NYYNEWS Notes: Report Claiming Yankees Haven't Made Offers to Machado is #Fakenews @ 03 Jan 2019

Trying to steal the spotlight from other reporters and writers. Jon Heyman dropped a little bomb on The heads of Yankees fans Thursday. Claiming that, just a "few days" ago. The Yankees have not made any offers to Manny Machado.

NYYNEWS.com has been told, That The Yankees are in on Machado. And have talked numbers and deals are on the table. The contract would start by having Manny make The Minimum, skyrocket, then come back lower. Helping The Yankees stay under the luxury tax and giving them flexibility for signing other FA's.

The holdup has been, the ability for The Yankees to confirm that they're able to shed off salary from their roster. Once The Yankees have that taken care of, they're officially going to pull the trigger on Machado.

What's the timeframe? It can happen today, days or weeks from now.

Machado To The Yankees is basically a lock, anything other than that. Is #fakenews



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