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25 Dec 2017 by Felix Pantaleon

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Yankees Easy Fix is Blockbuster Trade With The Detriot Tigers

If you've been reading this website for sometime, I've been preaching this for a long time. Justin Verlander has to become a Yankee, I'll even throw Miggy in the mix. The Yankees have been desperate trying to search for a fix for their first base problem. The Tigers are a perfect trading partner for The Yankees. All you have to do is take on part of the remaining salaries of both players. Miggy might be the tough one, as he is signed until 2023. But Verlander is the one you might nod your head to and agree with. He's signed till 2019 and is still one of the best pitchers in the game. His numbers might not reflect that this season, but he was the runner up for The AL Cy-Young Award in 2016. Ask yourself, is Greg Bird really ever going to become healthy? The Yankees will need to go out on the free agent market regardless, if Greg Bird continues to become a question mark. Verlander on The Yankees will add that proven veteran ace The Yankees disparately need. Historically, The Yankees have done well adding flame throwing Vets to their Rotation. I also say The Tigers are perfect trading Partners with The Yankees because. The Red Sox will be looking to make this kind of trade as well. A Rotation of Sale, Price & Verlander = Automatic WS Title. Not only would The Red Sox aim to get Verlander, they will be looking to fix their DH void. Inserting you guessed it, Miguel Cabrera into that role. Easiest trade for The Yankees to make, you don't give up top prospects and you take on a reasonable amount of salary for two premiere players. (HOF)

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