Mainstream Writers Keep Ignoring Possible Trade That Sends Ellsbury To Diamondbacks

How to lose your credibility, if you’re a writer who’s job is reporting on The Yankees. Getting paid 1000’s to slouch off and write goofy articles about a possible Rockies & Yankees trade that sends Ellsbury to Colorado. Oh, let’s not forget to mention. The possible crackpot trade, that was going to send Ellsbury to The Giants by giving away Clint Frazier for free.

They keep ignoring the big huge Elephant in the room, The Arizona Diamondbacks. That are currently looking for, everything The Yankees have. The Diamondbacks are desperately seeking an established Closer. One of many The Yankees have on hand, that will make shipping Ellsbury to Arizona that much easier.

Arizona, which is the home of Jacoby Ellsbury. It was recently reported that Ellsbury had vacated his Manhattan Apartment.

Dealing with The Diamondbacks is the easiest team to deal with, yet this subject keeps being ignored by Mainstream Writers. Is it because websites like beat them to the punch weeks ago? They don’t want to give cred or drive traffic to a site like this? That’s ok, because here at we have a good track record when it comes to projecting future trades & signings.

A trade with the Diamondbacks will look something like this, it can work many ways. Even by a 3 way trade…

Yanks send over a Closer like David Robertson & Ellsbury (Paying 65% of his Salary) straight up for Patrick Corbin. If the cost is higher, you throw in a prospect. The other scenario is if The Yankees are still looking for a 3rd basemen. Which will require a team like The O’s to get involved.

Fun Facts, The Diamondbacks do not have a designated Closer. The Diamondbacks do not have a solid outfield and are cluttered with Infielders.

The Yankees and Diamondbacks were destined to be trade partners this off season. No other team is compatible to each other the way The Yanks and Dbacks are.

Mainstream Writers risk ruining their credibility, by not reporting on this obvious up and coming Trade that is about to happen.

New York Yankees Biggest Hot Stove News Has Been Giancarlo Stanton & Nick Jonas?

Here at NYYNEWS we’re in the business of searching for breaking New York Yankees News. Around the clock, searching on platforms like Twitter and so on. As everyone knows by now, MLB Hot Stove hasn’t been that hot. Teams have not forked up the money to sign onto big money contracts. This has left one name in particular, to top rank in “Yankees” search on twitter. Nick Jonas, yes Nick Jonas. Nicholas Jerry Jonas is an American singer, songwriter, actor, and record producer. Jonas began acting in theater at the age of seven, and released his debut single in 2002.

Nick Jonas apparently broke the internet on January 18, 2018 when he posted a topless selfie of himself on twitter. With the tweet saying “My yankees hat looks very cool in the background in black and white.

Ever since then, almost all search results of The Yankees on twitter have been of Nick Jonas chest fluff.

Which again proves, this has been the most slowest and boringest hot stove in recent memory.