CONFIRMED: Yankees Are in Talks With Agents Of Carlos Correa & Corey Seager @_NYYNEWS New York Yankees News and Rumors - New York Yankees News and Rumors

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29 Jul 2022 by Felix Pantaleon


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02 Nov 2020 by Felix Pantaleon

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CONFIRMED: Yankees Are in Talks With Agents Of Carlos Correa & Corey Seager @_NYYNEWS


have you engaged with the representatives for the free agent shortstop i started yeah i mean i i slowly because we're doing dealing with coaching stuff but but uh i've already you know had two conversations with two just two separate conversations with two separate you know uh players that represent short agents that represent short stops just so so it is now being reported that the shortstops the ages of the shortstops that brian cashman is talking to it's been confirmed now by people don't really think this guy's credible but i'm going to give him the benefit of doubt jim bolden tweeted out that according to sources the yankees are in conversations with agents for both corey seeger and carlos correa hashtag confirmed now this doesn't come as a big surprise we all know the yankees would be interested in corey seeger and carlos correa specifically those two in my honest opinion uh cause korea has the higher leverage here as garrett cole was one of his former teammates and look i don't really like i don't really want justin verlander on this ball club if you listen to my uh previous video i explained it in detail but even verlander with garrett cole been a yankee we've all seen that uh garrett cole has some sort of pull when it comes to acquiring his former friends uh take uh taiyon as if for an example in um homes for an example so realistically we all know that gary cole has some sort of influence when it comes to let's say the yankees coming to him and asking him a question what do you think about these guys and he's going to give his honest opinion so for an example if the yankees ring up coal and ask him what do you what do you think about these guys what do you think about carlos correa how would you think he would fit as a yankee what do you think about rurlander how how do you think he would fit as a yankee we all know the answer right he's going to vouch for them former teammates that's why i see carlos correa having higher leverage than a corey seeger not only because of that i really explained it in detail if you guys want to see my previous video but if you didn't um carlos korea when i he has the numbers when it counts you see his postseason numbers it's about one i would say similar to seeger i'll saying 25 percent better if you compare those stats and i'm not trying to take anything away from seeger but my intuition says that the yankees if they're searching for a short stop carlos correa is number one on their list so yankees fans that has been the breaking news the confirmed agents brian cashman has been talking to happen to be agents of cory sieger and carlos correa so yankees fans like always leave your opinions in the comment section below this has been felix from mly share like and subscribe and i will check you on me

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Posted on 10 Nov 2021