Justin Verlander One Step Closer To Becoming a Yankee? @ 14 Jul 2017

With Jose Quintana off the trading block and Michael Pineda having to have season ending Tommy John surgery. The best bet for The Yankees, prospect wise. Is trading for proven ace Justin Verlander. It's the best trade you can make at this point, if you ask me. It should of happened this past off season. With Verlander, you don't have to trade your top prospects. All you have to do is pay about 65% or 75% of Verlander's remaining contract. Let The Tigers pay the rest, Verlander is signed through 2019 with an option for 2020. He came in second in 2016's Cy Young Award race. Forget a package of Miggy, along with Verlander. The Yankees already traded for their long term 2017 first basemen, with the pickup of Garrett Cooper. As for Miggy, he might be going to The Red Sox at this point. Verlander needs to get traded to The Yankees ASAP, as The Red Sox might be looking to trade for both Verlander and Miggy.

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