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61 HR
130 RBI
.313 AVG
173 HITS
2.56 ERA
x96 - 59
87 - 69
85 - 71
80 - 76
75 - 81

05 Sep 2022 by Felix Pantaleon

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29 Jul 2022 by Felix Pantaleon


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02 Nov 2020 by Felix Pantaleon

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29 Sep 2022 by Felix Pantaleon

Aaron Judge Hits HR NO. 61, Ties Roger Maris

27 Sep 2022 by Felix Pantaleon

Pedro Martinez (1999 Cy Young) Vs Aaron Judge (2022 MVP) - What If? @45PedroMartinez @TheJudge44

26 Sep 2022 by Felix Pantaleon

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21 Sep 2022 by Felix Pantaleon

1999 Cy Young Pedro Martinez vs 2022 MVP Aaron Judge. Who Would Win? You Decide!

Vote here

21 Sep 2022 by Felix Pantaleon

Game Of The Year? Aaron Judge Hits HR NO. 60, Ties The Babe. Stanton Ends It With Grand Slam

Wow, did we just witness the game of The Year? Against... One of the worst teams in baseball, The Pirates? We sure did!

17 Sep 2022 by Felix Pantaleon

Why Aaron Judge Won’t Win MVP, Even Though He's The Real MVP (History Of Yankees Being Snubbed)

17 Sep 2022 by Felix Pantaleon

Frankie Montas, Another Poverty Cashman Move.

15 Sep 2022 by Felix Pantaleon

Gleyber Torres Showing OP Field Magic + Three Pitchers That Need To BRING IT in Milwaukee

12 Sep 2022 by Felix Pantaleon

Talking Yanks With Pete Simonetti - Yankees Win 2 Series In A Row - YANKEES MORNING BREW @Simonettisource @kod_media

10 Sep 2022 by Ruben Cruz

The Most Important Series of The Season, Yankees/Rays ✍️ @CruzYankeeFan

After the Yankees lose the opener vs the Rays it hard to fathom how much the Yankees have fallen. They current as I am writing this are leading Game 2. Looking at the standings Yankee Manager needs to get these men ready to play. This team had 15 1/2 game lead in the Division and with yesterday's lost they are down to a 3 1/2 game lead.

Yankees have no excuses to go to. Many people will point the injuries on the team, but most of the Yankees who are on the injured list or paternity list have failed to consistently provide the offense they were expected to provide. Stanton, Rizzo, and Donaldson have batting averages from .210-.229. As we all know you can't rely just on the homerun. Boone needs to get the guys ready to play. Put the ball in play and focus on consistency because if the Yankees were to get swept this team is a lock to lose the Division.

Even the so called reinforcements. Can we really expect those reinforcements to do their job on offense? I've been on thr record saying the Yankees should commit to the young players since we have no better options. Now, the problem is Boone keeps relying on veterans who are not producing while you have some super talented young players hustling and contributing to winning. Many will say oh but Florial and Cabrera are barely hitting. At some point if you are going to go with the young guys you must play them and allow them to adjust. But if you really watch the games we won 3 out of 4 games vs the punching bags (sorry I mean the Twins lol). It was Because the young guys got most of the hits, and hustled like none of our veterans would. Cabrera made several stellar defensive plays, and Boone decides to sit him in the one game we lost vs the Twins. So this do or die series will be based on how capable is Boone to play the young guys. Because he loves his underperforming veterans (Except Judge he is the MVP.)

It is do or die time. Yankees must win this series and it is time to finally allow the young guys to bring that energy that Boone has been clamoring from the Rizzo's, Donaldson's, and Stanton's. You want energy Boone and you want to win. You need to finally play the Rookies and play them daily. It is do or die time. Play the best talent. Peraza, Cabrera, and Florial are part of the solution to righting this sinking ship of a team. 

08 Sep 2022 by Felix Pantaleon

Are The Yankees Finally Getting Their Mojo Back?

08 Sep 2022 by Ruben Cruz

Key to the Yankees Recent Winning and Finding Consistency @CruzYankeeFan

07 Sep 2022 by Felix Pantaleon

Ronald Guzman Could Have A Positive Impact In Yankees Lineup, Even If He Doesn't Produce. Here's Why

03 Sep 2022 by Felix Pantaleon

The Yankees Organization Has Gone FULL Stupid Again, Historic Meltdown Continues

23 Aug 2022 by Felix Pantaleon

Yankees Fans Brutally "Ether" Mets Fans "Be Mad At Your Dads, Mets Fans." @cbssports

Yankees fans were recently interviewed on what they really thought about their little "bastard" siblings The Mets. One would say they described Mets Fans as having an extra chromosome. 

Lol, ROASTED. "Queens" native rapper Nas put it best, Ethered. Exactly what one Yankees fan did.

21 Aug 2022 by Felix Pantaleon

Blue Jays Alek Manoah Wants All The Smoke 💨 From Gerrit Cole

Everyone who has played the game of baseball knows, when you get hit by a pitch your instant reaction is similar to jaming your toe into a corner. A flow of rage just suddenly hits you, something you cannot control. Even if you're Aaron Judge, who carries himself like Derek Jeter. A guy you will never see participating in a fight. Even he isn't prone to feeling instant anger, being plunked by Alek Manoah. We know how a fight between Judge and Manoah would end up. But Cole Vs Manoah? That would be a fair fight and Manoah let it be known he wants all the smoke 💨 from Cole. Maybe Alek boxing Cole could knock some sense into him and make Gerrit pitch like The Ace The Yankees signed him to be. Instead of being a cheerleader in the dugout. In other words, use that same energy and stop being the 36mil a season flop. 

17 Aug 2022 by Felix Pantaleon

Breaking: Oswaldo Cabrera Getting Called Up To The Yankees Along With Estevan Florial

The Yankees are finally doing what they should of a long time ago, calling up reinforcements from the minors. The Yankees have lost a disappointing 22 of their last 33 games.

The Yankees going down hill, is a gift and a curse. As it is reminiscent of what The 2005 Yankees did when they called up Wang & Cano. With their lead in The AL East, they have a perfect cushion to run experiments before October.

Oswaldo Cabrera career numbers in Triple-A:

55 Games
.298 AVG
13 HR
40 RBI
11 SB
.971 OPS

Estevan Florial

.284 AVG 14 HR 32 SB Triple A

The Yankees have pretty much given up on "30/30 Dog in him Hicks." First with The Bader Trade, now with The Flo call up.

This is great news, as The Yankees desperately need a jolt of energy injected into them.

If all fails, I do believe The Yankees need to FIRE Aaron Boone after this season. Let's just wait and see if they turn things around.

14 Aug 2022 by Felix Pantaleon

The Insane TMZ Worthy Story That Ultimately Got Aaron Judge To Block An Entire Sports Media Company (Allegedly) IKF, Twitter & One Crazy Fan ✍️ @_NYYNEWS

Ikf, aaron Judge

Twitter really is the main primary source when it comes to getting information on anything Yankees related.

Players interacting with fans, fans interacting with players and more.

Before I begin, I'll like to say, that I nor my company are clout chasing. I for one, find this whole story interesting. It could be written into a Hollywood movie, one crazy fan, one popular Sports Media Company, IKF's Father & more.

One saying on Yankees Twitter that's out there is, "If you get blocked by Judge, then you must of done something wrong." In other words, if you've gotten blocked by Judge, you really must be a POS. 😆

The Media Company in question is, Jomboy Media. A company that started up basically the sameway as ours. Talking about The Yankees and so on.

Jomboy Media caught their big break, when The Creator and Founder "Jomboy" found viral success uploading videos lip reading in what he interprets players, managers and umpires are saying.

Fast forward now, Jomboy Media has expanded and grown to more than just "Talkin Yanks." It's one of the biggest and most successful Sports Media Companies out right now.

Kudos to Jomboy Media, but... If you got The attention of Aaron Judge in a bad way, you done goof'd. And you need to evaluate why and fix things.

This is like Derek Jeter blocking the biggest "Yankees Content" creators in the world. Not only the biggest, but one that is directly tied to The Yankees on The Yes Network with a show called "Talkin Yanks."

How did this happen? The blocking seems to had happened mainly on Instagram.

It all started with a petition on twitter to call up Oswald Peraza.

Examples of Tweets from employees of the said company below.

If you're not on twitter or if you are and still don't know what went on.

Yankees fans on twitter were voicing their support for Peraza and demanding The Yankees replace IFK.

Were they wrong? Not really, Oswald Peraza is having a great season in Triple A.

IKF? IKF will be IKF and is performing the sameway The Yankees expected him to. But I will say, his defense has been shoddy at times. So fans have had a point.

The issue here is, that the same company I mentioned. Has been on IKF for a while now.

And one crazy fan thought it would be a smart idea to DM Isiah Kiner Falefa's father and send him a photoshopped image saying that his son had been shot and killed in The Bronx.

In now deleted tweets, IKF's father responded with this

@JomboyMedia @TalkinJake @TalkinBaseball_ you and your PROPAGANDA media hate for my son IKF has gotten Yankee Fans to send shit to my inbox. Saying my son got shot and killed. All you Yankee fans that DM me LFG!!!!! Lets meet up in the BRONX!!!! And dance👊🏾👊🏾👊🏾👊🏾👊🏾

@JomboyMedia @TalkinBaseball_ @TalkinBaseball_ LFG!!! Wrong DAD to FUCK with!!! Don’t hide behind your phone, iPad and computer. You guys got something to say to my face? LFG👊🏾👊🏾👊🏾👊🏾

Whoa, they sure pissed off his Dad. But what loving Father wouldn't react like this? He's not wrong, anyone could fall for these kinds of hoaxes. Especially when they're photoshopped to look official.

Is Jomboy Media 100% at fault here? No, this whole IKF, Peraza situation was echoed by many Yankees fans on twitter. That had nothing to do with Jomboy, if anything. They were saying what the popular thing was on Yankees twitter at the time.

Did this stop Aaron Judge from blocking Jomboy's entire staff? (Allegedly) Nope and I will explain why I think Judge had enough of Jomboy Media.

Well that sucks, the above tweet like this from Jomboy staff were seen on twitter.

Now, here's the real reason why I think Aaron Judge did what he did.

Obviously the IKF situation had a hand in it, but I think the following cemented it.

Sorry, but this is some next level stalker stuff. lol The twitter thread then goes on to uncover more spotify accounts of Yankees & former Yankees. Also "intimate" "bedroom" playlist Aaron Judge made.

You can see why Aaron Judge might have had enough. And how IKF's situation was the straw that broke the camels back.

IKF looked like he used all that negative energy coming from Twitter. And carried The Yankees to a 3 - 2 win over Boston Saturday night.

Realistically, if IKF turns it up a level. We can all thank Jomboy Media, they look like the bad guy now. But can come out as the Good guy, lighting a fire under IKF and as for his father. Who wanted to "Dance" with Jomboy. 🥊

13 Aug 2022 by Ruben Cruz

Yankees Lose Opener in Boston Series; Time for a change in Approach ✍️ @CruzYankeeFan

Yankees struggles continue in series opener versus the last place rivals the Boston RedSox. Yankees have lost their 25 games of their last 47 games and their 8th game in their last 9.

Yankees Offense continues to keep over relying on DJ and Judge to carry them. The Yankees have really missed the 2021 version of Giancarlo Stanton and the recently injured Matt Carpenter.

While my opinion may not be a fact but as long as I've seen the Yankees fail in capturing their 28th Championship it seems the Yankees fail to learn their lesson. Their offensive approach continues to rely on the homerun way too often and have completely disregarded batting average.

In 2009 and across the late 90's Dynasty teams not only were we tops in On base Percentage, we were tops in batting average. This Yankees front office has become very driven by analytics but it seems they don't know how to balance their reliance on stats. As Luke Voit spoke on in a previous interview a few years ago.

He said in other words that batting average doesn't really matter, but they have not realized that batting average does have a huge implication to how consistent can you start rallies. Yes it is not the most important stat, but it is a stat that should still value heavily. Aaron Judge has been a monster this year.

The man has 46 homeruns already in the teams 113th game but what people don't realize is his batting average is sitting at an amazing. 305 and that has allowed to be the most reliable source of offense. Yankees continues to ruin their players by over emphasizing power rather than a balanced out approach.

Rizzo has become a clutch version of Gallo but we need him to be Anthony Rizzo the clutch complete hitter he was in Chicago. A guy who hit with men on base and was able to hit when no one was on. Rizzo has a great walk rate but when your average dips. Your walks become less valuable because your on base percentage needs a healthy mix of both hits and walks. Rizzo needs to do better than hitting.

198 with no men on base and better than his "ok" .258 average with runner on base. The rest of the middle lineup has continued to regress into mainly right handed versions of Joey Gallo all hitting under .200 with runners on base/in scoring position. 

So while Gallo is now turning the page in LA. It is time to realize Rizzo, Stanton, Torres, Donaldson and Hicks need to value consistency and get away from cancerous Gallo approach that continues to eat this offense alive. A lineup of Gallos can have big games, but become very easy to pitch against.

Now, a lineup who can consistently hit with a healthy mix of walks will always be in the mix to win. Yankees need to change their approach and take a page from their best player in Aaron Judge. Being an all or nothing hitter will not succeed in the postseason. Yankees as we speak seem to be on pace to fail again in capturing the elusive 28th Championship if they don't wise up their approach. 

11 Aug 2022 by Ruben Cruz

Yankees Have a Problem... And It's NOT Isiah Kiner-Falefa ✍️ @CruzYankeeFan

Yankees Fans have been very upset with the Teams recent Struggles. The team has played to a below .500 record the last 8 weeks going 22-24 in 46 games.

The recent struggles of the team has led to the fans trying to find someone to blame unfortunately.

Since Gallo has been traded the rage has been designated to Isiah Kiner-Falefa. Which is a bit misdirected.

I get IKF is not elite defensively but he has been serviceable and pretty consistent with barely any peaks and valleys.

He has 6 DRS which is a 16 run improvement from Gleyber who has -10 DRS last year.

Many have turned to Baseball Savant's metric to shape their narrative. IKF is a -2 in Outs Above Average but that 8 OAA improvement from Gleybers -10. IKF ranks 4th in hits, 4th in batting average, and 5th in doubles.

People seem to not realize nothing has changed. He has been the same player all year and from 2021. So what happened to the clutch hitting SS who tied many games. Well that's where I present you the real problem. After DJ and Judge the middle of the Order has been awful.

Rizzo while having clutch moments is only hitting .235 with runners in scoring position and .258 with runners in scoring position.

But the glaring issue with Rizzo is the .198 AVG/.322 OBP with no runners on.

That has led to Rallies dying when Judge clears the bases with his continued homerun barage of a season.

So Rizzo can't be counted on to start a rally with those numbers. Stanton has been injured and had an abysmal 2 months in June-July. Stanton hit a combined. 167 AVG/.277 OBP. Simply horrible and currently sits at .228 AVG/.309 OBP. Nexy, Gleyber Torres and Donaldson have a .306 OBP each.

While Torres is hitting. 252 AVG. He is struggling mightily with runners in scoring position with a .198 AVG. Donaldson after a very good month of May lost his swag and his swing. Since the WhiteSox series he has been as bad as Joey Gallo.

Hicks is another one who actually gets on base well but doesn't get hits when needed. So while Joey Gallo has been traded. It hasn't made much of a difference to the lineup because the 3,4,5, & 6 hitters have become their own versions of Joey Gallo. Yankees middle of the order IS the problem.

They need to get it together as a collective because if they don't it will be another short Postseason exit. Another wasted season. So Yankee fans understand IKF is NOT the problem. He has played his expected role of solid defense with timely hits. It's the middle of the order who has performed and given him the baserunners needed for his timely hits. It's not looking good, and it time for Rizzo, Stanton, Torres, Donaldson and Hicks to pull their weight because we have relied too much on Judge, DJ, Trevino, IKF, and the now injured Matt Carpenter.

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