other guys well maybe he's talking about conforto getting 20 plus million a year comfortable guys comforto might very well turn i think i if i had to he might be a real sleeper too if i had to guess conforto qualifying offer decision i think conforto turns it down and goes out and gets the deal for multiple years making an amount of money that i would i would have been shocked if you would tell me he was going to make that amount of money yeah but because the market is where it is you want to look at you want to look at a good barometer for michael conforto do you guys remember the pollock deal to the doctors yeah yeah aj pollock do you remember that contract yep i do four years four years 55 million yep right that's an average of almost 14 million a year for pollock pollock had a very spotty injury history and whatever and the dodgers were willing to give them almost 14 million in a year over five conforto is younger doesn't have the injury thing i mean been to you know been been to the playoffs got a little bummer is he is he one of the top would you name him as one of your top 10 outfielders i probably wouldn't no and paul at the end of the at the end of the day he had the injuries but he had a good year he was worth it i mean he was worth the 3.1 war he uh 297 he hit 21 homers and only 384 at basket i could hit 50 home runs last year the reason that i bring up the pollock deal is to tell you yeah right i know what you mean comforto is about to make that pollock deal look like a steal likely likely and people and people didn't like that deal when it happened he's like oh you're going to give him a five-year deal that i would watch watch when we see what conforto gets watch when we see what comfortable again there's people out there who will pay him there's a lot of people out there there's a lot of people in the market for center fielders right now and whoever strikes out whoever strikes out on marta is going to pivot more likely than not to michael conforto facts so moving on we have a couple of super chats here anthony medina our good friend hey guys do you think if the yankees traded for rentals would it pretty much eliminate them from getting olsen yes i agree dumb question but only just saying it's never a dumb question my man and i would say yes i don't think they they would be able to get both of them i think that would be like france was talking about maybe you go for it you got everything and look to win in the next two years but i don't i definitely don't see the yankees doing that listen listen would i would i still try to do it yes um of course one i'm not i'm i don't have experience as a gm so say i was a gm this year i would i would be willing to play a little bit more risky because i'm new i'm new i'm not seasoned i don't have a legacy to ruin i'm new i'm cutting my teeth in the industry if i was the gm of the yankees right now i would be trying instead of even talking to scott boris and the rosen group about corey seeger and trevor and um carlos correa i'd be more interested right now in trading for reynolds and stallings and matt olsen and gutting my farm and seeing francis can i let me throw this out go ahead yeah you might be able to keep anthony volpe you're right laboratories you're right so you can start a deal with glaiber taurus and let me throw something else out there no jordan montgomery probably not because he's he's gonna have to be resigned uh resigned soon so i don't see that happening but you could start that with maybe a you know um looking at olson hey we're already giving you glebe torres domingo herman could pitch for you for a couple of years and he's cheap depending on who we don't give up is there a possibility of austin wells i mean you'll have the capital to do a deal so here's my here here's my thing and that's why i'm saying i would feel like i personally would feel like you can do this deal you just you just need to be you need to think outside of the box right and you've got to be willing to take the heat right yeah and you have exactly ready to answer exactly so you got to be ready to say this is why i did it exactly and that's why i say i would do this deal because i don't have a legacy that i can ruin i'm a new gm i'm just showing up here so that that deal that was sent to us you're talking about oh we're giving up medina we're giving up uh yo injuries we're giving up jason dominguez we're giving up peraza we're uh for brian reynolds and jacob stallings sign where do i sign send them get them on the plane you could be right now can i let me just say this too real quick before i get to the next chats there the next super chats and all the other um all the other guys out there when it comes to catcher people really really forget how important the defense is and i think gary sanchez is kind of you know no knock on him but people really forget the difference that a good catcher can make on a ball club i'm not joking when i tell you guys this jacob's stallings alone would make the yankees way better than they were in 2021 i'm not joking i have no jacob i just wish he looked that's our job here to do i'm not saying we're smarter than everybody else but we have a platform so for the people who don't understand that i challenge you to open your mind up go watch highlights look at what these guys do remember what you watched over the last couple of years jacob stallings would never be benched because a pitcher doesn't want to throw to him jacob stallings will block balls guys can throw the ball in the dirt and feel very comfortable doing so that is super important he also i think he has like the best frame rate in baseball too he's still overall strikes stole more strikes i think anybody in the world stole more strikes than anybody no pass balls none i'm not saying he'll do that again because you know once he has one or two oh my god it's hard to do but to go a whole season and have no past balls dude how freaking good you got to be the yankee and by the way too i think he's like six foot five which is very rare for a catcher he's really big but this this he would greatly improve the club so getting off that you know that's the thing you gotta think about gary sanchez but tyler uh pearson says much love from canada appreciate the continued honesty and raw content guy hey tyler man we appreciate that i'm happy that you guys are recognizing it because that's all we do here that's literally what ny news is about ella yankee king with the super chat i'll say this brian cashman will screw this up because he's a bottom 5 gm and everything i've said since 2018 will be right i hope i'm wrong francis i'm gonna let you take that one uh all right i'm bottom five gm is a little bit crazy i i actually disagree and i i've been very critical he's not a bottom five gm but yeah he's not one of i don't think he's one of the best i i don't think he's one of the best but right now yeah right right now i think there's a lot of there's a lot more better gms than cashman than there were in the early 2000s and things like that but bottom five is is rough all right the mets are about to hire a guy who was like an assistant gm a couple years back like that to me that's bottom five this is this is brian cashman like this is the same guy who had one of the better deadlines this year right so i'm not gonna say he's bottom five um and will can cashman [ __ ] this up this offseason 100 100 100 that's it's a possibility um again like i said when our when we did our first episode after the season was over for the yankees i feel optimistic that the that he doesn't screw this up because it's so easy not to screw it up this offseason hey can i just jump into real quick with something yeah so what i've been telling you guys a lot about when it comes to the 300 million francis i'm gonna tell you off the record who this person is just got a message and they said directly and this is somebody you guys everybody in this room would know knows his [ __ ] okay i'm sure they do not want to sign a shortstop for 300 million okay francis i'm going to tell you when we get offline i don't have permission to tell it from this person because they are involved pretty um pretty highly were and still are so i'll i'll stop it at that but that is now four people who have told me that they will not sign somebody with 100 million now again this is not pete saying that that's gonna happen i'm reporting on what i'm being told and that's another one i'm being told so that's um that's it again listen guys here's the thing and i know just just got it just now i know people i know people aren't aren't excited to hear that but to play devil's advocate if you will right the yankees already have the big contracts of garrett cole and john carlos stanton on the payroll they also unfortunately are still paying around 30 million for two relievers they pay aaron hicks 10 million a year they pay severino i think another 10 million a year like this is all before they have extended aaron judge an extension offer or signed him in free agency after next year um this is all while still having a team that needs a first baseman needs a short stop needs an upgrade in center field and and catcher right that a team that also has a left fielder in joey gallo who's a free agent after this year so when you factor all of that in what does that tell you that tells you that you do need financial flexibility even if you're the new york yankees that doesn't mean that doesn't mean that the yankees aren't going to raise their payroll up to 250 260 270 280 even 290. that doesn't mean that i don't want there's a lot of people who when they hear when they heard oh they don't want to sign a 300 million deal oh that means that they want to stay under the luxury tax again no no that these are two different things the luxury tax thing is cumulative of all the contracts that you have on your roster right a 300 million dollar contract is for one player what hal says if he is indeed saying i don't want to sign another 300 million deal what he's indeed saying is i don't want to be committing 30 million dollars to another guy right now correct because i already commit 36 to garrett i already commit almost 30 to john carlo i'm already committing another 30 to two relievers and he's also apparently a big judge fan so that he he wants judges to stay there for the long term exactly well he would he would he would basically the thing about how steinberg everything i've hear and everything i've been told i was told i think during mid-season when i put that video out literally the person told me if you get if you asked him right now to write out the 25 man roster he wouldn't be able to do it so that's his interest in the day-to-day operations of this ball club but when you're a fan of a player and he's a fan of aaron judge that's the one thing i hear about a lot that he really likes aaron judge and he wants to lock him up long term he has he has a a invested interest in possibly giving something like that to aaron judge yeah when he wouldn't have that with the carlos correa or somebody else right now well listen god that's that's that that's another point right because when you add up all that money that i was just saying they already have committed they still haven't signed judge to his deal and though we've been critical about the fact that they haven't started those extension talks and things like that or whatever make no mistake about it we do believe that the yankees are going to be in on aaron judge and try to keep him long-term of course guys it the only thing like it's not really hard to see the only thing you have to do is look and look at right field like the whole judges chambers things of whatever look at how long jeter was a yankee they never put a there wasn't a section in the seats called the captain's corner or something like that like for the yankees to go and do what they did in right field for aaron judge that was a huge huge thing that was very unyankee like i was really surprised when i saw that happen and i said whoa they really are crazy about this kid so that all says to me that they are going to try and keep this guy especially if hal says i don't care what you do that's my guy he needs to be on this team that means that they could end up even overpaying for judge as if they had to because they got to keep them they got to keep them so yeah maybe they maybe they can't afford to pay a shortstop 30 million 32 million a year right you know what i mean but maybe that meat look i mean that the thing at the end of the day is you can still win you know yeah this that's why i said and i i god i i i know somebody said recently pete you repeat yourself a lot i'm not trying to repeat myself so much but this is the off-season to lose out on a big guy this is it and i hate saying that because that's not the yankee way and i get it of course not it's not i get it but if you're gonna ever do it this is the season to do it because you could still make a lot of that money you could still sign a lot of these big guys i understand that the fear because look at the end of the day true true you know we could talk about money all day but we also remember they got to be the fear of how many years you're a lot you're committing to somebody here correa is gonna get what do you think eight years minimum korea signs between ten and twelve years and maybe he has an op-ed after three years or two yeah you never know three three four maybe and i mean you think six seven eight around there i think the same thing for seeger six seven or eight it's a big commitment to somebody that's a big commitment listen carlos correa just turned 27. carlos correa is going to get 10 years or more facts no doubt about it and i think corey seeger i think corey seeger is only like a year older than correa at 28. so he's another one who's gonna get 10 years maybe another year or something like that these are 10-year contracts listen i again i will tell you guys this if i had if i had you know my my way the yankees sign carlos correa and the reason behind it is because he's the best shortstop there he's the best shortstop there and i don't believe that cashman is going to make the amount of trades that it would take for me to be like oh i'm cool like you know not getting the best shortstop out there or whatever because i just don't see cashman doing that because he's been a prospect hugger for as long as we've seen him but that could all be different now we don't like i don't know maybe maybe maybe some of the stuff that he's been saying in these interviews is true like maybe maybe they are going in a different direction i don't know i don't see the actually i think a lot of it's going to tell us too when they start non-tendering guys i think that's going to be the real bright spot of being like this is the route this team's taking you know what i mean if if you see them bring gary back and they come out and just like you know gary's gonna be our starting catcher immediately right there i'm like guys pack it in pack it and go home i'm telling you guys right now i and i i've said this again gary sanchez is your starting couch it team's not not serious about winning and you can't convince me you could say all damn day that you want oh beauty get hit i don't give a [ __ ] he can't catch that's not going to change he's not going to be comfortable he's not going to become a gold glove catcher overnight he's not going to do it he's never going to be that he's never going to be that you don't need that you don't need that the offense from that position this team is begging for a very good defensive cash and it will make them so much better your head would spin your head would spin that's how much better this team would come if you just did that alone story olson or rizzo sorry i just want i just want to get a lot of these other questions in here oh for sure story olson or rizzo who would we choose out of those three olsen yeah if i had to olson for many different reasons let me tell you why he's going to be cheap and the reason why i know i know what a yankees but here listen hear me out if you don't spend the money elsewhere you got to spend it somewhere they're going to spend money they're going to sign somebody ray john gray maybe gauzeman marte there's a lot of different routes you can take with that being said there's a lot of different routes you could take roberto perez it's true you know what i mean there's another catcher out there that's from um richard just said that i'll sign roberto perez instead of jan gomes but even young gomez perez those are two catchers yeah people will see the 197 average on perez and cry but he's amazing defensively and he works great with guys i mean what was gary's average at the end well people forget that people still think he's an all-star apparently will will says story worries me away from coors well it was the same thing with dj lemayo and look at look at that turned out look guys guys a ball player is a ball player todd helton was going to hit anywhere a good hitter is going to hit anywhere you know what i mean carlos gonzalez dj lemay you guys good hitters are gonna hit baseballs doesn't matter what they play does it help yeah of course it helps but it's not gonna make the world of a difference listen i'll tell you guys i'll tell you guys like this me for me for me most importantly is not the most important like uh position right now this uh off season is not even necessarily short style it's actually it's not at all it's one of them at least some people think some people think i'm crazy to say that but what i'm saying is because there are so many options at shortstop it doesn't require as much focus and attention because it's really hard to screw up in signing any of these guys like right you're not it's like oh we ended up with seeger instead of correa seeger's freaking amazing oh we ended up with simeon instead of seeger or korea simeon's freaking a mate oh no we ended up with story instead of all the other guys stories are made oh god uh we we just got javi baez here's how we'll be mad i mean we'll be mad if they sign andrewson simmons if we have beef that'll piss me the [ __ ] off bro that will yeah then we have beef if that were to happen we got a legitimate beef to be like all right you guys had all this [ __ ] you didn't do nothing you mean to tell me you couldn't get one of these one of these five you couldn't do it fast you you went and got seven you got sevens you literally told us look no we packing it in early forget what what nah he said make your vacate make your vacation plans for the end of september see see jim jim duggan in the chat um jim was actually the guy who was like you guys are changing anything you know you're just gonna go on twitch you were wrong about that jim and you're also wrong about this we don't have a shortstop what are you talking about that is the no it's not it's not the main position because like francis just said you got so many options if you miss out on correa who cares if you get story if you miss it on story who cares if you get simeon if you miss it on youtube who cares if you get buys you have options there the point that yeah jim the point that we're trying to make here is that shortstop has more options than the other holes in our lives yeah look at the catcher to get better at catcher to get better at catcher that's a little bit trickier this offseason why because the number one guys that you want you have to trade for um a guy like stallings a guy like carson kelly they're going to cost if you if you sign one of these guys out there they're going to cost you got to trade for them they're going to cost and that wouldn't be a problem if you already had your first basement but you don't have your first basement right at first base you know that if you're moving off of luke voight there then you need to get a guy like first base is not a position where you can sacrifice the offense but you also cannot sacrifice a defense contrary to popular belief especially not when you have guys in the infield like labor tourists so first base either needs to be matt olson or anthony rizzo the fan base will accept nothing less than those two guys if dj lemayo is starting for his basement or luke voight by some stretch of the imagination imagine imagination is the first baseman next year that is a huge failure can i say one thing about that can i give a different opinion on that sure i have actually been on the favor side of if dj lemayo does play somewhere else let it be first base but you gotta upgrade everywhere else that has to be like your guys here's the reasoning we did this because okay uh again let's let's [ __ ] right yeah we got a great shortstop and we also got matt chapman at third base and then we also got starlin martin center feeling we had a robbie ray so with all that being said we understand we're taking a little bit of a hit at first base but let me say this too i actually think dj lemay will be better at first than people think he actually grades as the second best position at first base based off analytics and all that but would i be upset if somebody were to tell me right now that's going to happen yeah of course because that's not that is not the best club they could put on the field yeah no just to give a different opinion no no no listen i if if dj is at first but we upgraded that third short and second and center field and center field and catcher or three of those four or three of those five even then so be okay with that yeah that's so be it but what i'm saying what i'm saying right now is like look it's a lot harder to get it wrong at shortstop than it is at first base catcher center field right now because there's so there's a lot of different things you can do at shortstop at center field there's only there's a limited number of things that are available to the yankees at center field right now either we sign starling marte or maybe take a look at conforto or really you know conforta would never shock me comfortable in shock a lot of people a lot of people are overlooking them because they're like i wanna know why the mets or whatever you wanna know why he wouldn't shock me let's not forget who's running the yankees the analytical department and athletics love yeah they think he's gonna have a huge bounce back that wouldn't shock me one bit and i gotta answer a question here joseph i love you but i gotta answer this question is that under not our joe there's another this is joseph i understand i didn't say killer i understand your feelings on sanchez i feel that way about torahs but you always get scared when you see a butt we won 92 games with gary at the bottom of the lineup fam this is the problem you're only thinking about offense defense is friggin important i want to shout out christian too from the nyst podcast he said the other day on twitter he's amazed by how many people think you could put anybody at first base why do you guys not care about defense i think that doesn't win you games because they've been watching and fans of a team that hasn't heard about defense and on top of it it's like pop says i love when pop says this right pops always tells me this i'll call pops up and i say yeah people always just you know talk about production for gary [ __ ] says this what production what can't they not make up with another guy that gary sanchez gives all they got to make up is a couple of homers this is what i'm saying what people don't realize is gary hit 20-plus homers this year if we get matt olsen and sign trevor story at shortstop or simmering that shortstop we just doubled bro sanchez's home runs no but even with better defense and better contact and lower strikeouts the start of 2021 i always bring this up you already did that with joey gallo they already did it it wasn't part of the plan but the thing with the thing with the thing with fans is like is this peter and this this i had to call you by your government just to get this point out they've been fans of a team that hasn't cared about defense for over a decade that's why they don't care about defense it's simple as that yeah that's why they don't care about defense because think about it think about it this was the team that was putting miguel and duhar and clint frazier in left field and telling and telling us that was okay this was a team that had moved geo to shortstop at the end of the year and told us that that was okay this is a team that has played dj at third base and told us that that was okay this is a team that had glamorous torres as our starting shortstop and thought that was okay they put odor at third base told us that was okay they had gary sanchez catching and tell us that that is okay that's why they think it's okay but the truth of the matter is it's not okay just because the yankees do it fact justin can you can you put that again in the chat this time in all capital letters because i think i want everybody to see this your up the middle defense has to be elite that's what i've been saying and that's what i've been saying justin good looks i've been saying that the yankees have the opportunity you got the bet one of the best defensive second base in the baseball in the club already dj lemay you you have the chance to sign trevor story correa who i think are the two best defensive minded of the group yeah and then you've got a center fielder potentially in aaron hicks if he doesn't play every day and also potentially estevan florio we know how good he is offensively but you also got the option of starla marte if you get trevor story let me tell you something i'm gonna go right up the middle for you if i'm brian cashman i'm sitting in a room and i'm saying okay mr steinbrenner you're the boss you're the owner of this club by all means i'll see if these guys will sign for under three and we'll go with that route if not i want to present something to you i'm gonna just stay up the middle i'm gonna say a catcher shortstop and center field actually justin just because you said that's so good i'm gonna go exactly what you said and i'm gonna teach you guys something here you ready for this and justin just did it and he has to edit the things i need second base catcher sure stop and send a few i'm brian cashman i go to steinberg i say all right 300 million is not going to happen no problem we'll see what we could do but hey uh hell mr george son of george no your father george what the hell am i saying shut the hell up pete keep moving this is what that guy's probably talking about i never get to my point let me get to my point my daughter does the same thing too it's pretty funny catcher here listen to me now i'm going to go out there trade for jacob stalin's who is going to cost a good prospect maybe oswaldo cabrera a good pitching prospect in oswaldo cabrera great go do it jacob stallings shortstop i'm going to sign trevor story to maybe 165. we'll go a little high 165. i'll throw it out then maybe that's it who the hell knows i don't even care at this point i'm not even talking about first base but we have an opportunity to trade glebe tourists i'm putting digital mayo at second base and i'm signing starland martay in center field name me a team that got a better off the middle i'll wait patiently you're not gonna find one i'll give you a spoiler right now you're not gonna find one defense wise offense wise talent wise you are not gonna fi and look if the yankees came out and only did that and again there's there's other moves you know you trade labor for something maybe olson and a few other guys you got olsen at first you could sign maybe robbie ray maybe you could sign a john gray maybe a ghostman on the market maybe you could trade for a starter but i'm not even going i'm talking up the middle if that is your backup plan or even your 1a i wouldn't be mad at all that is a tremendous get hell yeah and it makes all the sense in the world can anybody really in the comments section sit there like pete you're wrong on that no come on guys look what we're talking about what we're talking about here is that defense is super important look i watched an interview with carlos correa last night it's about an hour long and for like 45 minutes they're just talking about defense carlos correa is talking about defense and why it's so important and why you need elite people why you need people who are looking at their numbers every week who does he mention by the way france he mentioned yeah yeah he mentioned and and listen to the guys that he mentions at catcher they they just brought up the catcher position the first name out of his mouth was jacob stallman's the next words out of his mouth was that he never even really got to see the guy but he knew that the guy was elite because he was on every website that gives you the analytical breakdown of people's performance and he and the team's catcher maldonado were like this guy's this guy's playing out of his mind they weren't talking about offense they were looking at his defensive metrics on the pirates a team that lost a ridiculous amount of gains but they were looking at him because they were like this guy is excelling defensively he's a problem like this guy's really having a great freaking year to the point where the host of the interview is getting upset because he's like oh but they robbed yadi or molina got a year but should have got it of course you know careers puerto rican the host of the show is puerto rican they're talking about you know whatever so there was this whole thing it's like yo yadi you know yachty's the puerto rican guy he's one of their big guys he's one of the big legends i get it but carlos says listen i feel you i love yachty tubes but these numbers don't lie this jacob stallings kid played out of his mind this year this guy was elite and he said it several times speaking about defense you know who else he brought he brought up joey gallo because the guy was like but how's that fair you know joey gallo he was playing right field but then he got to the yankees and he wasn't in right field anymore because they had judge so how does he win the gold glove for right field whatever he said he played more than half of his games in right field and regardless of whether where he was on the field he was a plus glove he deserved it i was like i can't argue with that he's right he's right he said why do why is defense so important why was winning the gold glove so important to him this year he said he didn't get it last year he looked he wanted to see why he didn't get it because according to all the stats that he knew he was the number one guy he went and found out that there were different things there was like ooze er there was things there was things that uh you know determine the range that you have and how many plays more plays above average and things like that he went studied it understood it and said okay so i have to do this this and this to ensure that i win the gold glove this year not only did he win the gold glove he won the freaking platinum glove right why do you think why do you think he cares about that he's already one of the better hitters in the league today he's already one of the more clutch hitters in the postseason today why does it matter well because i'll tell you why it matters in his words the defense wins the championship the defense wins the championship you cannot be giving away outs and runs because of poor defense that's in the words of one of the biggest free agents right now he says that if you're not prac one of the things one of my favorite quotes from that interview he says i see a lot of guys they go to practice and they're going half speed maybe 25 speed right they're taking six seconds to throw the ball in practice he said the average baseball player gets down the line in 4.3 seconds if you're practicing throwing the ball at six seconds in the game you have to rush it two seconds more why practice two seconds slower than you need to have it for the game no no you're practicing to lose basically he said i practice at game speed and i make everybody around me practice at game speed because we're not practicing to play the game like we practice we're practicing the way that we play the game and i was like this guy gets it yeah francis by the way guys let's not be overlooked francis became one of the biggest carlos correa fans last night after seeing this i mean he said flat out if you spend the money this is the guy you get you were sold 100 100 listen hi guys guys i'm gonna tell you i watched it i sent it to the chat i sent it so rb i sent it so arby could watch it guys i watched this interview and was 100 sold i said if i'm if i'm dolling out that kind of money i want to give it because his mentality is like the way he was speaking this guy is obsessed with baseball much in the way that gary cole is remember when we were recording gary cole and all that stuff came out oh this guy's always watching video he's always watching tape he's always looking at the you know peripheral stats he's big into analytics he's looking to try to this is basically shortstop garrett cole like all he talked about was different numbers different stats different and and he could quote people's stats off the top of his head like when he brought up jacob jacob stallings he didn't just bring up a name and said yeah that guy's good no no he gave you the numbers yeah he gave it up of how many how many strikes he stole and how much and how much less strikes yachty stole than he stole and the guy's like but yadi threw out more runners he's like yeah but like this guy's stealing strikes so that the runner doesn't even get on base i was like i'm freaking that kind of mentality we don't have that right now in the yankee i don't know that we do if we do it's really well hidden because i i told i put it in our chat last night i was like i wonder if glebe torres knows any of this no no i wonder if gary sanchez knows any of this no that carlos is talking about right now he's quoting it like real nonchalant matter of factly it's like bro where are we and i'm not saying that corey seeger is not that guy i hope that there's an interview of corey seeger out there speaking like this because i'd love to give him the praise too but that's that's what i'm saying it's like bro we need guys like this who are obsessed with getting better who are obsessed with winning championships who understand that defense can't be overlooked i'm really happy that joey gallo is our left fielder next year i know that he's going to strike out a time i think he's going to hit a little bit better average wise and i really think it's going gonna be nice to have all his home runs being hit for us um but most importantly i love the fact that we're we're not putting out a reclamation project in left field we're not putting out an experiment in left field and playing playing in a division with the amount of right-handed pull hitters that we play in and we have a project in left field facts facts i'm sorry guys if you don't get the defense matters it matters it's so damn important i mean look at the yankees winning the championship look what the first baseman was you know what i mean they had they had of course tino then they had you know you know what i mean these posi there's very important positions and it's funny because two of the most important are the ones that fans talk [ __ ] about on the yankees is first base and catcher it's crazy ella yankee king goes ahead oh my god oh my goodness god man i mean i appreciate the super chat but you didn't have to give 9.99 for that fam i'ma keep it real with you i'm gonna keep it real you said uh pete and friends i bet you cashman does this because he's a bottom five gm pirates acquired labor torres yankees acquired jacob stalls there is no way in the world that that happens one i love jacob stalin's fan but he is not worth he's not going to be worth global torrez and on top of that i mean the pirates have nick gonzalez on el cruz you know they got a ton of guys in didn't feel second third and short it's probably going to be covered for years to come they don't need yeah it wouldn't it wouldn't make a ton of sense right there um to do something like that uh if you're if you're adding i'm not even gonna i'm not even gonna start talking about labor to the pirates at all because none of that makes sense i don't think they'd even want them for brian reynolds to be honest i think they look more towards prospects that can help him now and in the future um to go that route but yeah i appreciate the super chat fam i i don't see that buddy i'm sorry i uh lie gotta love you uh we miss you we miss you on twitter don't know what happened to you there yeah why are you not yet throw it in the in the in the section down there why are you not back on twitter because i thought you came back for the yeah killed you crushed you killed joe killed you for a minute he came for you you came back you rescued you resurrected for a second and then you disappeared again so we're trying to figure out uh yeah super chat us super chat is that why the hell what's going on with you on twitter um but yeah bro i don't know this whole thing with labor tours i know eli you love glebe torres i'm sorry buddy but i mean if again if i had my weight laboratory is not on the yankees next year there's just no way well to be fair their best alignment doesn't have a minute and i mean that's just and that's true and that's and that's why because i'd rather i'd rather have dj le mayhew playing second base and i i am comfortable losing the potential of global tourism i'm not saying that laboratories is going to be bad we say this all the time it's like a broken record laboratory is probably going to be fine if we trade him somewhere else he's probably even going to be an all-star if we trade him somewhere else i don't necessarily need him over here trying to figure that out can i tell you it out elsewhere can i tell you why i'm very much against labor taurus it's the same thing for gary sanchez now i'm just being real because that's that's all we do here so i'm just going to tell you my honest opinion i don't think neither one of them truly care and i'm being honest i don't think neither one of them truly care about the projection of their career i think they both have talent and they're both talented guys and they just live off that alone i don't think you see either one of them we talked to kevin kernan right kevin kern never mentioned that they're one of the guys out there early that they're there early in the morning they're there this he said that you know neither one of them are anything special but he expects that he'll be back at second base but i look at them and looking at this offseason i don't like to judge things off pitchers and stuff like that and be like oh maybe he's getting a little heavy i don't know but i would like to see a guy like glebe torres that young you know really really look look terrific i like to see videos of glaiber torres working on things instead of seeing videos of labor tourists trying to model an outfit i mean even nothing together hanging out with all these guys miguel anders took two pictures one he's in gucci or something the other one he's in something else holding a bat and i'm like bro you know you're you're a baseball player fan why why don't we you know you haven't played in a long time why don't we see you on the field to shoot andew hartson bill he's actually been posting up some work out has he so i missed that so so mickey ander who i i i still love and i think you're going to have a really good shot to be a dh in the national league if somebody calls upon you i think you could hit i don't think anybody should ever question if this kid could hit he could hit miguel hit a baseball bat he's a natural born here he can hit but and he's going to be good he's going to be good in the no when they add the dh this year and and look ryan's right let's call it like like it is gary and glabor are losers i feel the same i feel that way i do they're not i don't think not losers in life because they're successful i'm not gonna you know they got to that level they're not losers in life yeah i feel like they are not winning players i feel like these are losing players i don't win a lot with a lot of these guys on your team i would say my assessment of gleber and gary is that they're not championship players well there you go they're not i don't think that their championship material that's that's my take on them i said it when we had this conversation on desert we'll make it even in our episode yeah we can make it even easier we both feel the yankees are a better team without either one of them yeah no yeah that's and that has no knock on them as players because we both agree simple as that they may be very good elsewhere and they're talented guys neither one of us is saying that gary sanchez is completely untalented no of course not he is a very he is a very talented great point felix brought up a great point felix said if there was ever a time to trade uh stanton if the yankees ever want to do that not saying that they would but he's saying the best position for gary sanchez is as the h and then he even went on that went on the point of even saying well if other teams wanted the trade for him you can't say that teams wouldn't be lining up to trade for gary sanchez at the h i think a lot of teams will want him no i think i feel like if we non-tendered him if we non-tendered him and he was out there to be had i feel like the models will pick him up right away because they question they're looking for they're looking for offense they also are looking for a catcher they know he's not going to be the best defensive catcher but they know that the dh is coming to the nl and they know gary so they'll pick him up they'd pick him up the phillies might pick him up as a dh option there's so many places that would pick them up i would i would put my hands on fire for this one most of the teams in the national league would be like yeah even the bad teams the nationals would say yeah we could trade them we could see these guys at the age and then trade them yeah because he's gonna get because make no mistake about it when gary sanchez only has to focus about on hitting he's a hundred percent going to become a way better hitter than he's been the last couple of years you're going to see the average go up you're going to see the house go up even if his average goes up to 235 240 tops if that's tops he he would arguably be an elite dh but if he's go as i'm saying if gary sanchez is getting up to 235 240 and he's hitting you 35 plus home runs huge a lot of teams are going to want that that is what he here's what we're saying he's not going to do that as a catcher on the new york games no and i think we've seen we've seen that that is not going to happen so that means that his value is probably as a dh we do not have that position open because that is manned by giancarlo stanton right now and he is much better at it than gary sanchez would be so bye bye gary sanchez it just it is it's nothing personal it's nothing whatever it's just like you're not championship material for what we need you don't fit that material so you got to go laboratories what i mean i might have to make that shirt the glamorous ass shirt so tyler thank you for throwing laborers ass in there and remembering that that shirt still might have to come out something i might give him a shot i might if he's a yankee i might give him a shot and let him play a little bit but the glamorous ass shirt is definitely in consideration it's definitely in consideration to make an appearance no doubt about it no doubt about it okay tim tim burns this is an interesting question i think what would you pay for martay simeon correa and trevor story hey let's play let's let's play some uh let's play some salary gm i'm gonna give you guys a heads up i'm not good at it i'm always bad at this crap i hate doing it but let's see let's let's talk let's think about this why not right it's yeah it's interest it's interesting that he let's see i'll say this i'll tell you uh marte i give uh let's see four years 64 million is that low ball i'm lowballing them am i low balling on them four years 16 mil a year that's 16 mil a year starting martial's three four years brings him to 35 is he 31 to 32 i think he's 32 can we let me google that um yeah guys i i hate the whole guessing salary stuff and guessing that's that's the one thing i'm always like doing it please don't ask me that but you know what it's fun right why the hell not we here we're chilling with family might as well pee wee booney merch needs to come out you better believe it marta will get about 20 million justin you might be right he might he might three years 60. uh three years sixty i mean i feel like i feel like he i feel like he can get a fourth year from somebody so you probably have to go four um i wouldn't do if i would never do four years eighty exactly so if you're gonna go four if you're gonna go four years listen i would say this all right all right you're a hard negotiator four year 72 that's 18 millipop take it or leave it guys p pete is awake he's way more shrewd than i am i'm telling you me me i would say i am willing to go about i'm definitely willing to go to 80. i'd say i'd be willing to do you gonna go to five years five years all right if i go to five years then the average annual value is going to be pretty low yeah i'll tell you what i'll tell you right now if i'm going to five years he's only going to get 80 for five um i'd be willing i'd be willing it was a 16 mil a year yeah i'd be willing to do i'd be willing to do 85 over four which is 21 85 over four 21 million a pop that's 21 million and the reason i say i'd be willing to do that is because i feel like the competition is heavy he's gonna get he's gonna get some crazy offers not crazy like 30 million a year but i'm saying like people are going to go 20 million 21 22. some people predict i'm getting 25 a year i think that's a lot but if the if the if the luxury tax threshold does go up the way people are predicting it to then you've got a lot of teams who are going to say [ __ ] it you're 25. i don't see that i can see that take it take it he's good he's he's good i mean he's just my thing is like yes he he's 32 so like we do you do got to be careful because the tools that i personally want to sign him for um one of those is the speed and as he ages that's obviously probably not going to be the same case so 25 seems like a lot to me but i'd be comfortable with 21.25 who was the other one he said trevor story trevor story okay trevor story trevor's story how old is trevor story 29 i think trevor story's 29 i think he's 29. maybe i'm not he was like thought he was like twenty-eight okay so 28 28 of 29 i believe trevor story 20 i'd be willing to go let's see how much this works out to be seven one eighty seven i'll tell you pete you are shrewd bro seven for 180 bro i have nobody he gonna go out there do it all they gonna see me today we ain't changing nothing i tried i tried the thing is that you know why you know why we would make a good team because like you got it you got to have some of that because every now and then somebody would somebody is going to sign for deals like that people don't think it happens but look at the groms contract look at ozzy look at look at the groms contract look at ozzy alvey's contract these guys were severely low bald and they took it you never know you really never know situations and and circumstances change a lot so you never know bro was there any way that trevor story takes a one-year deal for like 22 million i think anyway it's impossible that he expects a one-year deal somewhere to rebound not that he had a bad year but i think if i think it's very possible that if you if you're willing to go up a little bit on that average annual if you're willing to give them so let me ask you this 27. carl just said trevor store is 29 tomorrow what if he's 29 tomorrow 29 tomorrow so let's let's just you know have obviously having fun here i'd give them something wait a second wait a second somebody comes to you tomorrow and says the yankees are signing trevor stored a one-year deal for 27 million do you do it a one-year deal for 27 million that's all that's all that's your only commitment right there one-year deal that's it yeah i do it and he's your short you got it but you have to forget about seeger and everybody else and it's only for one year so you got to look at the situation again next year i do it i do it i do it i do it let me tell you why i do it i mean i'm right there with you i think you got to be nuts not to take a one-year deal from somebody let me tell you let me tell you what it is he's not i'm telling you he's take he's betting on himself and he's doing it on your team for a year and on the biggest stage in the market that's on the biggest thing that's ballsy one so if he if he does if he falls flat on his face and he's terrible then you might still be able to resign him if you need to i'm done i'm done with him after or or if you really need a shorts not that bad yeah get him really cheap then i exactly either i'm done with them after a year or i say hey you didn't have a good year but i'll i'll give you a multi-year deal just to keep you here because we like you yeah right if he kills it well that's great and you can still respond um i can still resign him um a lot of teams are out of the market because they signed all the shortstops from the year prior so i don't i'm not going gonna have too much competition to resign you and i'm gonna have the upper hand that you were with me for a whole year i gave you 27 million you played out of your mind you know what let's talk about a deal where i'm paying you about 25 24 annually long long term yeah i would do it i'd do it in a heartbeat so i think trevor story could consider that if the things take long like the negotiations take long and we get to february and corey seeger and correa are still dilly dallying wasting time guys like story are going to be the ones who pay for that because story's going to be a real tough deal to get because a lot of teams aren't going to pivot to him until correa and sieger are off the board and he probably would want to wait for that too yeah of course because he wants to up his value correct yeah correct you you gotta do that yeah you gotta wait you gotta wait until like you know what i mean like listen tropical fantasy cola doesn't look good in the freezer but when coke and pepsi are off the freezer and that's the only cola there now it starts looking good now i'm not saying trevor's story is tropical fantasy but you know what i'm saying you gotta you gotta let some of the other country club you know what i'm saying you got to let some of the other other options make space so if you're trevor story you can't sign before seeger or korea unless somebody goes out of their mind and do would it be a stroke of brilliance for cashman to just shock the entire industry and throw a deal at trevor story before december 1st that story i would i would i tell you what i would i would reach out to them yeah and i would have a game plan that basically says hey look we're going to give you a ton of money for one year but you're also going to be the best free agent in baseball next year actually i free at the free agent position at shortstop arguably one of them here's here's the interesting thing no johnny johnny you're right country club is banging i like country country club is fire we're not saying country club is delicious no doubt about it od most people are going to take a coke to over country club they don't know too much about country club but you know i do you know dude i say it i say it i say it like this listen it's not unprecedented trevor just did it simeon just did it and trevor and trevor bauer literally was was adamant about that was all he wanted so a lot of players are doing it and the reason they're doing it is because you don't get locked into a situation that you don't want to be in for a long time now trevor story doesn't seem like the guy who's gonna want to like go somewhere and then leave again and things like that it's another thing with anthony rizzo that's why a lot of people are like look like he wants to stay with the yankees or whatever because like he's a he's a creature a habit at this point if rizzo doesn't resign with the yankees a lot of people have predicted that he just goes back to the cubs and just hangs out with them throughout the rebuild which it would be crazy to like let his talent waste away there especially when you know that teams like boston are gonna go after him and stuff like like why would he do that but some players don't want to do that so if trevor story says hey man i want to be in a place long term but right now my market just isn't what i think it should be i'm not getting the value that i think i should be if i'm cashman i'll be like yo listen what do you want 27 30. you want 30 30 for 2022 and then we talk again i do it yeah i do it i do it in a heartbeat and then i'd go and like lock up robbie ray long term because i didn't just give like i'd go and do like other [ __ ] like you know what i mean because i just i got my shorts done for next year i'll figure it out like as it goes away again this is me do i see cashman doing that no cashman is about legacy and things like that whatever me as a gm i'm obviously i obviously would move differently because i'm not worried about a legacy i'm not worried about my ego me i'm worried nobody so i'm not i'm not worried about me i'm not worried about making a mistake no i think look trevor story i could i could see trevor story getting um let's say let's say 24.25 over eight what is that that's 194. it's 194. that's 194. let's say so let's let's make it a round number 195 over eight years that would be 24.3 million a year damn you did you see what is my goodness um i was this the first time i've ever seen this because i don't i don't really go on a lot of these uh sites and look at stuff mlb trade rumors projections they got him only getting 21 million over six years six years 126. trevor story trevor story 21 million over 16 million over six 126 over six years um shout out to mlb trade rumors because i i like the content that they put out and um yeah i think that they're they're good at a lot of things but that projection i disagree with they got marcus simeon has six years 138. guys six years 138 for simeon would be 23 you know simeon's getting at least 25. they got freddie freeman at six years 180. corey seeger he just turned down a better deal than that i think and then correa 10 years 320. and they all have seeger going to the yankees the first time i ever saw that robbie ray they got five years 130. uh 130 by five oh let me see let me see what they got you know okay robby robbie ray lander i want to laugh robbie ray is not is not inaccurate yeah that that doesn't sound oh he would say dirty starling oh my god i just kicked my camera my bed um starlin martay did i fix it yeah it's fixed okay starl and marte they have four years 80 million hey that's what we just basically said we said that so we're on there uh let's see i'm trying to find oh by the way um speaking of free agents that are out there i heard a terrifying rumor today i'm not true it is that the toronto blue jays are interested in chris taylor oh no i believe it so that's just more home run i'm looking for justin did i got justin verlander in here anywhere john gray at four years 56 million if that's the case would be a very nice deal for somebody that's a really really easy get uh john gray is gonna justin berlander at two years and 40 million am i the only one that's a nutcase no it's that pete the thing is it's i mean now i'm believing it's gonna happen but i'm just like i i don't know how i agree listen i agree with you i don't think that he is worth 20 million right now coming off with all the risk and everything but what i was saying in the chat and the other day like the reason i said like i would i would sign him for the two years 40 or like if he won if he was interested in saying and giving me like a little bit less like 19 or whatever then i do it it's because he's gonna get he's gonna get that because he already got offered the qualifying offer and the qualifying offer is already 18.4 so that means that houston who is who let you know george springer walk who's about to lose correa they're still willing to pay verlander almost 20 million dollars right uh the tigers are most likely going to be in on verlander the rangers will probably be in on verlander the mets a team that a lot of people aren't talking about the mets will be in on verlander the yankees will be in on verlander and guess who else la the angels as well as the dodgers will be in on verlander so what happens when that many teams are in on one guy and this is a cy young winner and the price goes up so that 18 all of a sudden starts looking like i don't know like i could probably listen man i could just take this 18. so if you're not offering me at least 20 over two then i might as well just stay where i'm at right i don't even got to uproot myself i just stay here in houston yep i feel like to get them out of houston you're gonna have you're looking at uh two years 40 to start somebody might be stupid enough angels to give him three years 60. they also have a good one here jan gomes two years at 10 million and two out of three guys thinks he goes to the yankees two years 10 million is a joke let me tell you right now if you can get young guns for two years and 10 million dollars you do it yeah you you do it but you also before you sign that deal you see what roberto perez is looking at of course i agree exactly because if yang domes is only looking at a two-year deal worth 10 million i've got one season yeah i wanna know i wanna know what perez's number is because remember what i was saying before it's all about player comparison because perez perez's number is not gonna be far off that and you know what if it's not then i'm going perez no disrespect to gomes he's still he's still a huge upgrade overseas i agree i agree i go right i go perez i go perez um has a lot of experience catching guys like coal and stuff too he hasn't caught cold but i'm saying guys like that he has he has experience so i want to get to this question here tyler pierce says um does ny news have a community discord um we do not uh let me get with killa joe about that cuz killer joe's the tech dude you guys wouldn't believe this and i tell you i am not big in technology or a lot of these other things out there right now we're learning because we got this gigantic launch coming in january so listen fam once you guys once you guys see our new intros and templates and all that oh my god he pete is not going to be able to get away with saying that he's not a tech guy anymore he's getting away with that [ __ ] now because y'all haven't even seen what we have coming for you in january and francis has seen it by the way francis and jim jimmy it ain't twitch baby it ain't twitter ny news it ain't twitch baby it ain't twitch baby listen it ain't twitch nah listen hey no disrespect to twitch we probably we probably could end up putting content there at some point there's gonna be a lot of stuff you never know i mean again like um just harping back on that because we're gonna we're gonna be we're wrapping up here any second we're a little over two hours yeah thank you guys but um you know looking at everything i mean everybody says why do i talk about january so i'm gonna i'll break it down for you why do you know we we've put a ton ny news started in 2005. so i don't think people really understand that so i was i was a much younger person than when felix started ny news and me and my arguably my best friend of my life growing up and for since since o5 we actually met each other from through the yankees and we decided to i decided to start working on that with him and writing articles and things like that and putting information out there so we've always had these plans but we also throughout life had different aspirations you know what i mean things change paths change and um at the end of the day you know we're all back here now pushing hard at this and we got an amazing team and just to let you guys know we have an even more amazing team coming on board starting in january and the reason why i'm so hype about it is because in my heart i truly believe that there is nobody else doing what we're about to provide yankee fans in january i truly believe that there is no one else that is doing it not even the yes network is giving you guys multiple different opinions multiple different angles you're going to have about four podcasts to watch weekly that's not even including pre-games and post games live like we're doing now that's not including round tables that's not including regular live chat that's not including regular videos from more than just me so you're getting many more opinions ny news tv is going to be absolutely amazing and the different the different opinions thing is big guys like it's huge one of my knocks one of my knocks on i'm not gonna call people out by name out of generosity since it's sunday but one of my knocks on some of the other you know content creators out there in yankee land is that there's just a lot of uh agreeable opinions on the same panels and things like that and i think it's good when you could debate certain things like i think i think it's good like to have different opinions have people up there i was listening to this podcast uh recently um and i'm not gonna name which one it is because they're actually coming on board with us and i don't want to drop out i don't want to let any cat out of the bag but i was listening to one of these podcasts and they were saying like some takes like about correa and secret things or whatever and i was like wow i really disagree with these guys but i was like i love i love that i disagree with them i like that i disagree with them because they were providing like different angles different insight that maybe i don't subscribe to but it was good to think about that for a little while like so these the people who think this way this is why they think this way it was nice to hear that but you don't get that if everybody just agrees with everybody need a little bit of debate neither hold on to end it with a bang laboratories will win a gold i will bet can we can we do something can we do something live on the air can we do something live on the air oh can everybody get me this is recorded so my side is covered i will right now li yanking i'll tell you right now give you my word 250 right now i don't know if youtube's going to ban me for gambling 250 you agree right that right now there is no way in hell glebe taurus wins a gold glove at second base 250 i give you my word the moment it's announced i'll send it to you if he wins i give you my word 250 no no you know what that's not even enough that's not even five we're gonna double that i'll go i'll i'll put 250 also i'll put i was going to say output 250 you put 250 and we set him 500 if labor tours wins the gold glove in 20. you lose you send both of us 250. li li are you are you willing to take that bet do you accept that bet there's no way here johnny said damn pete you mean 250 pesos from dr hey hey johnny that's what i'm going to send him i'm going to send him some pets so he ain't hey man let me tell you something that question alone just devalued the dominican peso to dollars per every per per up what is it oh hold on for one dollar hold on it get the plot thickens joe killa joe added 150 the pot is at six the pot is at 650. he hasn't responded he disappeared he bounced he sent it and bounced oh man he is something else man lie come on man you you got to give us a lie you can't say something like laboratories and gold glove in the same and then disappear i will literally throw in a pound of gobble ghoul with that and that's a hell of a deal oh man now johnny everybody throwing money johnny said he's going to put up fellow is going to throw in a hunt fellow oh my god a lie hey where you at where you at fam any news on a hitting coach chris no i don't have much news on a hitting coach hey but it was nice but it was night hey chris wasn't it nice to hear that they were interested in chavez we'll see where it goes and i still might go there that's nice it's nice and brandon [ __ ] you could give him you could give me some you could give me some you know you give me a little bit of credit on that one fam he could give me a little credit i know he probably doesn't like me too much but you know when i put something out first i do i don't complain about it normal because it is what it is but you know give a little love show a little love give a little bit i didn't know i didn't know adam was here yeah king is in here adam he called him a massive chicken adam adam why did you block me can you put that in the chat [ __ ] since ella since eli doesn't want to tell us why why he's not on twitter anymore adam i have to know why did i get blocked no we got beef in here bro i didn't even know i was blocked until we was having a conversation when was it adam adam you i got to be honest with you bro you get me a little angry every now and then a lot of your comments get me i'm like man i want to respond to him but i don't want to that's how i feel about you i'm going to keep it real i'm going to keep it real with everybody in here i'm not going to touch i love just about every one of you to be honest but adam you get me a little aggravated you put all caps all the time then you call people like dumbasses and stuff i'm like come on man what are you doing adam blocked joe too you're blocking everybody adam what are you doing adam block joe too flips llc he says i'll put a stack on it hold on hold on oh he said you're not blocked you were blocked early because we transferred one of his messages yeah remember i was i was all right he said check it i'm not blocked he just did that he just did that yeah oh mate i don't know but i was anyway all right that's i appreciate it adam yeah guys i had a tremendous time i tell you what um i went to trader joe's so i just gotta let you guys know what's next for pete they got some shrimp dumplings in there i'm about to steam those babies up that's how that's how i'm gonna that's my that's my little meal for the day um i still got one arm everybody thank you everybody for you know care and concern nobody mentioned it but it's all right i'm not heartbroken guys get well so guys say get well soon to people not sorry it's okay you know you know what makes it even more i'm crazy i'm doing a lot of this stuff with one hand that's even more impressive i'm building all this stuff with one hand trader joe my fiance hey look look babe i know you want to go to trader joe's i know you want to go she likes those little cauliflower uh pancake type things they're good though all that stuff is good it's nice i'll tell you what no when i go to trader joe's i do feel my testosterone levels drop a little bit but it is yeah i'm not gonna when i get home i gotta punch a wall and like that hundred percent hundred percent 100 that that that's just that's just how it goes uh last one last one well we'll do the last one is it predict when olson gets traded damn before december 1st i'll come i'll i'll jump out the window with that before the lockout i'm going to stay with you i'm going to play it safe and say bye you know what i'll be i'mma say november 29th i'm gonna go i'm gonna go a little a little ahead of you i'll say november 29th to hell with it november 29th so guys again um i'm i don't have anything else to say but this has been an episode of designated spitters so france i gotta i gotta toss it over to you y'all already know guys keep it locked because the next episode is the best episode thank you guys and we will never come whack on a designated spitters track guys days go by we're getting getting closer and closer and closer to the m1 news tv launch you guys are going to know much more in a couple of weeks so again guys thank you so much for being here we appreciate you everybody contributing everybody that was just in the room thank you for a good time and we'll talk to you guys again soon oh

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Posted on 15 Nov 2021