The Yankees Should Give Away Jacoby Ellsbury At This Point & Pay Remainder of Contract @ 19 Jul 2017

Let's talk about the worse signing The Yankees have made in the past 10 years. 7 yrs/$153M (2014 - 2020 - 2021 Team Option) Jacoby Ellsbury, who has become the biggest dud since Carl Pavano. I mean Carl Pavano's deal doesn't even seem so bad now. (4 years 39.95 mil) Ellsbury who is being paid to stink, is making 17 mil a year. If The Red Sox DFA'd Panda, why can't The Yankees atleast give him away to a team that's willing to pay 25% of his remaining contract? I would include Ellsbury in a package that includes a Starting Pitcher. Maybe The Tigers would be interested in him as a lead off hitter? Veteran presence not too old not too young. Any team would take Ellsbury, if The Yankees practically give him away for free. Like they should, why not? The Yankees are stacked with Outfielders, on the team and in the farm. The Yankees should take The L with Ells and ship him out of town. He's never fit in, never gone on a hot streak to become a fan favorite. He's one of those awkward Yankees at this point, like Headley is. Where you ask yourself? How the heck is this guy still a Yankee? Ellsbury is good defensively and that's about it. Reason why any team would trade for him, if The Yankees eat up most of his remaining salary. Move that has to be done, point blank.

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