The Case For J.T. Realmuto, Why He'll Be a Better Long Term Solution Than Gary Sanchez @ 25 Jun 2018

Before I begin, I would personally trade Gary Sanchez. I know a lot of Yankees fans are going to hate that, but The Yankees did not expect Aaron Judge to be the player that he's become. When Gary was called up in 2016, he took the world by storm. The hype machine was there, he was easily the most hyped up player in MLB coming into the 2017 season. Then an injury happened, on top of that. Aaron Judge happened, Judge then slowly took the star power away from Gary Sanchez. Gary then became an after thought, for many reasons. Including his sloppy defense behind the plate and so called conditioning. Aaron Judge and his success alone, should open the possibility that Gary Sanchez could become expendable.

If you've been paying attention, all of 2017 and the current 2018 season. Has been all about Gary's defense and now even his hitting. I for one think, his defense will not improve and he has peaked to what it will be. It won't get better, if anything. As he ages, he will get worse behind the plate.

Many reasons why Gary should be shipped out of New York. Some being, The emergence of Andujar and Torres. Let's also not forget to mention Clint Frazier, who could easily grow in to take Gardner's or Hicks spot one day.

Many young studs have been mentioned as potential trade chips come trade deadline. Ok? But what about other farm system hands that were developed by The Yankees? What makes Gary Sanchez teflon, excluding him from being a piece for an ace? He is currently batting .190 and is on his way to another trip on the disabled list. Gary Sanchez is obviously showing signs at a young age, that he cannot handle the every day duties of a Major League catcher. You have to be lying to yourself, if the responsibility of catching isn't the root cause of his injuries and struggles at the plate.

Now, to J.T. Realmuto. Who is said to be on the trading block come deadline. Ask yourself this question, who would you want as your franchise catcher? Sanchez, or Realmuto? If you're a Yankees fan, the obvious answer would be Sanchez. Since Yankees fans are living in major denial of what kind of catcher Gary is. A player who is one of the worse defensive catchers in all of Major League Baseball. Not only that, again I will mention his horrible year at the plate. If I were The Yankees, I would flip Gary while they still can. A lot of people are recommending Gary become a full time DH or move to first. Which is logical and I could agree with that. But it would cost The Yankees a good defensive First basemen in Greg Bird and ruin his development as a player. The only solution I see, is making a move where The Yankees acquire a catcher like Realmuto. Who is one the best defensive catchers in all of Major League Baseball. Also, an offensive threat and great hitter. Has about 3 seasons left of control and is around the same age as Gary Sanchez.

People say The Yankees would have to give up a lot for Realmuto. Really? Did The Yankees give up a lot for Stanton? A lot of The New Marlins personal were former Yankees personal. Who know the ins and outs of The Yankees farm system. And know sleeper players in the system that not a lot of people know about yet.

The Yankees are infact so deep with trade chips, that they could easily acquire an Ace and Realmuto in separate trades. While keeping their new wave of young studs. The only problem is, convincing delusional Yankees fans (Sorry to say) that Gary might not be the long term answer as Catcher on The New York Yankees. Realmuto is the real deal, an overall better catcher than Gary Sanchez. Keyword, "Catcher." If Realmuto is available and The Yankees are missing that void with Gary being on the DL. You get him, get creative. Realmuto would be an impact player on any playoff contending team for years to come. Better to get him, than to have him traded to a team that could knock you out of the playoffs. RE: Verlander

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