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25 Dec 2017 by Felix Pantaleon

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Giancarlo Stanton a Yankee? A Deal That Sounds Far Fetched, But is It?

Now I'm not in the business of creating conspiracy theories about The Yankees (to get clicks.) I think logically and examine current situations. Stanton as of today, RIPPED The Marlins apart.

Giancarlo Stanton appeared to set the Marlins rumor mill in motion Wednesday afternoon when he ripped his team’s lackluster performance after a 10-3 loss to the Phillies in front of their home crowd. The thrashing at the hands of the last-place Phillies cost the Marlins the series and dropped them into a tie with the Mets, 15 games behind the NL East-leading Nationals.

“If you can’t win a series against the worst team in the league; there’s not much going for you, right there,” Stanton told reporters after the game, according to

The Marlins NOW have to get rid of Stanton before The trade deadline. Something they were going to do anyways, but now more than ever (as he has become a disgruntled player.) You see this might sound Far Fetched, but don't sleep on it. The Yankees are reportedly not finished trading with The White Sox and are serious about picking up Jose Abreu to play First Base.

Giancarlo has a massive contract? Not so fast, if The Marlins agree to pay at least half or 40% of it. The contract on The Yankees end, will pay for itself. As a Duo of Judge and Stanton would drive ratings & sales off the roof for The Next 5 + years. You have to ask yourself though, What the hell were The Marlins thinking when they agreed to this contract?

2015: $6.5 million
2016: $9 million
2017: $14.5 million
2018: $25 million
2019: $26 million
2020: $26 million
2021: $29 million
2022: $29 million
2023: $32 million
2024: $32 million
2025: $32 million
2026: $29 million
2027: $25 million
2028: $25 million option ($10 million buyout)

I would come up with a deal that includes The Marlins paying Ellsbury's remaining contract, send second rate prospects. Or borderline top prospects, then have. The Yankees and Marlins work out a deal where they eat up 12 to 15 mil a year off Stanton's contract after 2020. 15 Mil a year for a player like Stanton, who is seen as a franchise player. The Yankees might get stuck with him, but the payoff for The next 5 years would be bigger.

Stanton for First Base? Sounds Crazy, but. The Yankees have helped low end market teams get out of bad deal before. Who knows

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