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29 Jul 2022 by Felix Pantaleon


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02 Nov 2020 by Felix Pantaleon

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🔥 🚨 Is Mullins a Real Possibility for the Yankees? @SimonettiSource


hey everybody what is going on pete samnetta here for nyy news there's a little rumor out there today saying that the baltimore orioles may look into seeing what offers would be for one cedric mullins now people are immediately probably gonna say uh impossible can't happen and i'm probably gonna agree with you it's probably impossible probably can't have it but it's fun to talk about so i'm gonna come here and talk about this because why the hell not folks you would probably be hard pressed to find a better fit for these new york yankees than cedric mullins he checks all the boxes center field yankees have a need lefty bat the yankees have a need speed the yankees have a need versatil i'm not versatilium sorry athletic ability the yankees have a need leadoff hitter the yankees have a significant need he checks all the box and arguably it's hard to sit there and say okay well anybody even has been rumored as available who would make more sense than a cedric mullins makes a ton of sense in the world if you even think about it we'll get into what it may take after but look at cedric melons real quick cedric mullins is 27 years old last year he had a 5.7 war 30 home runs 291 average 175 hits 91 runs scored 59 rbis 30 stolen bases on base percentage 360 slugging percentage 518 ops 878. this is one of the elite outfielders in major league baseball with everything he does and no i'm pretty sure his second half wasn't as great as his first but still just an absolutely terrific season for cedric mullins he was an all-star we know that um ended up actually being ninth in mvp voting he did also win a silver slugger award so if you're the baltimore orioles right now and you're looking at this type of thing for a guy like a cedric mullins right you're saying hey you know it's almost like brian reynolds in a sense is that you're sitting back saying he's available you know what i mean and you mean with orioles you know we don't expect that that we're very very close to competing you know he could be available but at the end of the day you're gonna have to really knock our socks off here to make a deal work that's the only way you move central malls and i tell you what for the orioles it's smart if you're the baltimore orioles this is smart this is a smart way for you to do business because if a team does come knock and go hey look this guy fits our mold perfect here's what we're offering and they throw at you you know maybe two top fives two top tens uh four guys overall maybe a fifth in the lower level and you're like you know what where the orioles we know we got some decent young pitchers coming up we got maybe arguably the best catching prospect in the game we see what um what's what some of the guys on the club uh did this year your mount castles your your haze your mullens we've seen what these guys have have done and what they could potentially become if a team goes out there goes look we got some some you know starting pigeon prospects that are closing in that are getting close to being there maybe we can work a deal around that cedric mullins by the way is you know it's not like he has some big salary or anything coming along with them so you would have just about every single team interested in this guy so this is a very very smart time for the baltimore orioles to consider moving him and even flirting with the idea of moving whisk again teams are going to throw a lot out so when it comes to the yankees cedric mullins would be a free agent that's 31 when he when he's 31 years old that is in 2026 so you'll have for 22 23 24 25 26 so you're having for four full seasons moving forward and again for any team any team at all that is huge that is absolutely huge for every team that is something that you want so when you look at the yankees you know let's get to it i'm first of all i'm gonna say this right now one there's two there's two things here one i don't think the orioles would be extremely inclined to say hey yanks here you go they might be but still if they look to compete in two to three years they'd still be competing against somebody they traded and made the other club better so i think that's the hesitancy there and two brian cashman ain't ever gonna give up what it would take to land cedric mullins cedric mullins is again what you would assume the pirates would ask for for brian reynolds so guys you know when you when you think about the new york yankees you got to think about their top prospects the baltimore orioles have every right in the world to ask for the top of the line guys from the new york yankees they don't have to ask for anything less at all they could ask for anthony volpe jason dominguez oswald peraza luis hill clark smith austin wells trey ceni uh uh uh luis medina davey garcia alexander vargas uh everson pierre who they just added hayden with nasa westnesski um oswaldo cabrera josh bro i mean it don't matter you can ask for whatever the hell you want if you're the baltimore orioles because again if the yankees did want him they got to knock your socks off and first of all at the end of the day i don't see him doing it when we talked about on a couple of lives and on designated spitters when we brought up the idea of a brian reynolds trade we immediately said well you know i would give jason dominguez up in a deal like that because brian reynolds right now is kind of what you hope jason dominguez could turn into um he obviously has this huge potential on his back it's a lot on a young kid only in a ball very very raw to professional major league baseball so he has time to develop and you never know how the development could go but again you got luis heal who i think could be attractive uh luis medina who could be attractive guys who are you know legitimate starting pitching prospects uh austin wells probably not so much considering they got roche ruchman rouchman whatever his name is but you guys know who's if you're any interest at all in baseball the orioles got one of the best catching prospects in the game volpe of course to be interested in but we don't see him going anywhere at all but any of those guys so dominguez peraza heal schmidt uh sweeney potentially medina uh ken waldechuk uh uh yo andre gomez garcia i mean it's gonna take four of those guys if you're the orioles it's gonna take four of those guys dominguez potentially heal medina and let's say gomez or smith i mean if it's me i'mma win that kind of guy i'm going for that i'm a win now kind of guy i'm a win now kind of guy that's the route i take that is the route i would personally take so i don't know about you guys but again just as a disclaimer so everybody doesn't get the pennies up in a bunch and go pee come on you know it can happen this trade probably got a better chance of happening than me developing wings and flying through my damn wall right here alright so probably not gonna happen i know the yankees and the oreos made deals before but a lot of you know britain and all that was was gonna be a free agent you know you kind of had to move him mullins the auras could be like hey you know offenses is pretty nice you know what i mean our offense is kind of nice out there we could keep them up there again maybe some pitching comes along maybe some decent happens that we're we're a decent team in two to three is it's very possible you know that's very possible so they don't have to deal nobody same thing with the pirates they got some of the best young prospects in all baseball getting very very close to the major leagues you got to knock their socks off to make a deal and i don't blame them if i'm both them i'm sitting back saying yeah we'll try to trade them no doubt give us you know four of your top seven four of your top eight then we'll have a deal right why not cause because if we can get for the one guy maybe three starting pitching prospects that are close to being ready maybe one of those guys is more of a serviceable guy the other two could be legit potential you know one two threes sign me up they're not then we'll talk but until then i'm gonna say he's not available it's the smart move it's a smart move by the baltimore orioles team that hasn't made tons of smart moves in the past it's nice to see him doing something pretty smart but cedric mullins would be the perfect yankee pickup he would be the perfect yankee picker for their offense that's when you're looking that's why martay day by day day by day by day by day starlin marte becomes more attractive because he really fits the yankees well and you know got a lot of fans well he's older well the yankees aren't a team that's looking to win in 2026 they're looking to win in 2022 and that's the mindset you got to have as a yankees gm is that you are looking to win now not four years from now because if that is your mindset and you're playing it wrong and you're not playing to your advantages which is money prospect capital money and prospect capital those are those are the new york yankees two huge huge advantages over the club over other clubs they can sign whoever the hell they want typically not on their house a little different and they got prospect capital where they go make trades when they need to and they got these guys that are closing into the major leagues also to help them so they got the best of both worlds right now they just got to use utilize it that way the new york yankees should be the marvel character the juggernaut that's what they that's what they need to be they need to be the juggernaut they need to just be able to run through walls non-stop break through everything go look we're gonna we're gonna juggling out through everything that's how we that's how we run our business here has it been like that mullins to the yankees is likely not happening whatsoever but boy oh boy cedric mullins would be an amazing pickup for the new york yanks and really would fit them just about better than anybody that's available out there so you guys let me know in the comment section below what do you think about this move do you think there's any possibility at all and if there is would you be willing to give up a dominguez would you be willing to give up you know two or three of your top seven maybe four of your top seven eight nine would you be willing to do that for a guy cedric mullen sending those guys over to who could potentially in the future be a rival baltimore oriole team even though the yankees struggle against bad baltimore real team so i really doesn't matter but guys if you have not subscribed please go ahead and do so for your notifications on so you never miss a ny news video again i am pizza manetti talk to you guys again very very soon thank you me

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