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25 Dec 2017 by Felix Pantaleon

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I'll Take Your Contract, if You Take Mine? Ellsbury for Stanton? Match Made In Salary Dump Heaven?

Let's make this article short and sweet. Since I've already written two back to back articles on both of these players.

Let's do the math, both teams would love to get rid of the following for-mentioned players.

Ellsbury is making about 17 (some say it's 21) mil a year, signed through 2020 with an option for 2021.

Stanton this year is making about 14 mil.

Let's say you're Brian Cashman and a trade for Stanton is presented to you. Who would you trade? What deal would you make? I would do the following

After 2017, Stanton starts making big money. Over 25 Mil a year, it even skyrockets after that to close to 31 Mil. But pay attention, lets do some math. Here's Stanton's bill, from 2018 to 2020

2018: $25 million
2019: $26 million
2020: $26 million

Now, Ellsbury is making around 17 Mil a Year until 2020. With an Option in 2021, some say he's making 21 mil a year. But let's supposedly say he's making 21 mil a year.

I would make a trade that goes something like this, Ellsbury + Second Rate Prospects for Stanton. The Marlins pay Ellsbury's remaining contract in full. The Yankees Pay Stanton's contract in full until 2020. After 2020, The Marlins pay 40% of Stanton's remaining contract. Leaving The Yankees having to pay 15 mil a year for Stanton. Either way, if The Marlins want to ditch Stanton, they're going to have to eat a sizeable amount of that contract. I believe The Yankees or The Dodgers, are the only teams who can afford Stanton. The Marlins have limited options, very limited. As Stanton has the most ridiculous contract in all of Sports.

Not only do The Yankees get out of a horrible signing with Ellsbury, they will produce a large considerable amount of money. Having Judge and Stanton (first base) on the same team. Read my previous articles on both of these players to get a full understanding.

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