Sonny Gray Vs Justin Verlander, Why Historiclly a Proven Veteran Ace Like Verlander Would be The Right Move @ 15 Jul 2017

If you're The Yankees, who would you trade for? Sonny Gray or Justin Verlander? Here's my opinion, which is the most logical. The Yankees historically, have had trouble. When trading for "Young" pitchers, Nathan Eovaldi, Javier Vazquez and even the dud signing of Carl Pavano. For some reason... The Yankees mindset has always been, they're young pitchers with upside and The Yankees would be able to take them to the next level. Even The Tanaka signing seems to be a regrettable one at this point. The Yankees and their fans seem to be fascinated with the chance of trading for Sonny Gray. Really Sonny Gray? Here's what he averages per pitch

Sonny Gray has thrown 10,994 pitches that have been tracked by the PITCHf/x system between 2013 and 2017, including pitches thrown in the MLB Regular Season, the MLB Postseason and Spring Training. In 2017, he has relied primarily on his Fourseam Fastball (94mph) and Sinker (93mph), also mixing in a Curve (81mph), Slider (86mph) and Change (89mph). He also rarely throws a Cutter (91mph).

Now if you are The Yankees, why would you want to practically trade for a Tanaka clone? Not to mention, he's untested in a big City like New York. And has played for a small market team, The A's. Gray's one good season was in 2015, when he was selected as an All Star, he finished the season 14 - 7 with a 2.37 ERA But pay attention to his Strike-Out's 169 in 208.0 IP.

The Yankees need a power pitcher, The Yankees need a strike out artist. Not a pitcher, that's 5'10 and would get destroyed in The AL East.

This is where Justin Verlander comes in. People are frightened by his age (34), yet. Verlander shows absolutely NO signs of slowing down. What I've been hearing is, "he's past his prime" really? A guy that almost won The Cy Young Award in 2016? The man that had over 250 Strike-Out's? The man who would practically pay for his own contract in New York, drawing high Ratings. Not to mention, his superstar girlfriend Kate Upton? Are you going to tell me, those two aren't going to bring in Extra Cash for The Yankees and The Tabloids?

Historically, The Yankees have done way better. Bringing proven veteran aces, this is just a FACT.

Andy Pettitte in 2009, helped the Yankees win their 27 Championship at age 37. Not to mention, he won game 6 The final game of The 2009 WS. He also went on, to be a solid veteran pitcher The Yankees could rely on day in and day out. With CC on The final year of his contract, that frees up space. To trade for a pitcher like Verlander, to add that proven ace to the rotation. People think, The Yankees, are going to pay Verlander's contract entirely. If The Yankees can workout at a deal, where they don't give up top prospects and pay 65% or 75% of Verlander's remaining contract (17/19 - 20 option). Then that's a no brainier! Absolutely a no brainier! Sonny Gray or any other young pitcher, would take top prospects to get. Justin Verlander would not, Justin Verlander would perform 10x better than Gray in NY. Verlander is The Steal, not Sonny Gray.

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