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15 Dec 2016 by Felix Pantaleon

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Only Logical Move For The Yankees To Make Before Trade Deadline, Verlander for Ellsbury

Tigers and Yanks will possibly swap contracts today. Only logical move for The Yankees to make, forget Sonny Gray. Yanks are thinking about unloading Ells, in return for a proven Ace. Only way they can unload Ellsbury, they gotta do it while they can. I don't trust young pitchers being traded over here. Proven Veteran aces are the way to go. Look for one of the 2 prospects, that were going to be traded for Gray. Be included in Verlander trade + Ellsbury.

Just say no to Sonny Gray

Kei Igawa
Tanaka (Almost a Bust, or still can be)
Jaret Wright
A.J. Burnett
Michael Pineda

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