Only Logical Move For The Yankees To Make Before Trade Deadline, Verlander for Ellsbury @ 31 Jul 2017

Tigers and Yanks will possibly swap contracts today. Only logical move for The Yankees to make, forget Sonny Gray. Yanks are thinking about unloading Ells, in return for a proven Ace. Only way they can unload Ellsbury, they gotta do it while they can. I don't trust young pitchers being traded over here. Proven Veteran aces are the way to go. Look for one of the 2 prospects, that were going to be traded for Gray. Be included in Verlander trade + Ellsbury.

Just say no to Sonny Gray

Kei Igawa
Tanaka (Almost a Bust, or still can be)
Jaret Wright
A.J. Burnett
Michael Pineda

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