Astros Pitchers Accused of Cheating With Foreign Substance To Increase Velocity @ 01 May 2018

Pittsburgh Pirates: Former Pitcher Accused of Cheating

One of the Pittsburgh Pirates former starting pitchers has been accused of cheating to a certain degree this season. The claim is he has applied a foreign ... Read full article here

Justin Verlander hasn’t averaged a fastball as fast as he is averaging since his trade to the Astros since 2011. Charlie Morton hasn’t averaged a 4-Seam Fastball this hard ever, in 2008 he sat 89.4 on his 4-seam and now sits at 96. Gerrit Cole magically turned into Roger Clemens. Cole’s spin rate on his fastballs: 2015: 2157 2016: 2178 2017: 2163 2018: 2331 MLB hitters hit the following against fastballs with spin rates between 2,000-2,299: .280 AVG / .473 SLG / 17.1% whiff-per-swing / 39.4% GB rate. For 2,300-plus: .253 AVG / .432 SLG / 21.6% whiff-per-swing / 35.8% GB rate Cole went from a middling starter to an ace and all it took was a trip to Houston. Blaze455 “Kyle Boddy, who studies pitching, decided to throw out a potential accusation. Boddy claimed that he believes Cole is using a foreign substance to increase his RPMs. He tweeted that it’s either pine tar or something called Firm Grip. He says that if a pitcher uses them he will see an increase on his fastball and slider’s RPMs. He is not saying that he knows for a fact that Cole uses it, but does suggest that it would take something like that for Cole’s RPMs to take a jump like that. One of Gerrit Cole’s former teammates also somewhat backed up Boddy’s theory. Trevor Bauer, who was taken two picks after Cole, was the first person to respond to Boddy’s tweet. Bauer said that the rules should be enforced as written and that using a foreign substance is just as, if not more, of a competitive advantage than PEDs.”

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