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03 Jul 2016 by Felix Pantaleon

Trade Gardner for Middle Relief, Call Up Judge To Fill in As New Aaron Hicks Role

The Yankees must make a trade to get rid of Brett Gardner while they still can. They need to free up a spot in The outfield, with an already congested group of players out there. Brett Gardner seems to be the odd man out, who struck out 3 times on Friday's game agaisnt The Padres. And made the final out of the game after the Yankees rallied and came back and were one run down to tie the game.

With Gardner gone, The Yankees can call up Judge and make Aaron Hicks an everyday player. They will also get a legit middle reliever for him, which they desperately need.

They need to make a move like this, if they still want to compete for The Season. Don't trade any of the big 3 in The Bullpen, The Yankees are NOT sellers and they never will be. Their fixes are really simple to fix this team up, already explained on earlier post on this website.

01 Jul 2016 by Felix Pantaleon

New York Yankees Exploring the Starting Pitching Market

The New York Yankees are among the clubs reportedly looking to add starting pitching before the August 1st trade deadline according to Jon Heyman of Today’s Knuckleball.

Despite continued rumblings that the New York Yankees should be selling off veteran assets at this year’s trade deadline, Jon Heyman of Today’s Knuckleball reports that they may be more focused on adding to their roster rather than subtracting. Heyman writes the “word around the game” is that New York owner Hal Steinbrenner and president Randy Levine are both strongly opposed to selling, despite general manager Brian Cashman advocating for the idea. Later in the article, the Yankees are listed as one of nine clubs currently exploring the starting pitching market.

Of course, the fact that the New York Yankees are interested in adding starting pitching isn’t diametrically opposed to the idea of selling at the deadline. They could target young, controllable starters in deals for rumored trade chips Aroldis Chapman, Andrew Miller, and/or Carlos Beltran.

On the other hand, the most prominent starting arms on the market will require trading elite young talent in return. Sonny Gray, Drew Pomeranz, and Julio Teheran are in their prime and each come with at least two years of team control. Veterans like Rich Hill and Francisco Liriano are the other big names expected to be moved before the trade deadlive, but are likely of less interest to the Yankees due to their age and expiring contracts.

Brian Cashman had previously discussed the idea that the New York Yankees might act as both “buyers and sellers” at the trade deadline this year. One way they could do that is by selling off their expiring contracts for young talent, but using other prospects to acquire an established ace like Gray, Pomeranz, or Teheran. This could prevent the backlash that would presumably come from the Yankees having an outright firesale and could even improve their chances of contention in 2016 if done correctly.

Landing a big fish would almost certainly mean moving young talent like Jorge Mateo, Aaron Judge, Luis Severino, and Gary Sanchez, which the team has been hesitant to do. The Yankees could attempt to speed up their rebuilding window by dealing from the lower levels of their minor league system. High-ceiling, but far-off talents like Mateo, Wilkerman Garcia, and Domingo Acevedo could be less painful to part with than guys on the cusp of the majors like Judge and Sanchez.

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01 Jul 2016 by Felix Pantaleon

Yankees Win: Beat The Team That Had The Same Identical Record as They Did in June last Season

The Yankees of 2016 have almost the same exact Stats The Texas Rangers of 2015 had. What does this mean? It means The Yankees are still in The Mix and are a Trade or two away of being a serious contender. Let's look at The Stats, for June 2015 and 2016.

Here are The Texas Rangers stats in total for the season leading up to the end of June 2015.

Here are The New York Yankees stats in total for the season leading up to the end of June 2016.

As you can see, both teams were nearly identical in offense. The Yankees are ranked 12th in offense this year and The Rangers were Ranked 14th in 2015 at the same time at the end of June.

Not only that, their records were nearly identical. Both had the same exact Win Lose Records, with Texas having one more Win The Yankees have in 2016.

I don't think The Yankees need an offensive boost, they need an Ace and Middle relief help. Don't give up on The Season yet, this team has shown fire. Just needs a solid Ace to take them to the next level, Like Cole Hamels took The Rangers last year at the trade deadline.

30 Jun 2016 by Felix Pantaleon

The Yankees 2016 Woes Are An Easy Fix, Go Get An Ace

The Yankees as of today are under .500 with a 38 - 39 record. With almost half the season already played, The Yankees can become The Texas Rangers of 2015. Like The Yankees, at this stage of the season last year. The Rangers were a struggling team, then they made a trade for an Ace. Cole Hamels, this move alone rejuvenated their team. Turning their season around and making it as far as The ALDS. The Yankees are not offensively out of it, it's their starting pitching that is. They are prone to giving up runs early and taking The Yankees out of the game. The fix for the 2016 Yankees is simple, get an ACE. DO NOT trade any of The BIG 3 in The Bullpen. No RUNs DMC, is a marketers dream come true. Getting rid of any drawing players, will ruin The Yankees long term financially. As nobody will tune into their games or show up at The Stadium. Do not give up on The Season, DO NOT become sellers when the fix is just too easy.

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