NYYNEWS Notes: Dodgers Looking For RH Power Bat, Why Giancarlo Stanton Makes Sense For Them @ 03 Jan 2019

Nothing Triggers Yankees fans more than The idea of trading Giancarlo Stanton to The Los Angeles Dodgers. NYYNEWS.com was the first to predict Stanton was headed to The Yankees, as early as July of 2017.

Fast forward to this off season, Giancarlo to The Dodgers makes the most sense for both teams. It is said, The Dodgers skipped out on Stanton last season, to avoid going over the Luxury Tax. The conspiracy around baseball is, The Yankees held Stanton for a year. In hopes they would strike gold and win Championship #28. To then trade Stanton to The Dodgers the following season.

LA, where Stanton was born, raised and preferred to play originally. Giancarlo Stanton would come at a discount for The Dodgers. As he would be making less than what Harper or Machado are projected to make.

Stanton would obviously be a tremendous upgrade to Yasiel Puig & Matt Kemp. Stanton who already established himself in The NL. Would have no problem adjusting to his new team. In fact, he'll be playing for his home team. What better way to play at home, in front of family and friends. Where again, he'll have the comfort of crashing at his LA home after games.

Moving Stanton To The Dodgers benefits The Yankees in many ways. It could help them by staying under The luxury tax. While targeting FA Manny Machado and possibly other players. It also helps The Yanks, by freeing up The DH spot.

Why a DH making 32 million dollars per season makes no sense. Giancarlo Stanton, DHing for The Yanks at age 28. Made absolutely 0 sense, just imagine once he gets up there in age. At DH, making 32 million dollars per season. Even though The Marlins gave The Yankees 30 Million, Giancarlo in total will eventually make 32 million per season.

Reason why, he's a better fit in The NL. Following in the footsteps of greats like Barry Bonds. Who were playing the field into their 40's. In other words, make Giancarlo Stanton worth the money he's making. Being primarily a DH, is one the dumbest things that I've heard of. Sure Stanton is great, but he makes 0 sense for The Yankees. It's obvious that even players like Gary Sanchez, can't maintain a full season catching. As his body breaks down, he's a player who could use that DH spot once in a while.

The tables have been set, The Dodgers have made the necessary moves to acquire Stanton from The Yankees. As Machado and Harper seem to be headed to other teams. NYYNEWS.com predicts, there's a strong chance Stanton is moved to The Dodgers this off season.

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