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31 HR
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.269 AVG
142 HITS
2.79 ERA
x90 - 51
88 -56
80 - 63
72 - 70
71 - 72

29 Jul 2022 by Felix Pantaleon


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02 Nov 2020 by Felix Pantaleon

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Could Peraza Get The Jeter Treatment? @SimonettiSource


what is going on everybody pete simonetti here for ny news and as you can see it is off it is off so the rehab physical therapy process starts now six plus weeks six weeks or so um yeah a little a little beat up sore hurts um but hey i always like a good challenge so i expect a much better and stronger me over the next six plus weeks positive positive positive positive but anyway guys i want to talk about a conversation i had with an advanced scout who gives me a lot of good information on a lot of yankee prospects he does not work in a yankee organization got connected to him from a lot of other people but but this is his job his job is to know a lot of these guys that could face teams in the future that could come up and do some damage and no he is the the eyes the ears so to say and the guider uh of an organization that's what that role basically is to inform and let teams know whether it's they're playing against them whether it's trade value whether it's a guy that may fit your team down the line this is their job to know these things so i asked a simple question i said going back to 1996 when the new york yankees gave young prospect derek jeter the chance to be a shortstop now times are a little different derek jeter also wasn't in a time where free agency was you know 96 wasn't uh you didn't have four guys out there who you know will command a hundred plus million dollar contract somebody maybe 300 plus guarantee 200 plus on a few of them and be legitimate stars that can immediately jump into a team's shortstop role and become a leader or the star player team middle of the order bet not facing that so what i asked him was is there any chance that young yankee prospect oswal cabra oswal cabrera my goodness oswald perazza oswaldo cabrera just added to the yankee 40 man look out for him he plays shortstop third base second base anyway oswald barraza none of this is scripted always real at ny news guys oswald peraza you guys know i love oswald peraza i am extremely high in this guy and is nice to know that many others are also and not just in the yankees organization one of the reasons why brian cashman really feels like i don't know if i should you know it depends on what i'm what i'm giving up for this guy we don't know if he's involved in the matt olsen talk i would assume he is because from everything i've heard and you guys go back to my to our um to our uh chat we have eli who you guys know does a tremendous job on everything yankees minor league did a great job on the 40 minute ross to break it up news before everybody else and even just conversation that i've had if you're a fan of the channel you'll watch the designated spitters you see the knights at the round table personal videos i make lives i've talked very highly about oswald peraza because what i hear about him is phenomenal it's phenomenal so for the guys who don't know and i'll be shocked if there's yankee fans out there who don't know much about azwa peraza across the board in every ranking system he's either gonna rank two or three he'll either be ahead or behind jason dominguez and of course number one is anthony volpe but oswald perazza is 21 years old six foot about 170 175 last year last year look at these numbers guys 297 average 38 stolen bases 58 rbis 18 home runs ops of 834 on base percentage of 3 56 76 runs scored just an absolutely tremendous year for oswald peraza 26 doubles three uh three triple two triples overall caught stealing 10 times but stole 38 bases again um slugging percentage 477 across the board and as you guys know he went from able to double a where he was terrific to triple a he ended the year in triple a one of the things you guys again have heard me say a lot was really corroborated by the scout that i sent these questions to my question simply was this would the yankees not will they not do you think could the yankees give oswald peraza the derek sanderson jeter treatments would he put him out there and just surround him by some really good guys his response to me was oswald peraza could start a shortstop for any club in major league baseball right now he wouldn't need no more conditioning none of that again he could start right now with any club now he did say this if that were the case he would ensure that the second baseman is dj lemayo and not glaber torres the reason being you want to put veteran more veteran guys around that can really handle that position around him if you could kind of block him in with a giovanni or shella who handles this position very well and also did a good job of short stop peralta short and then at second base dj lemay got a lot of great voices around a kid who most people will tell you if they don't feel his bat is totally there yet the glove is he's smooth he's slick these are the words that i've said before and the words that he also stated to me oswald is a very good defensive shortstop and the one thing he mentioned is what a lot of the other shortstops that are available what all the money is available that they're not gonna necessarily give you is legitimate speed legitimate guide i could do 20 plus stolen bases easy now we know trevor story out of all the guys available is fast he's very athletic he compared him more to a story than anybody else available he said the one thing he thinks that he will become better than story if he ever became better than story is that he will make more contact than trevor story he's not a guy that needs to swing for homers to drive the ball out that's a gift he has he can drive the ball the right center field that a lot of people see as doubles he takes them over the fence so i asked that question for a simple reason with all the information i've been given i do not see the yankees dropping a major contract unfortunately guys this is no longer the new york yankees that we once truly loved and we still love of course but it's ran a little differently a lot differently if you really want to go into but i'm just specifically speaking when all these guys are available back in the day the yankees would have got them they might have got two of them they might have got two of them in all reality because they got a they could they could literally do second third or short and fill two positions if they really wanted to they could have done that with the mindset right now that we could potentially see correa go elsewhere and sager go elsewhere seeger leaving simeon and story as the potentially other big names that the yankees can go out there and get right i think story's a terrific fit if you go out there and add more pitching wise trades get a good catcher and all that but if the yankees were to say you know what we do have money we could spend on the the the yearly basis we don't want to get tied into it to an eight six seven eight nine ten d year deal we want to save that for aaron judge but we will do you know four five year deals maybe guys you know not at 30 plus million a year none of that stuff maybe we get some 22 23 24 25s in there the yankees go out there and let's say you know we think robbie ray and pitching is going to be key we feel like if we added um a marte in center field or if we make a trade of some sort uh with merrifield i don't know just to throw a name out there somebody that hits a little bit of contact moves guys over drives at the top of that top of that order a little bit gets on base more can run a little bit again starlin marte um if we did something like that maybe just maybe if we trade for matt olsen maybe just maybe we can get a guy also when i give it up haraz and then we can leave a peraza at short let him develop between two guys like a urshella maybe a kyle seeger they end up going out and get potentially i don't know i'm just throwing stuff out there and the dj lemayo maybe it's instead of trading a peraza to oakland they trade a glaber torres maybe they also get a pitcher in that deal so the main thing that i also asked was well what is the mindset of oswald peraz and he said flat out oswald peraz could come up to the major leagues and he'll do his thing he's just that type of guy from what he saw he just he's a professional ball player he doesn't see a guy that tries to be flashy he doesn't see a guy that that show boasts he doesn't see a guy that you know um um you know the saying that he puts his head down and he runs he's a gamer he goes out there and plays baseball so again i am not advocating i am not pushing for the new york yankees to just say start peraza what i'm trying to again come full circle here because the yankees made some good moves when they released the guys they released recently to add to that 40-minute roster they added really good players i thought stephen ridings would have been gone i thought ron martin mara kisio whatever his name is um who's it excellent i hate when i can't pronounce an italian name if i had it in front of me i could do it but i always forget it they added good guys ever since pierre we already know about oswaldo cabrera who i mentioned earlier in this video but if that's a sign maybe they do start going to the younger guys here maybe the yankees do say you know what we are the yankees yes but maybe we can also be like the tampa bay rays just in the sense that if we have an open position and if we want to if we want to add elsewhere because we can we can throw a peraza out there because we know we're going to add a huge starting pitcher we know we're going to add a big center fielder i don't think yankee fans have an issue with that at all it's just a balancing act the yankees can't sit back there and go we're not going to get these guys because it's too much money well unfortunately we didn't add enough so we'll just start some of our younger guys that ain't going to cut it that's not the strength of what the yankees should be doing the strength of what the new york yankees should be doing is that yes we can do the small deal yes we can make a trade because we got a good farm system and yes when it comes to big bucks we can spend it we got everything we got guys we could call up and play we got guys we can trade for and we have money that is the best you can have as an organization the yankees have it they just got to utilize it the right way the philosophy got to be the right way it's not that you spend 220 million dollars it's how you spend it that's been the issue with his ball club how they have spent their money we can pull players from this roster and go ha that adds up to 80 90 million for what and you could do that easy with the new york yankees roster so again i'm not sitting here saying a yankee shouldn't go get correa they shouldn't go get secret they shouldn't go get stored they shouldn't go get simeon you guys know i think story would be terrific depending on what he is i might try to offer him a big one-year deal but sticking to oswald peraza i confirmed with multiple people i know brian cashman said his glove would play up here right now his bat would the event scout i talked to said he would not see peraza really having an issue because of his intangibles because of what he brings to the table his attributes they're all there he said one it'll take an adjustment but he's made those he's shown him in the past he started off double a very slow he made an adjustment he made an adjustment that's what the best guys do they make adjustments they make adjustments he only had 28 at-bats in aaa 286 one homer but most people would tell you the legitimate competition in the miners is double a when it comes to pure talent there is more pure talent prospects aaa you have a lot of your your journeymen still down there guys that are kind of holding on to a last hope guys that are organizational fillers prospects too but triple double a that's why you see a lot of guys make the jump from double a to the major leagues because of that exactly so everything i hear everything i have been told if the yankees really wanted to go to the route of the derek jeter route with the oswald peraza they can do it they can do it again guys this is pizza manetti for nyy news hope you guys enjoy your sunday since there is no designated spit is today we should be back next week but guys tuesday night i'll give you an update there is going to be a nights at the round table so make sure you check out for that that is live so i'll be answering all your questions having fun with it talking about projected lineups projected moves what we would do how we have the roster set up and how it will look like so with that being said guys make sure you tune that if you have not subscribed please go ahead and subscribe you see it right down there a little flashing light there with the ball saying subscribe subscribe subscribe january is right around the corner so excited for you guys to see what we got in store for you let me know in the comments below what do you think about the yankees went that route but again the only way they could do that in my opinion that i'll be okay with is if they add much more to this ball club than they have right now so let me know in the comments below what you guys think like subscribe share all that fun stuff talk to you guys again soon thank you i really really really wanna

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